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I’ve added a new astrology report. It’s called the Attraction Profile (2nd report down on the Astrology Reports page)  and it looks at:

  • Why you attract the same types and get involved in the same relationship dynamics
  • Why you can never seem to attract the romantic partners you actually want
  • How you can work with the potential in your chart to attract the best partner for you

It’s a targeted, solution oriented approach that breaks your relationship potential down into the following areas:

  • 2nd House (how you pursue those you are attracted to)
  • 7th House (your ideal partner/relationship)
  • 8th House (who you attract without even trying)
  • 12th House (your soul mate)

To see these concepts in action, here’s an article I wrote for that describes how the 2nd, 8th and 12th houses fit together.


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3 Responses to Attraction Profile

  1. Sagi_girl says:

    I have to say, this is by far the most accurate article I’ve seen

    My bf’s sign in 7th house (which is his ideal relationship) is also my 2nd house (the way I seduce)
    – Cancer
    My bf’s 12th house (his soulmate) is my Sun sign
    – Sagittarius

    Then, wait for it,
    My 8th house (who I attract without trying) is his Ascendant and Mercury
    – Capricorn

    I’m one impressed sag 😉

  2. Freddy says:

    My gf’s sign in the 7th house ( her ideal relationship) is also my 2nd house (the way I seduce) – Aquarius
    My gf’s 12th house (her soulmate) is my sun sign- Cancer

    My 8th house (who I attract without trying) is her Ascendant- Leo

    But wait… Sagi-girl has posted the same qualities about her bf that I have…all of them apart from the Mercury. I have my Mercury in Cancer.

    Thanks Nadia

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