Pluto Goes Direct In Capricorn

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Pluto will be going direct on September 16th and this will impact certain Capricorn people. Specifically, if you have planets or angles at 0-8 degrees Capricorn you have been hit with major transformations since January, 2008. Pluto has reversed (retrograded) several times since then which has allowed you to absorb, re-consider and cement those changes before moving to the next level.

What kind of changes? Transformation (Pluto) of structure (Capricorn). Real world changes. If you have Capricorn in your 7th House your relationships will be impacted. Capricorn in your 11th House means your social circle, group affiliations and ability to manifest your wishes will change. If your Sun is in Capricorn your ego, identity or an authoritative male figure in your life will be transformed.

Every time Pluto retrogrades you may feel the urge to backslide. Pluto always involves a total ending that facilitates transformation so you may find yourself hanging onto who or what is leaving. If you’ve been doing this, you should know that when Pluto goes direct you will be forced to let go. Forced is a strong word, I know. But we’re talking about Pluto here, the planet that represents evolution. And Pluto in Capricorn means it won’t be enough to  change on the inside. There will be external manifestations of the new you. Dramatic weight loss. Change in social status. Family members coming or going.

Pluto will make it to 9 degrees Capricorn and then it will retrograde again in April, 2012. For the rest of next year it will hover between 7 and 9 degrees so if you know your chart you have a very specific picture of what areas of your life will be hit. If you have planets or angles at 0-5 degrees Capricorn, congratulations. The upheaval is over and you can concentrate on living your new life.



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  1. Amantha says:

    Its conjunct my ascendant as we speak, my husband no longer loves me after 15 years of being married, although a very volatile one at that. I am seeing an attorney next week and wander what on earth will become of my family and my future. Infact I fear for my life because of his nature. But I dont know what else to do, I also moved to another country for him and do not work. I am so scared.

    • Nadia says:

      I am so sorry that you have to go through this. Please remember that your safety is paramount and do not hesitate to contact the police if you even suspect that he is going to harm you.

  2. libramoon says:

    uh-oh — Sun at 9 Cap.

    • Nadia says:

      Transiting Pluto conjunct Sun can be a very intense time. It’s two sources of power (will and transformation) fused together so you can make some serious progress in whatever area of your chart your Sun is in.

  3. Deb says:

    My mantra- Pluto’s my friend, – Pluto’s my friend. Sun at 4 Cap, BML and Pallas at 8 Cap, and Moon at 9 Libra.

    • Nadia says:

      Pluto is your friend if you’re on board with evolving. Good stuff.
      It will be squaring your Moon which means changes to how you relate emotionally to others but the changes will feel like compulsion/the need to control.
      BML is very, very interesting….when Pluto contacts her a lot of dark, raw, potent energy will be released. But you’ll be comfortable with that already, to an extent, since you have BML square your Moon.

  4. abluelily says:

    Im in a different boat with my sun at 0 cancer, its been a real battle with the masculine or material world constantly challenging me to buckle or bow down to its control over material survival and to abandone my strong feminine side, especially mothering and spiritual work, or go without. But i have stood firm and it has increased my commitment to what really matters to me, its been an horrific time but by god the outcome is feeling worth it already! next he will oppose my merc at 8 cancer ho hum, as its 9th house, i wonder what challenge to my philosophy its gonna have….hoping for brilliance once its over!!!!!! (yep idealist, i also have libra asc/moon hahahaha!)

    • Nadia says:

      Yep, oppositions are another story entirely. More challenging then conjunctions in some ways so congratulations on weathering that particular storm.
      As for Pluto opposite your 9th House Mercury….thoughts that you take comfort (Cancer) in will be challenged and you may have to prove your ideals/beliefs to others. If you have any hidden doubts about your spirituality these will be stirred up and it will be a crisis of faith. If your faith is solid then you’ll just find yourself being challenged a lot and you’ll have to speak out and defend yourself. It may feel similar to the opposition to your Sun but this one will be intellectually based as opposed to force of will/ego.

  5. dee says:

    Oh man. I only know my birth time to the extent that it is 0-20 minutes off. Wait, does that make sense – what I mean is the nurses/my mom only knows the birth time such that it could be 10 minutes earlier or later than it actually is.

    My descendant is 3-9 degrees Capricorn, I am sure that a competent astrologer would be able to work out a more accurate degree based on my life events, but I just don’t know :S. Anyway, that means that Pluto has/is going over my DSC in the past months (?), years (?). OR, it is just beginning to exactly hit my DSC. (Haha, I wish I were more attuned to my one-on-one relationships or more in tune with what is/has been happening around me).

    I’m in my early/mid 20’s. What should I be expecting?
    I CAN tell you that this past year has been hard, and I’ve seen the dark side to many new people I’ve met. And as such, unfortunately I’ve been disappointed, I’ve felt alone, I’ve felt unhappy with the inner traits of people (I do realize this would cause the reader to be like okay…. get off your high horse!).

    I can also say that as a person with problems attaching/forming bonds/being emotionally involved or being happy to open up and RELATE emotionally, I finally did it this summer. It was wonderful, but the severance came suddenly, and it was painful. Is this pluto going over my DSC?

    Pluto at those degrees don’t really aspect much else in my chart, except for a sextile to natal Pluto (7 degrees), a conjunct to natal Neptune, and opposite natal Vesta at 9 Cancer. Oh, and sun/moon midpoint at 3 cancer.

    Cuz if it is, can you tell me what else I could be expecting? What has been happening in the past weeks – year has been hard, more so because I’m probably at that age where I’m forced to encounter new places/jobs/situations and new ways of doing things i.e. becoming an adult.

    I realize you do not have to answer your internet readers’ questions like this, but any insight you might have on this/me, I would really appreciate …. :) Thanks.

    • Nadia says:

      The separation you experienced this summer is absolutely Pluto crossing your DC.
      As Pluto passes through your 7th House now you can expect everything about the way you experienced relationships in the past to change. The transformations will continue as long as Pluto moves through your 7th house. When Pluto opposes your natal Vesta you can expect challenges to what you devote your energy to. Vesta marks the point of unquestioning devotion so think about what that would be in your life. Pluto’s opposition will cause you to question this (Vesta in Cancer is security based).

      • dee says:

        Ah, thank you for writing back (and for reading).

        I can see the separation as pluto over the DSC. But to have this be the theme for the next 10 years (as pluto progresses through the 7th?) – oh my God! That’ll be my mid 20’s into my early/mid 30’s. I’m not sure I can handle that.

        You mentioned this in the context of separation. But what about opening up or being emotionally vulnerable? Because that’s not what I’ve done in the past.

        About opposing Vesta in the next few months/years – that worries me, because this is exactly the time when I have to make a decision about what I want to do (vocation wise) – and then put all my energy and attention into doing it (or getting it, rather). What bad timing :((.

        • Nadia says:

          The theme of Pluto in the 7th will be changing the existing structure of your relationship patterns. The only things that are going to end are habits/relationships/associations that are holding you back. And the reason they will end is to make room for relationships that are authentic, stable and good for you. Pluto takes away but also brings true intimacy.

  6. Anna says:

    Natal pluto at 4 Libra (11th house) and Sun at 3 Cap (2nd house). Finances are a big struggle right now which I haven’t had to deal with for years (this Cap hates not having $!) Am I delusional to hold off until after it turns direct or should I put a plan of action now? Really unsure what Pluto’s trying to “teach” me here.

    • Nadia says:

      You can certainly start your plan of action now. You may find it a bit difficult to get off the ground (and that will be remedied once it goes direct) but start now, by all means. Transiting Pluto in your 2nd House is re-defining the structure of your resources. Why that is happening depends on the rest of your chart but think about your relationship to money, how/why it makes you feel secure, and how you may have limited yourself in the past because of this.

  7. Em says:

    Hi Nadia:
    What can you say in regard to Natal Pluto in the 8th house and a Cap ascendant. My friend is going through a very difficult time.

    • Nadia says:

      Transiting Pluto passing over the AC indicates a visible transformation of image, identity, lifestyle. Sometimes a personal relationship will be transformed. Beyond that I can’t really say without looking at the chart but in general I would say your friend will be confronting the possible decay of structures in the areas I mentioned above. Decay in the sense of what they have outgrown, what is holding them back (outdated self image, unhealthy lifestyle, etc.).

  8. AmyF says:

    Sun is 29.34 degrees capricorn, Mercury 28.58 degrees capricorn, natal pluto 21.47 degrees Libra

    I have been experiencing major changes in my life for about the past year. Went back to school last September, and I am going to school 30 hours a week and still working a part time job. I’ve physically transformed as well, new hairstyle and color and 20 pound weight loss. I’m starting to feel the changes start to come in to my relationships. I’m craving more intimacy in my marriage, and I am considering making drastic changes in this area of my life as well. Can this all be attributed to Pluto in my sign, or is this more related to the grand cross? What else should I expect when pluto goes direct this Friday? I am nervous, but anxious to make changes if that is what I need to do. Thanks so much.

    • Nadia says:

      Hi Amy;
      Thanks for your comments and questions. This is something I would have to cover in a chart reading as you’re asking for a lot of detail. Please see my Astrology Reports page if you’re interested.

      • AmyF says:

        Thanks for your response. Can you shed more light on what you said about an important male being transformed? Also, is my sun sign my first house (cap), or my ascendant (sag)?

  9. Alex says:

    Hi :) Pluto has been transiting my Sun at 6 Cap at the end of house 5 for a while now and squaring my moon at 3 Aries.. I have definitely been through major changes since about April last year, went through much emotional turmoil and struggles and there were times I didn’t even recognize myself. In January this year I started a new, in a new job field, and I also relocated to another city. These changes have been extremely positive, but I feel I’m not really where I want to be yet. I believe this disatisfaction is related to not being able to unleash my creativity because I’m very insecure. I love to write but am very inconsistent.. finally started again last week and have been writing some poetry I’d like to turn into lyrics for a song, my boyfriend is a musician and we recently started working on conceptualizing an album so its a big step…I also have Saturn retrograde in Leo in the 1st house, (Leo Ascendent) not sure how it’ll all play out..

    • Nadia says:

      Transiting Pluto in Capricorn in the 5th will definitely solidify your creative goals. It will also stir up buried fears (doubts about your creativity) but only so they can be illuminated (5th House) and released.

  10. Tmp says:

    Hi Nadia,
    Pluto entering my 12th h 7 degrees Capricorn. Trine my 7th H Sun O degrees Virgo, 8th h Venus 18 degrees, 8th h Mercury 27 degrees Virgo.. Asc 3 degrees Aquarius, Nadir 27 Taurus, Midheaven 27 degrees Scorpio… I am trying to sell property in Fl for the past year..Every potenntial buyer has home to sell (T Saturn in my 8th h till October 26)… Finances are difficut and when do you think I will sell RE. Thank you for your response.

  11. nicole says:

    hi nadia
    much respect and admiration for pluto.
    my sun is at 7°51 capricorn in the 10th house. i’ve been on an evolving rolloercoaster since 6 years, when pluto crossed my mc in sag. lately uranus transited my ascendant last jan, my progressed moon entered the 12 house 3 years ago and will come out this december, pretty much close to when pluto hits my sun, facies is right there on my sun as well. natally i have a close pluto (7th) square sun aspect. having a pisces ascendant i’ve not been very assertive in my past. pluto is really pushing me to stand up for myself, go out and speak up, do things the way i want to do them. sometimes im surprised of how much power there is inside me now. i quit my job 6 years ago when pluto crossed my mc, everythings been up side down, long travels, lived in 3 different countries, lost loves, really tough down times with lots of solitude and introspection, meditation retreats, therapy, another education. i’m happy with plutos and prog. moon results though. i will begin to study astrology in january. i kind of look forward to this next transit, its a once in a lifetime thing! i’ve begun to really like pluto, even though he put me through quite rite a passage and will probably continue to do so. when he shakes me i know its because he really needs to. to become more of who i am.

    • Nadia says:

      Hi Nicole;
      Wow. You are a fabulous example of someone who has learned to work with her Pluto transits.
      Pluto conjunct your Sun will be tremendously empowering, especially with Facies involved as this fixed star gives drive, focus, even ruthlessness (if the shadow side of its energy is used). I’d say you’re handling these transits so well because you are familiar with Pluto’s energy (Sun square Pluto).
      Good luck!

  12. Mark says:

    I have my Moon at 7°Cap in the 10th and Sun at 8°Can in the 4th. Career has been dead and I’m trying hard to revive it. I believe I’ve made adjustments. Enough? I don’t know. Getting nervous about when it hits both my Sun and Moon. Any insight/advice would be appreciated.

  13. Jennifer says:

    I have sun in Capricorn at 10degrees and pluto 18 degrees Virgo. I have to say this has been the worst year of my life, and I have done a lot of growing I am really hoping things will be getting better. My heart was shattered and I never saw it coming. will Pulto going direct change things??
    Thanks, Jennifer

    • Nadia says:

      Hi Jennifer;
      Pluto direct will change something, for sure. Every time a planet goes retrograde or direct the energy shifts.
      In your case I can’t say what, or how, because you haven’t given me a lot of details and I haven’t seen your chart.

  14. Dave says:

    I have natal mars at 5 degree capricorn. and indeed, the past year has been absolute hell. finally ending a horrible relationship with my ex-military father, who has the personality of darth vader. I stopped exercising this year too… for the majority of the I spent alone at home, alot of time in bed, because when I actually try and walk around outside I have intense crippling fear and anxiety. Also my body was very tense this year to the point where I had to take opiates and such to ease up. I also spent alot of time being obsessed with war video game this year…

    I am so glad pluto is going direct and leaving my mars… i need some peace of mind.

    good thing I have more pluto transits to look forward to:
    northnode at 9 degree capricorn
    natal mercury at 10 degree capricorn
    natal uranus at 14 degree capricorn
    natal neptune at 16 degree capricorn
    natal sun at 26 degree capricorn.

    will i survive? hahahhah…

    good thing

    • Nadia says:

      What I find encouraging is that your North Node is in Capricorn and will be hit next by this Pluto transit. North Node is the point of evolution so Pluto (which is the planet of evolution) is absolutely pushing you to where you need to be. North Node transits are never easy and in your case it’s doubly hard because you have all these other planets lined up in Capricorn but it is accelerated evolution.
      Keep in mind that the extreme discomfort is partially due to letting go of Cancer (where your South Node is) ideas of security. In some ways this is like being re-born….ripped from the womb all over again hence the physical pain.
      In my experience Pluto transits are always most difficult at the start and get easier as they progress.

      • Dave says:

        gahhh Im so tired from this pluto conjunct mars transit, I just want some peace for a while. hmm what can I do to prepare for all these other pluto transits? I can only think of making and saving more money right now in case I cant work during it.

        Also my ascendant is in Cancer and so is my first house. does this mean anything when Pluto is opposing it?

        and what exactly is pluto conjunct uranus and neptune? Most sites are kinda vague about it. Is it more of a generational transit?

  15. sandra says:

    I have pluto in my first house sextile my sun in this period of my life, and since april (pluto turning retrograde) my health has deteriorated, I got an allergy and then I got more and more tired, and then I discovered I had adrenal burnout, and I discovered it must be because of the very stressed relationship I had until the end of last year. I was looking for an astrological explanation, and I think I found it in the Pluto retrograde and stationary, the last weeks I have been even more tired, and thinkingdeeply about everything, about a better way to handle relationships. Now that Pluto is turning direct, I hope my health will get better too. A lot of my values and ideas have changed since Pluto is in the first house, and it must be for the better I know, I hope my body will get stronger now, as my mind is already much stronger

    • Nadia says:

      As Pluto goes direct you should at the very least find the means to implement what you have been thinking about. The tiredness/burnout could have been Pluto’s way of forcing you to slow down so that you had to sit there and mull things over.

  16. Gracie says:

    Hi Nadia,
    My rising is at 5 degrees Cap and my sun is in Leo. I have noticed that ever since Saturn in Virgo I have not been able to keep a job let alone stabalize the bleeding atery of my finances. I used to have a descent financial
    Outlook even without finishing a formal education, but I’m wondering if Pluto is challenging my financial status and if so why. Hard to believe, but I’m not a pompous Leo; quite the opposite, generous and very humble. Also my weight has been on a huge Yo Yo… Any advise…

    • Dia says:

      Hi Gracie…I am with you and relate to your entire post. The biggest loss was loss of personal value after working like yourself, creating a life, doing a good job then nothing…Do what you can to get out, volunteer, take free classes and reclaim your will see a difference. xxxxx

  17. Nadia says:

    Hi Gracie;
    Thanks for your comments but I would need to analyze your chart before I could give you advice.

  18. Dia says:

    Can I relate to so many of these posts. Moon 7 cap on cusp of 11/12 2 AQu asc. Being debilitated. loss of job income (Leo sun).
    My Cap son with uranus 6 cap followed by saturn/nep/merc/ 12th. Very painful losses and withdraw.
    We are seperated by distance. I feel like I lost my best friend. My jupiter his venus conjunct in Aqu.
    This is very hard to get over, all of the changes and how to pick up the pieces and move forward. Obviously after 3 years, I am not doing a very good job.
    I did realizze by looknig at the entire chart and tranists the feeling of being boxed in is very real and I am the only one who can change it. Very hard with all of the fixed signs loaded in natal/transits. LIke bulldozing through a titanium wall.

    • Nadia says:

      It may not feel like you’re doing a good job at handling these transits but you have realized that you have the power to deal with all this. That’s huge. That’s the first step and really that’s the lesson that Pluto is trying to teach…empower yourself. The distance from your son is understandably devastating and it always seems that Pluto takes away what is most precious to us.
      Fixed signs are the most resistant to change but once they jump the tracks and get onto the new route they are unstoppable.

  19. Cheleangel says:

    Hi Nadia,
    I have to say that pluto crossing my IC has been the longest and most protracted period of powerlessness in my life. Come mid October things will be moving on, hopefully, as pluto moves beyond 3 degrees orb. If anyone would have told me just how far off the radar I would have to live I would have thought they were nuts. It would seem that realigning the MC/IC axis in terms of what my soul needs versus what I’ve been told I need and nothing less is what the pluto Dr. ordered.

  20. julie says:

    My boy friend moon is 7.07 capricorn. ascendent .16.11 capricorn and the 7th house cancer sun on 13.23 with north node.
    natal pluto in the 9th libra, saturn and mars.
    he born in istanbul 5.07.1982 in the night 20.45
    We have been together since 2009 and looks like we have to broke up because his family dosent want him to be with me.I know it is odd but thats how Turks and greeks act. we are still in love I m in UK and he is in istanbul. we were living together untill 2 weeks ago..He was a nightmare very agresive and almost vilent. I m a aquarius moon and merc aqua and they all in 3rd house with scorpian acs. mars and neptune 1st house. natal Pluto in 10th virgo with uranus and jup libra.
    Is Pluto trying to get rid of me from my boyfriends life or is he trying to get rid of his opsesive and controlling mother and father? Any idea would be great

  21. julie says:

    I was born in Istanbul at 00.40 am 16.02.1969 I hope it helps

    • Nadia says:

      Hi Julie;
      I meant that you would have to order a reading from me.
      The questions you are asking require me to analyze the charts of you and your boyfriend and I do not perform these services for free.
      If you are interested, please go to my Astrology Reports page; my services and prices are listed there.

  22. Donna says:

    I have come across your article and find it very interesting i have capricorn in my second house with mars at 9.49 degrees in cap and jupiter in aqur at 0.37 degrees. any direction as to what i should be looking for? also i got hurt at work in 96 and have just this year filed for perm disability. I have in the past year well almost 2 years now that i think of it gone to an astrologer, she said i had the potential in my chart to hit a grand winfall almost like i should play the lottery! I am somewhat lucky i suppose but would like to just be financially ok to pay my current obligations. Desperate for any and all input please and thank you if you can find time to share your in put. Have a spectacular year :)

    • Nadia says:

      Hi Donna,
      I would need to see your chart to make an accurate analysis. Please order a reading from my “Astrology Reports” page if you are interested.

  23. Toola says:

    Hi Nadia,

    Im finding myself in a kínd of crisis, mostly physical, with double-trouble after a stroke + arthrosis. Can´t move freely today. Am hopeless without freedom, which is my Lifes Juice.
    My sun/venus/mercury in Virgo within the span of trine pluto transit i Capricorn, also (later) connecting in opposition with my mars in Cancer; I feel strongly for change, but right now I´m pretty stuck. Feels like I have to wait until August, when freedom of creativity and travels in nature is better up. Have you got something to say about the transiting Pluto-trine?

    • Nadia says:

      A trine from Pluto isn’t usually responsible for physical problems….it’s empowering. Pluto in Capricorn trine sun/venus/mercury in Virgo should increase your focus/sense of what’s right for you. My guess is that something else is at work but it’s difficult to say without seeing your chart. I would look at your 6th House (health) and see what, if any, planets are transiting through there. I would also look at transiting Saturn as that can be the culprit for restricted movement. If you don’t find anything with the transits, the next step is to look at your progressed chart.

      • Toola says:

        My sixht house in Aries = transiting mercury now?
        Saturns transit is occupying my first house in Libra. But saturn there is in trine to Uranus in my birthhorosc. so that would be rather positive?

        Progressions is something I rarely, if ever, look for. But many thanks for your generous advice.
        In progression my sun would probably be in Scorpio, in my first house. Also: Saturn in progression would be in my twelfth house in Libra together with pluto progression, same house. That could mean some difficulties I guess?

        But I´m totally with you about the general good and intense and eventually transforming power of pluto trine.

        • Nadia says:

          Yes, Mercury would be transiting through your 6th House now.
          Saturn trine Uranus is the best of both worlds. Controlled (Saturn) change (Uranus). Gradual liberation (Uranus) from limits (Saturn).
          Progressed Saturn and Pluto in your 12th might go unnoticed, depending on how in touch with your 12th you are. Also, these progressions (for Saturn and Pluto) tend to be very slow so they have been happening for the past few years already. They could even be “lifetime progressions” so this is an underlying influence that will be with you your entire life. If this is the case, you won’t notice a big change.

  24. Toola says:

    Forgot to say: Pluto transit Capricorn in my third house, trine my eleventh hoouse: sun-venus-mercury

    • Nadia says:

      Pluto in the 3rd would be transforming your thought process. 11th House is public associations/friends. I think the physical problems are being triggered by a different transit/progression.

  25. Oracle says:

    Hello Nadia:

    How are you? I hope you are doing well? How is the Pluto in Capricorn transit treating you? Well for me I can see the change. Financially things have not changed yet, but I’m sure they will. I’m Sun in Capricorn 9’51” in the 7th House ruled by Sagittarius/Jupiter 28’44”. My Mercury in Capricorn 2’4″, Facies in Capricorn 7’54” and Nymph in Capricorn 17’07” all reside there. I’m Ascending in Gemini and my Pluto is in Virgo 29’42” in my 4th house ruled by Virgo/Mercury 11’6″. Uranus in Libra 13’25” and Lilith in Virgo 13’14” reside the there also. Currently Mars is transiting my 4th house which has brought nothing but strife. My natal Mars is in Scorpio 15’58” and it resides in my 5th House which is ruled by Libra/Venus 15’1″.

    I’m currently ending a 12 year relationship which was hell like never before. It has been difficult to get this person out of my house. I see him like I’ve never seen him before and I do not like what I see. This relationhip is irreparable and I’ve lost interest. I’ve been so ready to move on. This relationship has done nothing but made my life a living hell and gave my three additional children to care for. It is like I’ve been tricked and deceived for the past 12 years and now I see the truth!

    I’ve lost 90 pounds, 75 of it was lost in 4 months. I’ve hit a plateau and had some setbacks with my weight (gained 20 pounds, lost 10 pounds, put back on 10 pounds and so forth) but the workout regime has continued and been implemented with new strategies and techniques. I haven’t given up. I’m looking forward to wonderful relationships. I have three men in mind, but I have no way of how I will meet them if I ever will; all Capricorns of course. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    I currently going through a Cinderella transit. Charon and Neptune are transiting my natal Moon in Aquarius 26’35” in the 9th House ruled by Aquarius/Uranus 13’46” and transiting North Node in Aquarius 25’56” and Pallas in Pisces 6’9″. This Cinderella transit will continue until the end of this year where it will approach my 10th House in Pisces/Neptune 11’6″ where Charon in Aries 5’57” resides. I have come up with an idea that can save thousands of lives around the world. Every government, corporation, non-profit organization and consumer around the world can benefit from this. I am so looking forward to launching this remarkable idea! And do my duty for world peace.

    Saturn is currently transiting my 5th House in Libra/Venus 15’1″ where Mars in Scorpio 15’58” and Vertex in Scorpio 16’01″reside. My Saturn in Taurus 15’57” resides in my 11th House in Aries/Mars 15’1″. My natal Saturn opposition natal Mars. My natal Venus in Scorpio 24’44” in the 6th House ruled by Scorpio/Mars/Pluto 23’13” and Jupiter in Scorpio 27’34”, Neptune in Sagittarius 1’59” and Vesta in Sagittarius 8’20” all reside in the 6th House. Life has been quite difficult, I must admit.

    There will also be a Solar return for me at the end of this year. Where transiting Sun, Facies, Juno, Mercury as well as Pluto will be conjuncting my natal Sun, Mercury, Nymph, and Facies. I’m so excited about this Solar Return as well as the Cinderella transit. I’m expecting some wonderful things to happen finally after 40 years of pure hell! Hey which is my whole life!

    Is there any light you can shed? Any input you provide is most appreciated. Thank you. I was born December 31, 1970 at 4:28 p.m. in Marshall, Texas.

    • Nadia says:

      Sorry to hear that things are rough right now. You seeing your ex like you’ve never seen him before is text book Pluto: profound truth. A Pluto transit through the 7th House can be quite painful because there is usually a major ending before your love life can be transformed. But there’s always a re-birth after the initial “death”. I can’t give you many more details without analyzing your chart but Pluto through the 7th can sometimes bring an intense, life-altering relationship. But even if you remain single for the time being, you’re laying the foundations for a healthier partnership that’s more closely aligned with your true needs.

      Saturn transiting through the 5th can definitely give you creative focus. Once it hits your natal Mars in Scorpio you might feel frustrated or initially hit a block (creatively or romantically) but it will also be one of the most potent times for you. Grim determination to succeed and a definition of your drive for power.

      Good luck!

  26. Oracle says:

    Hello Nadia, and thank you for responding so promptly. I like the terms you used to describe the effects of the transits I now face: potent and grim. Oh yes, I won’t stop at nothing until I succeed. There is a block for both creatively because of finances and romatically due to being unavailable on the other person’s part and my part for this relationship I’m in taking it’s sweet time to end. Uugh, I’m so frustrated right now and sexually inhibited! And yes, power and independence is what I am seeking at this time! With power being the most important. I feel frightened sometimes by my determination and how it is implemented because of what the outcome of it all may be. How in the world did you know that?

    Change is definitely on it’s way. I am so excited and so anticipating!

  27. Sarah says:

    Hi Nadia,
    Since 2008 my life has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. Most importantly my X is not paying child support along with many other financial and emotional disasters.
    As per below—any input would be greatly appreciated…
    I had my chart done 2/07/89.
    My Sun, Asc and Venus all in Capricorn.
    Moon, Jupitor, Nepturn in Scorpio
    Mecury and Saturn in Sag
    Mars in Taurus
    Uranus in Leo
    Pluto in Virgo
    I was born Jan. 5, 1959 07:41:00 AM Standard Time for zone 7.0 14:41:00
    Universal Time 14 11 15
    Sidereal Time. Ephem Time=UT+ 33 sec
    Salt Lake City, UT
    ACD:Oh=May 27, 12h=Nov 26
    Natal Chart

    My entire life has been a tough, bumpy road full of pitholes.

    Thank you, –Sarah

    • Nadia says:

      Hi Sarah,
      I’m sorry to read about your troubles. However, I don’t do chart analysis for free.

      • Sarah says:

        Dear Nadia,
        As per—I can appreciate your response…
        As I have read through the posts–it appears many people have an understanding of their chart and fortunately for them you are able to give some input.
        I too, was inquiring for a bit of input and nothing more. As far as my chart, don’t have much understanding of what my chart means. What I do know is my sun (14 degrees, if reading correctly) is the otter self and rising (10 degrees) inner. Since, both of mine are in Capricorn—I was hoping, perhaps for a bit of input.
        My sincere apologies… –Sarah

        • Nadia says:

          If you’re asking about the difference between Sun and rising sign, Sun = ego and rising sign = identity. If they are both in Capricorn, your ego and identity would be the same. Rising sign is your outer image but the Sun is not the “inner” you. The Moon reflects your inner qualities.

  28. ricia says:

    Hi – can you say anything about Pluto transiting the south node in the 1st house. I f my north node is in Cancer, I would think that I am trying to build security. North node is the future. Pluto takes apart and rebuilds what it touches and it is touching my south node. If my south node is in Capricorn, and about to be hit by Pluto, I would think the configuration represents the rebuildings of my identity structures (1st House Capricorn) to more higher levels so that I am better able to manifest my north node? This is really a question. It could be all wrong. Please help. Thank you

    • Nadia says:

      That’s about right. Pluto will redefine your identity. Help you to let go of any “old” ways that you have been presenting yourself to the world. But for more info on your SN, see where Saturn is in your chart (house and sign).

  29. Paz says:

    Hi Nadia,
    Thank you for make this blog is great!

    I am going thourgth pluto i think since 2008 but i only found out about pluto last year. When hit me very hard.
    I found out that my sister is a sociopath. She made lots of lies about me.
    i have lost my family. I can not trusthing anyone on my family side. I feel very alone. Still have my lovely husband but i am very scared if i am going to lose him too.

  30. Paz says:

    Is this pluto is going to last for 13 years capricorn.

    Do you know when people star to healing from this pain that pluto causes.

    I was born 30/12/79

  31. Van says:

    Too true!!
    I have Capricorn A.C [7’39 degrees] with Facies exactly conjunct.
    I also have a tight square between A.C and Pluto in my 10th house
    Saturn is on the cusp of my 7th / 8th houses

    Between 2008 and 2014 all hell has broken lose in my life! I’ve had my lover & my brother killed. These sudden deaths have caused endless legal fall out. I’ve had the most extreme situations you can possibly imagine in my career [2008 & 2013 were like living under heavy fire in a war zone it was that bad]. I’ve lost all of my [substantial] assets & had multiple thefts of my most precious stuff. My life as i knew it has been annihilated but my thinking has evolved rapidly…. :)

    Thank the gods you only get Pluto crossing your A.C once in a lietime

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