Didn’t See That Coming: The Upcoming Pluto/Uranus Square

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Did you know that men are the new women?

According to this article, men are losing ground socially, professionally and personally while women are pulling ahead:

“We are the emasculated deer in the social headlights of the oncoming female 18-wheeler entirely uncertain which way to move and doubtful it makes a difference anyway. ”  Robert Cribb

Who knew? Pretty sure that some women out there would disagree. But the idea is intriguing. If I really wanted to explore the astrology I’d point out the following:


  • Pluto (metamorphosis) is transiting through Capricorn (patriarchy)
  • Uranus (upheaval) is transiting through Aries (male energy)

Plus, you know that Saturn (judgement) is currently moving through Libra so everyone is scrutinizing gender relations.

Pluto and Uranus will square each other from 2012 to 2015. This is a bona fide clash of the Titans. People are making predictions. But all you can say for sure is that society will be different by the time this revolutionary aspect is over.

More importantly, how will this impact you? If you have planets or angles in Capricorn and/or Aries you’re in for a profound shake up. Everyone will be hit but Capricorn/Aries folks will be utterly transformed. How, exactly, depends on what areas of your chart are hit but know that it will involve the break down of existing structures and liberation from what you’re comfortable with.

This is not as bad as it sounds. You probably know what’s going to be changed already. The key with these big-gun transits is to start now, if you can.




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5 Responses to Didn’t See That Coming: The Upcoming Pluto/Uranus Square

  1. hrae says:

    ahhhh one of the first squares is going to be exactly conjunct my sun/nepute square in aries/capricorn respectively.

  2. What we must say is that society will change deeply, what we can say is that a way of living is ending, and will surely end…

    Then and only then it comes the question if it is “good” or “bad” while people first of all asks if it is good or bad and then asks to know exactly what it is dealing with, and what is the issue ahead…

    This is a profoundly wrong way of proceeding…

    A deep change ahead… Then, and then only, it comes the problem of good and bad, and the problem of good and bad **for who** and for what interests…

    If one has much to lose from the crisis of a whole system of course it is clear that the change is “bad”, but for who has very few to lose or even something to gain that same change will be “good” instead!

  3. MimiK says:

    Wow. This gender interpretation was so obvious and I did not see it at all!

    The planets suggest that the critical issue with the patriarchy is not that men are inherently bad, but that giving one gender all the power and centering a culture on one gender, only, is OUT OF BALANCE. Imbalance never works in the Gaian biosphere; balance is the key to keeping life functional and thriving, and masculine-centered patriarchy, including the three dominant and warring gods of masculine monotheism, is disrupting the gaian balance of the whole biosphere.

    Saturn/Libra has been calling upon us to rectify the imbalance at the heart — but really it is the head of patriarchy for the sake of human continuance on Earth. As I see it, the Saturn-Libra cycle we have been in is the planets telling us what our task is: a new gender balanced society that is able to “engender” human flourishing and thriving on earth, as patriarchy no longer can.

    If humanity is to continue to live on earth, the patriarchy MUST die the Pluto-transformational death, and a revolution (Uranus/Aries) happen that
    “engenders” a new balanced society that is ABLE to sustain the gaian balance because the wisdom and talents of BOTH genders are given equal power, rather than what we have now, cataclysmic disruption and destabilization.

  4. Debbie says:

    I see it as and am ever hopeful that it will simply balance things out finally, that the sacred feminine is respected as highly as the masculine in this physical/material world. Whenever there is a minority that needs to rise to equality, it seems to go from one extreme to the other at first before it settles into balanced order. Personally dont want men to be immasculated or females to become masculine, just the best they are able to be with the strengths each gender has been given to be male or female, but with respect for the other as EQUAL…. in the spirit world well thats a different story, just ask Ma Nature :)

  5. Luna says:

    You got it, MimiK!

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