Real Power: Saturn’s Transit of Scorpio

“Paradise Lost” by Gustave Dore

This post about Saturn’s wind-down in Libra generated requests for a look at his tour of Scorpio.

So here we go.

First, let’s get something straight about Scorpio. All the ugly stuff people love to hate about this sign (manipulation, obsession, revenge) is generated by Scorpio’s fear of losing power. The sign that generates raw power is obsessed with losing it. Hence Scorpio’s association with death; there is no greater loss, and Scorpio will be confronted with this again and again until the lesson of acceptance is learned.

There is no greater power than the acceptance of loss. Evolved Scorpios are awe inspiring,  because they flow with the cycles of loss and gain. They are the Zodiac’s free-divers. And this is the lesson that Saturn is coming to teach.

Picture the energy of a black hole (Scorpio) squeezed through the eye of a needle (Saturn).  This can manifest as fear (Saturn) of profound change (Scorpio) or focused (Saturn) transformation (Scorpio).  If you have planets in Scorpio, you may experience this as an initial block against your power. You may push forward in your customary way, only to find that you can’t go any further.

As Saturn’s transit progresses, you can learn to accept these limits and exercise that Scorpio will with maturity. This means accept what you cannot change, and heal (rather than destroy or manipulate) what you can. Remember, the highest expression of Scorpio’s power is healing through transformation. Or you can go the other route and batter yourself against Saturn’s restrictions, hurting yourself and others in the process. The Scorpion can  learn to use its stinger carefully, or thrash around in panic as the walls close in.

So, yeah. This will be one intense transit. But what did you expect when the Lord of Karma (Saturn) enters the Underworld (Scorpio)? Wherever Scorpio sits in your chart is where you lose it all and gain something else. It’s the Phoenix-from-the-ashes area of your life. Here’s what to do when Saturn steps in:

  • Be prepared to lose something, even if it’s just your sense of control. Saturn will confront you with fears of loss, abandonment, powerlessness and betrayal. Note that the anticipation may be greater than the actual loss.
  • Focus on what’s left. What can you do to heal yourself? How can you make the situation work for you? Hint: it will not involve obsessing over what you no longer have.
  • Confront what scares you. This could involve deep intimacy, sharing and merging your resources (financial and emotional).
  • Identify energy that you’ve directed towards stalking, controlling, manipulating or holding grudges.  Take all that energy and point it in a direction that is brand new and does not involve control over someone else.

The highest potential of this transit is pretty spectacular. Scorpio energy is potent, but imagine what can manifest if it’s ultra disciplined and focused on the essentials: fearless intimacy, powerful healing, unstoppable drive. If you’ve ever crossed paths with a truly fearless Scorpio, you’ve felt their intense compassion and dedication. That’s real power.

Saturn’s transit of Scorpio will last from October 5th, 2012 to December 23rd, 2014. It will retrograde from Sagittarius into Scorpio from June 16th, 2015 to September 18th, 2015.


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482 Responses to Real Power: Saturn’s Transit of Scorpio

  1. Shravaka says:

    Hi Nadia,
    thank you for the info and comments. Could you say something about my chart with Saturn passing over my Venus conjunct Neptune in Scorpio (trine Moon in Cancer in the 8th) soon in my 12th house.

    Thank you

    • Nadia says:

      Either a disappointment or manifestation of a desired dream. Depends on the rest of your chart/other transits. But definitely a confrontation with reality (possibly involving an ending).

  2. Nicolette says:

    Hi Nadia
    Could you give me some thoughts on what is happening for me currently please.

    I have Natal Neptune in Scorpio 12 degrees in 4th House. My Moon in Taurus opposing Neptune and is square Natal Saturn and Natal Jupiter in Capricorn/Aquarius. Saturn has already transited my IC last year.

    Thank you in advance

    • Nadia says:

      Saturn over the IC usually increases responsibilities with home/family and revisiting the past. In opposition to your Moon, you might feel some depression, but it’s Saturn’s way of forcing you to attend to your own needs (as opposed to getting them met by someone/something else). Saturn cuts out the externals, so you’re compelled to look at what really matters. And all of this will be in the context of home/family (possibly parents/mother). The good news is, things shoudl start to get easier now that Saturn has passed your IC.

  3. Ama says:

    Could you give me some insight as well? My 12th house is in Scorpio, which has my Sun and Mercury. These planets do not make any major aspects to my other planets.

    Thank you in advance.

  4. Angela says:

    Hello could you give me a little insight into what i should expect from saturn going through my fourth house with my sun in scorpio 18 deg in the fourth house and mercury 11deg in my fourth house. My sun is sextle saturn in my natal chart and mercury is sextile saturn in my natal chart…thankyou angela

  5. karen gagich says:

    surrendering to the spirit has been excellent. just one drawback, how does one continue without income?seeking employment doesnt seem to pan out for me. reassessing all my skills and cleansing unwanted influences in the meantime have been helpful but i see no future.

    • Nadia says:

      Sorry I can’t help you more, but I’d need to see your chart. I know that it’s frustrating and depressing to be unemployed, but from an astrological perspective I would say look at transits/progressions to your 10th house and 6th House to see if there are any changes coming up.

      • karen says:

        hello. i had no idea there was a reply but since i dont know how to follow the transits in the houses i will be confused.
        learning the contrasts and redirecting energies and keeping that momentum focused is as good as it can get wish i could send you the chart but how does one do that?
        i know others do not have things this harsh, this isilating, but there is empowerment surfacing from some unknown depth working too hard just to survive what are the alternatives?

  6. Michael Cameron says:

    My natal sun is 12 degrees Scorpio as is my natal Pluto (12 degrees). Thank you for your description of Scorpio Saturn’s influence. It was illuminating for me on multiple levels ;)

  7. Dragos says:

    How does this play for a Sun, Venus and Jupiter stellium at 17 degrees Scorpio in the tenth house? Now that it turned direct again, it suddenly cut a – very short, I agree – romantic relationship started exactly when it turned retrograde, in February. Thanks :)

    • Nadia says:

      I can’t tell you what will happen with the relationship without analyzing your charts, but in general, Saturn over 10th House planets will confront you with realities/responsibilities about public or professional status. Your public reputation is coming into play.

  8. Robert Edward Ingham says:

    Hi I have sun in aquarius, moon in cancer, leo ascendant, venus Capricorn, mars in scorpio and Saturn in scorpio I’ve been reading about this Saturn return, going through pretty tough time with mental illness and lots of fear and mistrust and my whole life has been torn down even lived on the streets for 6 months i’m trying to find an answer any advice you can give me would be amazing must say this last year has been an amazing spiritual awakening and very musical too just need a little bit of advice on how to stay strong and not go insane

    • Nadia says:

      Sorry to read about your difficulties. Saturn return is a transition to the next level of maturity, and in Scorpio this involves confronting your Shadow side. The fear and mistrust is most likely a symptom of this (your Shadow). Your life being torn down is Saturn’s way of removing what you no longer need, although I’m sure this feels ridiculously harsh with what you’ve been through. Saturn always focuses you on the essentials, so work with what you have left and build from there.

  9. navaneeth says:

    Hello Nadia, My date of birth is october 11 1991,
    I m a scorpio, feeling lost, fear of unknown.. please suggest me

  10. Kathleen says:

    I came upon your blog today and found the comments posted helpful. I am currently experiencing extreme challenges with Saturn’s transit through Scorpio. In my natal chart Neptune is at 6.38 degrees; the Moon is at 14.27 degrees; and Jupiter is at 24.40 degrees in Scorpio and all in the 8th house. I literally feel as if everything is being shattered. Do you have any advice that could help shine some light into what feels like a very dark terrain. Thank you!

  11. Carole says:

    Saturn transit is conjunct my Sun in Scorpio right now in tenth! and I am going through a lot of fear with physical manisfestations. I am trying to tell myself it is just fear. Very difficult. We may have a lot of power but it is hard to execute it when you are so fearful. My main difficulty is moving forward. I love to write and want to start a blog, but of course having difficulty thinking of a name! ha! I have been in this transit of my midheaven with also venus, jupiter and neptune in Libra and boy do I have the creative desire! My main conflict is moving away from past friends and activities and going forward. Few friends now.I keep going back. also, have Capricorn ascendant. Is there anything you can tell me to help me get out of this fear? Thank you and bless you.

    • Kisses says:

      I’ve done my Saturn over my Libra AC and Saturn over my Scorpio sun. Best thing I can say to you, Carole, is feel the fear and do it anyway. :) If you really want to do it, you will. Take a deep breath and take the first step. That’s the hardest bit. Don’t worry about having the right name for your blog, it will come to you out of the blue. I have my best ideas whilst doing the dishes. ;) Think of it this way – what is your fear for? So x, y, z doesn’t happen? Or so you don’t feel a, b, c? But by not taking action, what have you got, really? If it’s fear of failure, by not starting, haven’t you pre-empted that? Fears become self-fulfilling prophecies. Why not prophesy success. Go for it, you may as well. Don’t worry about it and just enjoy it. Follow your bliss. And don’t worry about your friends, let them nurture you for a change. If they’re not nurturing you, you know what to do. Has to go both ways. Good luck! :) (sorry, I know I’m not Nadia, but I liked your comment.)

  12. Carole says:

    I reread description of this transit. Most amazing thing i have read. it explains why I have not been able to move forward on much these past few years. It took me 2 years to buy a computer! I still don’t have a printer. I am always budgeting as I live on little money from unemployment. It is nice to know what it is and not be so hard on myself and to know restrictions will lessen. One thing I think will help is to be less of a perfectionist(venus on midheaven). Now that is a hard one. Hope this lessens too.
    It has taken me years to finally be on the precipice of moving away from the old–friends, work, etc. Going to a new something this week. Sometimes you can get stuff on a spiritual path that has to be freed up a little. God Bless. Love to all and thank you Nadia for this description. How in the world did you know this?

  13. Santosh says:

    had Neptune square sun from mid- April’2012, lost my set job on 16th Apr’12. Lost my dog and driver in April12, my north node in scorpio and south node in Taurus, found job in July 12 which lost on 11th July13….I have Saturn in my fourth house Scorpio… Ascendant is Leo and I am 25th may 1958 born at 10.20 am at Gaya in India. Life seems to be burdensome and standstill as I am without a job….nothing is materialising despite my sincere attempts. Any suggestion?

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