The Uranus/Pluto Square: A Primer

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Here’s a crazy-beautiful essay (by Gayle Brandeis, published at The Rumpus) that describes the writer becoming a new mother while her mother commits suicide. Dark subject matter but it’s written so well; a swirl of pain and uplifting moments.

There’s a Pluto/Uranus square (exact on June 26th) right now and I think this essay is a fantastic introduction. Death (Pluto) of a parent (Capricorn) intersects with new (Uranus) life (Aries). Primal, painful stuff.

Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries will form an exact square 7 times over the next 3 years. Will they hurt? Depends on where they hit your chart. Check the houses with Capricorn and Aries. Those are the areas of your life where old and new will collide. This will not be an easy transit. A literal death will not necessarily happen but a metaphorical death (say goodbye to an outdated relationship/lifestyle/habit/job) is in the works.  And some wonderful things can emerge.  Because if there’s one thing you can count on with Uranus, it’s the unexpected. Changes will come at you out of left-field, but so might new life.

I’ll blog about each square as it approaches (including the June 26th one). But for now, here’s the dates and degrees where the squares will be exact (these degrees will impact the Cardinal signs):

  • June 24th, 2012: 8 degrees
  • September 19 2012: 6 degrees
  • May 20 2013: 11 degrees
  • November 1 2013: 9 degrees
  • April 21 2014: 13 degrees
  • December 15 2014: 12 degrees
  • March 16 2015: 15 degrees
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125 Responses to The Uranus/Pluto Square: A Primer

  1. Bree says:

    This is going to be a pretty crazy time! A lot of people are dying right now and I think this will only increase as this influence strengthens. I also expect that more big earthquakes like the one in Italy will occur. Internally, of course, we will all be forced to release that which does not serve us (darkness, stagnation) in favor of the Light of change! Yippeeeeee!

  2. Autumn says:

    I gotta say, I’m a little scared. April 21st 2014, Pluto will conjunct my capricorn Mars 3H and Uranus square from the 6H. What’s going to die? I am afraid something will happen with my health (6th house). Mars rules my 7th house/moon/NN. I’m afraid something will happen to the health of my partner or Mom. My Dad had cancer many times while I was growing up and finally passed away when I was 20 so I am always afraid of someone getting cancer. I will try to go with the flow and trust in the universe:-)

    • Nadia says:

      Pluto over your Mars can kick up some real power struggles in the area of communication/ideas. I see this as work/lifestyle related changes…the 6th is about health but also about work. Your work/daily environment will definitely change. What’s going to die? Old, fixed ideas. You might get into a conflict with someone over healthcare or have a clash of wills with co-workers. It’ll be about you responding to dramatic changes in your routine.

  3. joshie says:

    Fifth (Capricorn) and eighth (aries) houses will be effect. And I am a sun sign libra – oi!

    • Nadia says:

      Pluto through the 5th can be quite empowering…intensified sense of creativity and/or creating something profound. Uranus through the 8th could help that along by freeing you from old debts (financial/emotional) and inhibitions. Uranus in the 8th can feel out of control because the 8th is shared resources and Uranus is always unexpected. You might feel like you’re dancing to someone’s else’s tune for awhile but in the end it’s about you freeing yourself. Even if someone else foists those changes on you.

      • Judy says:

        Indeed! Uranus is just about to exit my 8th house. Habits relating to intimate relationships, credit, taxes, finance have been revolutionized. That’s meant some tough happenings over the last few years, but it’s been well worth it. I feel freer, and I’m on more solid grounding for the career shift that’s nearing final stages, as my major means of creative expression is becoming a vocation (a humanitarian one)- not just a job. Pluto is still in my 5th house.

        The Uranus-Pluto square has been impacting my 9th house Mars in Aries. Uranus conjuct Mars, Pluto squaring it. This post is a reminder to continue being regular with my spiritual practices, and to keep exercise going so there’s a physical outlet for the increased energy – and to avoid angry outbursts.

        Bright blessings, Nadia & readers.

      • MillB says:

        ooooh – Pluto has just moved into my 6th, but Uranus still has a few years left in my 8th to free me from the debts -Bring it on!!
        I did not feel any empowerment while Pluto was in my 5th but that doesn’t mean he can’t bring me sudden and unwanted unemployment while he is in the 6th. I have a lot riding on good old Uranus coming through for me……

        • Nadia says:

          Pluto in your 6th will bring dramatic changes to your daily routine. It could mean unemployment, but it could just as easily mean a new job.

  4. MiloBloom says:

    Yikes, my Ascendant is 8 degrees Aries..

    • Nadia says:

      Major overhaul of your identity and (possibly) physical appearance. How you deal with the outside world (public image) will get a makeover.

      • LD says:

        Hi MiloBloom,

        Although your post is a cpl o’ mos. old,
        I’m currently thinking of this Square again
        ( repeating in 2 wks from now – Sept.)… & wanted to know:

        MiloBloom = Has anything happened ??
        re: major overhaul of your identity or physical appearance, etc?

        I’ve got the same Ascendant – 8 deg. Aries – nothing happened for me…

  5. Missy says:

    Hi Nadia, YIKES June 26 is my birthday does this suprcharge the energy?

    • Nadia says:

      It makes it a major theme for you in the upcoming year. Your Sun will be at 5 degrees Cancer, so still in orb to receive the square/opposition from Uranus/Pluto. Your ego and life’s purpose (Sun) will be transformed. More information on that is in the house that your Sun occupies (the house will tell you how you’ll express that transformed energy). You might come up against some power struggles (opposition to Pluto) with those in authority but you’ll want to rebel (square to Uranus).

  6. gigi says:

    how will this effect someone who has venus at Cancer 10 degrees. incidentally this is square Uranus 15 degrees. thanks

    • Nadia says:

      Romantic relationships an self-esteem will be impacted. Pluto opposite Venus can kick up some obsessive feelings while Uranus will urge you to free yourself from being needy or dependent on others to make you feel loved. The tighter you hang onto someone, the greater the odds are that this transit will rip them away. Give people their space and give yourself space to be self-sufficient: nurture yourself.

  7. Brex says:

    This Uranus Pluto squaring will accompany my transit Pluto – Pluto square. Uranus rules my first house and in my birth chart Uranus and Pluto are in the eighth house. The Uranus-Pluto square takes place in 12th (Cap) and 2nd (Aries) houses. And the last four years (since Pluto went over my Cap-Sun) were horrible already. Can’t say I ‘m looking forward to it. :-S

    • Nadia says:

      Subconscious transformations stirred up by financial/emotional instability. Probably makes you feel extra exposed because it’s hitting two ultra-sensitive houses (12th House is secrets and subconscious, 2nd House is security needs). Good rule of thumb for these house/planet transits: use the energy from Uranus in the 2nd to clarify what’s going on in the 12th. 12th House Pluto energy can be misdirected/unclear. Uranus coming from the 2nd House is more grounded in reality.

    • Jo says:

      How bizarre – I am also right in the middle of the pluto square pluto transit with natal pluto (8.39 libra) and uranus in 8th and transiting pluto in 12th squaring transiting uranus in the 2nd. Also, like you Uranus rules my 1st house! My values have totally changed over the last few years and it has been a rough ride to be honest. More than anything, I have learnt what is important in my life and it is not money! I took up meditation to stop the relentless negative thoughts (12th house) and hit the gym to improve my self esteem (2nd House) and it has helped. No sun in cap but I have multiple points in sag which got whacked by Pluto in the 90’s and while it was tough, I am definitely a better person for it.

  8. hari n says:

    i’m Cap rising in an empty 12th house, with Jupiter 17 degrees Aries in the 3rd. Can you offer any insight?? I’m at the crossroads now, looking for direction…. Thanks!!

    • Nadia says:

      Uranus through your 3rd can give you some revolutionary ideas. Pluto through your 12th or 1st (not sure what degree your AC is at) will stir up subconscious transformation that will lead to a radical image overhaul. Total new direction in life meets new world view. You can use Uranus’s energy to express some new ideas that could put you on a whole new path: communicating is key (especially on the Web…Uranus rules computers).

  9. Jennifer says:

    I am sooooo gonna get canned. Aries is my 6th house and most of these are on my south node or natal Mercury/Uranus quincunx combo. Shiiiiiiit.

    Well, so far work doesn’t want to can me yet, at least. But I will be super worried in the next couple of springs.

    • Nadia says:

      Uranus moving through your 6th means your work environment will change dramatically. Doesn’t have to mean getting laid off/fired. Your office might re-locate. Better to look at what’s happening with your MC to see where your career is going.

  10. novlady says:

    Pluto transits my 9th, (conjunct my Venus) Uranus my 12th (squaring my Venus). How can I use this energy for the best? Being a Scorpio, is it possible that I am more ‘comfortable’ with psychological changes thus the experience of metaphysical deaths would feel like familiar territory?

    • Nadia says:

      As a Scorp you’re definitely more comfortable with deep changes. Uranus through your 12th can be very illuminating…just accept any sudden/irrational subconscious issues that bubble up. Pluto over your 9th can dramatically deepen your sense of love (the ability to give and receive). You could use Uranus’s prompts for this; take any hidden issues that come up and confront them. The inner freedom you attain can help you incorporate Pluto’s enhancement of your Venus.

  11. kjc says:

    Pluto transiting my 8th, Uranus my 11th house. Natal Venus @ 8 deg Aries, in opposition to natal Pluto @11 deg Libra. Been cracking my head thinking about possible effects of this… unexpected “death” of an (intimate) relationship? any insight would be great, thank you so much!

    • Nadia says:

      Uranus over Venus will definitely transform an existing relationship. It might end, but only if the changes that are being demanded are ignored. If you’re on solid ground with your partner than it might just be a change in the relationship itself (change of status, birth of a child, etc.) Depends on the rest of your chart and their chart. Also depends on the house position of your Venus.

  12. Cathy says:

    thanks for posting this. I am wondering how it might effect me. I have a Sun in Cancer @ 10 degrees, in the 11th House. Pluto is transiting my 5th House, and Uranus is transiting my 8th house. I’m just finishing a Saturn transit, conjucting my Neptune in Libra, and squaring my 28 degree moon, in Cap, and also squaring my 25degree Mercury in Cancer. It seems like the challenges are really encouraging me to grow!

    • Nadia says:

      What you start to create (Pluto in the 5th) will impact your joint finances (partner’s finances or loans/debts) or sex life (8th House). Not saying that this will happen with you but Pluto through the 5th House can signal the birth of a child (or issues with children). This absolutely coincides with upheavals in joint finances and intimacy. But that’s just an example. Pluto in the 5th can point to any intensification of what you create, be it a project or enhanced sense of your own purpose. Anyway, all this change will transform your social standing (Sun in the 11th). People will relate to you differently after this is all finished and there may be some push/pull between what you create (5th House) and your relations to the group.

  13. Latimer says:

    Thanks for the enjoyable and informative post. My Venus is at 11 degrees Aries so I guess the Uranus/Pluto square will challenge me to transform my value system, my approach to money and my key relationships.

    • Nadia says:

      Your interpretation is correct. For more information, look at the house Venus is in and the houses Uranus and Pluto will be transiting.

  14. Cyress723 says:

    Thanks for sharing that beautifully written essay, and it does sum up the experience of the transits very well. I know as I have been through it already.
    The outcome – a more ‘authentic’ version of myself.

  15. esther says:

    Thank you for all the insights through your blog, Nadia. This square- wow this must be a lot of changes coming up. I have my 5th house Mercury, Sun and Venus in Aries 8-11degrees, and my 1st house Neptune and Saturn in Capricorn 12-13 degrees (natally square each other). Also Uranus rising natally at 5 degrees Capricorn (1 degree Asc).
    Am I going to explode?…! I love the possibilities, at least.

    • Nadia says:

      Pluto through your 1st can permanently transform your identity (or appearance)via a physical, literal change (Saturn) and a transformation of what others project onto you (Neptune). These changes could be triggerred by, or be a response to, an unexpected 180 in a creative field (5th house). Or something that you created could suddenly enter or leave your life.

  16. Artemis says:

    I’m sort of afraid. I’m not new to astrology, but I’m very new to interpreting how transits affect me directly. I have Capricorn in my Uranus (11.33R), in Neptune (15.18R), in my 3rd house (16.05 degrees) and have Aries in my 6th house (20.44 degrees). I’m not really sure how to interpret that? And to make matters better (or worse), my birthday’s coming up on July 10th.


    • Nadia says:

      Pluto transiting through your 3rd will transform your ideas and ways of communicating (or it could signify big changes with your siblings) while Uranus through your 6th will change your immediate environment (work or health).

  17. Jennifer says:

    Pluto is in the 2nd house, along with south node (20 Cap, so not affected at this time) and Uranus is just going into the 5th (cusp is 7 Aries). I’m dealing with a financial situation that feels unresolveable, but maybe Uranus will bring me some totally unexpected way out???

  18. Lily says:

    Hi Nadia ,
    I’m kind of afraid too , my midheaven is 9°30 in aries , pluto is transiting my 6th house ,
    how will this transit affect me ? Am I gonna have a change of career ?

    • Nadia says:

      The 6th House represents your work environment, health and daily routine. So any of these areas could change.

  19. CW says:

    HI Nadia,

    Great site. I just stumbled upon it recently. Pluto in Cap will be in my 11th house while Uranusi n Aries will be in the 1st. No planets in either. Thanks!

    • Nadia says:

      Generally, Pluto will transform your social scene (some friendships/associations may end) while Uranus overhauls your identity and public image. Your lifestyle might change so dramatically that old associations have no place with you anymore.

  20. Wendy says:

    Uranus transiting the 4th/5th house cusp, trine progressed natal Venus in the first house, and soon to conjunct natal Chiron in the 5th. Transiting Pluto in the 2nd house, conjunct natal Jupiter and progressed natal Sun, square natal Pluto on the 10th/11th house cusp, and soon to conjunct natal North Node. Change is in the air alright! May the blooms from the shadows be sweet. Whadya think?

    • Nadia says:

      Uranus trine Venus is positive: liberating relationships, resulting from releasing old wounds (Chiron). That Pluto transit should really propel you forward (in an evolutionary sense) when it contacts your NN.

      • Wendy says:

        Thank you, Nadia. The challenges of the last several years have been HARSH, so I welcome the release of old wounds and an evolutionary boost forward. Seems like the realms of growth will be primarily connected to income, love, and partnership. My financially bereft, heartbroken, and mostly solitary self hopes so anyway. Holy existential crisis! This stretch has, by far, been the most spiritually exhausting period of life yet.

  21. Wendy says:

    p.s. All this while Jupiter begins to transit my 7th house, joining Venus in Gemini, crossing back and forth over my natal Saturn at 18 degrees. Lot’s going on! Much gratitude for any insights you’re inclined to share. Thank you.

    • Nadia says:

      Jupiter in the 7th can bring an expansive new relationship or, at the very least, the desire for relationship freedom. Over your natal Saturn adds a shot of respect/authority (relationship with a mentor/teacher?)

      • Wendy says:

        I have long been single, both personally and professionally (my work is freelance), with a few short-lived connections that were deeply celebrated by me but, unfortunately, not mutually so. One romantic relationship in particular that began last summer and dramatically ended with no closure earlier this spring was particularly devastating. It felt deeply destined, and it’s still hard to accept that it’s over. My natal Saturn in the 7th house (retrograde at 18 degrees Gemini) is trine my natal Uranus at 21 degrees Libra and Venus at 25 degrees Libra, both in my 11th house. Transiting Saturn was recently conjunct my natal Uranus, and is soon to conjunct my natal Venus. I’ve long associated the trials of Saturn to leave “gifts” in their wake…so perhaps this is the time for my relationship karma to finally reveal a sweet and lasting blossom. Positive mental attitude, or delusion? ;-p

  22. Rachel says:

    Hi Nadia,
    I have transiting Uranus on the cusp of my seventh and eighth houses (8 degs 14) squaring Pluto in the 5th. Transiting Uranus will also be opposite my natal Uranus 10 degs Libra in 2nd house and Transiting Pluto will be squaring this. Could you please tell me how is this going to affect me in the next few years?

    • Nadia says:

      Very generally, your personal power and the way you handle money and self-esteem will be radically changed.

  23. Damien Ruud says:

    Pluto’s been transiting retrograde through my 8th for a bit now. Its currently retrograde there as well. Been releasing a lot of deep psyche stuff.

  24. Damien Ruud says:

    Was wondering Nadia, any thoughts about letting go of control/authority/power structures from my consciousness/psyche?

    • Nadia says:

      Pluto through the 8th is death and re-birth. Not a literal death but the death of psychological limits and blocks to intimacy. The energy can feel particularly overwhelming in this house because the 8th symbolizes what is out of your control.The more control you try to exercise, the more difficult it is. For relief, look for any easy aspects (trines, sextiles) transiting Pluto might be making to other natal planets.

  25. Les D says:

    Nadia – Thank you, your response above was quite helpful to me.
    I have an 8th house Moon in Cap (10.45 degs), sextiling Sun in Pisces (9.31 degs), Saturn in Scorpio (9.14 degs). I have been preparing for what I assume will be dramatic changes for awhile by making a will, lightening my possession load, and detaching, assuming I need to prepare to lose anything (or everything).
    Your response to Damien above illuminated something for me – when Pluto began to transit my 8th house three years ago, a long term relationship ended and I dealt with the impact by withdrawing. It was an emotionally searing experience. I am older (58) and have not found the inspiration within to venture forth to meet new people, instead enjoying time alone appreciating the smaller things in life. Recently I have felt more at peace, and your comment that an 8th house Pluto transit is a “death of psychological limits and blocks to intimacy” resonated. I have focused on the upcoming Pluto transit to my Moon, rather than the larger perspective of the 8th house transit that began with a loss that redefined the way I interact with the world (or don’t interact as the case may be 😉

  26. Elizabeth says:

    Pluto conjuncting natal Saturn in Capricorn, in the 3rd at 8 degrees, and at the same time, opposite Mars in Cancer in the 9th, and at the same time squaring Mercury in the 6th in Aries, which Uranus is conjuncting as well, and the south node. insights?

    • Nadia says:

      Transformation of frustrating limits by being confronted with them (in the areas of plans/ideas/communication).

  27. Michelle says:

    I have natal Saturn (8 degrees Aries, 1st house) square Venus (7 degrees Cancer, 4th house) which the Uranus (transiting 1st house)/Pluto (transiting 10th house) square is impacting upon. How would you see this manifesting? I appreciate your astrological insight.

    • Nadia says:

      Fears/doubts about being loved and getting involved in a relationship will be triggered by the Uranus/Pluto square. The ultimate goal is to blast through those fears with a radical overhaul of your identity (Uranus through the 1st) and future goals/public status (Pluto through the 10th).

  28. Cleo says:

    I have Pluto transiting my 10th house widely conjuncting my Sun and Uranus in my 1st house conjuncting my North Node. I’m starting a business now too.. and now I’m a bit nervous. I feel like I’m about to be shot out of a cannon. Is this positive transit if your moving steadily toward your destiny?

    • Nadia says:

      Absolutely (it’s positive). Pluto help your career evolve toward something that has true meaning for you and Uranus triggers the NN by showing you the path forward.

  29. Elena says:

    Hi Nadia, My birthday is June 23, 1974 ~7:45pm EST, and I’m afraid what this square will do. Have had major upheavals in the past 4 years (moving countries, changing jobs, etc.) which seem to have finally settled, in a location I’m not happy (far from home and no romance prospects) with but seems to have a lot of promise career/social wise. My sun is in my 11th house, Aries in 8th, Cap in 5th. Natal Pluto in 2nd Libra, Natal Uranus in 3rd also Libra. Any insights appreciated! Thank you.

    • Nadia says:

      I’d have to analyze your chart to give you the answers you’re looking for. Please check out my Astrology Reports page if you would like to order a consultation.

  30. HP says:

    Uranus is in 09 degrees from libra and pluto is in 29 degrees from Virgo in my birth chart. It looks as if there are angles to both. Will external love affairs be revaled? What will happen ?

  31. Seremdipity says:

    I have Jupiter ( ruling Pisces rising and MC ruler) tightly conjunct Rx Saturn in 7th house in Libra at 10 degrees.. Venus at 13 degress Cap in 10th house near 11thcusp ( rules 8th and 3rd house) is in MR with Saturn.. I have a lot of personal planets in aquarius Sun/mars/mercury and natal pluto towards end of 7th house. Natal Uranus is in scorpio in 9th cusp.. Currently doing my MBA …
    Desperately need a breakthrough in career and my love life has been stuck in repeated dead end patterns… also wants to get free of inhibitions, self doubting and low confidence..

    • Nadia says:

      The Uranus/Pluto square will definitely break the patterns in your love life when it hits Jupiter/Saturn. As for 10th House Venus in Cap…it will be pushed to move beyond self-imposed restrictions in your career (pushed by the square).

  32. Seremdipity says:

    Thanks a ton Nadia.. I am looking for a big breakthrough careerwise related to 8th house themes banking asset mgmt etc ….do you think the changes can be kicked in by May 2013 ( pluto /uranus touches 11 degrees crossing 10 degress of jupiter/saturn) or will it require 2014 when it crosses Cappy Venus ?
    Thanks a lot for your time:)

    • Nadia says:

      It really depends on what houses Jupiter/Saturn and Venus are in. If any of them are in money houses (8th/2nd house) then the changes you’re looking for will be activated when planets in those houses are hit.

  33. Ripu says:

    My date birth is 6 Feb 1968. I was born in Chandigarh, India at 9.0 5 am. I have a strong belief in astrology but do not know much about chart reading so I can not provide much details of planets’ current location. How Pluto Uranus is going to impact me?

  34. Kaz says:

    Pluto transiting 1st house Uranus 2nd house (22 Aug 1969) I’ve has so many transformations I’m meeting myself coming back and my nerves are fried. I truly hope that when things can change on a dime, tis time it will be positive. Can stand anymore devastation. I must remember I can change through positive experience and not just recycle old wounds. This is a line in the sand.

    • Nadia says:

      This is a tough transit, for sure. Great thing about it is you’ll never have to go through these experiences again. This is the ultimate energy of closure.

  35. Serendipity says:

    Nadia: thanks a ton.. Like in my first post i wrote about the house and rulerships…
    Venus is my 8th house ruler… the Jupiter/Saturn are in the 7th house.. Pluto itself rules over 8th house themes like banking, other peoples money… what do you think will happen when T Pluto over Venus and uranus in Aries in my 1st house form a T Square ?? Can this lead to gain of power /clout and fame ?

  36. rinio says:

    hi! I have venus (11*cap) square pluto (11*libra) and moon/lilith (5*aries). I’m a bit scared about this pluto/uranus square transit to all these natal planets :( how will it affect me?

    • Nadia says:

      You might be confronted with issues about power and obsessions in relationships. But I can’t say much more than that without analyzing your chart.
      While the Uranus/Pluto square sounds scary, it’s really just about change. Nothing to be scared of there…change happens all the time. This just puts a name to it.

  37. mlle says:

    Nadia, I have my Sun in Capricorn- 9th house, Mercury in Capricorn- 10th house, Mars in Aries- 12th house (which is trine my Venus in Saggitarius 8th house,) and on top of that it all squares my Moon in Libra in my 6th house. My Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are all Capricorn in the 9th house. My ascendant is in Aries at 22 degrees, and my Midheaven is in Capricorn at 11 degrees. The week following the first impact of June I was involved in an unpredictable car accident that wasn’t my fault. I was wondering if that fits in with my chart, and what other changes are possible.

  38. Benjamin says:

    I’m also very afraid of this Pluto square, Uranus is transiting from my second house making a square to my moon and neptune. Pluto at the same time is making a conjunction to my moon and neptune in house 12. I’m not sure what to expect.
    The worse part is that uranus will soon start making a conjunction with my natal mars in my second house.

    • Nadia says:

      Sounds like a complete emotional overhaul coming up for you. I find that when one anticipates certain transits with dread, they are never as bad as you fear. Uranus over your Mars may rattle your security, but it could also inspire you with new ways to make money. Uranus/Mars can be a spark that lights a major fire.

  39. Jules says:

    Gee this is a tough one, Pluto (from the 12th) squaring my Sun and Mercury in Aries in my 3rd, and Uranus hanging around just to make things even more crazy! Sun rules my 7th and 8th houses (intercepted houses) and Mercury rules my 5th and 9th houses. Oh fun, fun, fun! I feel like I am in the corner of a boxing ring getting beaten up, seriously heavy stuff. Keep going ‘within’ and praying, meditating, reflecting, contemplating (12th house) and just when I seem to get a handle on things something comes up out of left field – whack! As these transits continue will it get any easier dealing with such difficult and intense energies? You would think I would be used to this intensity with my natal Scorpio Moon! Thanks :-)

    • Nadia says:

      You’ve hit on something that most people overlook with long transits…they do get easier. Especially if you work with them. All transits are supposed to be lessons, and the information is there to build on and apply as the transit progresses. Pluto in your 12th can help illuminate your conscious ideas (3rd House) with information from your unconscious. But it’s kind of like illuminating something through contrast….using shadow (Pluto) to bring out what’s there.

  40. Jules says:

    Thanks so much Nadia for taking the time and energy to reply :-) Just wondering your thoughts on the full Moon in Aries on 29th September which will be receiving the square from Pluto and the conjunction from Uranus. I have been reading a bit about it online and feel a bit fearful of doing anything on this day (!) especially with my Sun being bombarded by these two planets already. I have read that I should especially not travel around this time (full moon will be in my 3rd house and I was thinking of visiting my sister in Port Macquarie – 8 hours drive away from my home). I never wanted to use astrology to prevent me from leaving my house, and certainly never wanted to become fearful about life due to transits happening (I have always used it as a tool for greater self awareness), but at the moment I AM feeling quite fearful and was hoping you might have some enlightening insights into this fiery full moon. Thanks so much.

    • Nadia says:

      I will be writing a post about this Full Moon, closer to the date. But as for being fearful when there are tense aspects in the sky…my advice is always to be aware but continue to live your life.

  41. Octavia says:

    Hi Nadia,

    I have a concern about the Pluto-Uranus square on May 21, 2013 at 11 degrees Capricorn and Aries respectively. My husband’s Venus is at 11 degrees of Cancer, so it will be directly affected by this transit. In addition, Neptune will be in opposition to his Mercury and also to my Moon, which are both located at 4 degrees of Virgo. We have been through some difficult times in our marriage over the last couple of years, but things have been improving recently. I am hoping this transit will not set us back! Is there anything I can do to prepare for this ahead of time? Thank you very much.

    • Nadia says:

      I would have to see his entire chart (and yours) to give you a proper answer. But in general, when it comes to approaching transits to someone else’s chart, you don’t have any control over how they handle it. All you can do is focus on your own chart and work with the approaching energies. Neptune opposite your Moon could introduce emotional escapism/paranoia, so try to stay grounded and emotionally present.

  42. Pisean Moon says:

    Pluto is just entering my 7th house cusp and will be transiting my 7th house for a long long time…I guess not every living person experiences this transit…I wonder what is in store for me in all these years when Pluto transits my 7th house and also conjuncts my descendant.
    Meanwhile Uranus is just entering my 10th house..

    I would be really glad to have an insight into how the squares might affect me in the course of these 3 years.

    • Nadia says:

      In general terms, Pluto into the 7th means your relationships, and how you approach relationships, will be transformed. Uranus into your 10th will change your career and future goals.

  43. anong says:

    Hi Nadia, such a lovely insight!
    I have a weird thing happening in my chart: the T Uranus sq to T Pluto occurs in my chart as a T-square as T Uranus opposes my N Uranus at 7 39d Libra in my 8th, simultaneous squaring T Pluto in my 11th. T Uranus transiting my 2nd.
    Paradoxically I had a health issue coming out of the blue since late May. My 6th house cusp is in Cancer and my Moon is in Taurus conj my IC.
    I’m an Aqua rising (at 10 40d) with Sag Sun (0 50d), so this Uranus opposition impacts my 1st house as well.
    Pluto rules my MC.
    How is the newly appeared health issue related to the Pluto-Uranus sq (and t-sq in my chart)? Or is it related at all?
    When it first hit on June 24th, I got the very discouraging news of my 3rd operation.
    I’m scared as at this point I’ve done surgery #6 and I’m finally healing! The last thing I need is the out-of -the-blue news of one more operation.

    • Nadia says:

      T Uranus opposing natal Uranus can create a buildup of excessive energy that needs to be released. Sometimes this can cause medical complications, but I can’t really say more because I’m not a doctor or medical astrologer.

  44. anong says:

    PS: So sorry, I should have edited the above before I hit “send”!

  45. Mimi says:

    Hi, just wondering what is in store for me with pluto in cap in my 6th house and uranus in aries in my 9th house. Venus is transiting leo in my first house. Any insight will be much appreciated, thanks!

  46. Pisces-pisces says:

    Dear Nadia,

    Thank you very much for your precious feedback!I have been getting crazy, trying to find more stuff on the pluto/uranus square transit on my natal and progressed chart, since thing were getting very harsh this summer..My date of birth is 26-02-1983 (patras, greece) and things are getting hard in personal, professional and family level..A longterm relationship seems to be losing it’s passion, and strength, and at the same time i am not sure if it’s transforming itself to something stronger, or if it’s going to disolve..I checked that my progressed sun conjunct my progressed mercury at 7 degrees of Aries, exactly where the Pluto/uranus square is taking place..What really worries me is that my natal venus at 3.58 of aries may be affected from the Square..(i have to mention that the last on e and a half year, since Uranus entered Aries, i had exact conjunctions with my Venus(3.58 degrees) and Mars ( 0.51 degrees of Aries) in the 2nd house-however, i didn’t met the “love of my life” or something similarly spectacular that a transition like this would foresee..The last conjunction is happening this October i suppose when the retrograde Uranus will come close to my venus for the last time.
    Family health issues also occurred this summer, and i also discovered a health problem ..However- i am mostly considered about my professional life, since things do not seem to go well, and i am between two countries-and my longterm relationship is making things more complicated for further “geographical” decisions.

    I would be truly grateful if you could give me any possible hint of what’s going on with my chart..
    Thank you very much in advance!

  47. Dave says:

    Hi Nadia,

    I would appriciate if you can give me some insight on what’s going to happen under these conditions:
    I am a Cancerian born on 7th July,
    I see pluto in my 7th house,
    Uranus is in my 10th house,
    Neptune is in my 9th house,
    Jupiter is in my 12th house.

    Please do the needful & thanks in Advance,

  48. Maryn says:

    Fascinating! I have a natal square between Capricorn (Mars in the 2nd house) and Aries (Mercury and the Moon in the 4th house). I wonder what the effect in that case will be (being quite a newbie but really into astrology :) )

  49. My entire life is in transition I can feel all the changes and not sure of anything I mean anything except for my core at this time. It is not as scarey as it is unsettling. I find I am easily tired out. My bday is May 11, 1950 at 0033 in Seattle, Washington. I really donot know houses or transits. I have so much form now until the end of 2013
    Transiting Pluto conjunct natal ascendant raising sign 10 degrees Capricorn (Spring 2012 ends)
    Transiting Pluto square natal Venus
    Transiting Uranus conjunct natal Venus Jan-Feb 2013 will be finished
    Transiting Saturn through natal 9th house
    Birth Saturn is on my 8th house
    Transiting Pluto sesquisquare natal mercury
    Transiting mercury sextile natal Jupiter

    I do not know really what any pf this means I am compelled to go and live and work in Honolulu I am a Nurse with a PhD specialty in geriatrics and transcultural nursing a bit broken has not developed healthy boundaries with 3 kids or 5 grandkids fortunes lost over past few years due to bad money choices owe much more than I own at this time

    Not in a healthy not in healthy relationship afraid where I was not before regrets where i was one who looked forward and planned

    Please let me know if you will direct me to the right places to understand what the houses are about and how transits influence me and my life


  50. Bhaskar says:

    In my natal chart, my ascendence is at 15 degrees Aries and mid heaven at 11 degrees capricorn, with Uranus, Pluto conjunction in Virgo at (16 and 18 degrees), Moon (16 degrees Capricorn), Mars (18 degrees Sagittarius) and Venus (23 degrees Sagittarius),
    Jupiter (1 degree cancer). Am a bit worried about the effect of Uranus, Pluto square on my career. Could you please shed some light?
    Thank you.

  51. Eve says:

    My rising is Scorpio. I have a natal T square with Sun 11 Cancer in the 8th, Moon 16 Capricorn in the 2nd and Neptune 8 Libra in the 11th. The coming Pluto 11 Capricorn square Uranus 11 Aries transit will aspect my Natal 8th house Sun exactly. I would deeply appreciate your astrological perspective with respect to the upcoming Pluto Uranus transit to my 8th house Sun. Thank you.

    • Nadia says:

      This might stir up various 8th House issues, including intimacy, buried control issues and finances. It’s difficult to say what without seeing your chart,but transits like this to the 8th House are akin to shining a light in the dark. So how you handle it depend son how aware you are of what’s sitting in the shadows.

  52. Adelia says:

    I was born July 31 1928 in Cleveland ohio at 10.30 P.M

  53. Frank says:

    Well- I have been slammed by these squares- starting with the June 2012, my 20 year marriage fell apart- on Jan 17.2013- it should be final. It was the last thing on earth I wanted. On Oct 1, 2012- my wife informed me she filed for divorce- on Oct 4, 3 days later- was my EXACT second Saturn return. WOW- what can I say ?? Her exact second Saturn return is in November 2104. Is there any possibility we may be back together then ?

  54. Lisa says:

    I am a Capricorn Jan 7, 1966 can you tell me what this means to mean.. I will say I have had change in every area of my life for the last 4 years. What does this mean?

  55. Sheyna says:

    Nadia, you are en pointe so much of the time. But I really have to disagree with you on that essay. Yes it does illustrate a pluto/uranus issue, but as this woman let her husband kick her crazy mother out of her house without doing anything about it, not a very illuminating example of handling such an issue however well written it might be. I have had a lot of experience with the psychotic, and one doesn’t let them just run off without doing anything about it. Not just for them, but for one’s own self.

    • Nadia says:

      Since you agree it does illustrate a Uranus/Pluto issue, I’m not sure why you’re disagreeing with me? I was using the essay as an example of the Uranus/Pluto square energy, but I was not endorsing (or criticizing) the woman’s way of handling her mother, or mental illness in general. Any praise in my blog post was directed at the style of writing.

  56. Sheyna says:

    Fair enough, Nadia. I did think that your posting this article meant that you were okay with the author’s behavior; now that you have clarified that it was her writing style, okay. I have a lot of respect for you as an astrologer.

  57. Margo grace says:

    Hello and many thanks for a great forum. This pluto Uranus chiron transit has been brutal on me! Please advise, as I feel this must end sometime but I fear a great loss. I am a pisces sun, sag rising, venus conjunct chiron in the 4th nasally. Transit Uranus is in my 4th, going into the 5th, transit pluto is in my 1st and going into my 2nd. Pluto squares my sun and Uranus squares my natal moon. I increased my homeowners policy

  58. Maggie says:

    Oh my in getting nervous now! My birthday is March 17,1990. same day for this last uranus Pluto square & I haven’t been having any uneasy feelings about this till after reading this. And my youngest son’s birthday is on March 20 he’ll be 1 years old & it is also a total eclipse in Pisces that day. Ekk its coming up too quick, but I know we’re all good.

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