Transiting Mars Triggers The Uranus/Pluto Square

“What Courage!” by Goya

So, Mars’ transit of Libra is not all sweetness and light.

You know the monumental Uranus/Pluto square? The one that’s currently pushing us past our boundaries? Mars will be pinging it from July 12th to July 19th.

Some astrologers are predicting accidents. Whenever you get Mars (action), Pluto (power) and Uranus (the unexpected) together, there’s risk. So I’m going to say “Be careful”, especially if you have planets close to 7-8 degrees Libra, Capricorn or Aries.

There’s no need to panic, either. I’m giving you a head’s up because that’s my job as an astrologer. But this energy can play out in many, many different ways. The bigger picture is an activation (Mars) of its potential. So whatever you’ve got going on with the Uranus/Pluto transits in your chart will be triggered.  Check out the house in your chart that has Libra in it; that’s where Mars is transiting. That’s the area where the spark (that sets off the Uranus/Pluto square) will come from.

No matter how this influence affects you, balance is the key. Mars in Libra must take external factors into consideration. That goes double when it opposes Uranus and squares Pluto. You simply cannot charge forward. You’ll be fine if you go slow, balance your actions and work with any changes that are triggered. This is important, so I’ll say it again: work with the changes. Act like those Libra scales; change comes barreling at you but you’re calm and flexible, re-balancing your life accordingly.

Here’s some examples of what might occur:

  • Relationships (romantic or social) could trigger a “That’s enough” moment of clarity. Whether you break up or break through, forward is the only place to go.
  • Arguments could push you up against a wall. It’ll be your freedom (at work, at home, creatively or financially) versus their power/authority.
  • Your physical capabilities/stamina/health could be tested, especially if you push too hard. The elastic band will snap under this influence if you take on too much.

Mars will square Pluto in Capricorn exactly (at 7 degrees) on July 17th. It will oppose Uranus in Aries exactly (at 8 degrees) on July 18th. 

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40 Responses to Transiting Mars Triggers The Uranus/Pluto Square

  1. kjc says:

    thanks for the heads up, Nadia!
    I already feel like there is quite a volatile feel in the air amongst people in generel right now, while personally for me :
    my natal Venus is @8 Aries in my 11th – so Mars transiting my 5th opposing it transiting Uranus is conjunct and transiting Pluto in my 8th squaring it…
    so maybe triggering some intimacy/boundaries issues leading to some unexpected turns in romantic relationships?
    I am learning about astrology but still have a hard time interpreting transits like these…I really admire how you do it!!

    • Nadia says:

      Thank you. :)
      Mars in your 5th hitting Venus/Uranus in your 11th and Pluto in your 8th could be about romance or creative goals (5th House) that challenge your place in the group/public (11th House). And the 8th House intimacy/boundary issues thrown in, although the 8th is also about shared finances.

    • Mella says:

      well Kjc…. I have Mars triggering in my 5th house but it is my Moon (5 degrees Aries) and Sun (2 Degree Aries) in my 11th with Pluto in my 8th house… The last 5 years have been horrendous… I have been holding out throughout adversity..
      What really concerns me also .. is not just ‘me’ but my daughter with her Sun at 7 degrees capricorn conjunct her AC, and her natal Uranus @ 9 degrees capricorn in her First house, with Mars transiting on the cusp of her 8th to 9th house it will trigger Pluto… not sure whether it will have just entered her 9th house by then. She has a real line up of planets in her first house with Neptune @14 degrees capi and Venus @ 21 degrees capi, topped up by Saturn @ 25 degrees capicorn.. that’s all in her first house. Any comments welcome… but I wish for some relief because we have had it hard but I don’t see the end of it……………

  2. KS says:

    Thanks for this info Nadia!
    I don’t have planets close to 7-8 degrees Libra, Capricorn or Aries. I have Libra in VI house. My natal chart indicates that I have Mars in Libra. I am wondering if this transit of Mars in Libra affect me?

    • Nadia says:

      You’re welcome.
      This transit might have a general impact on you (6th house issues that could trigger some changes include health or situations with co-workers). But if your natal Mars is not close 7-8 degrees then it won’t be active during this particular transit (although transiting Mars will hit it eventually).

  3. novlady says:

    I have Venus at 7 degrees conjunct the Pluto transit and square Uranus. Mars will be transiting my 6th (where there is a Libra stellium, but no aspects will occur). Libra rules my DSC. What should I be aware of? Venus themed challenges? And, will this Uranus/Pluto move forward after this and not back pedal? My Venus has been going through much.

    • Nadia says:

      You’ll need to remind me what house your Venus is in again.
      The Uranus/Pluto square has always been moving forward. How have you experienced it back peddling?

      • novlady says:

        My natal Venus is in the 9th house. When I looked ahead at transits, it appeared that Pluto (and I think, Uranus, too) will retrograde and affect my Venus over the next several months.

        • Nadia says:

          Possible conflicts involving routine/work (Mars transiting your 6th House) which will trigger changes with foreign/distant clients (in your business…9th House). It could also push you to change the way you reach out to people (again, in a business sense).

  4. jacy says:

    My ASC is @8 Aries, so Mars will be crossing my DSC into my 7th house/Libra. The transit through my 6th for the past months has made my daily work life feel like a burden, things shifting from a place I loved to go to a place I now feel really uncomfortable and out of place…I am focusing all my strength on keeping calm, not let things that are happening there get to me, but it has been so exhausting. Uranus on my ASC making me feel even more impatient, feeling Ican barely take it anymore.

    At the same time (as I have posted before) I am experiencing my Saturn return in my 7th house/Libra which has taken away a person that meant so much to me, in a very cruel way and even when you say it’s happening for a reason it surely never felt that way. Watching that person get away with their behaviour ( leavig without ever saying a word, even though they knew it had been done to me before and that this happening again was my biggest fear) and seeing them even being kind of “rewarded” for it (telling from all the good things happening to that person right now) has just added to this entire exhausting time. (makes me totally question Saturn as Karma planet….why does someone get rewarded for treating other people so badly?)
    Now with Mars entering my 7th I am really scared it will only add more pain to all of this… Plus this T-Square of Mars/Pluto/Uranus will stay with me for the next year as it will be in my Solar Return.
    I am really trying to find something positive to focus on, get some positive thoughts but it is almost impossible…

    • Nadia says:

      I’m sorry to read about the difficult times you’ve been going through. Saturn through 7th House Libra can feel really unfair, but know that what you may view as “rewards” for this other person is definitely not the whole picture. Regardless of what is happening with your ex, it’s best to try and focus on you. Accept that they will have their own test and trials (which you may never know about).
      You might find some relief as Mars moves into your 7th. Mars in the 6th is very unbalanced and involves service to others (hard work). Mars in the 7th could open things up for you (in relationships); you could meet someone new or, at the very least, it will clear out all that lingering energy involved with your ex.You’ll have more drive to move forward.

    • CW says:

      Saturn in Libra moved through my 7th as well, it wasn’t my return but it did move through there. Now Mars entering Libra is the 7th for me too.

      Several years ago (8 now) something similar happened to me. I was left, abandoned by someone, thereby fulfilling my biggest fear (leftover from childhood). But what made it the hardest? Was that he was a no good bum when we were together and he went out of his way once he left to make himself seem “perfect”. Every complaint that I had ever had, every feeling that he had refused to validate, it seems he did actually hear them and then he *used* them to get back at me. He tried to portray himself as being the man I had wanted – claiming that it was being with me as what was keeping him down – ouch! (and we have a child together so I had to see him constantly)

      But lo and behold…all these years later, the masks came off – it was too difficult to keep up the pretenses. He is exactly who he’s always been and has been this whole time (heard it through the grapevine as time went by). Most of that was a show for my ‘benefit’ (i.e., to hurt me). And thank god we aren’t together…because…well because of who he is :)

      Don’t let this person tell you how great everything is now in their life. It’s bs; if it’s so great then why don’t they go and live it…what are they standing around talking about it for?

      My two cents. Best.

      • jacy says:

        Thank you, both, for your advice. I really do hope things will egt better, but I did for a long time now…and am sometimes surprised myself how I am still feeling so low.

        @CW: That person is not telling me how great his life is, from one day to another he never talked to me again, and hasn’t ever since, never explaining anything or whatsoever. I know from other sources what is going on.
        And I know – just as Nadia pointed out – just because it might seem perfect that doesn’t mean it is, and that they might face their own test and I might never know about it.
        But somehow, that doesn’t make up for all the different ways I feel and have felt in the past months, (like betrayed, humiliated, hurt and so on) as it still just seems so unfair.

        I am just trying to finally get past it, but rather feel that this truely has changed something inside of me, but unfortunately not for the better…

        but still, thank you both for your kind advice, I really appreciate it!

  5. Jeanne says:

    The day when the uranus (6th house)/pluto (3rd house) square was exact, I came down with a bad cold on my vacation. I tried to slow down but I’m a single mom and my girls were go-go-go plus we were traveling with lots of relatives also on the go! I was supposed to go back to work Monday but the cold mutated into a sinus/ear/bronchial infection and I have been out of work all week so far. Mars is transiting my 12th house of confinement :-). I guess this t-square coming is telling me to “chill out” and take care of my health :-).

    • Nadia says:

      Sometimes astrology can be very literal. :)
      The T Square is definitely shifting your energy; the 12th is also about “inner work”, so a time out to focus on your deeper needs (health included).

  6. Ambler says:

    Mars is transiting my Midheaven right now and will be one degree past it on July 17th. So transiting Uranus is on my IC and transiting Pluto is in my 1st house. Nothing is hitting any natal planets, just that MC/IC axis. The interesting thing is transiting Jupiter will be trine transiting mars/(my MC) on that date.

    Anyway, I’ve been having conflicts with my parents since I’ve had to move back into the house because of financial/work problems…and my career (screenwriting) seems at a standstill. Maybe mars will fire things up for me?

  7. Virginia says:

    sometimes we tend to attract what we fear the most i.e. being abandoned if it has happened before… and if a person has distanced themselves without a word, it might not be what you think… It could be a need for a time out, a person needing space to work out their own issues, etc. of course it would be better if people were upfront but often they are running from confrontation. If you can hold a thought of the good that this person has brought you, whatever the outcome, and thank them silently, the energy often shifts … Mostly though shift the focus on yourself right now and plant new seeds…

  8. Sb says:

    Hi, I am libra and my husband Aries and he has just left me, what are the ramifications for mars and Uranus opposing on july18? My sun and Venus are in libra 3rd house, and mars (1st house )and Uranus (2nd house) in Virgo. It has been a very difficult few weeks and I am looking for answers.

    • Nadia says:

      I’m sorry to read about your husband leaving you. Unfortunately, I can’t comment without analyzing your chart. Please go to my Astrology Reports page if you’d like to order a reading.

      • Sb says:

        Thank you nadia for your reply, I would love to have my chart done but I am now down to one income and 3 boys to feed so I will have to pass this time, but I will still read your website with interest.

  9. CW says:

    Libra covers my 7th and 8th. Mars has just entered into the 7th. I’ve got Mars (7th), Pluto (7th) and Venus (8th) in Libra. *Please* tell me this will be good for me!

    • Nadia says:

      I can’t say whether the impact will be positive or challenging without analyzing your chart. What I can say is that your romantic relationships (7th House) and intimacy (8th House) will probably see some action.

      • CW says:

        Well action is probably better than inaction…and anything is better than the status quo.
        Thanks Nadia!

  10. AM says:

    Hi Nadia, what should I watch for, I have this Mars transit going over my Asc, and at the same time squaring my natal Mars in the 9th(Cancer), and natal Saturn in the Third(capricorn). Mars is also opposite my natal Mercury in Aries in the 6th house/near the 7th cusp. Pluto by transit is part of this giant cross, conjuncting Saturn in the third. Uranus by transit is inthe 6th conjuncting Mercury. There’s almost too much going on for me to look at this clearly. Help!:)

  11. AM says:

    Perhaps I need a consultation as I also have Venus at 11 degrees Geminii in the 9th and Jupiter will be conjuncting it or is at the same time. saving grave? Sun in taurus at 4 degrees in the 7th. no health problems, but I do have a mentally unstable cousin that I am worried about and a simmering on again off again affair with another woman in the mix who does not know about it.

  12. Stephen says:

    I have a Libra Stellium in the fifth:

    Saturn Libra 8°40’14
    Moon Libra 9°59’17
    Jupiter Libra 11°43’08
    Venus Libra 16°14’40
    Pluto Libra 22°33’04

    I also have my progressed sun transiting the stellium at Libra 8 49′

    I am an actor. I left a major Broadway play 6 months ago to pursue more fulfilling opportunities, which haven’t panned out. I’ve felt decidedly blocked and afraid. One of these opportunities is a lead in a feature film whose production has been delayed repeatedly due to funding issues. The producers are pursuing a few promising investors, but as of my writing this, we don’t have the money yet.

    All this said these powerful transits to my fifth house stellium seem to offer explosive possibilities. I know what I want them to mean (especially considering the assistance of the transiting Jupiter trine from my 12th house), but I still feel anxious.

    Any thoughts?

    Sincerely yours,

    • Nadia says:

      Mars contacting your planets in the 5th should activate things, as you mentioned. But I can’t say more than that without analyzing your chart; it’s possible that other transits/natal aspects are blocking Mars’ influence.

  13. Lila says:

    Hi Nadia!
    I have Moon @ 7°50’ Libra in my 10th house. What should I watch for during these transits?

    • Nadia says:

      Possible emotional surprises in your career that throw you off balance. 10th House Moon is public, so watch for issues impacting your reputation or private matters becoming public.

  14. Carrie says:

    Nadia, thank you = for the warning!

    I am not looking forward to this week. I’m a Sun Gemini with Natal Mars in Libra (4.29) and Libra in the 6th and 7th Houses. The Solar Uranus/Pluto transit in 11th and 8th Houses has been killing me! The vibe in the office at my new job is terrible, there is an awful ‘group’ of girls who’ve been very catty toward me and i’m very isolated. I’m not directly employed by the company either, I’m employed via a recruitment agency (8th house). I’m worried something big is going to happen! Either I’ll get the heave-ho from them, or I’ll chuck in the towel and walk out.

    But perhaps I’ll be surprised and something good might happen! :)

    What’s the best way I should handle things?

    X Thanks

    • Nadia says:

      Without seeing you whole chart I can’t tell you exactly what will happen, but I noted your “either/or” statement. Both Gemini and Libra have difficulties making a firm decision so you might want to pick a course of action (either leave or deal with this group of girls). Transits coming from your 11th House (the collective) and your 8th House (shared resources) can take away your control. One way to get back some of that control is to have a contingency plan.

      • Carrie says:

        08.06.1982 Sydney, Australia. 03:13 am.

        Thanks Nadia, I will put a contingency plan in place!


  15. Didi says:

    Hi My ascendant is 5 degrees Libra and Mars is just transiting, my IC is 7 degrees Capricorn with Pluto sitting right on it and Descendant 5 degrees Aries with Uranus conjunct. I feel this T square may activate my natal Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo in the 12th house (which is Square Venus/Mars conjunction in 3rd house Sag). To top this Saturn is sitting on my Libra Sun at 25 degrees. Isolation and inner work are certainly recent themes for me, but I’m worried about arguments and problems now if Mars ‘activates’ things.

    • Nadia says:

      Mars may activate things, but it could boost your self-confidence/assertion. Mars over the AC can be invigorating.

  16. VS says:

    Quite a good article…..mars and uranus face off…oops…i am a an aquarian ..and uranus has always affected me..mars is lord of fifth house in my chart..and mercury lord of seventh house..nadiaji..what you think this mars-uranus and mercury retrograde thing will have any major impact on me??

    Humble regards,

  17. Shelli says:

    This configuration has me terrified, because I have a natal opposition of Mars in Aries at 10.46 degrees in the 3rd house and Uranus in Libra at 8.28 degrees in the 9th house. My progressed moon is currently at 7.59 degrees Libra, and my progressed sun is at 2.30 degrees Aries. My natal ascendant is Capricorn 5.53 degrees. I was born February 8, 1970, in San Bernardino, California, at 4:10 a.m.

    I studied Astrology (predictive) for 6 years and one of the things I learned was that when a natal opposition becomes a conjunction, something happens. With transit Uranus at 6.49 degrees Aries, it is conjunct my natal Mars! I also know the nature of the planets involved, and Mars, Uranus, and Pluto are the worst ones. I almost wish I hadn’t learned this stuff! I sit and try to figure out if I’m going to be murdered or if I’m going to die in some bizarre, fiery car crash. With my chart looking so awful, and other charts as well (angles are reversed in solar return / planetary configurations repeat in all return charts) I see no way around it: something bad is going to happen to me!

    I think back to when I was in the age range of 8 to 11 years old, to what may have happened there to fulfill the Uranus/Mars opposition. I was hit by a car in the street in front of my house. I had scrapes and bruises but no bad injuries. That tends to make me think the conjunction would bring about a similar event, only much worse, considering the planetary energies. What do you think?

    • Nadia says:

      I think I’d need to study your chart to give you a definitive answer. I really can’t say just by considering a couple of natal aspects. But in general, I will say that the biggest fears (about doozy transits) don’t materialize. It’s easy to dramatize all this astrology stuff, but the truth is they usually impact you on a much more mundane level.

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