Grow Up, Lover; Transiting Venus In Cancer Opposes Pluto

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August 15th will be a day of days. Mars and Saturn will form an exact conjunction in Libra (read my post here). Venus and Pluto will form an exact opposition in Cancer/Capricorn. Lines in the sand, everywhere you turn.

Pluto intensifies anything it touches. This aspect is going to trigger deep longings, cravings and the need to immerse (Cancer) yourself in a loved one/relationship. It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for that nasty opposition. The tension between your needs and another’s power (or vice versa) will be strong. It will feel unfair, because Pluto amps up the intensity of your needs but Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) is there with the boundaries if you need it too much.

What to do?

Understand how Pluto operates, and you’ve got this one. One of Pluto’s favourite tricks is pulling the rug out from underneath if you cling (Cancer) to something that’s outdated (Capricorn). Pluto’s mission is to help you evolve; the past is dead, now move on. But sometimes, the only way to hammer the point home is to intensify your emotions so you’re devastated when you lose something/someone. It’s the pain that transforms.

But….(and here’s where you can get the jump on Pluto)…this will only happen if you don’t loosen that death grip. If you refuse to move on.  You probably know what I’m referring to, because it’s been building for awhile. This isn’t Uranus….no surprises, shocks or sudden awakenings. Pluto gives you lots of chances to let go before he finally cuts the cord (or apron strings).

If there’s no one in particular that you’ve been clinging to, check your behaviour (via the house in your chart that Cancer occupies). How have you been relating (Venus) to others? If you’ve been attempting to sooth your loneliness with the emotional equivalent of junk food (using others for a temporary fix) then Pluto will deliver a smack-down. Ouch.

The good news? This opposition is a chance to do the “Phoenix from the flames” thing. People forget about this side of Pluto; death equals re-birth. Take the intensity of what you’re feeling, and focus (Capricorn) it on evolving yourself right into the next chapter.

Questions to ask yourself as the opposition approaches peak strength (on August 15th at 7 degrees):

  • Have you been acting like a child or adult?
  • Has your nurturing been strings-free, or have you been attempting to control others with your care?
  • Have you been relating to others from a place of neediness?

Those with planets between 2 and 7 degrees Capricorn/Cancer or Aries/Libra will really feel this one.



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32 Responses to Grow Up, Lover; Transiting Venus In Cancer Opposes Pluto

  1. novlady says:

    My Venus is at 7 degrees Capricorn. I have been going through a Pluto/Venus conjunction for awhile. Seems like this week will be pivotal for me. Uranus is also squaring my Venus by transit. When it was exact, the same day I was disappointed romantically. Now, I am wondering if another intimate relationship (that’s been a friendship, as well, for some time now) is going to have to be surrendered. There are challenges, for sure. Also, Cancer rules my 4th house and I have had some roommate discord that I hope will work out for the best.

    In many areas of my life, I am willing to be less controlling of the outcomes. I am working on being more compassionate without sacrificing personal boundaries. It saddens me to think that Pluto’s making another clean sweep. I’m a bit exhausted with clearing house. Saturn moves into my 7th in October. Makes me feel a bit crestfallen, though I know these transformations happen for the best.

    • Nadia says:

      Keep in mind that Pluto only sweeps out what you haven’t let go of. If you’ve already done the work, there may not be anything else he (Pluto) can take away. In that case, you can just use this as a intensified re-building influence.

  2. C-Lee says:

    No planets from 2-7 degrees, but I do have Sun, Venus, & AC transiting the 3rd house at 21, 23, & 26 degrees. Wondering how this might impact the whole scenario?

    • C-Lee says:

      …in Cancer

    • Nadia says:

      If this transit doesn’t make any close contacts to your planets, you will probably just feel the effects generally in how you communicate. There could also be developments concerning your siblings (3rd House rules siblings).

  3. thenewboy says:

    ANY comments would be welcomed:

    House positions (Placidus)
    Ascendant Cancer 4°38’26
    2nd House Cancer 24°10’32

  4. Artemis says:

    Moon’s in 5 degrees Cancer and Cancer’s occupying my 9th house. 9th house rules higher education. Transferring from a community college to a university’s become a hot button issue lately. At the same time, I’ve also decided to hop careers. Instead of a designer, I want to embark on the road to becoming a teacher.

    With that said, I’m unsure of how this transit will affect me.

    • Nadia says:

      You may hit a turning point; you’ll definitely see that’s it’s a good idea to go forward with your changes (you might get accepted to a particular university) or you’ll see why this path might not work for you. Depends on the other transits/progressions. Check out where the Mars/Saturn conjunction (exact on the same day) will be hitting your chart….that will give you more info.

  5. mary beth says:

    …been removing rugs for some time now and think i am just about there (but geez, where’s the floor?!)…this is an awful transit, rugs or no rugs.

    but other sectors are very pleasant so just focusing there

    p.s. thanks for explanation re *time* of birth moving the planets quite a bit.

  6. Rae says:

    I don’t have any planets at those degrees, but my husband is a Cancer sun 3 degrees with Capricorn moon at 6 degrees. These last couple years have been really hard for us. I feel like a lot of the moon/pluto stuff is being worked out through me and not in a fun way. He’s been (extra) moody and cranky. I hope when Pluto moves past 6 degrees things will soften up.

    • Nadia says:

      His Moon does represent you (his wife). So it’s entirely possible he’s projecting it all. Once Pluto gets off his Moon, the pressure should ease up considerably.

  7. Carolina says:

    I’ve natal Saturn and Jupiter conjunct at 8° in 1st house of libra.. there’s been a grand cross going on in my chart for some time, and i’m wondering how venus (my chart ruler) will activate this grand cross this time.. needless to say a relationship with a man has been a struggle and a source of pain (power struggles and neediness). transiting Saturn is now conjunct natal pluto, with Mars approaching quickly.. today i felt my heart was going to come out of my chest, no it wasn’t beating too fast, it felt heavy and burdensome. And it’s not full opposition yet.

    • Nadia says:

      What houses will Venus the Venus/Pluto opposition hit?

      • Carolina says:

        Sorry, should’ve replied your message instead of posting a new one… it’s hitting my angular houses, Venus is in my 10th, Pluto my 4th and Uranus my 7h house (all angles in 1° ). Thanks again x

  8. mary beth says:

    could you please give your perspective on how an individual experiencing pluto in 9th cap square uranus in aries 12th could be experiencing these years and transits to it generally? seems to me that any uranus action would be virtually indetectable in the conscious mind. rather like sat in libra in the 12th, will this person have much awareness?

    with sun, moon (also 8th H merc) in cap and a taurus asc, this person just isnt into anthing non-concrete, as you can imagine. the current experience is to go into a very self-absorbed, self-pitying funk a bit more deeply than i note he does rather cyclicly anyway.

    i think it will be some time before there is any evolution of uranus into daily experience. in his progressed wheel i see that saturn is on the cusp of gemini in the 12th, a paring down of duality or multiple roots of being. its so sad to watch basically good people struggle with false pride/stubborness due to lack of evolution in their life philosophies/culture. :(
    would be Great to hear you say i am reading this all wrong. actually, anything i read and comment on needs critiquing, but sure you have noted that. lol

    • Nadia says:

      It really depends how tuned in this person is to their 12th House. Some people are, some people are not. Unfortunately, I can’t say if you’re reading it right or not without seeing this person’s chart.

      • mary beth says:

        yes, of course. i have kept with your note that the rx is a more internal kind of revolution – as perhaps almost all rx energy is.
        speaking from the student perspective, i find it a bit irritating that 12th house seems to be about processes that can take so much time to materialise on this plane – always in rx mode, so to speak. lolol
        but when it comes to the unwiring and rewiring of the psyche, that must be a blessing.

        hope your square passed/is passing as peacefully as it could. one gets the impression you dont *have* squares anymore. :)

  9. Carolina says:

    Angular houses Nadia, Venus is in my 10th , Pluto my 4th and Uranus my 7h house (all angles in 1° ). Thanks so much for any insight x x

    • Nadia says:

      Venus in the 10th opposed Pluto in the 4th can indicate major changes at home/with parents that affect career opportunities.

  10. a says:

    9th cap and 3rd cancer, just want to pull off some revengeful acts towards myex fiancee but never had the chance this time. revenge is the name of the game. i want to publish something about him but i dont know… i cant do it. i lost all his pics and all. i feel like i cud only release these revengeful feelings if i publish some nasty stuff about him because what he did was unfair.

  11. v says:

    I have a Capricorn Moon in H5 opposite my Sun, Saturn, Venus and Mercury in Cancer H11. Natal Pluto is in H2 Libra. Pluto transit is in H5. So Pluto transit conjunct moon….pluto transit square pluto…pluto natally square moon….and pluto transit opposite 4 major planets. YAY

    2012 has been horrible for me. Accidents, put my beloved dog down, friends leaving, boyfriend leaving, me being totally “dazed” and desperately trying to cling on for dear life so not to feel buried in sh!t.

    I also have a Uranus transit (H8-Aries) opposite my natal Uranus (H2-Scorpio). I really want it all just to be over.

    • Nadia says:

      Sorry to read that things have been so tough for you. Uranus opposing natal Uranus is often a huge turning point, releases a ton of energy. Natal Uranus in your 2nd House of security being activated would shake up everything that you’ve depended on. The thing about these transits is that they eventually end.

  12. Krista says:

    My “friend”/roomate has Pluto Opposite Natal Venus (11 degrees Cancer) and
    yes he has been very controlling, clingy & all of the above. I am wondering
    with Transiting Venus square his Chiron if this is about to all come to an end?
    I have been feeling like it is close!

    Thank you Nadia

  13. Llee says:

    Hi V,

    I know your post was last year but you have my deepest sympathy. I hope 2013 is much kinder to you.

    I had Uranus (H4) opposing natal (H10) Uranus a few years ago. Turned my home life upside down. What a choice to make, something I’d longed for but it came with a steep price to pay. At the same time I was beginning Pluto conjunct Sun in H2.

    Now the man I made that fateful choice for is in the beginnings of Pluto (H6/7) opposition Venus (17 Cancer H1) My Venus is at 19 Capricorn. I don’t know what it means. Nadia, any insights please?

    We’ve been through so much already. His Venus is also conjunct his ascendant.

    He still has unresolved anger/love issues with an ex of many years ago and currently having power struggles at work, a feeling of having no alternatives at the age of 50, and a burning desire to succeed or find a new direction.

    We talked of creating something together which seemed to be his wanting to release the relationship issues of the past. I’m all for it but one thing or another with his work keeps getting in the way.

    Does Pluto opposition Venus always bring an end for relationships? I would appreciate your advice.

  14. Nicole says:

    I know this is a year later post but….

    I have Venus in Cancer at 12.17 degress and sits in my 9th house….(in my natal chart it trines pluto)…and my Mars is in Capricorn at 22.41 degrees and sits in my 4th house.

    Went through a pretty eye opening relationship that ended in the early Spring of 2011 and since then I’ve been single and univolved. I deaded many important (but not all) unhealthy patterns I practiced in my love affairs.

    Recently, however, I have came across a young man I met at school. We started dating towards the beginning of 2014 for several weeks. However, we pretty much parted ways in April before it got really serious…I found out just how much of a manipulative liar he was (although I already had many signs of this prior to our courtship). Yet….I felt such an extraordinary pull toward him- one that I haven’t felt for another in nearly a decade (since my first, and only real love to date).

    Don’t know if anything is going on currently to have encouraged this incident.

    But with that aside, would love to know what all else I’ve stated above means and if there will ever be a light at the end of the tunnel!


  15. Nicole says:

    Also, Pluto is in my first house ruled by Libra, and Taurus rules my 8th house– both signs ruled by the planet Venus I believe. My sun is also in the 8th house but I’m a Gemini.

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