Maximum Neptune Overdrive

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Yet another reason why you should never underestimate Neptune.

Its dreamy, elusive power is not traditionally associated with success and competition; it transcends the physical world. But the planet of spirituality is prominent in the charts of great athletes. Surprised?

Look at these examples:

  • Ayrton Senna, three-time Formula One world champion: (Aries Sun, Cap Moon)  Neptune exactly conjunct his MC in Scorpio 
  • Kris Freeman, Olympic class cross-country skier and Type 1 diabetic: (Libra Sun, Sag Moon)  Moon conjunct Neptune
  • Lance Armstrong, seven-time Tour de France winner (Virgo Sun/Moon) : 1st House Neptune/Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius
  • Ryder Hesjedal, racing cyclist, winner of the Giro d’Italia (and competing in the London Olympics (Sag Sun, Cap Moon) : Sun conjunct Neptune
  • Naim Suleymanoglu, three-time Olympic champion weight lifter: (Aqua Sun, Gemini Moon) Neptune in Scorpio, part of a Grand Water Trine with Saturn and Jupiter

Obviously these guys have other, more physical influences in their charts. But Neptune’s prominence tells us this; its transcendence pushes agression and physical energy to another level. Here’s a quote by Senna that sums it up:

“I felt as though I was driving in a tunnel. The whole circuit became a tunnel… I had reached such a high level of concentration that it was as if the car and I had become one. Together we were at the maximum. I was giving the car everything – and vice versa.”

Note the themes of sacrifice and no boundaries.

Check your natal Neptune. You probably won’t become an Olympic class athlete, but the areas Neptune touches in your chart are where you have the potential to go all the way. From good to out of this world. Isn’t that more empowering than the lower Neptune vibes of depression, aimlessness, addiction and confusion?


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8 Responses to Maximum Neptune Overdrive

  1. Dean says:

    Neptune retrograde in Libra in my natal chart. Interesting?!

  2. Mia says:

    I have sun+Jupiter+Neptune conj in the MC in Sag
    I used to compete, now I still do excersice,but mostly, I dream big!

  3. C-Lee says:

    Yes, interesting. My oldest son Aries sun, Cap moon, Neptune conjunct MC in Sag in 10th House. He’s always had much drive, felt for a long time like he was meant for something more. Maybe everyone does.

  4. pearl says:

    What about harder aspects?
    I have Moon-Venus in Aries 5th (and widely Jupiter Aries 5th) Square Neptune in Capricorn in 2nd

    I just noticed the ones listed were in easier aspect so was curious

    • Nadia says:

      Good question. Marjorie Orr ( listed some Olympic endurance runners with hard Neptune aspects, while commenting on Neptune’s special relationship with athletes:
      Tirunesh Dibaba: Libra Sun square Neptune
      Mo Farah: Aries Sun square Neptune
      It seems that with Neptune, hard and easy aspects both contribute to that energy of greatness.

  5. Talita says:

    Hi! I’m brazilian, huge fan of Senna… but I’m an ASC – PISCES in exact opposition to my SUN CONJUNCT SATURN AND JUPITER IN VIRGO, all SQUARING a sensitive CONJUNCTION OF NEPTUNE AND MOON right there at the MC in Sagittarius… Yeah, i love sports, but i also love architecture (started college, didn’t finished) business and administration (started college, finished, hated working at it), journalism (started college this year, 32 years old)…. so…. as I’ve been struggling all my life with: “depression, aimlessness, addiction and confusion”, I can’t really see any help from Neptune squaring my entire life (chart)… although I know I’ve helped lots of people just by being always sooooo empathetic… Oh, I just also love poetry. Wannabe a writer now :)

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