The Transiting North Node In Scorpio

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Is Scorpio in the spotlight, or what? Not only will Saturn be entering this sign,  but so will the transiting North Node (on August 29th).

The North and South Nodes are mathematical points (not planets). Here’s the technical stuff if you want to know how they’re calculated. They describe past life situations that color habits (South Node) in this life, and the path you take to evolve forward and reach your full potential (North Node).  The Nodes have transits, just like planets. They will be moving from 0 degrees Sagittarius (North Node) and 0 degrees Gemini (South Node) to 29 degrees Scorpio (North Node) and 29 degrees Taurus (South Node).

Initiating and developing unfamiliar (but progressive) talents/situations/relationships will be triggered by the North Node’s transit of whatever house has Scorpio in your chart.  Since we’re talking Scorpio, expect to push (or be pushed) through limits to get to these new energies. You’ll have to go deeper and be authentic. It will be your evolutionary prompt.

If the transiting North Node passes over a planet, add the planet’s energy to the mix. For example, the North Node passing over Mercury in your 10th House could push you to communicate in a more authentic/strategic way (in your career). Or it could introduce a person who provokes you, on the job, thereby deepening your awareness of what you’re capable of.

Moving past ingrained/stagnant behaviours is the theme of the transiting South Node. This will be directly opposite the transiting North Node. For whatever is being initiated in your Scorpio house, there will be a corresponding situation/behaviour in the opposite house that you need break away from. It will involve Taurus energy, so think about moving beyond your comfort zone and familiar routines.

In a nutshell, the transiting Nodes are evolutionary triggers that are coloured by the sign and house they pass through. This Nodal transit will involve launching yourself from cautious (Taurus) to fearless (Scorpio).

The Nodes will transit Scorpio/Taurus until February, 2014. Then they will move into Libra/Aries.


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  1. Jayne Moore says:

    My 8th house is 8 degrees Scorpio. The transiting North Node is there right now. Transiting Saturn will be there shortly. I have zero planets in Taurus and Scorpio. My Mars in 8 degrees Leo is squaring both nodal points. My Venus in 8 degrees Cancer is making a trine to both these points. What can I expect this month?

    • Nadia says:

      The amount of analysis you’re asking me to do involves a consultation.

      • Jayne Moore says:

        I guessed either death (change) or rebirth involving my home since Venus is in my 4th house or children since Mars is in my 5th house. I first studied astrology 42 years ago and put it aside. My biggest challenge was my own chart with an intercepted 1st house and double signs on my 3rd, 4th, 9th and 10th houses. Thank you for responding I will figure it out. My rising sign is Pisces as you know I am drawn to the occult.

  2. BRN says:

    north node will transit over my natal neptune in scorpio at 0 degrees (3/4/2014)..from what I’ve read, and there isnt much out there, I am becoming quite nervous. do you have a good intrepretation of nn conj neptune?

    • Nadia says:

      Impetus to follow yoru dream? It all depends what Neptune means in your chart…it could refer to creativity, romance, addiction, escape…but a NN transit is never negative. So focus on Neptune’s positive qualities.

  3. brn says:

    Thanks Nadia, I didnt know NN transits were never negative.

  4. elizabeth says:

    so does that mean south node transits ARE negative, being the opposite?

  5. Kisses says:

    Hi Nadia, I didn’t understand this post at the time as I didn’t know about nodes yet. Still learning :)

    My north node is Gemini 4 deg 9H. So my south node must be 4 deg Sag 3H.

    The north node has passed my sun scorpio 3deg 2H now, but at 7deg it’s still conjunct. Progressed AC is 9deg scorpio so it’s conjunct that too. Taurus 8H is empty for me, but my friend’s taurus moon falls there 19deg as well as his DC 22deg taurus.

    Looking ahead, my neptune is 19deg scorpio and mercury 21 deg scorpio. I found your post on neptune transiting north node, what happens the other way around?

    Also, my sun/moon midpoint is 19deg scorpio. Is something very important coming up? My friend’s uranus is scorpio 20deg 12H and his AC is 22deg scorpio. Feels like it might be significant.

    Transiting north node is now in my friend’s 12H and soon will oppose his taurus moon. His natal north node is virgo 19deg 10H, conjunct natal saturn and MC. His south node, 19deg pisces is conjunct his IC and my Chiron 18deg Pisces. His Chiron is 5 deg Taurus, which would be directly opposite my sun. Feels like a lot of karma here, and the north node is about to bring more lessons or something?

    Regarding technical stuff, can I ask a question about composite charts please? I found an older post about grand trines so I looked it up, but different charts show different things. The Davison showed a grand air trine exactly as you wrote about, but the composite midpoint showed Libra rising and no trines. Another composite showed scorpio rising but I don’t know if I got something wrong. Bit confused about this.

    Thanks, Nadia! :)

    • Nadia says:

      Davison and Composite charts are calculated differently. I can’t tell you much about Davison charts because I only work with Composites, but the results will be different. However, if you entered the correct birth data for both partners, a Composite chart should be the same every time.

      • Kisses says:

        Thanks. No, it’s bizarre. I use the charts in and select from the dropdown menu, so the birth data is the same. But Davison charts are completely different. I might stick to composites then, the midpoint ones. :)

  6. I am in the process of having the transit of the nodes over my ascendant at 7 Scorpio. Any insight here would be helpful. Thanks, Frances.

  7. PaleBlue says:

    I wonder if you can ease my mind about a string of big, bad-a**ed transits all convening at once in March of 2014 according to astrodienst timing…

    Transiting NN conjunct natal Neptune (which trines natal Venus)
    Tr. Pluto conjunct IC, square Asc/Desc axis
    Tr. Uranus conjunct Desc, square IC
    Saturn return within orb (exact in Nov. 2014)

    YIKES! Help, anyone? I don’t have the bandwidth for any major disasters… can this possibly be interpreted as positive? Freaked in CA

    • Nadia says:

      Saturn Return always brings a culmination of what you’ve done up to this point (depending on the area of your chart it’s hitting). So whether it’s positive or not depends on what changes you’ve been making/work you’ve been doing.

  8. PaleBlue says:

    Thank you, Nadia. 2nd Saturn return is in Scorpio in 2nd house, but I am more worried about the Cardinal cross hitting all my angles at roughly the same time. Really it looks the worst around March 20, 2014. Not far away… : P

  9. sylvie says:

    I have Jupiter at 5 degrees in Scorpio (3rd house)and North Node is transiting it this month. On the other side, the South Node is transiting my Saturn in Taurus (9th house) at 7 degrees. I was wondering what it could imply. Communication on a bigger scale but a bit scary since Saturn does not agree.

  10. North Node is right now conjunct my natal Scorpio Mars in 2nd house. I have felt for a while that my Mars energy is just waiting to be released, it is very strong, my Mars sextiles my Virgo Sun and trines my MC. This night I dreamt that I climbed the highest mountain and up there there was a swing that would swing out over the ocean and I said to my partners you do that because I do not dare do that. In real life I have always said if there is something I fear, I must do it and if I do not want to i must first ask myself if it fear that talks then i must do it. Last week I had a dream that said, the only thing you fear is yourself. This morning I drew the Fool. I suppose it is time to enter the swing and trust myself.

    • Nadia says:

      Wow…beautiful. Thank you for sharing that!

      • With pleasure. Writing about stuff often makes it more real to me. I am at the moment constantly baffled by the Nodes and the ways the North and South seem both to be pulling so ever strongly. I have a Libra ascendant and my NN is in 9th house Gemini, which makes it all extra topsy turvy, but I try to find a way of treading lightly in my dealings with all heavy subjects, which I must say does not always appeal to a Scorpio Mars….

  11. Julia says:

    South Node conjunct sun Jupiter 0′ 2 Taurus 9th,
    Sextile trans Neptune, conjunct Nat Saturn
    Vocation, or Location, that seems to be the questions here, settling down to further Ed qualifications, or inventing my own classroom in the wide yonder, of organic farming? this seems to be the pull in the soul here to know when it has learnt enough to be satisfied to teach or trust ones own Knowledge.

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