Transiting Saturn Over Neptune In Scorpio

“Andromeda” by Paul Gustave Dore

Many of you with Neptune in Scorpio (born between 1955-1970), have been wondering about Saturn’s transit of Scorpio.

Neptune dissolves limits while Scorpio pushes through them. Neptune dreams of a better world while Scorpio excavates the shadows. Neptune aims for transcendence but can easily become mired in Scorpio’s obsessions. Depending on what house it’s in, you may experience your Neptune in Scorpio as a trigger for powerful addictions, profound escapism or intense creativity.

What will happen when Saturn transits over Neptune?

Structure (Saturn) will meet formlessness (Neptune). Before I go any further, think about what you do with your Neptune right now. How do you use its energy? This will have everything to do with how you experience Saturn’s transit.  Saturn (reality) will force you to confront addictions and obsessions disguised as “romance”. The shadow side of Neptune in Scorpio can manifest as some heavy-duty, dark dreams.  There will be consequences followed by strongly persuasive limits.

But…Saturn will also help you focus and clarify your dreams. It can be the anchor that prevents you from floating into  another “someday” scenario. Combined with Scorpio’s all or nothing energy, Saturn can give you the kick in the pants to just do it. Think of it this way; Scorpio is the magician, Neptune the slippery spell and Saturn the narrow room that the magician locks him/herself into in order to focus.

Saturn transits (especially conjunctions) often herald an ending or point of no return. What will you be saying goodbye to?


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60 Responses to Transiting Saturn Over Neptune In Scorpio

  1. novlady says:

    “Saturn transits (especially conjunctions) often herald an ending or point of no return…”

    Saturn will conjunct my Sun, Mercury and Uranus (at 29 degrees) in the 7th house. I have read Liz Greene’s Saturn book. Are there any other resources to be aware of so that I can empower my stellium? And, is it safe to say that when Saturn will be leaving my 7th (because of my natal Uranus) that’s where a significant event would occur?

    • Nadia says:

      With a Saturn transit, the things to do are stay focused and accept responsibility. Stick with that and you can’t go wrong.
      When Saturn leaves your 7th House, a significant event might occur, but there will have to be other transits and progressions that indicate it as well.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    What does “strongly persuasive limits” mean?

    • Cassidy says:

      ‘Structure (Saturn) will meet formlessness (Neptune). ‘

      Sounds like just what i’m getting at with this new place i’m building: sound, clear and easy to navigate Structure… for a most Artistic content

      Mmmm did i mention i like you? lol
      It really does help, cos where i am currently located, i don’t really get to talk about what i’m trying to build at all (well… my fault huh! I did lock myself in the room to focus afterall lol)
      It’s very good for me to read ‘objective’ (meaning unconcerned w me) things out there that reflect what i (at least) think im’ doing!

      Im not crazy after all! Hahaha what dya know

    • Nadia says:

      Strong limits that prevent you from going any further.

  3. Cassidy says:

    first i thought: i can definitely use that:
    ‘Saturn can give you the kick in the pants to just do it. ‘ The idea factory is packed to the brim.

    Then i saw this:
    ‘Think of it this way; Scorpio is the magician, Neptune the slippery spell and Saturn the narrow room that the magician locks him/herself into in order to focus’ … and i thought: so THAT’s what i’ve been doing since 09 locked in my dungeon! Hahaha! Know one thing i really like about the way you do astrology? You can sure pint out the Silver Lining!

    I’m lovin’ it. Thanks :-)

    (note there’s the budding website’s address now :)

  4. Cassidy says:

    point out* sorry. passing heatwave has my eyes still spinning in their orbit..

  5. Cyress723 says:

    Saturn will conjunct my Neptune and Moon in the 1st house.
    Any ideas how this might manifest?

    • Nadia says:

      Confrontation of emotional escapism. What you do emotionally to comfort yourself will either be confirmed or limited (depending on how healthy it is).

  6. H. says:

    Any tips for Neptune in late Scorpio conjunct Part of Fortune, in the 11th House? I haven’t been able to “crack” this placement in my husband’s chart.

    • Nadia says:

      I would say it’s the same idea as plain old Saturn over Neptune, but throw in the added benefit of clarification/focus on where your husband is most lucky. He might see a way to precisely make his dreams benefit him. POF is the area in your chart where you attract good fortune, especially when activated by transit.

      • H. says:

        Thank you, Nadia!
        That fits, he’s converted to searching for “what works” in his life (as opposed to b*tching about what doesn’t, which was the case for a decade!)

  7. Mary Hu says:

    Neptune at 27 degrees Scorpio in the third house; I think I’ll be using the transits of Mars and Saturn over my Neptune to communicate more assertively. Far too often, I drop into enigmatic silence rather than risk confrontational dialogue. This technique is very good for keeping the peace with other people, but at age 43 I am starting to feel that it is imperative to be true to myself, even at the cost of “niceness.”

  8. hari n says:

    neptune conjuncts my midheaven in Scorpio in the 10th. Will I finally get some kind of career life? hn

  9. Debbie says:

    yep you got it, natal neptune 8 scorpio, yet another hit as with comments on the others posts, I sure hope I have evolved to pheonix after all this! what i would have done without my sense of humour i have no idea…

  10. Taylor says:

    When Saturn transits scorpio in the 9th house with neptune 10 degrees, Mercury 7 degrees and mars 4 degrees scorpio, should I; A) Just lock myself in a RUBBER room? B) Just start drinking heavly now! or C) Pray and meditate all day everyday. Saturns transit through Libra(another stellium sun/moon/venus/pluto/ absolutely blew my mind!

  11. Seven says:

    I have Sun Scorpio conjunct Neptune Scorpio @ 7 Degrees at the tail end of my 3rd house. Completing my Grand Trine water is Mars Cancer and Moon Pisces. All have been feeling Saturn’s energy and don’t like it one bit. Lastly, my natal Saturn is 0 degree Capricorn. He’s my safety net saviour, right? If I survive will there be anything worth living for? Seriously. Advise.

    • Nadia says:

      Of course, there’s always something to live for. But you need to clarify what you’re not liking about Saturn’s energy. And as for your natal Saturn…why do you say he’s your safety net?

  12. Laurice says:

    My Scorpio in the 5th house has Neptune at 7 degrees plus my moon and jupiter at 26 and 29 degrees I also have ceres in scorpio at 15 degrees this stellium will be unsual….
    I am presently working on a spiritual sustianable community… I feel like throwing in the towel one day and true inspiration the next…… and this just started happening in the past few days…. How can I move through this transit with the most success?

    • Nadia says:

      Cut yourself some slack, and recognize that there will be an ebb and flow to your energy. Even Saturn (with all his focus) can’t keep Neptune in line 100% of the time. Let yourself roll with the cycles.

  13. wizbanger says:


    I have natal neptune in the 3rd house ruling my 8th. Transiting Saturn will conjunct that. Saturn rules my 6th. Is this a good time to change jobs. Also, becuase the 8th is the 6th house of my 3rd which is my brothers and sisters. Will one of my siblings have a health issue??

    Thank you!!

  14. Kathleen says:

    Saturn is less than a few minutes away from an exact conjunction to my Neptune in Scorpio in my 9th. Hmmm. What will happen? Any ideas?

    • Nadia says:

      Is there a dream you might have involving 9th House areas (travel, education, legal matters, publishing)? Saturn can make it real or show you the limitations. (9th House is also ideals/beliefs, so these might be affected.

      • BH says:

        I have this placement – I am finding that my idealistic tendencies where people are concerned are being brought down several notches. I am experiencing severe disillusionment with people’s failure to live up to my expectations, also with society and the world in general. Frankly, Planet Earth is not a place I am proud to be a part of. Throw my Scorpio moon into the mix and it’s emotionally traumatic as well. On the up side I have identified what I really want to do with the rest of my life career wise and I am studying that at the moment and loving it.

  15. Susanne says:

    Saturn will be in conjunction with my neptune in scorpio in 2nd house for almost all of this year. Do I need to be scared?

    • Nadia says:

      You never “need” to be scared. It’s your choice. How this plays out all depends on how you have handled your finances/personal values up until now. Saturn will give you a reality check, Neptune can indicate lack of boundaries or an enlightened approach to resources.

  16. Susanne says:

    Sorry, it is the third house…

  17. Tracy says:

    This arrangement in in my first house and my 7th is empty, ruled by Taurus? What does this mean for me?
    I feel the deep, dark terrors of my childhood trembling at the surface – I cannot see how I will sort through them and sift them and clear them

  18. Florence says:

    I have Saturn currently transiting Neptune in scorpio in my seventh house. A two-year old love reltionship seems to be ending with a lot of pain on both sides. Or will/can it recover? Wherever Saturn transited in my chart in the past, it always ended up with with the end of something or someone, even on a well-aspected Jupiter, so… It never meant stabilsation or engagement of any kind. What do you think? Thanks for your answer. Florence.

    • Nadia says:

      Sorry Florence, there’s no way I can tell you that without seeing your chart and their chart. But Saturn over Neptune also means reality and the confrontation with dreams.

  19. Nina says:

    Great sentence: “Scorpio is the magician, Neptune the slippery spell and Saturn the narrow room that the magician locks him/herself into in order to focus.” Very true.

    I have natal Neptune at 8.12 degrees Scorpio conjunct my Venus at 11 degrees in my fifth house. They are both hit by transiting Saturn–Venus right now, Neptune –again, in a month. (My natal 6th house Saturn is sextile my natal Neptune.) Can you tell me anything about it?

    • Nadia says:

      You may be confronted with realities about romantic illusions. Or, something you want could be made real. Anytime Saturn and Neptune come together it’s formlessness being given form.

  20. Michael says:

    Anyone have ideas about Saturn Transiting with conjunction of Natal neptune 8th house? I just met a woman at a retreat at the exact conjunction. Seems very karmic….thanks, Michael

    • Nadia says:

      Saturn transits can act as a timer (Saturn is the Lord of Time) so over 8th House Neptune it could represent a significant meeting. 8th House Neptune is about no boundaries, and Saturn is about boundaries (or giving structure to the dream). But in order to tell if this is just a passing connection or more, you’d have to analyze your chart, hers, etc.

  21. andromeda cree says:

    Ran across this article while feeling particularly in the grip of a Saturn choke chain. Neptune at 19.6 degrees exactly sextiling my natal capricorn sun conjunct ascendant. Pluto has not been a kind roommate either with Uranus in a square. I grew up with a loaded 12th house and I learned to dissociate early to stay alive. Now, after decades of work trying to get passed all that, my mental closet is getting a royal clean out without my permission. Kinda like revisiting my own grave. I’ll get all the gory details by the time it’s done and all the broken road will be well lit. And part of me will still be gone.

  22. Ricagem says:

    Saturn will transit conjunct Neptune toward the end of Oct. 2013 in my 10th House. I do not work nor really have a public persona to speak of. Can you give some other ideas as to how this could manifest.

  23. Fiinyx says:

    Hi friend has natal Neptune in Scorpio at 28 degs on the DC opp natal Saturn in Taurus 12th house conj AC. He has Pisces NN conj Formalhaut conj MC and has had, in his mind, big issues with his father (and his commited partnerships) all his life. Since this transit will occur during his Saturn opposition, could it actually help him to see that all the problems he has are actually “all in his head”,forgive his father, grow up and stop taking his problems out on his partner/s?Nobody believes him when he tells stories of abuse etc about his Dad cos we all know him as a lovely kind generous helppfulman.Myfriend unfortunately loves playing the victim and has Mercury in Virgo conj IC conj SN..Capricorn rules his 8th…what do you think?

    • Fiinyx says:

      Oops sorry, I mean Capricorn rules the 9th :-/ Interestingly his Venus/Pluto conj in Virgo sextiles his DC and trines his AC…and whilst transiting Saturn hits his Neptune, his progressed Moon in Pisces will oppose this VP conj fm the 10th too….hhhmmm hopefully a great opportunity to mature/soul growth with all this activity lining up in sync and big high fives to Saturn for making it happen.. He is a dear friend of mine but I tend to back his father up when he talks to me about it causing more problems between us but hey, thats what real mates do…speak the truth…I just hope I’m right or else I have some serious humble pie to eat in truckloads!!!!

    • Nadia says:

      Sure, it could help him. But he could also ignore the prompt for change and continue on with his habits. It’s totally his choice. Transits never force anyone to do anything (free will).

  24. Maire says:

    Love your work Nadia! Transit Saturn (ruler of 5h) will conjunct my natal 3h Neptune (ruler of 7h) in mid November. Additionally, natal 6h Saturn and Neptune are square so, transit Saturn will trigger this natal square. It would seem this might point to meeting a new love.

    You mention addictions – I am a food addict. I have been wanting to (3h – thinking of)conquer my food addiction for several weeks now, praying for motivation and then my father was killed suddenly at the full moon in September (Uranus was conjunct my 8h Aries Sun) and food once again has been a constant companion. Damn Cancer Moon/Virgo Ascendant – I can’t catch a break. :'( Do you think the conjunction, then square might benefit my desire to break this addiction? I’ve understood the harsh aspects as more motivating/action oriented.

    • Nadia says:

      Very sorry to hear about your father. Loss can certainly leave a void that demands to be filled. I think transiting Saturn over your Neptune will be a reality check of sorts, and could help focus your intentions. If you have Moon in Cancer, it will (if it hasn’t already) trine your Moon which can add some grounding. Cancer Moon needs to be nurtured, and to nurture. If you can find an outlet for those needs, it might help.

      • Maire says:

        Thank you for your kind words Nadia. I am in healing profession, which I adore. I have ability to nurture and heal others – just not myself. I am also having Chiron return @ 12 Pisces conjunct 7h cusp (natal Pluto @ 10 ASC). Just a very intense period in my life. Silly me thought it would “get better” once transit Pluto’s opposition to my Moon left orb. Now I still have the Uranus/Pluto square Sun to deal with this week I read again. Deep sigh. It can only get better…sooner or later.

        Thank you again,

  25. Jacqueline says:

    HI ,

    I currently have Neptune 23 degrees in my 4th house. Saturn will be conjucting in February ’14 soon , 1 month. Also squaring my sun and then oppose my moon 10th house at 26 degrees. Any suggestions?

  26. Sean says:

    Great post! The transit is staring me in the face at the moment as I have Neptune at 23 Scorpio in the 8th, trine my natal Saturn/Chiron conjunction in the first. Any thoughts Nadia?

  27. Jill says:

    Love your explanations, with Saturn 16 degrees and Neptune 12 degrees in my 9th house, , I am in the middle of a business expansion and wondering what this transit might mean to me????

  28. Jill says:

    oops just saw your blog post about the questions, thank you NAdia your the best!!

  29. cathy says:

    saturn is on my neptune opp moon.

    feels like sea sickness…….never been that keen on water!

    I’m needing air right now, which I have only one planet……deep, deep, breath.

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