Karmic Road Signs: Transiting Sun/Saturn and Mercury/North Node in Scorpio

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As mentioned in a previous post, Scorpio will host multiple turning points and realizations over the next couple of months. Here’s the first one.

The Sun enters Scorpio today, starting things off with a deep and dreamy trine to Neptune in Pisces. How intense (Scorpio) are those dreams (Neptune)? How profound is that wish? When you hook Scorpio and Pisces together, you get a wish fulfillment vibe that can be obsessive or profound.

Is there something you’ve been longing for? You’ll find out where it’s going by October 25th, when the Sun meets Saturn (reality) at 2 degrees Scorpio. On the same day, Mercury will conjunct the North Node at 26 degrees Scorpio. Not only will know where things stand, the answer (Mercury) will represent a big leap forward (North Node) for you.

Remember what I wrote about the transiting North Node in Scorpio, here? It initiates situations that move you ahead and help you evolve. Evolution is not comfortable. So what you find out around the 25th may not be exactly what you want to hear. It may be a flat out “No”. Or it may be a “Yes, but…” with lots of work required in order to get what you want. Whatever the answer is, you’ll know exactly what you need to do regarding your “wish”; focus and work like a maniac, or let it go. Saturn in Scorpio is not about ambiguity.

And here’s the fabulous thing (the silver lining, if you want). All scenarios taking place in the Scorpio occupied house (in your chart) will carry a whiff of destiny. When the transiting North Node is activated at the same time as Karmic Saturn, you are being pointed in a specific direction. You are being put on notice. It’s not often that you get such clear cut assistance. Do yourself a favour and work with that energy.

Those with planets from 2-3 degrees or from 25-26 degrees Scorpio, will feel this turning point most intensely.

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63 Responses to Karmic Road Signs: Transiting Sun/Saturn and Mercury/North Node in Scorpio

  1. hypersausage says:

    Oops. My natal Neptune is at 26.52 degrees in my second house. This must have something to do with financial matters?

    • Nadia says:

      Yep. 2nd House=earned money. But also self-esteem. Neptune in the 2nd can relate to not being realistic about these areas or having poor boundaries.

  2. Novlady says:

    If you have no Scorpio houses, do you look to the 8th and where a Scorpio stellium would be located?


  3. Kathy says:

    October 25th is my first day of my new job. My probation period will be 4 months. The “Yes, but…” part. This job will required a lot of physical and mental hard work but the rewards will be incredible. My present employer told me today that I am an asset to his company and will be missed a lot. If my new job does not work out for me, I will be welcome back to work for him.

    My Sun @ 18.59, Neptune @ 17.36, Eros @ 15 all in Scorpio opposite Jupiter in Taurus @ 21.19. It might just be destiny calling.

  4. Christina says:

    Transiting Saturn at 2 degrees Scorpio and NN 26 degrees Scorpio in. that. damn. 12th. house. This is Destiny? I have to admit I’m really curious but on guard about the next few days. My instincts tell me this Saturn/NN/Scorpio business is a game changer.

    • Nadia says:

      Influences that happen in the 12th can be indirect, or tigger events that don’t become clear until the transit (Saturn) crosses over your Ascendent. Then, it comes out into the open.

  5. MillB says:

    is my Neptune (3rd house/28 deg Scorp) at too wide an orb for this to be affecting me?
    Just been experiencing some freaky (in a good way) healing /possible enlightenment/other worldie (things that I would file under 3rd house)(I could be wrong about that) type happenings.
    Normally this would all be good but I am trying to refrain from becoming too excited about things, having become rather punch drunk from Saturn (the Kick you while you’re Down planet) wreaking havoc in my life.
    Saturn can’t be bad to us ALL the time, can he?
    Isn’t he supposed to be the “reward for effort” planet?

    • Nadia says:

      Your natal Neptune is close enough to feel the effects.
      No, Saturn is not bad to you all the time. He most certainly does reward effort, but remember that the reward comes after the fact (usually once the transit is over). Nothing happens quickly with Saturn. Also, know that Saturn doesn’t come up with “punishments” out of the blue. Any impact of Saturn (positive or negative) is directly related to action you’ve taken in the past.

  6. *Melissa* says:

    Sun & Saturn conjunction will be exactly on Mars & Jupiter conjunction in my natal 6th.
    NN & Mercury conjunction will be exactly on my Scorpio DC (transiting SN on my AC!!), squaring N Mercury and opposing N Chiron.
    It’s been the most interesting year so far; since January I had a strange yet powerful feeling that this year I’d have “a date with Destiny”. I wonder if this is”it” :)

    • Nadia says:

      Wow! Should be interesting!

    • kel says:

      I have the same configuration in my chart, and discovered a case study on lotto winners involving transits of Rahu/Ketu (north-south node) natal jupiter, and the ruler of the second. It sounds like you have a taurus ascendant…so the ruler of the second would be mercury….maybe you should play the lottery…lol!!

      Interestingly enough…the day the lotto winners won also seemed to involve a direct or Rx station of Jupiter or the near-partile degree of that station…most often a less than 2 degree orb, no more than a four degree orb.

      Just thought I might share! Good luck :)

  7. Debbie says:

    bit concerned really as although nothing in range in scorpio, but this means the south node is exactly conjunct my natal vertex in taurus 8th house, i just need to wish big that is a reversal of financial fortune being indicated, fingers crossed…after all the opposite of not enough to meet basic needs is plenty to share with others right?

  8. Nancy says:

    Saturn in Scorpio will be ingressing my 9th house and conjunct Mercury around 10/31-11-1. At 3 degrees Scorpio for both. I am working on an ebook on basic retirement planning and I have been beating myself up a bit. Perhaps this will help me toss out the guilt and go for it.

    This will be very interesting indeed. (Of course, Saturn is squaring my ascendent so that will put a damper on things…..) Thanks Nadia!

    • Nadia says:

      It depends on what you’ve been beating yourself up for…if you’ve been procrastinating, Saturn can motivate you but tends to do it with the stick rather than the carrot.

  9. Nancy says:

    Oh my goodness! I just realized that Venus is in my 8th house! If I don’t take advantage of this great Cosmic energy then I’m really missing out!

  10. CW says:

    Which house system do you/should I use? If I use Placidus (the default) then this is happening in the middle of my 8th. If I use the equal house system then it will be in the beginning of my 9th. Two very houses with two very different interpretations. Thanks.

    • Nadia says:

      What house system resonates with you. Use your natal influences as a guide. If your natal planets change houses due to whatever house system you use, go with the system that makes more sense (whichever area of life you experience those energies in). Personally, I use Koch. But it’s different for everyone.

  11. Nancy says:

    Thanks for this insightful post. I have natal Uranus in Scorpio at 2º (3rd house) and all I can say is that the fog and rain today mirror how I feel in some ways. It’s been a rough patch since a bit before the last full month. Hanging in there.

  12. Regina says:

    All scenarios taking place in the Scorpio occupied house (in your chart) will carry a whiff of destiny. When the transiting North Node is activated at the same time as Karmic Saturn, you are being pointed in a specific direction.

    The Sun/Saturn conjunction will occur in my 4th house, and the Mercury/North North conjunction will happen in my 5th. Would both of these houses be activated, or just the 5th where the NN is transiting? Or would the “whiff of destiny” incorporate both houses somehow?

    Thanks, Nadia!

    • Nadia says:

      The “whiff” will incorporate both. Sun/Saturn in the 4th suggests home/family responsibilities, while Mercury/NN in the 5th is about children and/or your personal goals and expression.

  13. Kenny says:

    Hey Nadia –

    I have Mars in Scorpio, 13°16’32” 5th House direct as well as Saturn in Scorpio 9°45’13” 5th House Rx… AND I just entered my Saturn return… what do you think this Scorpio activity might mean for me? I have plenty of goals, dreams, and wishes, but I’m curious on your take based on my planet and house placements. Thanks!


  14. Carrie says:


    I’m a sun Gemini, with natal Jupiter R in my 7th house – in Scorpio. I also have Scorpio in my 8th house. Will the North Node be all about me being pushed forward in relationships and sex? I seem to be meeting a lot of Scorpio men lately, but the jealousy vibes are throwing me a bit…

    What’s in store when the Sun meets Saturn??

    Xx Carrie

    • Nadia says:

      NN in your 8th House will probably be about intimacy, but also personal boundaries. As for Sun/Saturn, you didn’t make it clear which house that was in (7th or 8th) but it will probably be trigger about about boundaries or commitment (no matter which house it falls in).

  15. Damir says:

    Saturn and Sun are joining in my 1st. It’s all about Identity. most of the heavy stuff I address to Saturn return, i feel it rising to conjunction slowly. Natal Saturn is at 9 deg Scorpio. Is it too wide for an orb?
    Also North Node and Mercury are on the cusp of my second house. People owe me money. Natal mars is at 17 Scorpio. Is this also too wide?
    Anyway, all of a sudden I got sick. I guess body is removing things no longer necessary. Heart aches. It is like my dreams are being striped away. There is a Springsteen song, the Rising and the first verse goes like:
    Can’t see nothin’ in front of me
    Can’t see nothin’ coming up behind
    I make my way through this darkness
    I can’t feel nothing but this chain that binds me
    Lost track of how far I’ve gone
    How far I’ve gone, how high I’ve climbed
    On my back’s a sixty pound stone
    On my shoulder a half mile line

    that sums it up pretty good.

    • Nadia says:

      Yes, I’d say your natal Saturn is a bit too far away from transiting Saturn at the moment. Usually a 2-3 degree orb, max. Natal Mars, once again, too wide of an orb. When we’re talking transiting NN, 1-2 degree orb, max.

  16. jacy says:

    A great post Nadia!

    I have the same question as Regina— the Merc/NN conjunction will be in my 8th house, while the Saturn/Sun conjunction will be in my 7th (conjuncting my natal Moon at 4 deg Scorpio)…
    Will this karmic influence you described combine the energies of both houses? And what significance is there to the conjunction to my natal moon?

    I met someone I like a few weeks ago and would like to get closer to that person, but so far I am unsure what their intentions are… since this is from my 7th to 8th house (relationships, shared resources, intimacy etc..) and conjunct my moon (feelings) might I get an “answer” or “push in the right direction” concerning this situation?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Nadia says:

      Yes, both houses will be affected. If the conjunction is on your Moon, it will define what you want in a relationship. Regarding this new person, these transits might impact that situation, or your feelings (what you want to do) will be clarified.

  17. Dimi says:

    Transiting Mercury-NN conj my SN-Neptune in Scorpio in the 3rd house. Old issues from the last time Saturn visited the same territory resurface, but I do not see a way out. Since the transit is going to repeat 3 times I do hope that there will be some karmic release after Mercury goes direct. I find pranayama breathing and yoga practice so useful these days in order to keep my sanity! Thank you for the post Nadia!

  18. Kat says:

    Great Post – Scorpio is occulted in my 4th house. Transiting node is conjunct my Taurus Sun at 24.33 degrees (South Node). Hitting the fan here at work (layoffs) and I am looking for a new job – and am willing to relocate if I have to. Your thoughts?

    I have worked my butt off all my life – want to get promoted or go to something more stable. Last few years have been difficult – a relationship that went south.

    • Nadia says:

      Can’t really say without seeing your chart, but for questions about relocating, look at your 9th House to see what transits/progressions are hitting it. Also, look at 6th and 10th Houses for work prospects. Transiting SN over your Sun can be a chance to deal with issues around being stuck/safety versus change, etc. If Scorpio is in your 4th House, that means transiting Saturn will (or has already) enter your 4th House. That is usually a time of increased responsibility for home/family. It can mean a relocation, but then it’s usually closer to where you grew up (putting down roots).

      • Madhumita says:

        oops, I lost my job in exchange for good compensation and also got possession of my new houses in the same city. The relocation kept getting delayed though and finally happend in June 2013!

  19. susan visionweaver says:

    Nadia- great post. North node is within a few second of my ascendant sun and Venus. I have been waiting for a year to get hired full time in a position I have been working at as a consultant. I have earned the position by delivering and being a selfless team member. I have been promised it. But now it looks like I have a rival. I truly feel the work is right and that Destiny is at work here but I also feel if I am not willing to walk away if I am not respected that I could lose self respect and – ironically – the position I have worked so hard for. My Natal south node is virgo so I have many times cheated myself out of credit by being too humble or self denying. Not willing to do that now. Does this sound right?

    • Nadia says:

      Well, it’s tricky because SN in Virgo can also be about assuming the worst and acting according to that. NN in Pisces is about having faith and believing things will work out. But I see where you’re coming from regarding pride. To get the full story, you also need to look at what’s happening with your Mercury (ruler of your SN) and Neptune (ruler of your NN). Plus, look at Pluto to see where you manifest the desires that drive your SN, and Pluto’s opposite point to see the desires that can help you with your NN. Basically, you want to aim for Pluto’s opposite (house and sign) to describe the best course of action to manifest that NN.

      • susanvisionweaver says:

        Well, do you mean my natal mercury (its sag) and pluto (its leo) or the transiting ones? Transiting neptune is conjunct my natal jupiter in aquarius, which is distantly opposite my natal leo pluto. And of course, tr. mercury is in my first, right there with the tr. NN and basically conjunct my sun/venus. My take on that is that my personality is amped up, my values (quirky and often rebellious) are being infused with the chance to make a difference in the world in a very individualistic way. Actually, it all makes sense, even though I am often caught in the opposition of equally strong opposites – home/work, ambition/ideals-spirituality. Thanks for the tip – I will take a look at the 4th/9th parallel. Good info on the south node virgo, too. Thanks again.

  20. Deborah McCoy says:

    I have 8th house sun in Scorpio at 25 degrees. I have been feeling pretty dissatisfied on so many levels for the last couple of months but it isn’t clear to me what to change. Do you have any suggestions (my natal north node is in Gemini, 23 degrees, third house).
    Thank you,

    • Nadia says:

      8th House is about what you share with others (resources, intimacy, emotions). So you might want to look at any of those areas.

    • Barbara says:

      Hi Deborah,
      I have Sun in Scorpio at 21* and NN at 24* Gemini, your comments are
      Interesting to me as I have been feeling the same way.


  21. Michele says:

    Just discovered that Saturn is conj. my NN and the NN in Scorpio is transiting my Sun exactly at 22degrees today. How long with this interaction last? I know what I want and have been slowly working my way there. I have miles to go yet but on my way. I hope that when the NN transits over my ASC I will be ready.

  22. Michele says:

    Thankyou for the reply Nadia. Does that Aldo mean the Karmic work is “over” for that house? I have so much more to accomplish this year. So let go of some of these ideas by now if not manifested?

  23. Michele says:

    It’s my 12th btw.

    • Nadia says:

      Well, the Karmic work is never “over”, meaning if there’s things that you should have dealt with (but didn’t) they will be revisited in a future transit or progression. But you can take a rest for now and focus on other things. Just be aware that pressing issues never go away, although 12th House stuff can be the most difficult to deal with.

  24. Deborah McCoy says:

    Hi. I just noticed that the solar eclipse coming on May 9/10 is exactly conjunct jupiter in my second house and is in opposition to my natal sun (scorpio at 25 degrees). Also, Uranus will cross my Aries ascendent (11 degrees) soon. What am I looking at here?

    • Nadia says:

      Possible boost in income/security, but I would watch out for overspending or impulse purchases.

      • Deborah McCoy says:

        Thank you, Nadia. It also aspects my north node (23 degrees gemini), Pluto (16 degrees virgo), Venus (16 degrees libra) and Neptune (17 degrees scorpio). Whew! :)

  25. arya says:

    Hi Nadia thanks for the article.
    I have saturn and north node transiting my fourth house scorpio and got pregnant in november 2012! Saturn is opposite my moon in 10 taurus and conjunct pluto. Erm I also have uranuus transiting my 9th house. I am thinking about moving. But I have already started renewing my current apartment. Neptune is transiting my 8th and opposing my mercury and I currently dont have a job. I hhope that I can work or study from home.
    Thanks for taking your time to read this. :)

  26. Krista says:

    Hi Nadiya:
    Love your blog and the information! It is right on the money!
    I currently have (T) Saturn and (T) N.Node conjunct my
    natal north node in my 7th house, I keep having the feeling of
    someone from my past coming back.
    I always seem to have karmic relationships!


  27. pin says:

    Hi! In my horoscope i have Sun in scorpio (10th house / 10.03′ degrees) – Saturn in scorpio (11th house / 17. 59′) – Mercury in scorpio (11th house / 23.46′) and pluto in scorpio (10th house / 2.23′).

    Besides i have Aquarius moon and sagittarius As.

    I’ve been feeling like everything is collapsed – pretty much outside of my comfort zone and confused for the last few years. How does their placements effect me? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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