A Deeper Cut: Saturn’s Opposition to Taurus

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How will Saturn’s transit through Scorpio impact Taurus?

Saturn will be opposing Taurus. An opposition indicates a confrontation or choice. Scorpio is about merging and Taurus is about fortifying boundaries. Saturn’s transit of Scorpio will focus Taurus’ attention on any or all of the

following issues:


  • Holding on versus letting go
  • Surviving versus thriving
  • Playing it safe versus diving in

Saturn’s opposition works by presenting a set of limits. The limits force you to adjust your focus, or get real about what you’re doing. Anyone with planets in Taurus should look at the house opposite those planets, and ask themselves the following questions:

  • how are the current (or approaching ) limits going to help me take the energy of my Taurus planet(s) to a deeper level?
  • what am I afraid of losing?

Saturn oppositions can feel harsh at first, especially if you keep banging your head against the wall with a routine that doesn’t work. You will have to adjust your trajectory, or re-dedicate yourself to something you’ve let slide. Whatever it is will take you a bit deeper (Scorpio) than you’re used to. The good news? You’re ready for it (Saturn says so). Keep this in mind: Taurus is the sign of survival, Scorpio the sign of death, but they hold the potential for birth (Taurus) and re-birth (Scorpio). 

Those with planets between 0-9 degrees Taurus will feel the Saturn opposition this year. In 2013, those with planets between 4-20 degrees Taurus will experience the opposition.


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32 Responses to A Deeper Cut: Saturn’s Opposition to Taurus

  1. Lina says:

    Hi Nadia!

    I have a 7th house Taurus Sun (13 degrees). Though transiting Saturn is not going to make the opposition till Autumn 2013, I am already dreading this aspect:( I have a 1st house Scorpio Uranus (13 degrees too), so transiting Saturn will not only be opposing my Taurus Sun but will at the same time conjunct natal Uranus! The opposition is alongside the 1st-7th axis in the radix, I just hope it is not going to affect me healthwise!

    • Nadia says:

      It would probably impact your relationships/personal identity. Saturn over Uranus can be stabilizing or restricting, depending on what aspects your natal Uranus is receiving and how you handle that rebellious energy.

  2. Pearl says:

    Thank you for writing about this. My Pluto Rising in Scorpio is already opposite my Taurus Sun (6th house) natally, so I’ve been particularly interested in this one.

  3. ponsolle says:


    je suis nee le 16/05/1971 a 2 2 h 30. je suis tres inrquiete quand je vois ce saturne en scorpion . j ai saturne en taureau j ai peu de vivre de as choses tres douloureuses… merci a vous pour votre reponse. valerie.

  4. raiyan says:

    hii im born on 5th may…im having serious problem with my five year living relation since october which was going really well before.i want to know wats my future in this relaionship.?i dont wana loose my bf.though he has been ignoring me since october.help me plz

  5. Luann proctor says:

    Nadia!!!!! This is all new and exciting for me. I am a scorpio with my moon in leo and libra rising. Thats about all I know. I have read so much lately my head is swimming….i met “him” in nov. Hes a taurus. I cant tell u how strongly I feel…but probably you know? I read the implication/application of saturn in scorpio…anyway, im too dizzy from all this mental bending and twisting…what do I do? Where do I go? is there hope I wont smother my lovely new friend? …i had written it off and bam! He called two days ago and we spoke for half an hour… Astrology is cool….any help is good help. Thank you, Luann

    • Nadia says:

      Whether you smother him or not totally depends on his tolerance for intensity. You’re intense. He may love this, he may not. Generally it helps if he has some Scorpio in his chart as well, so he can handle it.

  6. Siubhan Duinne says:

    Natal moon at 12 Taurus square sun at 12 Leo (born 03 August 1942). Have significant hoarding issues but have recently felt the profound urge to clear, declutter, and toss things out. Can you address the Saturn/Scorpio-Moon/Taurus opposition as it pertains to this issue? Thanks!

  7. D. Haughton says:

    My natal Saturn is in Scorpio opposing my 2nd house Chiron. So I am assuming this means my issues will be My Values vs. Others Values. Also, I’m going through my Saturn Return and it’s transiting my 8th house, so I really have a lot of 8th house issues that need to be worked out during this time. Lucky me. Lately though, I’ve been paying off debts, getting my finances in order, and trying to channel my sexual energy into creative pursuits (writing), which isn’t easy. I feel like I’m being pulled in two different directions though my needs vs. others, I’ve always worried about others placing myself on the back burner so I kind of want to be selfish this time around, and this is very frustrating having Mars in Libra(fairness). Thanks for writing such an interesting post. I’m happy I stumbled across it. Now I just need to dig deeper and figure out what this Saturn/Taurus opposition is pushing me to do.

    • Nadia says:

      Values, but also personal security and survival issues. 2nd/8th house is about what makes you feel safe in a you vs. them context. Sexual issues included.

  8. MajjikMoon says:

    My ex-partner has Saturn in Taurus conjunct asc 24 deg somewhat conjunct fixed star Algol riding the me vs you wave axis…..with transiting NN in Scorpio would this mean he may finally grow up, mature and “chill out” as an Algol male..: ) maybe??? What else can he expect???

    • Nadia says:

      Maybe…but free will reigns supreme. So it’s up to him if he grows up or not. He may receive all kinds of prompts, and ignore them or act on them.

  9. Frog Princess says:

    Hi Nadia
    I have my natal Chiron at 12 Taurus, 2nd house, and Saturn is pretty much opposing at the moment. Also transiting Chiron is currently conjunct my moon and squaring my venus. All seems like an opportunity for healing around self-worth and deep subconscious patterns in relationships. Does this sound right? I need a bit of help with the Saturn/Chiron aspect!
    I do find it tricky with an almost ‘natural’ chart to work out the meaning of matching sign/house combinations, even though it should be easy I guess!!
    Many thanks

    • Nadia says:

      Yes, any contacts from Chiron are an opportunity for healing. But first you have to confront the wounds, no way to skip that step. The opposition from Saturn will be a test…how do you deal with limits that trigger security/self-esteem issues (2nd House Chiron). This may show up as a denial of something you feel you need very much, and then you have to find a way to make due without it (and the key is that you can do without it).

      • Frog Princess says:

        Interesting. What springs to mind is not being trusted in relationships. This affects me very badly.. Although trust is obviously vital in relationships, perhaps I have an unhealthy *need* to be trusted to feel validated. And if I find a way to let go of this maybe the issue would dissipate. Thanks Nadia, that is very thought-provoking. X

  10. Krista says:

    I am Taurus Rising (04 Degrees) with Natal Uranus in the 4th house
    at 11 degrees! Saturn turning Rx is an exact square! Yes I Need AIR!!
    Change, new place to live! I can only say this is like the Tiger in the
    cage at the zoo!

  11. Linda says:

    I was born on the 7th of May, I am facing divorce court soon, how will this affect me? and what can I do to protect/strengthen myself?

  12. Sossidge Mahoney says:

    I have Chiron in Taurus at 9 degrees, and am currently in the middle of the Saturn Tranist. In addition, my Natal Chiron forms a grande trine with Jupiter in Virgo and the moon in 6 degrees capricorn. What’s more is Pluto is completing this grand trine with perfect accuracy, presently. And last night there was a moon/Uranus yod pointing at saturn and straddling my Chiron.

    That’s a lot of aspects focussing on one powerful tranist. My midheaven is also scorpio, and Saturn will be transiting IT in another couple of weeks. Rather than dreading or wondering, I have simply been participating. My ‘wound’ is one of self judgment and inadequacy.

    For me, Saturn opposing natal Chiron has been about forgetting the self-flaggellation, and at the same time being brought right up against the most distilled forms of the types of experience that have corrupted me and made my wound fester. I eliminated alcohol some moons ago, but once in a while I do go out and if there’s some marijuana or something of the like, I partake of that (I quit alcohol, so surely nothing else will be a problem)…

    I’m digging up my wound and seeing what the little bastard is really made of. And really it’s all me. It’s all self-doubt, perpetuated by the unfortunate outcome of rampant self-doubt (in my case, continuously aborted creative projects) I’ve started and quitted so many things that up until recently I’ve wanted to beat the crap out of myself. I’ve wounded myself for judgment of my inattention and lack of steadfastness. But. One’s focus determines one’s reality.

    I am therefore picturing myself doing well. I’m picturing myself finishing. And I’m watching my emotions. I’m watching my own patterns very closely. And I’m inviting in those catalytic events that could be quite painful.

    I like to think of this as Saturn bringing the smackdown to my healing process. I feel quite healed. And yet, I know that I’m still sore. Still angry at myself for years of unbalanced Virgo subservience, for example my decade-long relationship with someone who could not reciprocate my affection.

    So this transit, may God bring me the clarity and discipline to heal my wounds.

  13. Carol says:

    I was born on May 17th, 1991 (2.51 p0000011111111111111110m, Anaheim California)

    I have been feeling the opposition of saturn since September 30th 2012. Looking back, I realize how ever since then I’ve changed so profoundly on so many levels.
    This year has been exceptionally tough especially on the personal/relationship levels.

    Looking at the bright side, I have learned to make better choices throughout this period, and I feel I have been matured and learned important lessons the hard way. However, I can’t help but be looking forward to the end of this period, as I have been really emotionally, physically and mentally drained.

    What will happen next? Is it true saturn is leaving at the end of 2014? Will I feel better soon? Are my relationships going to be more easygoing?

    Thank you for this wonderful insight, looking forward to hearing from you soon

  14. Oliver says:

    Hi Nadia,
    Great article. Thank you. This coming year Saturn will be stationary in exact opposition to my Sun for about 2 months (17 degrees). I like your thoughts to ponder…

    Holding on versus letting go
    Surviving versus thriving
    Playing it safe versus diving in

    I appreciate the insight, as I am (understandably?) terrified! :)

    Take care,


  15. Susana says:

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  16. Mae says:

    I have natal Chiron at 16′ taurus and 18′ Scorpio ascendant, this summer has been rough! The theme I’ve experienced is wounding by others and I’m really powerless to do anything more than remove myself from the situation. Thankfully I’m aware of this transit and can chalk these almost daily occurrences up to the transit. It has been humbling and frustrating.

    In regards to holding on or letting go, I chose to let go of a friendship that had been draining me.. known her since grade school and so felt obligated to hold on and be there for her. It got to the point where I wasn’t being honored as a friend and was taken for granted so I decided all my friendships had to be mutually beneficial. She didn’t take it that well, natal sun taurus too, but it had been a long time in coming and not the first time she had done this. It was a liberating experience and no regrets, actually thankful for saturn help and wisdom of knowing what’s best for me in the long run

    For me I’m just trying to see the bigger picture of this transit, as saturn is also squaring my 17′ Leo NN, (well really making a T square w good ol Chiron) I’ve heard its a time of reassessment and challenge.. Do you have any articles written on that ?

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