Are You Sure That’s What You Need To Let Go Of?

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Lots of talk about the transiting North Node in Scorpio. But don’t forget about the transiting South Node in Taurus. The South Node is about old stuff that you need to let go of.  And there’s more to it than meets the eye. Using an Evolutionary Astrology* technique, there’s a simple way to figure out how to work with this.

Look at your natal house that holds the sign Taurus. That’s where the South Node is transiting, and that’s the area of your life where past issues may be coming up. But if you look a bit deeper, you’ll see that this is not the whole story. The real issues are represented by the house where your natal Venus (ruler of Taurus) sits.

For example, transiting South Node in Taurus is moving through your 7th House. You’re being confronted with a stagnant partnership. Time to break out of that relationship rut. Right? Maybe…but consider this; if natal Venus is sitting in your 4th House of home and family, this suggests the real issue is your relationship patterns that were created in childhood. Take a look at your parent’s marriage, your feelings of self-worth that were established long ago, how you were loved, how you learned to love, etc. Start there before you even look at your relationship/partner.

And here’s the thing with the transiting Nodes; they’re not planets, so you won’t feel them   as strongly. If you’re not tuned into the issues, you may not feel them at all. Which is another way of saying you have a choice (always) to move forward. Or not.

*Measuring The Night: Evolutionary Astrology and the Keys to the Soul, Vol II, by Jeffrey Wolf Green and Steven Forrest

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58 Responses to Are You Sure That’s What You Need To Let Go Of?

  1. Debbie says:

    taurus 7th house, venus 7th house and yep, definately leaving behind my old ways of relating, much more likely to bare good and luxurious fruit now :)

    • Farah says:

      Excuse me but how do I find out which house is my Venus and all the houses?

      • Debbie says:

        If you go to or the astrodientist site, it is free and you just put in your birth information and voila, there it all is for you. There are lots of different charts and additional information to play round with if it interests you as well :)

  2. C-Lee says:

    I am a Taurus, sun, ascendent, Jupiter, & Venus in 12th House – longing for change. Trying to bring closure to current work projects, but frustrated at the slow pace or obstructed – not sure which. Developing my own business and have been summoning the ego energies & cultivating support for awhile…seems to be a motherload of transiting planets in opposition…

    • Nadia says:

      Has transiting SN moved over your Ascendent yet? Things might pick up when it does…or you may notice a real shift. Venus in the 12th is a toughie because it operates on a less obvious level. Changes filter upwards from your unconscious.

      • C-Lee says:

        It has not crossed my ascendent yet, from the best I can interpret My ascendent is on the AC @ 26 deg 22′, the true node symbol is placed over the 6th H at 20 degrees, but the table states the transit is 25 degrees, 53′. I consider the SN as diametrical to the true node (NN). Difficult to find some of the basic interpretative help…appreciate your kindness.

  3. Christina says:

    This is the most interesting,to the point article I have even read about the nodes. My NN is transiting Scorpio 12th and SN Taurus 6th. I may be losing my job or possibly re-assigned. I looked to my Venus; first house Sag. Maybe it’s time to move on or just a change in direction?

  4. jenny says:

    Fascinating connection!

    The south node Taurus is currently conjuncts my Taurus -Chiron rising.
    I have natal Venus in the 9th house (conj. Asteroid Psyche), which is part of a stellium that conjuncts Neptune and Jupiter in my 8th house.

    So connecting to what you say, let’s see if I could nail this…

    My struggles with leadership and identity and formation of my personality (all 1st house themes) are rooted in my religious/spiritual upbringing (9th house).

    The only thing I can gather from this at the moment is that, growing up my father raised me in a very strict Christian household. I went hot or cold with it. Later as a young adult I became extremely involved in that lifestyle, all of my own choice. But five years later, I felt it didn’t allow me room to be myself or express my personality freely. After much deliberating, I took another direction and said goodbye to what I felt was an overly confining way of living and believing.

    How would I begin to see these issues resurfacing?

    • Farah says:

      Could u pls help me how do I find out about my houses? My d.o.b is 24th dec 1978.. Born 5:00 am. In united emirates ” Abu Dhabi”
      Would be wonderful if u helped me

      • Tara says:

        Farah, go to and you can enter your information there. They have not only the natal chart which will show you everything, but if you are new to astrology, they have reports you can read which will help to interpret your chart. Try the “Astroclick” ones as they are a great tool for learning. Best wishes :)

    • Nadia says:

      Venus in the 9th can be about belief/faith (possibly letting go of what limits you). Also depends what sign Venus is in. But if you’ve already worked on those issues and dealt with them, they may not reoccur. But there might be other issues you have to resolve with faith. Or mentors/teachers/higher knowledge/guidance.

  5. Lina says:

    South Node transiting through the 7th now, I am a Taurus Sun as well so at some point the SN will conjunct natal Sun too. An 8th house natal Venus ruler of 8th too as cusp is in Taurus. In a desperate need to reconsider/change the ways I am relating to others as relationships of any kind were really not going well in the past few years. I must finally let go of old patterns and habits, seems the best time to do that is now! Just do not know how to put the 8th house Venus into the picture.

  6. AG says:

    Taurus transiting my 7th house but Venus is in Aries (and the point planet in a yod with my ascendant and moon: why does it always come back to that particular sore spot? Sigh) in the 5th.

    Stagnant relationships because of an inability to experience pleasure/have fun? That seems a bit cyclical. To be honest, of all the houses the 5th is the one that makes the least sense to me in terms of what ties together everything it’s supposed to rule. I have yet to find an explanation for it that really resonates with me – which is maybe symptomatic of the problem!

    • Natalie says:

      Haha, I feel your pain with the yod situation! I have three overlapping yods, each pointing to the same point in the 8th house… which is definitely a sore spot as well for me! It’s like I know I can’t escape it, yet I can’t figure it out completely either. Kind of a mystery – but can really feel it when something is transiting the yods. Most of the time, I don’t figure out the lessons until later on :-)

    • Nadia says:

      5th House Aries=initiating/demanding your personal goals. Doing what is right for you, catering to your inner child. Because your Venus is at the point of a yod these issues may be challenges that you have to come at in a different way. So the real issue is…how do you get what you want? Or…do you get what you want? Do you feel appreciated?

  7. helloise says:

    south node transiting 12th house taurus, natal venus in 8th house aquarius. i’ve been plumbing heavy inner depths (plenty of solitude!) about my place in the world and my sense of home, and am always running up against a big space of silence with no answers. peaceful but there’s the tiniest niggling bit of restlessness, like i know this isn’t the final destination and this is meant to open out to another space. 8th house says it’s tied to partnership somehow, but there’s nothing i can “do” about it by way of initiating or acting. whatever it is, stays hidden. how frustrating!

  8. Kathleen says:

    Great post, as always.

    My ascendant in Taurus, natal sun and mercury in Taurus are all in the first house. Meanwhile my venus in Aries occupies the 12th. Could this be why I’ve been feeling so sad, vulnerable and defensive lately? This kind of attitude is pretty much out of character for me, but I can’t seem to shake these feelings.

    I’m so glad I discovered your blog!

  9. Nancy says:

    My south node is transiting my third house (in Taurus) where no natal planets nor aspects are being seen. It is getting close to my IC. My natal venus is in the 10th house in Sag. where it is within 3 degrees of my natal South Node. Natal Mars is within 2 degrees of natal Venus so I think that creates a super skinny yod to my natal north node?

    OK. So now I have to noodle around to see what the interpretation of what the might mean for me…

    • Nancy says:

      Wait…I looked again…the sign on the cusp of my third house where Taurus is, is actually Aries. So third house begins with Aries then moves into Taurus where my South Node is sitting. I don’t know if that is significant, but considering that that my new role is more in communications and teaching others (well, that is where I aspire to go with my career) this might be relevant.

  10. Tracie says:

    I’ve been working on “letting go”, control, fear, bad habits, yet still trying to understand exactly what needs to be let go of & how! I have an empty 8th house Taurus. Venus-8 dgrs in 12th house Virgo, it’s conjuct Pluto-8 dgrs & this is opposite 6th house Pisces with Chiron-10, Moon-11 & Jupiter-12. Chiron is 5 dgrs away from natal position.

    I live a very blessed life but I feel like I’m de-volving instead of evolving in life. I can’t seem to feel the good, it’s fleeting.

    This is a wonderful post and a concise way to look at our nodes. Blessings for all you show us :)

  11. Bernadette says:

    Trying to make sense of it myself..

    So, Taurus is transiting end of 6th/beginning of 7th in my natal chart. BUT, my natal venus is in Scorpio in the 1st house.

    Here is my interpretation: I am transitioning focus away from my daily habits/work routines into a more relationship-focused lifestyle. During this process, I must confront the realities of the relationships I am part of, particularly w/ my boyfriend. I am worried about “where to go from here”. Instead of passing blame to my significant other, I should look to myself (1st house) and how my changing work/relationship identity is affecting our future.

    ??? What do you think, Nadia?!

    • Nadia says:

      That sounds about right. Venus in 1st House Scorpio would also make this about letting go of certain power issues (maybe..control, manipulation, suspicion). BUT…the transiting NN is moving through Scorpio so you’ll be simultaneously working on claiming your personal power. It’s Shadow Scorpio versus evolved Scorpio.

  12. Natalie says:

    South node moving through the 7th house….Venus in 8th house….Any ideas what this might mean I need to let go of?

    • Nadia says:

      8th House is about intimacy and sharing power. So look at how you act when you are closest to someone, or when they “own” part of what you have.

  13. lisa lennox says:

    Dear Nadia,
    i am flummoxed by this. I am smack in the middle of the 4th house Taurus should I let go of my farm/home dilemma, I see that SO obviously. But Venus is in the 8th house Virgo. I’ve been researching, but can’t figure out the “real issues”. How does the 8th relate? Thank You!

    • Nadia says:

      Wow. This is the 3rd question about Venus in the 8th House. Tough area to get a handle on, apparently. The 8th House is about sharing power, intimacy, resources. Look at how you act when things are not totally under your control (when someone else calls the shots).

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Is there an ephemeris or site to show where the transiting nodes are each year or day? not sure how they move, thanks!

  15. Denitsa says:

    Taurus is my 6th house and natal Venus also sits in the 6th house. She is right at home but yet she she is the least aspected planet in my chart :( I would appreciate any input how and if this should influence me in any way?

    • Nadia says:

      6th House is about duties to others. So look at what you do for others, what you give up for them, etc. Anything need to change there? Also, its about your health, so check if anything needs to change regarding diet/exercise/self-esteem related to diet. How do you comfort yourself? Things like that.

  16. Kat says:

    Transiting south node getting ready to conjunct my 10th house Taurus Sun at 24.33 degrees. Saturn getting ready to conjunct my 4th house neptune and triggering a yod.
    Venus in Aries sitting in the 9th house.

    I am getting laid off next week (yes – two weeks before Christmas) – me and about 300 other people. This change is happening whether I want it or not.

    • Nadia says:

      But it’s your choice how you react to it. Venus in the 9th suggests that this is not really about career and public image, it’s about exploring new options.

  17. louise says:

    Taurus is in my 10th house (where the Moon sits alone). So this South Node in Taurus is transiting my NN, and in reverse, the North Node in Scorpio is transiting over my South Node… bizarre.
    Venus is the 1st house, but on the cusp of 2nd in Virgo.

    I have had enough of career being stuck. I missed defining life goals that make sense to me.
    Now the issue is related to either identity issues / or the way I relate to the material, belingings or financial. Career choice has been to much oriented by material security and/or identity insecurity… therefore seeking outer validation.
    More and more I can see how I see/perceive myself the wrong way, leading me to create walls and barriers.
    On the other side, family/inheritance issues (South Node in Scorpio) intensified these last weeks. An urge to break free from the past, karma of the family, rotten roots… Now how does the North Node impact ?
    Astrology is great. Great blog to! Thank you!

    • Nadia says:

      Transiting SN over your NN is just another trigger. What you need to let go of (identity issues?) is directly related to moving forward with your NN issues (manifesting real status and recognition for yourself, establishing independence based on concrete accomplishments).

  18. louise says:

    Maybe the missing piece is Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio where lies my SN.
    Pluto (conjunct Saturn) in the 3rd house, in Libra. Indeed communication is a problem and relationships fall apart. But maybe working on those issues pointed by Pluto/Saturn is one of the ‘life goal’ the NN transit gives me. As 3rd hse is the ’12th house’ of the 4th, maybe it could help purify those roots/personal insecurities related to the past and the rest would follow…
    pfffff now just do…

  19. Kira says:

    Hmm, SouthNode transiting through 2nd house in Taurus, while Venus is in 7th house of Scorpio, conjuncting Pluto… Maybe that is why I started to analize the nature of my Venus lately in the context of my past relationships. I discovered very strong demands and obsessions going together with a stupid idealism (illusions of ‘soul mates’) and a tendency to sacrifice all myself to the partner which causes the frustration from my side and tiredness (and lack of respect) from his side.
    I am learning now that my life has a value in itself, not only shared with someone and that I should enjoy simply being with myself, doing what I like and what I want, what I dream of… Maybe this is what Taurus in the 2nd house symbolizes.

    What do you think?

    • Nadia says:

      SN in 2nd House also relates to having things your way out of fear of losing your security. Clinging to “safe” definitions of relationships. So I would explore the urge to merge totally with a partner from the angle of survival and control. Does it feel safer for you to know someone, inside out, because they have no secrets from you? Boundary issues here.

  20. Cassandra says:

    Taurus 10th House. Natal Venus is in Taurus 10th house! Help!!!

    • Nadia says:

      This makes it easier…what you need to let go of is right there. Fixed ideas of status, self-esteem based on external rather than internal values.

  21. Cyress723 says:

    South Node Taurus transiting H8, Venus in the H11. Any suggestions on this one? :)

    • Nadia says:

      Venus in the 11th can be about your relationships to “the collective”; friends and groups of people in general. So think about how you socialize, what your casual relationships (not romantic) are based on.

  22. Josh says:

    South Node transiting 10th House.. Venus in 7th House Aquarius. Any suggestions?

    • Nadia says:

      If you think it’s about status/achievement, check your relationships instead. Note that 10th House Taurus is conventional, but 7th House Aquarius is not.

  23. MajjikMoon says:

    11th house Saturn in Taurus (19) squaring my 2nd house Venus in Leo to my left, squaring my 5th house Neptune Rx in Scorpio to my right completes a T-square opposing my progressed moon in Aquarius (22) … looking forward to the New “Freedom” Moon in Aquarius coming up on the 10th…I’ve yet to master the square and now the transiting nodes confuse me even more…or would they make things easier in terms of which direction I’m meant to be heading??My natal NN sits @ 3 Pisces towards the end of my 8th house of sharing resources, intimacy which I am paralysed with fear and am having extreme difficulty letting go of my fears about merging these things with another person (been hurt badly last 3 times in my short lifetime already) and even though it is tough and very lonely, I feel safe in my SN 2nd house.But with transitng NN and Saturn in my 5th house I am frightening myself about the prospect of him bringing more tests and obstacles in all 5th house matters..especially love affairs…or lack of. Help!!

    • Nadia says:

      “tough and very lonely”…you may feel safe in your 2nd House, but that safety and self- sufficiency is precisely what you need to let go of. Venus in Leo suggests that this is part of your ego, what makes you feel important (you can look out for yourself). But you need to step beyond the boundaries of what you’re accustomed to that makes you feel special, and find that by taking a risk with someone else.

      • MajjikMoon says:

        Crikey…thought so “hyperventilates”.You continue to amaze me with your wonderful “cut-to-the-chase” brilliant interpretations.Thank you for the clarity…excuse me while I escape to a safe and happy place in my dreams contemplating whether or not to prepare by increasing my prozac tomorrow morning lolol thank God for my dry sense of humour : )

  24. Pandora says:

    Coming back to this great Venus post, now that the Taurus NM Eclipse
    is here and I’m checking natal placements to figure out what the
    Universe is trying to express. I’ve been wrestling with issues of
    creativity/fertility and was recently displaced when a house fire
    occurred at a lower floor of my neighbor. Fortunately everyone is safe
    but all above that part of the house is smoke damaged -personal
    belongings, electronic equipment and textile design supplies.
    It will take some time for the space to air out, forcing us to find
    living elsewhere with only the absolute daily basics on hand. Makes
    me wonder if it’s time to buy our own house and avoid these pitfalls
    of sharing rental space. My natal Venus conjoins natal Mars in
    Aquarius 2nd house, with Aries on my 4th house and Taurus on my 5th;
    Mars/Venus trine nJupiter 6th house, inconjunct nSaturn 3rd house,
    square nNeptune 11th house.

  25. PR says:

    Letting go of need to control.
    My recent nodal return was the most exhilarating times of my life! SN in 7 house taurus, 1 house scorpio NN…
    Transforming into new being….loving every painful and beautiful second of it.

  26. Rebelle says:

    SN Taurus 3rd house/NN Scorpio 9th house – Venus in Virgo 7th house. I keep attracting the wrong men in effort to find my soul mate. I’ve begun to see my pattern though and working on learning to trust my instinct (higher mind). I have at least opened up my mind starting at an early adult age to learn about other cultures, religions, schools of thought etc. All of which I find fascinating. The two areas in my life that are difficult are romantic relationships and not feeling fulfilled in my career (communications).

  27. Lina says:

    Hello, this post was very insightful. Never thought about the nodes in that way.

    I have a problem though, my natal NN is in Taurus second house, and the actual NN in Scorpio, is transiting through my eight house an will conjunct my SN (also waiting for a saturn return in the 8th house Scorpio).

    So, does that mean I should do nothing? The nodes cancel out? Natal and Transiting? I am really confused in my real life too, not only in astrological sense. Is time to let go and purify, let go of material attachments (the NN transit)? Or is time to build and be materialistic special with my vocation (NN natal and saturn return)? (I am changing careers right now, going through university again, but in doubt if the path I chose is really good or will be of any value in future, if should find some part job, wait more and study intensively even without money). Also, my Venus is in 10th Capricorn.

    I post this cause you had such a good insight about this subject, maybe you can give a small insight or vibe about what you feel of my situation?


  28. Elodie says:

    I know this is an old post, but would you possibly mind telling me what Venus in the first house (Scorpio) would mean? Thanks Sooo much, I loved this post!

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