Where You Can’t Go: Saturn in Scorpio Opposes Planets in Taurus

Image by Arthur Rackham

Image by Arthur Rackham

Have you been dealing with excessive limits, lately?

It’s not your imagination; as the planets move through Taurus, they’re all running up against the opposition to Saturn (restrictions) at 8 degrees Scorpio. Venus (love, money, self-esteem) in Taurus experienced the Saturn hit on April 22nd. Between now and May 1st, the Sun (life force) and Mars (action) will feel the crunch.

Saturn is retrograde (reversed), so these are old or repeating limits/fears/rules that are blocking you. You want to build something up (Taurus) but you…just…can’t. Things take double the amount of work. Or you run into a wall. Here’s a tip; when faced with an opposition to Saturn, never attempt to plow straight through. The restrictions are there for a reason. Find another way around. Pay attention to where your energy is being refocused, and go that way.

The upside to this influence is that it teaches you resourcefulness and maturity. You figure out another way to make something work, or you dig a bit deeper. That’s evolved Taurus energy, coming through in the crunch. Taurus never gives up, but it can shift into a higher gear.

If you have planets between 4-8 degrees Taurus or Scorpio, you’ll be caught in this crunch.

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30 Responses to Where You Can’t Go: Saturn in Scorpio Opposes Planets in Taurus

  1. Mia says:

    OMG, thanks for that posting. I have been trying to organize an event, and met all kind of roadblocks despite having the best of intentions. At first, I tried to adjust, but then another arrow was shot at me from a different direction; tried to adjust again, and someone else took a shot at me. So I am giving up now, and it feels as if someone is out to get me no matter what I do to get it right. … I don’t even have planets at the degree range you mention in Scorpio/Taurus :-)

    • Kira says:

      Same here! I agreed to take care of some very important, but also very neglected project, I had a lot of good will and positive energy to put into it, but from the very beginning I have been meeting obstacles and blockades due to the insufficient communication and hostility of the “partners”, who didn’t even bother to respect the conditions of our cooperation I stated clearly at the start. I hoped it’s just a misunderstanding, but now I almost sure it’s a conscious strategy aimed to ruin my motivation and reputation at any cost. All this situation makes me very frustrated. I know I did my best, but I still have this feeling I failed, enhanced by their poisonous criticism… And probably that was their plan from the very beginning. Now I just keep asking myself a question: could I do it better? And: how to get out of it without loosing my face.

      • Mia says:

        Well, I wouldn’t worry about what others may think of you; in my experience, whenever we do that, we turn into our own worst enemies and have the strongest judgments on ourselves. We can’t know what others think unless they tell us. And there is always the possibility that they may lie :-)
        To me, it felt better to run from that energy of resistance. Every time I attempted to fix the situation, it became worse. Maybe that’s just what it is sometimes and it’s better to give up and leave than to bang our heads against the wall/walls. Something else and better may show itself down the road …

        • Kira says:

          You’re 100% right. :) Today I cut all these intrigues in a direct confrontation. I told them I know the truth about their actions and how low and childlish it is. And I guess it is the end. But I feel better now cause I can see this situation was designed to drawn me, like a swamp. And the longer I would stay in it and struggle to fix it, the worse it would become – exactly as you say. Now we’re free to do things our way, put our energy in something productive or simply save it for the times it will be appreciated. :)

    • Nadia says:

      You’re welcome. I wouldn’t say someone is out to get you (although it may feel like it); you’re just being firmly redirected. Also, you may have some progressed planets/angles close to those degrees.

  2. C-Lee says:

    Feel very much the same way like there are enemies in the bushes and emotionally, I’m in a meat grinder. I’ve retreated to paperwork, doing a postmortem on much of my career, and throwing out whatever I can. Mars 5 d Scorpio 6th, Jupiter 3 d Taurus, 12th.

    • Tatyana says:

      Saturn in now opposing my ascendant in Taurus. I even can not get myself to organise my wardrobe. After the eclipse i feel in some kind of void.

      There is also very positive aspect to it, which id very difficult to bring in to the words, it is in the area of silent knowledge: i do not have a need to engage with the external world, i am watching it like a theater. I think i have realeased all of my attachments. Where it all goes, it does not bother me any more, i even do not care to know.

  3. Astra says:

    Would any planet 2 or 3 degrees Scorpio be effected?

  4. Cassandra says:

    My natal venus is in Taurus at 7deg42 in the 10H struggling to understand how this opposition works/is working.

    • Nadia says:

      Issues with home/family (Saturn in your 4th House) might be impacting your career goals/public status/futre goals.The 10th House is about you, “out there”. But transiting Saturn in your 4th speaks to increased responsibilities pulling you inwards.

  5. Roger says:

    Saturn is in my second. I’m re-evaluating my attachments to people who question my value and integrity, and who don’t return my affection and concern. I’m questioning my investments in people, period. That includes my estranged teenage son and several co-workers who seem intent on slowing my progress and dissing my ideas. I’ve tried everything…but now I’m surrendering, laying low, not reaching out to my son, ignoring my ex-wife’s request for more money, concentrating on routine tasks at work instead of furthering innovative projects–which I plan to take to my former workplace when I move back to my home city after Pluto goes direct.

    • Nadia says:

      Sounds about right for Saturn in the 2nd. Narrowing the focus (Saturn transits usually involve cutting people/things out of your life).

  6. A says:

    How about Saturn opposing natal Saturn in Taurus? Since it is opposing itself, is it going to be felt as an opposition between the qualities of the two signs (Scorpio Vs. Taurus) and the houses (natal and transiting)?

    • Nadia says:

      It will be felt as an opposition between external rules/realities versus the person’s own rules/realities. Via the house and sign.

      • MajjikMoon says:

        Would this also apply if your natal Saturn is on the May 9th solar eclipse degree? Also, do you offer special individualised eclipse reports or would this detail be included within those you currently have for sale? I’m starting to think I might need one….:-)

        • Nadia says:

          I just wrote a post about the May 9th eclipse..check it out. If you’re interested in how a particular eclipse will impact you, you can order a Mini Consult ($40) and specify that you want to know how that eclipse will affect your chart.

  7. MajjikMoon says:

    Resourcefulness and maturity – I shall do my best to remember this…when Saturn made his first pass thru my 5th house my 21yr old son had a major car accident on the motorway and is now awaiting sentencing for dangerous driving, may lose his drivers license and job, and a week later my 2 yr old accidentally drank cleaning fluid and stopped breathing in the ambulance enroute to hospital! Ive just received a huge tax bill on the day of the eclipse now…Saturn is squaring my 2nd house new moon and midpoint at 5 Leo and opposing my 8th house vertex Aquarius so I’m feeling the pressure badly…so exhausted and aging pretty fast full of fear and worry….the picture above looks just like me…classic : (

  8. Tracie says:

    Hubby has Scorpio 4th house with Neptune at 4′ & NN at 8′. There are roadblocks at every turn. HORRIBLE business situation he’s negotiating but unfortunately our partner had a 3 month head start to screw us over. Time is running out but more importantly my husbands resolve is too; he’s exhausted.

    This hurts SO much. When will the roadblocks end?

  9. brenda padilla says:

    I have venus 4 degree in taurus, 11th house. now I know why my venus return sucked. my weekend to visit with friends turned into a mini nightmare with car problems /money problems,etc.

  10. Ana M. Oliveira says:

    Excellent tips, Nadia.
    I’ll have a Mars Return on 30th April (Asc Leo with Sun-Mars in 10th house return opposing Saturn (4th return) and trine Moon-Pluto in 6th return).
    Give up? No! But I’ll hope I find – next 2 years – the best ways to deal with delays and restrictions. “Find another way around. Pay attention to where your energy is being refocused, and go that way.” Like that! Thank you!

  11. Sharon Kaye says:

    Saturn opposite Scorpio has already been hell for me financially. When’s it gonna be over? It is like hitting my head against a brick wall. I can make no progress whatsoever. My sun is 7% Taurus and my ascendant and mars are Pisces so that probably makes it worse. Moon is Leo, probably why I have spending problems in the 1st place. But now that I want to save the universe just keeps saying no. Oh, Saturn, please hurry up and go into Sagittarius and make my life easier.

    • Nadia says:

      Saturn will move into Sag around the end of Dec 2014, will Rx back into Scorpio from June to September 2015, and will enter Sag again in the middle of September, 2015. It will finish its opposition with your Sun around Sept 11, 2013.

  12. cancer says:

    Hi Nadia

    I am new to astrology, i read that Saturn is transitting my 5th house from Oct 2012 to December 2014. Honestly, i feel like I have reached the end of everything. I started dating a divorced guy which is contrary to my religious beliefs, and not only that, I have never met so many restrictions in a relationship like I am with this guy. When I say restrictions I mean restrictions with full force. I am on the verge of giving up but am also scared of giving up and not staying to learn the lesson. He ignores me, appears not to care, hardly see him ever, no respect. should i run as fast as possible?

    • Nadia says:

      Well, I can’t say for sure without analyzing both your charts. But, Saturn is in your 5th House of self-expression, so I would look at how you think these limits on your self-expression are impacting you. Can you live with them?

  13. Charlotte says:

    Hi, well here it is 2014. Saturn in scorpio 6th opposing my tauras sun and admetos (shocks, shut down) 4 degrees away in tauras from my sun. Last time my ex had an anorism and I was asked to look after him, this time my guy had a heart attack. In neither case do I think looking after them would work for me. But similiar events. Like last time I’m sleeping way more. Someone said its a suppression against the pain. Or is it processing in dreams 12th house. Last time I met a cusp scorpio/sagg who had lots of experience in dealing with people’s unrealities and put it in my face whilst feeding me healthy home made foods and getting me into many healthy activities and yet the downside pluto homeless was his trade – housing. In time I grew and overcame much of that that was brought to my attention – Next time I’ll be so old. This mth should be the end of the worst. This time not a lot of helpful people around. How does it restrict in the 6th? Could you clarify. Natally it’s in the 1st prog 2nd. cancer, family!

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