The Big One: Jupiter in Cancer Opposes Pluto in Capricorn


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You may have already started to feel the Jupiter/Pluto opposition as of  July 26th. It’s definitely active now, and everything about it is big.

Jupiter expands, Pluto intensifies. Jupiter in Cancer is about big needs, and emotional beliefs. Pluto in Capricorn is about the transformation of authority, as well as the power of authority. When these two face off, you will have fanatical challenges to authority, or intensely optimistic crusades.

There is so much power in this opposition. It will be easy to go off the deep end, because a challenge from Pluto does not shut you down (like a challenge from Saturn). It can shut you down eventually, but first, Pluto amplifies. It creates obsessions that, if allowed to run out of control, can cause significant damage. But if you direct this energy properly, you can transform (Pluto) something through the emotional power (Cancer) of your optimism/belief/enthusiasm. And you can do it quickly and dramatically. So there’s potential for huge success.

The Cancer/Capricorn areas of your chart will be where you can accelerate certain changes. But it’s a fine line between optimism and fanaticism, so keep the following in mind:

  • You cannot force other people to believe what you believe
  • You may not get everything you want/need
  • Focus on optimism, rather than manipulation

This aspect will be exact on 3 days (due to Jupiter’s retrograde motion). August 7th, 2013 (at 9 degrees), January 31, 2014 (at 12 degrees) and April 20, 2014 (at 13 degrees). It will be active about 7-10 days before each exact hit. 

For the upcoming opposition on August 7th, you’ll have the most potential to use it if you have planets/angles from 7-10 degrees Cancer, Capricorn, Aries or Libra.

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45 Responses to The Big One: Jupiter in Cancer Opposes Pluto in Capricorn

  1. Mick says:

    Hi Nadia,
    This looks kinda scary to me. I have sun 8’19 degrees cap and moon 6’40 cancer. Should I be worried :(

    • Nadia says:

      Can’t say how it would impact you without seeing your chart, but this is not an inherently negative aspect. It’s just powerful.

  2. jacy says:

    Hi Nadia,

    my ASC is at 8 deg and my DSC at 8 deg Libra, so this Pluto/Jupiter opposition will fill in a Grand Cross in my Chart. How does a Jupiter square ASC transit usually show? Jupiter is currently transiting my 4th house…
    Thank you!

    • Nadia says:

      There’s many different ways it could show. Changes at home could impact your public image, or push you to make changes to your appearance, or push you to become more outgoing…

  3. Ana M. Oliveira says:

    This I know well; I have the opposition Jupiter in Pisces (12H), Pluto in Virgo (6H). Fortunately, with Mars in Trine to Pluto and sextile to Jup they give a little help!
    But it is something that I have to bear in mind always; It’s easy to feel polarized by these two! :-)

    • Nadia says:

      Yes, the polarity. In natal charts especially it is easy to swing back and forth between these two, tough to find a middle ground since neither planet likes compromise.

  4. Tatyana says:

    Hi Nadia,
    It’s interesting, because i also have natal opposition of Jupiter(Aries) and Pluto(Libra) as a part os T-square with Saturn in Cancer as apex. So i guess, it’s feel(able) for me?

    I wonder: Is it a grand square i am in?
    Transiting Jupiter squares natal Pluto(Libra); transiting Pluto squares natal Jupiter ( Aries); transiting Jupiter squares natal Jupiter ( Aries) and transiting Pluto squares natal Pluto ( Libra).

    Thank you.

    • Nadia says:

      If you feel it would depend on your natal degrees.
      Yep, sounds like a Grand Square, as long as your natal planets are within 1-3 degrees of the transits.

      • Tatyana says:

        Thank you for your reply, Nadia.
        Yes, all transits are within 3 degree, except for tr. Jupiter square Jupiter is 4 degrees. Is it not a grand square than or not really?
        I feel like it has to do with being self reliant in everything, doing things which are really matter to me. Kind of on surfing on a good vibe, a healthy exchange of taking and giving. A wholesome life i would call it. It’s my thrive right now to start it and keep flowing.

  5. brn says:

    My cancer asc 13 degrees/cap desc 13Degrees…might start to feel this in january? and especially 4/20/2014…I do feel frustration bubbling in my soul…I feel frustrated and powerless right now in my life generally…Nadia, like you said earlier…controll the action (mars in capricorn 7degrees)..hope no explosions from me..must breathe ,calmly.

    • Nadia says:

      You might, but Jupiter will be just behind your AC in your 12th House, so it might still be hidden from your awareness. For sure you’ll feel the April opposition.

      • Ana M. Oliveira says:

        Hi, Nadia! I was reading some of your replies (and by the way thank you for your reply to my post). You said to brn post that a planets in 12House are hidden from our awareness… Even if theu are transits?

  6. jgirl says:

    i am putting as much positive and optimistic energy as possible into this as i know it is affecting me and my relationship very personally. i keep reminding myself that pluto isnt just destruction, its transformation, and sometimes it can be rough at first, scary, uncertain, but necessary. pluto is in my 1H and jupiter is in my 7H (conj my sun exact today).

    • Nadia says:

      That’s the best way to handle these types of transits. Pluto is transformation…and it doesn’t always have to be preceded by destruction. Sometimes there’s just a shift…or a desire to leave something old behind.

      • Eme Kah says:

        I like that way of looking at Pluto. I’ve just found it intensely difficult to change patterns designated by my moon/Venus/Pluto t-square.

    • megan says:

      Jgirl, same here! Pluto in my 1st, Jupiter in 7th. Relationship concerns. Here, two women – my crazy new neighbor and my mother in law – are trying to come between me and my partner. It is pretty scary from one perspective, but from the other, I have an opportunity to let these other women’s misguided power struggles play themselves out, while I maintain my integrity and keep my end of our interactions above-board. Good luck with your transformation and kudos for staying positive ! :)

  7. Eme Kah says:

    I don’t know how I’ll be able to use it. These past few weeks have been tough and I’m really blue. Very hard to feel optimistic.

  8. Taps k says:

    My jupiter is currently in 9th house as i am scorpio rising. I wanted to take admission for higher studies in law. But i couldnt apply due to some family problems. But i still want admission. Is there any chance as my jupiter is in 9th house of higher studies. Or the jupiter opposed to pluto is gonna create problems ?..

  9. Debbie says:

    Jupiter passes over my merc rx at 8′ en route in 9th house and my mind is more at ease with my philosophy for my life than ever before in fact it is indeed expanding in a good and easy manner, the fears and ghosts of past are only slight as are the physical expressions of them and I am hopeful that this opposition will show me that my death/rebirth healing process triggered by pluto opposing my 0′ cancer sun then merc with the addition of the Uranus squares is complete having completed my chiron returna and i am still here (which was threatened not to be the case at times) so that when my neptune at 8′ Scorpio in my 1st house receives the conjunction of Saturn again and he opposes my Ceres and Vesta in 7th, that the earthly nourishment, sustenance and good clear mind in sacred union will give me the opportunity to “make it so”.

  10. CW says:

    Jupiter in the 6th opposite Pluto in Cappy in the 11th for me! Love/friends/relationships…not sure of the manifestation but will find out soon enough.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Natally, I have Jupiter at 26 degrees Capricorn (6th house) in tight opposition to Pluto in Cancer (12th house)………..The Jupiter/Pluto opposition occurring now – 2013- is the exact reverse of my natal chart…………how would you delineate this? I was born April 21, 1937.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    forgot to mention…… Jupiter/Pluto opposition is T-square to Sun/Venus conjunction in Aries 9th house.

  13. Claire says:

    Hi Nadia,

    Power and transformation of authority…
    And Uranus now exactly opposite Venus . Scorpio Rising with Moon/Jupiter/ Neptune in 12th. Pluto/Jupiter straddle 2nd and 8th. Aware of others’ hostility and sabotage. And then seeing where I have been complicit with my own undoing and staying small. Letting othrs be senior in my life and space. Big blow up with Libra/Scorp BFF. We have talked a lot but we aren’t enmeshed anymore. She refused to own her aggression because she truly doesn’t see it. I got accused of seeing hostility/negativity and was told I needed therapy. It won’t ever be the same because I stopped being the one who needs fixing.

    Appeasing others used to be my highest good. Neutrality now is seen as hostile and negative. The Toro/Libras in my life are shocked that I stand my ground . Maybe because Uranus is right opposite my Venus! hah! I realized so much past interaction was based on that addiction to approval. A survival skil growing up- but now it’s to pull back. My Progressed Moon is conjunct natal Moon and about to go into Scorpio with Ceres. I’m starting over to nurture myself first.

    Happy note- against all odds a friend emerged from coma after 42 days- on Aug 6 she woke up- limited conversation- Aug 9 she is chattering. The fix? Prayers, healing, best of western and complimentary medicine. And she decided to come back. Doctors are amazed and almost incredulous!!! Their authority was outstripped!

    Namaste! You have a lovely community here!!


  14. marion says:

    Thank you for a great article. I have Mars conjunct Pluto natally at 7 Libra. My long term non-intimate male buddy has natal Uranus right at the same spot. My Dejanira and His Chiron are exactly on the opposite side, in Aries.
    On August 7th When the transiting Pluto-Jupiter opposition squared 7 Libra (with transiting Uranus in a not-so-far opposition), our friendship exploded on to an intimate level, out of the blue, surprising both of us. Thankfully he left my city 2 days later, giving me time to absorb the shock. Now i am sitting and thinking WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? I never planned or wanted a relationship with him. But now wondering how to proceed from here…:( What could have happened there? How to handle the energy, especially the repeat hits coming up early next year? Please can you advice?

    Note: He and i have twin-soul possibility in synastry. Both our Ascendants plus His Sun are in a stellium within 3 degrees in late Taurus. My Sun also joins the party by solstice.

  15. Bob says:

    I have Saturn and Mercury conjunct at 11 deg in cancer, this one is stressing me out at the begining of Jan Mars transits at 90 deg as well.
    Any feedback would be appreciated.
    Birth Details
    24th July 1974
    Blackpool England


  16. Bob says:

    oh yes and mercury will be transiting opposite as well

  17. Hello Nadia says:

    Hi Nadia,

    How r you can you tell me my career future my D.O.B is 22-12-1989 kindly tell me about my career and when would be my marriage is expected.


    Syed Shamoil

  18. Lilah says:

    Thanks Nadia, your reading with me was very accurate, thank you. Can A Pluto (in my first) and Jupiter (in my 7th) opposition result in a pregnancy? I am hoping to get pregnant and hoping this is the transit that can boost it along. Thanks again for an insightful article.

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