Venus, Saturn and the North Node Meet in Scorpio

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As requested, here’s a post about the upcoming conjunction between Venus, Saturn and the transiting North Node in Scorpio.

Saturn is conjuncting the North Node (at 8 degrees Scorpio), from September 11th to 17th. Venus will join in from September 15th to 18th. The transiting North Node activates future potentials; the part of your chart that it’s moving through is where you can reach forward. Here’s a primer post on what the transiting NN in Scorpio means.

When it meets Saturn, it will be an intersection of the work you’ve been doing, with those future potentials. Saturn is all about results. The results of what you’ve been taking responsibility for, and what you’ve been focusing on. Or, what you’ve been ignoring/denying/repressing. You get results, either way. When Venus adds her energy to the mix, the outcomes will involve love, money or values. Some of you may get rewards, and some of you may get reality checks.

It completely depends on the work you’ve been doing since Saturn first entered Scorpio .

Think back to October 25th, 2012, give or take a few days. Transiting Mercury passed over the Scorpio NN, and the Sun and Saturn met up on the same day. Here’s a post I wrote about it. The Saturn/NN theme began (even though they weren’t conjunct), and what happened then may be carried forward to this, current influence. You may have to revisit, wrap up or deal with the consequences of the October 25th events.

If you can’t recall anything of significance from back then, don’t sweat it. The beauty of this triple conjunction is that there will be no doubt about what you should do (Scorpio is the sign that goes full-on in one direction only).

Those with planets/angles from 7-9 degrees Scorpio or Taurus will feel this influence most strongly.

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59 Responses to Venus, Saturn and the North Node Meet in Scorpio

  1. selina says:

    Hi again Nadia :) Wow, this will be hitting my natal venus Scorpio, 9 deg, and my Scorpio Ascendent, 7 deg, I’m assuming this conjunction will push what I’ve been doing with my new image and outward persona even more? And hitting my natal venus will be moving forward with a relationship?

  2. Cassandra says:

    Hmmm nervous about this my Saturn is Scorpio at 3 degrees (4th house)and opposes my Venus in Taurus at 7 degrees (10th h). Wondering how this might play out. Trying to think back to October 25 and even October 5 as indicated in your links. Thoughts?

    • Nadia says:

      Home/family responsibilities versus career? External versus internal status? TR NN in your 4th House is trying to adjust your focus to past/childhood/parents/current domestic obligations.

  3. Aparna says:

    Are progressed planets affected by this sort of thing? (My progressed Sun is current at 7 degrees Taurus, and just got done with an opposition to my natal Pluto at 6 degrees Scorpio)

    Thanks, Nadia! Your blog is awesome!

  4. Elyse says:

    I have my own personal evolution that is part of this conjunction but more interesting is how Hurricane Sandy hit us October 28, 2012 and today one of the most historic boardwalks here on the Jersey Shore has been engulfed in a 10 alarm fire destroyed yet more of our landmarks and memories. During the Sandy and her aftermath I thought a lot about the impact of Saturn moving into Scorpio and this revisit is interesting.

  5. Beth says:

    Wow, you’ve provided some amazing food for thought and understanding here — thank you!

    This triple conjunction is happening right on top of my natal Venus at 8 Scorp in house 2. The Oct. 25 of last year bit in particular is helping me to put some major insights together. Just wow! Thanks again.

  6. Richelle says:

    Love the cat pics! I have good ole’ Pluto(R) in Scorpio at 7.24 degrees in the 6th house. Don’t really recall anything from October.

    • Nadia says:

      Then just focus on what’s happening now. Interesting, you’re the 4th commenter who is mentioning their 6th House being activated. Funny how these things happen in waves. 6th House=health, work, habits and doing for others. Any or all of those issues may be pronounced.

  7. Minerva says:

    this is interesting as my ac is 7 deg Scorpio and I am getting married on the 18th :-)

  8. amy says:

    Thank you so much for this Nadia! Sorry, I’m going to pepper you with questions so I can really understand how to read it… hope you don’t mind! Oct 25 ’12 was a time loaded with stuff and still has not found any resolution … partly I am not sure if it has to do with the node/saturn conjunction or scorpio eclipses, because it is very def. of scorpio themes, and scorpio is in my natal 7th house and I am taurus ascendent. I have no natal planets 7-9 degrees in scorpio or taurus – so I am assuming that I may not have any rude awakenings. But right now all- venus 2 degrees, saturn 8 degrees and NN 8 degrees are transiting 6th house. Does that mean it is a chance for me to get my act together in terms of working habits/health? Do you take into account only natal planetary degrees or do the transiting degrees carry any weight too? Thank you ever so much!

  9. Ana M. Oliveira says:

    I have an opposition here (mars in taurus 8º degrees (2ndH)…
    and a conjunction with natal Neptune 11º degrees in Scorpio…
    squaring n saturn and SN in the same degree in Aquarius…
    oh, girl, what can I say?! what a rollercoaster September and October will be!

  10. mc says:

    Yes, with the planets moving through Cancer, the above transits since last October through my 7th and squaring my Nodes and touching my grand water trine part of my kite (spined on Virgo/Pisces) – finding myself trudging through a tough relationship with a co-dependant who is trying very hard to get along in life – lighting up my whole psyche.

  11. acquagal says:

    bring it on… transit venus/saturn/NN conj my natal jupiter in scorpio in my 10H, opposing my 4H, trine my sun, the gemini’s mars and venus, and my NN in cancer in my 7H, also trining transit jupiter and lilith in my 7H. i can’t wait for mercury to join the party… mercury (my 7H ruler) is conj his juno in libra, trine his sun and my venus in gemini in my 5H and soon to conj his moon, my saturn and mars in 9H/MC/pluto and moon in my 10H, then off to scorpio to trine my 7H. last october, our relationship became more public after years of having to be secret, and we even discussed living together… so excited for this fall.

  12. Kisses says:

    Oh great. I just looked at my progressed chart and my progressed AC is 9 deg scorpio. I remember events from around 25 Oct last year, and with my natal sun 3 deg scorpio 2nd house, it was very intense. What happened then remains unresolved though I did get an apology, which means if it’s coming up again and especially in this time of healing, maybe I can hope for progress? (a possible romance) :)

    I remember these other posts, especially the saturn in scorpio one as that frightened me a little. But they did prepare me for this year’s events and I remembered to keep things positive, because for me, it looks like everything is going wrong! (I’m having all the scorpio themes as well as 2nd house ones). It has been hard to learn acceptance and especially learning to let go. Your posts on healing have been extremely helpful, Nadia, thank you again for those. I am trying to remember about healing through transformation and I practice gratitude every day. One day, I want to be full of the joys, looks like there’s still a long road ahead. Ok. (acceptance!) :) Although, just to say on acceptance, there’s something really odd that I’ve noticed this year, which is as soon as you accept something, things don’t take all that long to improve, and sometimes, they exceed your expectations. Really strange. It’s like you have to give up what you want and next thing, you’re looking at something better. Weird year, I don’t know whether to be happy or sad!

    • Nadia says:

      I’d say what you described about acceptance is definitely a reason to be happy! But it’s perfectly ok to be sad at the same time…normal, in fact. Nothing is pure darkness or pure joy. There’s always a mix, even when you’re as low as you can go. This is humbling and encouraging at the same time.

  13. Siobhan says:

    Last October I experienced one of the more devastating psychic experiences ever. I was “surrounded” by the emanation of someone who had died earlier in the year. I felt dipped in and out of reality like a tea bag. Once so heavy and dense with manifestation, then suddenly feeling so airy and light as to have no substance whatsoever. I would experience walking down the street, see my self doing it, and know about the experience as an abstract idea all at the same time. I would sense my self floating around myself.
    I felt so detached from solid life, I was sure I would wake up dead one day. This went on for several weeks during which I wept and trembled nearly all day. From 9/22 up until mid-February of 2013. A frightening meltdown did occur near 10/24. I’m not sure if I want this to happen again. I seriously almost checked into a hospital. Anyone with any ideas of what this could have been or how to deal with a recurrence, please let me know.

    • Nadia says:

      Thanks for sharing this. Unfortunately, I can’t give you any insight without analyzing your chart (I’m guessing some 12th House energy at play). I don’t find that there are carbon-copy repeats of experiences from transits, even if they hit the exact same spot in your chart.

  14. Debbie says:

    exactly conjunct my 1st house Neptune, hoping indeed the many years of devoted hard work, especially confronting my “own hidden demons” will reveal me as the genuinely good person I now am. that I always thought i was before when I seemed to constantly be suffering wrongful conviction for crimes I didnt commit? yeah anyway i know what i mean lol. I accept the negative “reality check” is possible however it is possibly good potential with this in the first house on Neptune isnt it? or am I being delusional, also a neptune influence?

    • Debbie says:

      actually, what I am sensing and even slightly seeing is not the me as such being revealed, its those opposing me or open enemies for want of a better description (7th house) finding it very hard to hide their ill intent and dishonesty that had me buried in so much that wasnt mine to carry (guessing the cardinal cross has something to do with this too?) Anyway I dont wish shame on anyone, just fairness and a balancing of the scales that at lease is fair for me for a change and to be seen in a better light than those who have judged me from their own “story”, I actually feel the faith and the karma rather than the fear from Saturn this time?

  15. Ayesha says:

    @Siobhan: I can relate tot your story, I’ve gone through something similar… about 12 yrs ago. It wasn’t untill I could help the entity move on that I felt totally myself again… I learned quite a lot from that experience… Most of all to secure my aura. I was already aware of my need of staying grounded and worked with that. Securing my boundaries for the unwanted energy of the living is an ongoing thing. Being a compassionate person I find it difficult tot balance between reaching out to someone in need and getting sucked in by someone needy… I can honestly say that with entity troubles I will get help from some experienced psychic if it were to occur ever again. Maybe this period we’re in now is reminding you of promises you made tot yourself when you came to, after the profound psychic experience you mention.
    @ Nadia: I stumbled across your site (synchronicity) and I am thrilled by the insights you provide and trigger. Thank you for sharing. :-)

  16. CW says:

    Okay, so I’ve been trying to do the work. I’ve been trying really, effing hard. But I’m not there yet. So can I have, just a little more time please? Then I will be there and all will be fine.
    It’s not fair that I’m going to get it. It’s not for a lack of trying. I AM trying. It’s just really, really hard.

  17. sunlight says:

    Hi Nadia, my natal Venus is in 8 degrees in Scorpio in my 10 house. What may I expect from the aspect?

  18. Em says:

    Thank-you for this – The triple comjunction is exactly conjunct my IC – on my birthday! Happy Solar return! :)

  19. Gina says:

    I have Saturn, north node in my fifth house and Venus will be entering as well. I don’t remember exactly what I was doing last October except working on transitioning out of a job I have been in for sixteen years and have learned to hate. I started to take classes in a totally different field. I have Neptune conj in my midheaven and sq the moon. Does anyone know what all of this means for me? Thanks Gina

  20. Madhumita says:

    Hi, i am told that this planetary event happened in Jan 91, May 2002 too! Well my life changed 360 degrees both times in those earlier periods. From a period of ennui, and stagnancy, it went into 5th gear, with lots of challenges and accomplishments! Also both times ppl close 2 me got diagnosed with serios mental disorders. Right now I am trying hard to rehabilitate one of them. What does all this mean. So exhausting to have such a roller-coaster of an unpredictable life!

  21. Jon says:

    Hey that’s crazy I have sixth house scorpio too. I don’t think it’s good tho nothing happened last year except I met a girl on the 31st? Anyways just figured I’d throw it there’s too, tho mines like real bad, major problems at work and home, tho I’m curiously numb about them. It will hopefully workout tho.

  22. Jen says:

    Nadia, Thanks for the great insight!

    This triple conjunction is opposing my 10th house saturn at 8 degrees Taurus, while my natal venus is 26 degrees Taurus and I have Neptune in Scorpio at 27. Even though my natal venus and neptune are not at the critical degrees would they still play in the mix. I also am a 12th house cancer with a Pisces moon. With todays full moon and this conjunction I feel like a ball of electricity – not knowing what will pop! – Jen

  23. fiinyx says:

    Transiting Pluto has been firing up my 6th house NN at 8degs for quite some time now…now this sextile from Saturn/Venus should bring some welcome relief by way of clarity…but which NN does one pay more attn to at this point??? Confusing??? Opposes progressed 10th house Cancer Sun, Juno, Mercury at 10degs from progressed 4th house…more confusing. Although I did read an interesting post about sextiles in mutual reception being likened to an “escape route” a second chance kind of thing to get it right at the last pass (the first two retrogrades give hints as to what “that” may be)…does this sound about right Nadia?

    • Madhumita says:

      fiinyx – by first two retrogrades do you mean the one in 1991 and in 2002 ? Thanks. I am using those to benchmark my expectations. Those were the earlier two occasions when a similar configuration happened, I am told

    • Nadia says:

      Pay attention to both NN (TR and natal). Not sure about the sextiles as an escape route…more like an opportunity that you really have to pay attention to make use of.

  24. Chanel says:

    Hi Nadia, your interpretation is very attractive.
    On 25.10.2012 through a lawyer I started enforcement proceedings against my uncle who owes me a lot of money.
    T Venus conj. N Pluto in I° in Virgo – T Saturn conj. T Sun in II° in Scorpio – T NN conj. Mercury in II° in Scorpio.
    But until now the practice is locked.

    On 20.09.2013 in a month there is the last term in order to continue the practice. Perhaps the situation is unlocked?
    T NN conj. T Saturn conj T Venus in II° in Scorpio = square Mars in V° in Aquarius

    I have N Venus in VIII° in Taurus ..

  25. V. says:

    Hi Nadia: Transit Venus/Saturn/NN conj. my natal Saturn 7 degrees Scorpio in my second house opposing my natal Venus in the 8H @10 degrees Taurus. I am well educated & got job in January, after being unimpeded for five years . It is well paid job. But my husband wants to retire in June 2014 (he believes we can afford to retire, I am scared that the market will crash again-our investments are our retirement.) This is bringing lots of tension into our relationship. In addition, since April I am experiencing significant problems w/ my aging parents that live oversees (I am the only child. ) The relationship with my parents was always very difficult (controlling parents) and perhaps this is the reason why I am six time zones away. Is it vise to plan retirement? I also have natal Uranus @19 degrees Cancer (soon to be affected by transiting Jupiter) 10H opposing NN in Capricorn (4H) and forming Y with my natal Jupiter (22 Gemini (9th H) and natal Moon /Pluto @20/ 22 Leo (11H) Natal Sun is 22 de 7th H Aries. Also I am would like to divot more time to my hobby (painting, art) Any hope I will develop such skills?

  26. Madhumita says:

    anyone else with significant experiences of change in 91 and 2002 experiencing deep sadness and loneliness right now? Would be comforting to know :-)

  27. Dana says:

    Hi Nadia, what would this cunjuction mean in someone’s natal chart. My friend’s baby was born on the 17th and I was just wondering how it would influence her natal chart. The aspect is in her 5th house. Thank you for your time

    • Nadia says:

      It might make it easier for her to follow her NN path (Venus acts like a positive draw). Although Saturn will demand that she is responsible for what she does along this path. Depending on how she deals with hard work, it may make her incredibly focused or slow her down.

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