April, 2014: The Cardinal Cross and Eclipses

Photo by http://ineedchemicalx.deviantart.com/

Photo by http://ineedchemicalx.deviantart.com/










How about next month, eh? There’s so much going on that I’m going to break it down into multiple posts. This post will be an introduction.

Here’s an overview of what’s up in April:

  • Pluto will station retrograde on April 14th (at 13 degrees Capricorn)
  • There’s a Full Moon Lunar eclipse on April 15th (at 25 degrees Libra) with a Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Aries that will be squaring Pluto
  • The Uranus/Pluto square will be exact on April 21st (at 13 degrees Aries/Capricorn)
  • The Uranus/Pluto square will be part of a Grand Cardinal Cross involving Jupiter in Cancer and Mars Rx in Libra (which will also inconjunct Venus in Pisces). The Cross will be exact from April 22nd-23rd (at 13 degrees), but will be in effect from April 14th, with input from the Moon in Libra and Mercury in Aries
  • There’s New Moon Solar eclipse on April 29th (at 8 degrees Taurus)

That’s a big month (especially if you have planets/angles in the cardinal signs). Over the next few days, I’ll write posts on each of the above influences. But for now, know that the Cross is nothing more than accelerated change. We’ve been feeling this change with the Uranus/Pluto square, which has been active since 2012. Mars and Jupiter are just pushing things along.

Transiting Pluto and Mars will be Rx, so the areas of your chart they are moving through will be where you need to reevaluate your actions (Mars) and areas of major transformation (Pluto). Uranus and Jupiter will be direct, so the areas of your chart they are moving through will be where you can expand (Jupiter) and innovate (Uranus). The tension of the cross will create motivation. It will be almost impossible for anyone to avoid making changes next month.

Planets/angles/Nodes (Progressed or natal) from:

  • 12-16 degrees of the Cardinal signs will feel the Cross most strongly
  • 12-13 degrees Pisces will (indirectly) experience the Cross (through the inconjunct to Mars Rx)
  • 24-26 degrees of the Cardinal signs will feel the Full Moon eclipse
  • 7-9 degrees of the Fixed signs will feel the New Moon eclipse




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42 Responses to April, 2014: The Cardinal Cross and Eclipses

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you, Nadia, for your latest blog. Very synchronous, as I was looking through an ephemeris just last evening for the month of April. Your insights are always helpful and inspiring!

  2. on.the.coast says:

    Thanks Nadia, I am certainly looking forward to these articles! My MC is 13 Capricorn, and my ASC is 25 Aries. All of my angles will be getting hit next month, big time.

    Much of my life is hanging on by a thread, finances are terrible, I can barely afford the basics of living and might have to move yet again (I don’t know if I can even find cheaper accommodations in my city), and I have a job which I don’t know if I can keep because of a (permanent) chronic physical health condition which can render me non-functional at times. My health has been lousy for the past 6 months to the point I couldn’t work for most of it, and numerous deaths in the family.

    I am not normally given to hysterics because of a transit, but I’ll admit to being concerned about next month. Looking ahead, Jupiter will be conjunct my Sun and Venus in the 5th in the summer/early fall, so I’m hoping it won’t be a complete and utter crash.

  3. amy says:

    Hi Nadia… I’ve been waiting for this one! I’m Taurus rising. Just a question on orbs… don’t they usually say +/- 5 degrees of the eclipse point will be affected?

    • Nadia says:

      Some astrologers do, but I prefer tighter orbs for eclipses. Feel free to expand the orbs though, if you have a planet/angle close to the degree of the eclipse, and see if you feel it.

      • amy says:

        Yes, tighter orbs would make it more accurate I guess. Thanks Nadia :-)

        • amy says:

          Wow just looked at the degrees. Sun in Cancer at 16 degrees so I guess I’d better buckle up for the ride.
          I have progressed Chiron at 13 degrees Aries on the MC, progressed Uranus at 12 degrees in Libra on my IC.
          Though I’m Taurus rising, it’s my Leo IC/Aquarius MC that’s right on the solar eclipse at 8 degrees too.
          Nadia, even with all the challenges of a cross can I take this as a hopeful sign of a new beginning as it’s on the solar eclipse?

  4. Kisses says:

    Mercifully, I am not in the zone. :) I have progressed mars 23 Cap 4H, which might get a bump from the full moon eclipse, and my progressed AC is 9 Scorpio 2H, so I might feel the new moon eclipse as well. Is a degree out far enough to not feel it or are we still affected?

    My friend’s natal sun is 17 Cap 2H, a degree out from feeling the Cross most strongly. His IC is 13 Pisces, so he is the zone and will feel the Cross indirectly there. He’s a degree out for the new moon eclipse with Jupiter 6 Leo, too.

    It will be strange to have accelerated change after months of feeling stuck. Things happening at long last might be a shock in itself. I hope I will have moved home by then, the eclipse will probably nudge things if not. Pluto is in my 4H, so that’s major transformation. Mars Rx is my 1H, so I reevaluate myself? I am already doing that. Jupiter expands my 10H, I’m not asking for a palace but … 😉 Maybe I will exceed my expectations regarding my goals? Uranus innovates my 7H. That’s already happening, hopefully this one will be in a good way. :)

    Pluto is nearing my friend’s natal sun 2H – how many degrees would you say for a conjunction? – so major transformation ahead for him, which adds to Saturn on his AC this year. Mars Rx is his 11H, if he’s in transformation, he may reevaluate how he relates to his friends. Jupiter is in his 8H, so something to do with shared resources? Uranus will be on the cusp of his 4/5H, so how he relates to those closest will change too, as may his ideas of how he socialises.

    We have been hearing about April’s eclipses for a while now, are they any more dramatic than previous ones? I have known some eclipses to bring me terrible change, and others didn’t affect me at all, not that I noticed anyway.

    Thanks, Nadia :)

    • Nadia says:

      No, I’d say they are not any more dramatic. It’s just because they’re within the same time frame as the Cardinal Cross, but all eclipses carry weight.

      • Kisses says:

        Thanks, Nadia. Looking forward to this series of posts. I like that you use the word ‘motivation’, that’s how I feel, as well as determined to fight my little corner if need be. With the current dialed back energy, I kind of feel like an arrow that’s been pulled back and soon, I will be propelled forwards. I am thinking carefully where I want to land! I know with uranus, there is no knowing and I can’t plan, so I am just dreaming big (and bigger, and bigger!) because why not. Kind of worried though, things could turn to sh*t very easily, and last year’s eclipses brought bereavements, so there’s that fear too.

        • Kisses says:

          I just looked at my chart again in more depth. My vertex is 16 Aries. I don’t know much about the finer points of astrology but the vertex seems to be a thing. And my natal vesta is 13 Cancer.

          Reeeally weird energy right now…

  5. Tansaway says:

    Thanks Nadia. Wow! What a month!? Exciting and a tad scary :)
    Do you think that personal planets are affected more than outer planets at the degrees you mention or are they the same in intensity? So would it be more intense if it were hitting someone’s moon as opposed to someone’s Saturn as that is more of a generational thing?

  6. Tina says:

    Thank you Nadia. I really enjoy your blog. I will be waiting on pins and needles for your insights as my birthday is 4/15 with sun at 24 Aries in the 10th conjuct Mercury , moon at 13 Pices conjunct Venus also in the 10th, and my Jupiter is at 27 Libra in the 4th. It should be quite the year.

  7. marion says:

    Nothing in my cardinal signs are within the degrees of the cross, except my 5th house Vertex which is at the mars point of the cross. Will there be any effect on it at all?

  8. Tammi says:

    Ah yes, been buckling up for this one. Going to hit my 13.54 degree cancer moon in the first house. I have felt it coming -such a weird sensation but definitely accelerating.
    Oh and the eclipse will conjunct my natal pluto in the fourth house.
    Even though I have been advised by a few that with my moon involved it means I am going to be highly emotional (and likely in a bad way) – since the beginning of the year I have had the strongest gut feeling this year is going to be totally awesome.
    And I am going to hold onto that feeling no matter what.

    Thank you for your ‘to the point’ articles Nadia.

    • debbie says:

      My moon except in Libra Tammi, been feeling like I imagine Noah must have, time to build an arc lol!

    • Tammi says:

      I just noticed that transiting chiron will conjunct my pisces sun over the next week or two. Perhaps some healing is on its way and that is the positive feeling I have been sensing? Shall wait and see.

  9. CM says:

    Ooh, I’m excited for this. My natal Mars is at 16 Capricorn, but I have my progressed Jupiter, Midheaven, Venus, and Moon at 13-14 degrees Capricorn. I think it’ll give me a good opportunity to pay attention to my progressions because I’ve only just started to explore them. Then for the eclipses, my progressed Asc. is at 25 Aries. And my progressed Mars at 7 Aquarius. I will have to read up on progressions in the next few weeks!

  10. debbie says:

    Moon 14 Libra, ascendant axis 26Libra/Aries, Vesta 9Taurus, progressed Venus 12 Cancer??????????? yeah I knew it was coming yet and have been working on it but still??????????? :(

    • debbie says:

      I also have mars at 26 Leo and Saturn at 28 Cap so my ascendant is influenced with a passionate push from mars and brick wall from Saturn all the time, may be not getting a grip on it is showing me this, that its normally like banging my head on a brick wall, this will just give me a huge push to smash my head against the brick wall and hope the wall gives out first, so again ????? hmph

  11. Mary says:

    Thanks, Nadia. I’m hoping you will write more about the inconjunct between Pisces and Libra. I have a love/hate relationship with inconjuncts. There tough to wrap your mind around, but I think they seem to have a fateful quality — moving you out of a space — ready or not. So I have a close friend with 10 deg Aries rising and 13 degree Moon/Mercury Pisces conjunction. She has both problems with alcohol and her marriage. I look at this configuration and wonder if her husband will finally insist on medical treatment for her alcoholism — maybe precipitated by an emergency trip to the hospital. Is this a reasonably good interpretation?

  12. crys says:

    The Full Moon Lunar Ecl. (@25 Libra in my 9H) will be squaring my Mars @25 Capricorn in my 5H. I don’t have any ideas what could manifest from this. I’ll have to see. Fortunately, transiting Mars Rx has moved away from my natal Mars.

  13. eva says:

    Ugh. No, please! NO more brutal blows. I just cannot catch a break from this chaos. My Saturn is at 25 degrees Aries in my 7th house directly opposing this nightmare lunar eclipse. Need I mention that I’m also a moonchild? Eclipses ALWAYS throw my life into utter despair. Not a single one has been good. I fear for this one because Saturn in Aries squares my Venus 26 degrees in Cancer and my Sun in Cancer at 20. Also the Pluto in Cap is nearly exactly opposing my Mars at 14 degrees in Cancer. Coming from all sides I am completely broken down & destroyed. Worried that my only way out of this this tragedy is death/suicide. I have already endured several years of this madness and each year gets progressively worse & more difficult. Jupiter in Cancer seems nonexistent, as far as I’m concerned.

    • Nadia says:

      Sometimes Jupiter can be overshadowed by the harder planets. However, whether or not you feel its influence, it’s still happening in the area of your chart it’s occupying.

    • Hannah says:

      Hi Eva,
      I recommend not to fear the transits, but to stay connected to your own heart. Somewhere in these aspects we get thrown off the horse like a rider by our own EMOTIONS. Keep your feelings close to self-respect, avoid all judgement, all extreme reactions, and you will be fine. Cheers, Hannah

  14. debbie says:

    I just re read this and realised that if transit venus will be inconjunct mars, which will be on my moon which is inconjunct my natal venus, I may feel like I am on a very stylish “torture rack”, transit venus stressing from 6th, natal stressinh from 7th as usual buyt with the grand cross punch! oh my :(

    • debbie says:

      it would suggest emotional stress between work and relationship, yet i am unemployed and single…emotional breakdown due to the absence of both??? there must be a positive potential hidden like a sliver lining somewhere…

  15. Karen says:

    I have Quite a few angles and aspects going on reading this. I’m hopeful that the 29/4 solar eclipse in my 3rd house conjunct natal saturn. It really is time for a move. I feel that mostly the changes are long overdue. Thank you Nadia

  16. Sag rising says:

    Hi Nadia~

    The Boston marathon just happens to be on the exact day of the Pluto/Uranus square on April 21st. Could this indicate a “repeat” of last years events???

    Sag Rising

  17. Quinner says:

    Hi; I’m travelling to Russia on 23rd April – big wedding anniversary treat that isn’t looking too good at the moment. The Grand Cross hits my 12 degree Mars in the 6th, in Aries, and the other planets are in my 3rd, 9th and 12th houses. Am I right to be a little concerned??

  18. PaleBlue says:

    Good God. I thought I knew about all of what’s coming. Now I add a lunar eclipse exactly square my moon? On top of Pluto conj IC and opposite Sun, Uranus Conj. Desc and square Sun, North Node conj Neptune, 2nd Saturn return, and now lunar eclipse square moon and then solar eclipse exactly cusp of 8th house on the 29th… Am I going to… die? Holy … I feel the same as on.the.coast – I am SPENT already, from 2 broken hearts, too little money, complete exhaustion. I almost hope I don’t survive all this… ready to go home. Bring it.

  19. PaleBlue says:

    Eva – I’m with you. Can’t deal with much more.

  20. jules says:

    hi is it going to affect me i am cancer with leo accendent moon in scorpio i have mars in libra, venus in leo . hope its not bad i think cancerians have had a belly full

    thanks nadi jules

  21. Christina says:

    My sun is capricorn my moon is aries, my venus is 13 degrees capricorn, which will be conjunct with pluto at the same time of the grand cross.. Am I in for it??

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