The Grand Cardinal Cross: Brand New

Cardinal Cross




As promised, here’s my dissection of April’s Grand Cardinal Cross. Check out this post for introductions, dates and degrees.

What do we know about Cardinal signs? They are initiators; they mark the cusp of an event. Each Cardinal sign heralds a change of season (Libra/Fall Equinox, Aries/Spring Equinox, Cancer/Summer Solstice, Capricorn/Winter Solstice).  Yes, this Cross will be about change (obviously),  but I would expect to see some firsts here as well. We’re talking brand new territory.

Uranus in Aries is the wildcard, the unexpected drive for liberation. Squaring Jupiter (expansion) in Cancer, we have an unexpected (possibly overwhelming) emotionally-driven push (no logic). Jupiter in Cancer squares Mars (action) Rx in Libra, and Uranus will oppose Mars. Mars’ reversed motion suggests frustrations or inappropriate reactions to the Uranus/Jupiter influence. Being not quite prepared for what’s thrown at you. Or, being pushed to reconsider your actions. Mars squares Pluto Rx (power and transformation) in Capricorn. Any contacts between Mars and Pluto can be ruthless, but both are Rx in this configuration. A hidden/passive-aggressive push for power? Pluto opposes Jupiter, and Jupiter will amplify the power/aggression energy (but I still think it will be indirect, or sublimated). And the Uranus/Pluto square (which has been covered in previous posts) will continue with its “out with the old, in with the new” agenda.

The Cross will be exact on April 22nd-23rd,  but if you have planets/points/angles in this Cross’ hot zone, you may start to feel it on April 14th, when the Moon conjuncts Mars (in Libra) and Mercury approaches Uranus. This could be a anticipatory ping; an unexpected conversation or surprising message. A hint of what’s to come. Pay attention to what you hear/read on this date. Then Mars Rx will inconjunct Venus in Pisces on April 19th (at 14 degrees), suggesting tension between what you want (the dream romance? the beautiful ideal?) and how you go about getting it. Actions (Mars Rx) may misfire, or not be deployed at all. This inconjunct feels like a frustrated suitor, gazing at his dream woman but feeling impotent (maybe she’s unavailable, or doesn’t know he exists). Either way, Mars Rx is not a good time to launch a full-on pursuit of what looks tempting. Mars Rx also suggests taking another shot at something, but the inconjunct to Venus suggests…not failure, but not success either.

And that tension builds into the Cross, which could shake out in many, many different ways. You need to look at your chart, and what natal points are being activated. But overall, this feels like being confronted with what you can’t quite have/achieve, and making a break for new territory because of it. Grand Crosses motivate (I used this word in the previous post) and I think this is the energy to hang your hat on. What’s not working in your life? This Cross will be the breaking point, and you’ll have to adjust your course. It’s a chance to jump, but that jump will be powered by caffeine, sugar, frustration and longing. You can go further and faster than you think is possible, as long as you’re aiming for what’s fresh.

Will it hurt? Will there be a disaster? Not necessarily. Some folks are predicting fire and brimstone, but you need to keep it in perspective with what’s actually happening in your life. The only pain will result from stagnant situations (that you’re clinging to) being blown away. Jupiter is part of this Cross, and that’s a good thing. I know Jupiter is not a guarantee of cushy landings, but it is amplified here. Jupiter brings the happy epilogue, or the “I can see how this worked out for the best” moment.

There’s more posts to come about the excitement that is April. Stay tuned.

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31 Responses to The Grand Cardinal Cross: Brand New

  1. Charley says:

    Thank you Nadia, you really explain things so fantastically!

  2. Kisses says:

    Sounds exciting! After going through saturn in scorpio, I can honestly say blowing away stagnant situations is a very good thing. It’s a shock, because stagnancy has the veil of stability about it, you feel stuck and feel there’s nothing you can do, so you get used to it. When it’s taken away, you can breathe again and the future is full of possibility once more.

    From the point of view of healing, it’s an opportunity. Trapped in a cage of your own fears is no life. I started to break free of mine last year, thanks to saturn in scorpio, and my friend is in crisis right now, being equally challenged. So far, he has been the frustrated suitor! He always said I was beyond his reach and he didn’t feel good enough. He couldn’t accept I like him anyway. We date to the level of our self-worth. Healing self-worth, what we feel we deserve, shattering those lies and illusions we tell ourselves, that’s all positive. New territory indeed, as we step up and view new horizons!

    None of this is easy. Shedding old skins, changing ingrained habits. It’s hard. It’s a shock to realise you had it wrong all along. By the same token, it’s a shock to realise what you were angry about – you were right. With Rx planets, I think it’s not what’s outside that shakes your foundations, it’s what you wake up to within.

    In my life, seeds sown last year are starting to grow. My relationships that survived are more honest. Authentic. My friend has natal uranus on his scorpio AC, I know he has been feeling stressed and confused lately. It’s hard for me not to step in and help, he has to figure this out for himself. His journey. In the past, I would have jumped to help, now I realise that doesn’t help anyone, it’s disempowering for them.

    As sun scorpio, I have seen the extremes of feast/famine many times. I know hard times pass and good times are equally as fleeting. My life changed dramatically last year and I know there is a bit more to come, but this time, it’s the good stuff. I am terrified and excited in equal measure! What would be fresh for me would be a healthy, loving relationship. I spent my entire life as a codependent and feeling abandoned. I served others and didn’t spare a second for myself, and I relied on no one but myself. My challenge is to learn to trust again. It’s pretty much the same for my friend.

    Growth doesn’t come if you’re not challenged. Whatever happens in April, seemingly good or bad, is what needs to happen. Best to allow it and make sense of it later. :)

  3. Jill says:

    Guess what Nadia. I’m moving on April 1. Didn’t see that one coming until later this year but the Universe has other plans. Made me laugh. I think I’m ahead of the curve here. This one is making a direct hit on my moon in the 9th as Jupiter connects. Perfect for a fairly long-distance move!

  4. magiczara says:

    THANK YOU! I really appreciate the depth of this post. I know there are a lot of panicked people out there and I’m sure they appreciate this too.

  5. heather says:

    wow….’caffeine, sugar, frustration & longing’- nicely sums up my life since the last cross :)

  6. JW says:

    Thanks for this. My Sun takes a direct hit from Uranus here. 2nd, 4th, 8th and 10th houses impacted here. Is there a large closet I can hide in for a while?

    • Fiinyx says:

      @ JW…make that 2 large closets lol 1st house Cancer Sun 13degs to 7, 4 and 10…sounds much like measurements for a tailor made coffin!!!But jokes aside will those with nodes in Can/Cap & Aries/Libra feel it just as much too?

  7. marion says:

    Hi Nadia,

    To what extent will the grand cross affect composite charts, progressed charts and SR charts?

    Thank you

  8. debbie says:

    May be other things are happening in my chart but I feel something big building already and strangely there is a deep sense of excitement somewhere within that keeps overriding any anxiety or anguish that tries to overwhelm, its not mental control, its emotional.

    I wil be experiencing a Yod with this cross as transit Venus will be sextile natal in 7th and mars will be on my Libra moon, which in natal is quincunx venus, it will have my moon in 12th house as the apex while being conjuncted by mars opposed by Uranus and squared by jupiter and pluto.

    I think I should be fearing, I feel I am excited, may be I am just insane now that pluto has finished opposing my cancer sun and merc?

    • debbie says:

      Oh yeah BML will be blatantly conjunct my MC…which opposes my Jupiter/IC conjunction, I so hope I dont let myself or others down after all this hard work :(

      • Kisses says:

        You’ll be fine, you’ve already done the groundwork. Anxiety and excitement both feel the same in the body. :)

        • debbie says:

          yes thanks for that welcome reminder Kisses, it took a lot of work/practice to recognise the adreneline rush was so similar with good anticipation as it is with fight flight and see it as it really is, so will use it wisely. Blessings!

  9. Jimmer says:

    Great post Nadia, thank you, no one does quite it like you. I have ascendant at 13 Gemini so I’m hoping for a win on the 22nd.

  10. enigmanomaly says:

    Been waiting for this post! :) The planets aspecting are my sun ruler (Jupiter – Sag), Moon ruler (Mars – Aries), chart ruler (Pluto – Scorpio). Uranus has been charging my natal moon at 10 degrees Aries (conjunct Jupiter at 14 degrees and opposing my Pluto at 11 degrees Libra). There’s no escaping all these energies for me! Appreciate the reassurance & affirmation of different themes i’m sorting thru…“out with the old, in with the new,” “aiming for what is fresh,” “being confronted with what you can’t quite have/achieve, and making a break for new territory because of it.” it’s confusing and intense, different circumstances i’m swimming in tied to these energies…

  11. amy says:

    I was away for a few days and came back to find lots of stellar posts! Thanks Nadia :-) I have to be away again, also long distance, and many flights on the dates the cross is exact! … is it generally a bad idea to travel? My chart is right on the firing line on all fronts.

  12. Quinner says:

    I left a comment on your previous post, but basically my question is the same as Amy’s – if your chart is getting a direct hit – from Uranus onto 12degree Mars – on the 23rd, and the other planets are in your 3rd, 9th and 12th houses, is this really a good day to take a long flight?
    Thanks in advance for any comments or advice anyone has …

  13. stardust says:

    “This inconjunct feels like a frustrated suitor, gazing at his dream woman but feeling impotent (maybe she’s unavailable, or doesn’t know he exists).”

    I absolutely love your explanation of Mars Rx inconjunct Venus! It is so simple and practical. Generally, I think there should be more such explanations in astrology with examples because everything I read is too theoretical and unconnected to real life. Moreover, inconjunct is one of the hardest things in astrology to explain and this example you have given has opened a whole new world of understanding for me, so thank you very much for this.

    Would you say that Marx Rx inconjunct Venus in a male natal chart makes its owner behave like this?

    • Nadia says:

      You’re welcome. Natal Mars inconjunct Venus in a man’s chart would act suggests his actions might be out of step with what he desires. Maybe he comes on too strong, or isn’t sure when to pursue. He’s not a “smooth operator” with the ladies, for sure, because there’s always tension and anxiety about relationships.

  14. Cassie says:

    Didn’t realize until now that my chart is oriented exactly like the Cardinal Cross, w Asc in Libra and MC in Cancer. Wow!

  15. Cassie says:

    Mars Rx is going to directly oppose my Mars in Aries too!
    Crazy !

  16. Cassie says:

    Is it correct to assume that Jupiter transiting over Mercury in Cancer, 10th house means a possible boost in the career sector? (Possibly via new ideas and communications) Something like that?
    Just yes or no question here; to check if my interpretation is in the ballpark.
    Thank you, Nadia!

  17. Fiinyx says:

    Im trying t find any post regarding those wth NN in Scorpio at 13 degs sextile tr. Pluto in relation to th GCC (in the 12th house too)My friend is in prison due for release on th 22nd April wth tr. Pluto 3rd house cusp triggering movement of sm kind..Im jst hoping she stays out and gets well (she chronically ill Piscean wth Uranus in Scorpio 12H rules her Aqua IC).Anyhow she also has composite Cancer/Cap north node at 9degs which Mars Direct will trigger first followed by a square fm th tr. Nodes smtym nxt year I think…Im sure I read one of yr brilliant posts about Mars squaring the nodes but was wantn t knw wot happens whn tr. r nodes square the natal nodes???

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