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Here we are on the other side of the Full Moon eclipse in Libra.

A peak has been reached, and we stand in the aftermath. There’s a pause that happens after an eclipse…an exhalation. Even in the midst of the building Cardinal Cross energy.

The next couple of days will not be free of aspects, but these energies will be briefer. Quieter. On April 16th, Mercury in Aries opposes Mars Rx at 16 degrees Libra. Sure, this suggests tense words/thoughts (Mercury) driven by passive-aggressive actions (Mars Rx). Frustrations that pop out, and you’re not sure what you’re annoyed about. A few hours later, Mars backs into a tense inconjunct with Chiron (Wounded Healer) in Pisces. That’s the “ouch” resulting from misdirected anger, or frustrations that aren’t fully acknowledged. The sensitivity that you’re not aware of, until you’re standing right on it. But this is brief (one day). Aspects like this are akin to a mosquito; give it a swat, and move on.

From April 16th to 17th, Venus in Pisces trines Jupiter at 13 degrees Cancer, which is niiice. The dreamy feeling that floods your senses. The chance to release (Pisces) whatever tension built up during the eclipse, even as it overlaps with Mercury opposite Mars. Take a day or two to relax, forgive, and treat yourself. Venus (love, money, self-esteem) wants more when she’s touched by Jupiter. This is lazy energy; it’s nap time, cocktails, escape. If this was a long-term aspect, there would be a risk of overdoing it (diving into debt, fantasy, addiction). But this aspect is so brief, the damage that you might do is minimal. I suppose if you’re determined to wring the worst out of this, you could. But what not simply honour the urge to feel ok, for the moment?

Note that Venus will also be sextiling Pluto Rx in Capricorn (which will be opposing Jupiter). Venus sextile Pluto is manageable intensity (the quiet obsession), but I think the trine will overwhelm the sextile (which is a weaker version of a trine). Pluto will push Jupiter, which will create an intensified/expanded push for “more” (of whatever is represented by the natal house transiting Jupiter is in). The temporary release will be Venus in Pisces. “Temporary” because Pluto Rx opposite Jupiter is part of the Cardinal Cross.

If you have planets/angles/Nodes (natal or progressed) from 15-16 degrees of the Cardinal signs or Pisces, you’ll feel the Mercury/Mars opposition (and inconjunct to Chiron). 12-13 degrees Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces or Capricorn will feel the Venus/Jupiter trine (and aspects to Pluto).

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16 Responses to After The Eclipse

  1. marion says:

    Thanks Nadia for highlighting the Venus-Jupiter trine. It is nice to see some easy watery stuff in the midst of these dense days. That is some relief for the 13th degree.

    What are your thoughts on the concepts of nodal degrees and critical degrees? The cross will happen at a critical degree (13 of cardinal).
    In my case the Fate axis of vertex is at 13 Libra-Aries. THIRTEEN is also my nodal degree cos my NN-SN are at 13 Saggitarius-Gemini. Given that nodes also indicate karma just as much as Vertex, I am scared ever since i read about critical and nodal degrees today.

    Also generally what will be the effect of the cardinal cross on planets/points that are at the 13th degree of fixed and mutable signs in any natal chart?

    • Nadia says:

      “What are your thoughts on the concepts of nodal degrees and critical degrees?” The Cardinal Cross will have such a strong effect that one more significant issue is not going to make a difference. 13 degrees Cardinal is going to feel it, and the fact that it’s a critical degree just piles another layer of intensity on top. But the end result is going to be dramatic, no matter what.

      “Also generally what will be the effect of the cardinal cross on planets/points that are at the 13th degree of fixed and mutable signs in any natal chart?” I can’t make generalizations, because each sign is different and this topic is too big to address in the comments section.

      • marion says:

        Yes. ‘Intensity piling up layers’ is surely the status quo.

        I also just noticed that the pluto end of the grand cross activates the 4 January 2011 solar eclipse point at 13 Capricorn. While simultaneously on the day of the cross, Saturn activates the 13 Nov 2012 Solar eclipse point at 21 Scorpio.

        A family i know have their suns as follows.
        Mother – 13 Capricorn, Son – 13 Gemini, Father – 21 Taurus.
        All of them will have eclipses which occurred on/opposite their natal suns within last 3 years, activated by outer planets during the time of the grand cross.

        Omg. I am so excited for next week to where i have become so inactive except for studying charts of people i know….sleeping more like kisses till the storm passes…:)

  2. Céline says:

    But Venus is also exactly sextile to Pluto on the same day. Isn’t it insigtful?

    • Nadia says:

      Post updated. Mercury (information and communication) sextile Pluto would be insightful. Venus sextile Pluto adds depth to Venus’ wants. But there’s no insight involved…it’s just want.

  3. debbie says:

    Progressed Venus at 12Cancer18, double impact and loving it, got one of those emotionally “Moving” feel good emails from my 21 yo son bout “Mothers”, feels like the Happy Ending to the past few years is possible, not fantasy although that feels good to, more genuinely hopeful than anything :)

  4. Kisses says:

    I enjoyed the eclipse, though I did feel extremely tired and I’ve been sleeping a lot. :) I’m not in the zone for these aspects, but my friend is with his 13 Pisces IC. Also, transiting pluto is close to his natal sun 17 Cap 2H.
    Feels like all the important stuff is happening underneath, out of sight. Most people I know are very quiet right now, bar the occasional grump of frustration. If I didn’t know about mars Rx, I would have been extremely sad about my friend right now, as I was last time 2 years ago. This time, I’ve found a sort of patience, although I’m not sure how I feel yet, except inbetween. Everything feels sort of pending….
    I was in the zone for the Grand Cross of 1999 and looks like I am again this time.
    Thanks, Nadia :)

    • Kisses says:

      I’m feeling the pluto Rx, I think. Instead of blaming others, I feel a sort of dissatisfaction with myself and there’s a spotlight on where I see I’m going wrong very clearly. It’s significant because as a codependent, of the very worse kind, my task now is to find a way to heal utter destruction. I’ve been looking at this since last summer but couldn’t find a way past how sorry I felt for myself. And now, I can feel that changing. So the lunar eclipse just closed the door on desolation, I think? I’m in the inbetween right now, but I’m already looking at the shiny new door where the sun is… In other words, never mind my friend or all my other disappointments, how lovely to begin to heal me. I am treating myself to flowers today. 😀

      • Kisses says:

        My other thought is the grand cross of 1999 brought rapid deterioration of my health after which I lost my job. So my lessons were to stop ‘mothering’ everyone else and learn to look after myself. I absolutely did not before. Now, I’ve reached a point where I can feel I exist and I do matter. How I feel matters. This is a revelation!! As the ground shifts beneath me, and the whole foundation of my world is corrected, I know I’m looking at a healthier future emotionally. But I’m just wondering, will this grand cross bring a rapid improvement to my health too? I had completely written off any hope and just accepted things. But I wonder…?

  5. sarah says:

    I’m very perplexed heading towards the cross because everything building I had assumed would be the subject for me- but it has all actually occurred with the eclipse and I can’t imagine what’s left to end/transform…etc. Could it be all new, out of the blue territory?

    • Nadia says:

      Could be, or it could be that it all got cleared away around the eclipse. The issue/tension doesn’t always stretch out for the entire length of the transit.

  6. voda says:

    What is the time frame for the effects of the eclipse? how long before and how long after the actual eclipse can the actual event/effect happen? because I witnessed nothing on the day of the eclipse.

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