The Full Moon Eclipse in Libra


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April 15th’s Full Moon Lunar eclipse (at 25 degrees Libra) is loaded.

On April 14th, we have Mercury in Aries conjunct Uranus; the words/idea/reveal that jolt you into awareness. Also on April 14th, Pluto in Capricorn turns retrograde (at 13 degrees), intensifying its excavation of stale rules/restrictions. This becomes ultra-internalized, obsessive work. Finding a piece of detritus you’ve been clinging to, zeroing in on it, and blasting it away. This is the degree of the Cardinal Cross, pulling its theme of fresh starts into the eclipse mix. You can’t have a start without an ending. Hence, the Full Moon eclipse.

All this sets the stage for April 15th, when Mercury will square Pluto. After the awakening (Uranus), as the intensified search for transformation (Pluto Rx) begins, there will be the compulsion to put it all into words. To make sense of it. To deliver the message (even if no one wants to hear it). And then…the eclipse. The results of a Libra issue (in the context of your natal house being impacted). Mercury is such a strong driver for this eclipse, I feel that it will be shocking/blunt conversations or information that tip the scales.

Because it won’t be balanced. Libra wants harmony, but with all the Cardinal Cross energy it’s not going to happen. What we will see are people swinging from one extreme to the other; reacting. This is what Libra does, when stressed.

Libra/Aries issues will be the overall theme, and there are many possibilities:

  • relationship discoveries/honesty
  • confrontations about projecting/dependence
  • socially correct versus the truth OR socially aware versus selfish behavior
  • the “perfect” image, blown apart

Keep in mind that what this eclipse concludes will be necessary in order to navigate the Cross. “Concludes” can mean anything from transitioning from single to married, married to divorced, employed to jobless, jobless to employed, etc. It’s the closing of one chapter, so another can begin. Since this will be a culmination, it won’t come out of nowhere. Events have been building for awhile.

It’s doubtful you’ll be able to control what happens, but you can be aware. Remember that Mercury is the key, so stay alert to what you’re saying and hearing. Also keep in mind the Libra swing between extremes. You’ll be tempted to overcompensate. Maybe you’ll go into placating mode, or “I don’t need anyone” mode. Try to approach the middle ground (even if no one else is). If something is taken away, act like an adult and be polite. I know! I’m asking too much. But seriously. Show that you’ve got class and restraint, when others don’t. There will be repercussions, and people will remember how you handled yourself. If something unexpected but hopeful hits you, don’t fall to pieces (good news can be just as jarring as bad news). Again…deep breath, play it cool. Stay gracious.

Who can be gracious in the middle of a Cardinal Cross/eclipse/Mercury vomit/merciless Pluto Rx march? You can.

If you have planets/angles/Nodes (natal or progressed) from 23 to 26 degrees of the Cardinal signs, you’ll feel this eclipse most intensely.


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75 Responses to The Full Moon Eclipse in Libra

  1. Kisses says:

    lol ‘mercury vomit’! Needed that. :) Started to feel weepy today, so I can feel it’s begun. Remembering eclipses and hard times in the past, I got through those, I’ll handle this one too, but boy, you’re right about Libra extremes. It’s VERY hard to stay centred right now. But hey, I have a centre to go to. Grateful for that much. Today, I tried an exercise where I took a step back from my feelings. As soon as I did, I fell asleep. That was soooo nice! :)

    I’m in the zone with progressed mars 23 Cap 4H, and that’s it. Which is plenty considering it’s mars and also 4H! My friend doesn’t seem to be in the zone. Lucky him.

    This week is so weird. Feels like I only have to breathe and I’ve crossed someone’s boundary. What next? Being punished for blinking?!

    Thanks, Nadia :)

  2. Michelle says:

    My Aries sun is 19.18 degrees – a little outside the 23-26 degree zone you mention above, true, but close enough to be strongly affected?

  3. Starbright says:

    What can be more to the point; natal Libra Sun 23 degrees in the 11th house and natal Capricorn Jupiter in the second also at 23 degrees. Quiet, cautious but optimistic is my game for this month.

  4. debbie says:

    conjunct Libra ascendant/Aries descendant axis, a sense of belonging and feeling valued, finally as it builds :)

    • debbie says:

      this is also quincunx vertex, its time for a good and perfect life or a good and perfect death, my choice, either is for good cause :) hoping obviously for good life, accepting that is no longer in my hands… and never was intended to be

      • debbie says:

        it is choice and Libra love fairness and freedom of choice, as does Aries, this to me is where they meet at the happy medium (excuse the pun) or the fulcrum of harmony.

  5. marion says:

    Omg. My natal Uranus is at 26 Libra on the moon end of the eclipse. Transiting Uranus+Mercury opposite my Vertex, exact again.

    Too much Uranus to handle….:(

  6. Cici says:

    Hi Nadia, I’ve been wondering if this eclipse part of the same series from October 2013? Would anything from early November apply? Or is this more related to the recent Aries new moon?

    I was in an awful imbalanced relationship last October and during the LIbra new moon I set an intention to find balance in my life. During the week of the 18th I asked him if he was committed and if not it was over. We didn’t officially end until the November 3 eclipse and haven’t spoken since. I cut all contact so this upcoming eclipse will square my 11th H lilith and trine my 4th H moon. I’ve been marching towards independence for a few months now. I left all of our mutual friends behind and I wonder if I’ll ever have to reconcile that. Its always on my mind but I don’t want to go back to any of it. Saturn in Scorpio ending = scorched Earth. Mercury was critical then too. Everything in the bullet points was covered. If this is part of a series I wonder what’s left for an ending? Lol I know that you can’t possibly answer that or know all the factors. The last eclipse was an earthquake so i’m trying to brace myself.

    • Cici says:

      Oh I forgot to add, 2nd H libra, 8th House the sun will conjunct my 27 deg Jupiter. Any wisdom would be appreciated. Otherwise, thanks for blogging because that’s plenty of info too!

    • Nadia says:

      In Oct 2013 there was a Full Moon eclipse at 25 degrees Aries, so it was opposite this eclipse. If you have anything around that degree in your chart, this eclipse may connect to events around the October eclipse. But it’s also connected to the Aries New Moon.

      • marion says:

        I moved in with a friend (who went on to become my partner later) at May 2013 Lunar eclipse in Scorpio. It was in his/my/our 7th house as our ascendants are conjunct in Taurus.

        On October 2013 Aries lunar eclipse we broke up. (12th house) Two weeks later on solar eclipse got back together. 6th house.

        On March Aries new moon (12th house again) broke up again. Still staying apart but missing each other badly. Break ups were largely due to an external situation in his career.

        By the upcoming lunar eclipse (in 6th house again), the situation may get resolved per what’s going on now in his office.
        And then the May full moon falls in his/my/our 7th house. Exact on my DC. So i can reasonably predict that the relationship will reach a finality by May, one way or the other.

        As Nadia says new/full moons are excellent timers, especially eclipses.

  7. Mary says:

    Great article, Nadia. I know astrology pretty well, but have felt blocked from defending myself against some damaging and erroneous information this past couple weeks even though I know that time is running out to make an impact that affect my situation positively. My block stems from the traditional advice coming from some in the astrological community that asserts that actions taken in the week prior to an eclipse rarely work out as planned and that taking action on the day of an eclipse is especially fateful. I’m angry at myself for procrastinating because I’m indecisive basically because of superstition. Do you have an opinion about whether or not this is an accurate assumption? I’m not sure that making decisions out of fear (doing nothing) is any better than just getting on with it.

    • Nadia says:

      Yeah…I’ve heard that about eclipses and actions as well. I say do whatever you need to do, when the opportunity presents itself. Eclipse or no eclipse. What a Full Moon eclipse will do is accelerate events and make the outcomes final. If the time to act comes around an eclipse, perhaps it’s meant to happen at that time.

      • Nancy says:

        I’m so glad to read this. I dither a bit myself but I have to go with the momentum. I used to get all weirded out when I was a loan officer and I’d hit Mercury Retrograde and that was when I had my best business – like clockwork my pipeline would close during retrograde. So this week, and my sun is 21 degree Libra house 8 conjunct Mars here and there as it goes forward and back – and all I get from this energy is “one more step forward…one more step forward”. Lo, I got my first sale of my own branded product this week (let’s hope that doesn’t turn into a refund but who knows) so I don’t know. I think your post and suggestions on how to deal with the energy, Nadia is spot on. I told my family to stay neutral, be positive, breathe and deal because there might be a lot of drama to watch. So far so good, but I’ll report if any coinkydinky stuff happens! Great post and helpful!

  8. Acquagal says:

    Pluto at 24 libra, moon 28, both in 10H. MC/IC 18 libra/Aries, mars 12 libra. NN/SN at 13 cancer/cap in my 7/1 houses. Mercury rules my 7H, Jupiter my 1H. Giddy up.

    • acquagal says:

      the eclipse also trines my DC exact in gemini and sextiles my AC in sag. hopefully this means positive culmination thanks to the behavior and actions i’ve set forth. mars rx is just keeping the forward movement from happening at this point, but im doing all i can behind the scenes and i look forward to mars direct.

  9. on.the.coast says:

    Thanks for the article Nadia. You’ve done a great job explaining the eclipse.

    My MC is 13 Capricorn and my ASC is 25 Aries. This is either the month I’ve been waiting for, or dreading. Lots of issues at work, I have a feeling the eclipse will signal the end of a business partnership for me.

    I’m keeping this quote from Confucius in my thoughts: β€œThe green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.”

  10. Angela says:

    April 14th is my birthday. :/ I’ve been avoiding articles recently, all about this, because it freaks me out.

    • Anna says:

      Angela dont feel alone mine is April 15th.. I have natally a cardinal grand cross in 1,4,7,10 houses. A roller coaster ride? we’ll see

  11. Deini says:

    Sun and moon returning almost exactly to my natal degrees for this eclipse – and Pluto parking on my natal Jupiter? Okay, getting a little nervous over here!

    I’ll try to be good, I guess. It’s not like I didn’t know this was coming.

  12. Jen says:

    Venus in libra 26 degrees – feeling grounded & ready for this but a little nervous as not sure what to expect.

  13. Chan says:

    Thanks for this great post Nadia. It gives me hope of going from jobless to employed. The April 25,2013 hit me big time- a sudden unexpected job loss. I am hopeful either eclipse this month will bring me a job. I’m scorpio, Taurus rising. Looking forward to reading about the April 28th eclipse.

  14. Lina44 says:

    Thank you so much for the elaborate information on the coming Lunar eclipse, Nadia!

    My ascendant is at 27 defrees Libra, so the eclipse will be on top of it. At the same time I will also be having a Mercury return, and Pluto turning retro at the 13th degree Capricorn will be making an exact trine to natal Sun (13 degrees Taurus) and exact square to natal Moon (13 degrees Aries). Transiting Uranus is also in the picture, so whatever is thrown at me, will be very sudden.
    Apparently, I won’t be and can not be in control of all those intense aspects:( I am just hoping the transition I am required to make, in whatever part of my life, goes smoothly.

  15. Gillybean says:

    Thanks Nadia ,my sun is at 24/14 Libra in the fifth house , I have taken up yoga in the last couple of months and really enjoying it and power walking , hoping to build up to 20k a week .. I have read that a lunar eclipse on your sun can be very lucky ( I’m also doing the lottery !!!! I shall hopefully be back with some feedback….Namaste xx

    • Nadia says:

      Wow…should be especially potent for you.

      • Mary says:

        :) No kidding! Also just realized, my progressed Acsendant is at 24 Cancer in 2nd house. Will ikely be an interesting week (month!). :)

    • selina says:

      Hi gillybean, my sun is also libra 24 degrees! but in the 12th house.. Hope it will be good πŸ˜‰

      • Gillybean says:

        Hi Selina , exciting times ( gulp ) feeling pretty ok at the moment , have a feeling something is coming not sure if it’s the build up to the eclipse or my 8th house moon kicking in ..with your 12th sun it seems particularly apt that something will come to light ( I’m a complete novice but I’m fascinated by the 8th and 12th houses ..0n the bright side I had some good news ( my niece is expecting …a complete surprise for them and totally not planned ( in fact she was to meet with her wedding planner next week )…happy news for our family .. I shall be back .. Hope yours goes well xx

  16. Mary says:

    Nadia, as always, so helpful. Venus in Capricorn, 8th house at 23 degrees and Sun in Cap, also 8th at 25 degrees. And progressed Mars in Aries in 11th at 25 degrees. Eeesh. Will work the Cap Venus for the “class and restraint.” : ) And focus on breath. Thanks, forewarned is …. well, breathing.

  17. Fiinyx says:

    Yep full bragging ryts here lol 1st house 13 degs Cancer Sun/Merc conj square 13degs MC Aries…Im still feeling the effects fm 2011 Cardinal Cross lol but I must say Im handling the energy much better these days…I mean tension and stuff is happening to me and around me daily but I’m ok…going with my Pisces NN flow…nice :-)

  18. Lightening Bus says:

    It is possible to feel this aspect early? I got an announcement late last night that seems to fit the ‘end of an era’ feeling in my relationship… at seems to be the end of secrecy about fears and self absorption, and the beginning of moving forward as a couple. Unless there’s more to come…

  19. Jenn says:

    I’ve been unemployed for over a year and have an interview for my dreamjob on the 15th. All kinds of good stuff is happening to me at this moment, like magic pieces are falling into place in all parts of my life. Taking back control after a long almost two years of slowly (and sometimes fastly) going into nothingness. The eclipse is on my 3rd/9th house axis. And uranus is about to conjunct my natal moon in aries, while going into the third house at the same time (ruling 7th).

    So. Much. Development. LOVING it!

  20. Rob says:

    I got a job offer this morning and it was all good until it was placed on hold and I got the news in the evening. Sun cap/Taurus rising and I can kill Andre the giant with one single punch right now. So much bottled up anger like I would spit fire if I scream right now but it’ll scare the crap out of people around me and I don’t want to look or sound like a monster.

  21. Rob says:

    Nadia is this going to be a staple for cardinal signs for some time now or is there hope???

    • Nadia says:

      Things should ease up for the Cardinal signs by mid summer.

      • Rob says:

        Sun is cardinal and rising is fixed in my case so there is a lot of confusion in my scenario Nadia. Also I’ve learnt that when mars is retro, there is bound to be a lot of confusion. Jamie in his forecast mentioned that Jupiter can be helpful here as my rising is. Taurus decan 2 so I am stressed but with a hope somewhere round the corner. Also from no where comes memories of x love interests. Feel like a cabin in the woods with enough supply of peanut butter would help.

  22. crys says:

    THIS is the event that I’ve been really trepidatious about. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m “scared” (I think I can say most Aquarians are kinda fearless) but this eclipse gives me the jimjams in a big way!

    I’m hoping that my long-term unemployment is “concluded” and that I can rejoin the human race again. The eclipse comes on my 3/9H axis so who knows….

  23. Tracie says:

    I’ve been so focused with Uranus on hubby’s MC, and the eclipse landing on our partners natal Pluto, I completely overlooked his A/C in Cancer at 23 degrees.

    Stress is an understatement right now. I am utterly exhausted holding my breath to see what does come from all this while attempting to be calm and have FAITH.

    Thanks for making me step back to look at more than what I’ve been so focused on lately.

  24. Cynthia says:

    Hi Nadia,
    My natal north node is at 27 degrees Capricorn. Would it be influenced by the eclipse? Thank you!

  25. stardust says:

    My NN is at 13 Cancer and I still don’t understand nodes. Everybody says ‘NN is where your soul wants to go’ and I think not even people who say it understand it. What does that mean? It is too theoretical.
    My Pluto is at 24 Libra, my Sun at 24 Gemini and my Progressed Sun at 24 Cancer, so I should be affected – I don’t know whether by trine or a square and, as I already said, I have no idea what nodes means in real life instead of definitions.

    • Nadia says:

      The North Node describes (by its house position and sign) how you can reach your full potential. Does that make sense? If you’re still unclear on the concept, here’s a post I wrote on the Nodes. If you’re looking for specific definitions on how that applies to you in real life, you would need to have your chart analyzed, because the definitions are different for everyone.

      • stardust says:

        Thank you very much Nadia, you are very kind. I read the post but I still don’t get it. I tried to find information about what happened to people when they had transits to their Nodes and it is almost impossible. No practical examples!

        Anyhow, I report after the eclipse – nothing happened to me today, except my ex called and he will be visiting my town tomorrow so we are going to have coffee. I haven’t seen him for more than a year. I am a Gemini Sun so this eclipse in my natural 5th with Mars retrograde could manifest in meeting him. He is a Leo, so a short trip fits his 3rd house.

        • stardust says:

          edit: about the Nodes
          If the NN means reaching your full potential, how is it different than MC then?

          • Nadia says:

            The MC is your career and public status. The full potential of the NN does not necessarily have to do with career (although it will if your NN is in your 10th House). If your NN is in your 4th House, your full potential involves creating a domestic life/family.

  26. Debbie says:

    Thanks heaps Nadia. I’ll keep your advice in mind as I hope for all the good surprises and not the bad ones, lol
    This eclipse conjuncts my natal Venus @ 27 Libra, and like Jen in the comments above said, I’m also looking forward to it but not sure what to expect. I have exciting weekend plans – i do so hope all goes well!

    Also, I was dancing on the ceiling 1st April to find (after over a year of job hunting) that I was successful after an interview on the Aries New Moon …but I haven’t got a start date yet and I’m sooo worried they are going to call me back and say, “on second thoughts, sorry…”
    {commiserations to Rob in the comments who exp this :(}

  27. Mia says:

    Ugh; my natal venus is 24 libra (sun on 28) in my 10th house. sent my resume for a job i am not really convinced of yesterday (fashion involved) and, in general, rather slowly started looking for new opportunities. it would be super fast if there were a response in the time frame mentioned.

  28. Debbie says:

    Timing, lol. Just took a call from my new boss to come in and sign the contracts of employment etc. when? Next Tuesday 15th – the day of the Lunar eclipse here in Sydney Australia!

  29. Julia says:

    I see this eclipse Libra as a massive relationship/gender awareness wake up call.
    Equality should be liberating, but for those holding tightly on to old identities of control, they shall be shook, hopefully to reveal a truer more honest view of ourselves and others, in which we can make the necessary adjustments with compassion.

  30. Selina says:

    Hi Nadia, wowzers- my sun is 24 libra .. So I guess I’ll be
    Right in it? :-/ do I need to look at which house the moon will be transiting at the time of the eclipse to know how it will impact me? How can we or I zero in a little more on which areas of my life this could impact?

    • Nadia says:

      Yes, look at the house the Moon is transiting through (that’s the main focus), but also consider the house the transiting Sun is in. If you look in the Categories under Astrology Lessons on this blog there is a post entitled “Guide to the 12 Houses” which gives you an overview of what areas of life each house represents.

      • selina says:

        Ok thanks will do:) I know this eclipse coincides or is linked to the Oct. 18 2013 eclipse in aries- which is my birthday- but the one coming up is almost exactly on my Sun in libra- are they both equally powerful for me? or since the one on the 15th is in libra it’s more significant? Or depends on the houses and transits?

        • Nadia says:

          The one that forms a more exact aspect to your natal planet(s) is more powerful.

          • selina says:

            I found the astrology lesson- The house that the transiting moon will be in is more in focus right? but we should still look at where the transiting sun will be even though this is a lunar eclipse?

          • Nadia says:

            Yes to both questions. You cannot ignore the house the transiting Sun is moving through, because that’s what makes this a Lunar eclipse (the Sun/Moon opposition). You have to take the issues of the house activated by the Sun into consideration, even though the focus (the culmination) is on the Moon. But you’ll still be dealing with similar themes…an opposition (and opposite houses in your chart) involves two extremes of the same area. You’ll see this if you look at the Guide to the Houses.

          • Selina says:

            Thanks A Lot Nadia!

  31. lisa lennox says:

    This sits right on my Cap rising 26. I’m scared. When looking for clues to what is coming am I to focus most on the natal, the progressions, or the transiting Moon? or some combination…. Ive never really understood progressed Vs transiting. Thanks for any insight!

  32. lisa lennox says:

    Nadia what degree of orb do you usually allow? charts show transiting moon conjuncts my sun venus and uranus in 8th. Sun conjunct Saturn 1st. but they may be wider than what you interpret….
    Progressed moon and sun are conjunct and opposed Mars, Uranus and my MC.
    Am I correct to assume this eclipse could be big or shocking to me or my destiny?

  33. lisa lennox says:

    got that. I meant the orb on aspects between natal, transits and progressions

    • Nadia says:

      It’s different for transits to natal/progressions versus natal to progressions. Too much to get into here…but I’ll do a blog post on it in the future.

  34. Ty Manning says:

    Capricorn sun, with a natal moon at 20 degrees in Capricorn and the lunar eclipse falling in the 8th house, I am wondering if this will really call into question the truth in relationships?

  35. Danielle says:

    Hi Nadia,

    Like a few of your other readers, my sun is 25 degrees Libra! I’m nervous but excited for the changes this eclipse will bring – I’ve been feeling something brewing for quite a while now, patiently waiting for the actual breakthrough :)

    I also noticed that the grand cross is at 13 degrees, which is the exact degree of my Sun/Moon midpoint. Is that significant?

    Thanks so much!!!

  36. Paula says:


    Is it better to commit to a relationship during a full moon eclipse or new moon? Or does it matter?


  37. Nadia carney says:

    My birthday was April 14th with sun 24 degrees in 7th hse in aries and pluto at 25 degrees in virgo in the 12 th? Major?

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