The Sun in Aries Opposes Mars Rx: Halfway Point


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Today, Mars Rx in Libra opposes the Sun in Aries (at 18 degrees). This is significant for a couple of reasons:

  • It’s the halfway point of Mars’ Rx cycle
  • The Sun illuminates what Mars Rx has been indirectly expressing

The Sun’s light brings clarity. That clarity can stir up all the Mars Rx issues that have been simmering in the Libra section of your chart. Also, the halfway point of the cycle suggests a fullness; a peak has been reached, and with it, an understanding (hopefully).

Because Mars and the Sun are both extroverted energies, today might feature external manifestations of Mars Rx’s subjective journey. Disagreements, dramatic actions, turning points in a situation that’s been unfolding…these are all possibilities. However, know that what’s expressed will be a symptom of something deeper. The Sun is clarifying, but Mars is still Rx, so what comes out will be connected to what you haven’t been able to see. 

Don’t take it at face value; look deeper.

This will give you more to work with. If you think back over Mars’ cycle, you should see a connection between what emerges today, and what started around the time Mars went Rx (March 1st). You can proceed through the latter half of Mars Rx with an idea of what you need to do, the real issues you’re dealing with, or a better way to handle the indirect/delayed energy.

If you have planets/angles/Nodes (natal or progressed) from 17-18 degrees of the Cardinal signs, today could be a turning point for you.



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29 Responses to The Sun in Aries Opposes Mars Rx: Halfway Point

  1. voda says:

    What about having those degrees in cancer and capricorn?

  2. Frog Princess says:

    My sun is at 22 Aries.. (is this out of orb?) Ive certainly been feeling some pretty powerful energies, with my natal Pluto at 21 Libra in the 7th house. :( Cant sleep, and getting incredibly angry about things (people!).

  3. Sag rising says:

    Does this include the vertex point in the chart? My vertex falls within these degrees in a cardinal sign. ( I have been feeling pretty frustrated and somber today lol)
    Sag Rising

  4. Cynthia says:

    Hi Nadia,
    My 10th house ends at 18 degrees. Would this still affect my 10th house? Is it now the eleventh house at this point? Thank you for all you do.

    • Nadia says:

      If your 10th House cusp is in Capricorn, the opposition wouldn’t impact your 10th or 11th House. It would impact the houses in your chart that hold Libra and Aries. When I refer to angles being impacted by the transits, I’m talking about the cusps of the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th Houses only. If your 10th House ends at 18 degrees, that’s your 11th House cusp…not an angle. Other house cusps are not sensitive points if they are aspected by transits (there’s no impact).

  5. Cynthia says:

    Hi Nadia (again)
    Forgot to say that my 10th house is in capricorn.

  6. magiczara says:

    Yes, indeed, the understanding has happened. It’s not really a pleasant one.

  7. Jimmer says:

    Today is the tipping point for me, (after many years hard work!) My moon conjunct Saturn is at 17-18 Aries and today’s sun just shone on it like it never has done before. Mars retrograde has been ironing out all those nasty wrinkles – a great day. (I never thought I would be saying that at this time.) Love your insights Nadia, always enjoy tuning in. Best wishes, Jimmer

  8. Kisses says:

    My progressed mars in Cap is 23 degrees, is that too far out? Otherwise, I’m not in the zone this time. My friend is, with natal sun 17 Cap, mars 20 Cap, both 2H, and natal pluto 19 Libra and progressed MC 20 Libra, both 11H.

    I am starting to feel the tension build in the run up to the full moon eclipse. I like the new friends I’m making, but my friend is the one I always turn to for comfort when I need it and I am starting to really miss him.

    I’m not sure what began on 1st March that’s at a turning point for me, nothing emerged today, apart from I miss my friend. Maybe because I’m not in the zone. Libra is my 1H.

    Thanks, Nadia :)

    • Nadia says:

      23 degrees is a bit too far out. You not be feeling anything.

      • Kisses says:

        Just the eclipses to contend with then. More than enough.
        Maybe my friend has reached a turning point, if he’s in the zone.
        It’s so strange right now. It’s like a storm we can’t see.
        Thanks :)

  9. glitter says:

    ugh I’m struggling with this… Mars Rx is in my 12th, and it’s driving me crazy because it’s NOT clear to me what’s going on !!!! arghhhh

  10. debbie says:

    The sun is transiting my 6th house (Aries) and as Mars rx approaches my 12th house moon at 14Libra, I am seeing how/where my service, while healing, has helped others a few steps behind me,I’m feeling safe and secure rather than trapped and falsely/unfairly imprisoned as the passion begins to rise this time. I am just me, so if i can do it, so can others, Namaste!

  11. Sarah says:

    Is it possible for this energy to have been active yesterday or last evening?

  12. Richelle Smith says:

    Mercury in Cancer at 16.31 and Mars in Cancer at 18.17, both in the 3rd house. Haven’t really reached any kind of clarity, but I am generally obtuse lol. I guess I’ll have to dig deeper.

  13. marion says:

    Yes today is indeed a turning point day for me.

    I have decided once and for all to end a pattern of social/family relations that has been in place for the last 5 years. I had resorted to the pattern of depending on my parents/sister to take care of my child when needed, in order to make my own life a bit more comfortable. However, now the down side of the situation has gotten the better of me. So i decided to change the situation for good and make alternative arrangements. Which then means i am going to be reducing my comforts and increasing responsibilities to some extent. Responsibility that is directly linked to child care and parenting.
    And guess who’s at 18 Cancer natally in my chart? It had to be Saturn. The planet of responsibility in the sign of family and mothering. Natal Mars as well as transiting Mars are in my 5th house of children and romance.
    Romance: wait…romance takes a hit too. I have decided to be more firm (Saturn) with my decision to step back and take some space from my romantic partner, in spite of being logistically burdened by having to move out and seek alternative accommodation in the process.

    I hope the romance situation gets resolved one way or the other when mars stations smack on our composite moon which sits in our composite 5th house, in May.

    Thanks Nadia for great insights.

  14. Fiinyx says:

    Yes turning point indeed…although an awkward one…whilst rushing thru the supermarket to do last minute shopping someone inadvertently ran into the back of my behind with his shopping trolley lolol I got such a fright I completely forgot that he belongs to my 7th house of open enemies and we spoke to each other really nicely…evn though it was the first time in ovr 3yrs nw it was wonderful to feel such a sense of relief and not feeling like I have to hide out of fear.13degs Libra is my 4th house cusp and stuff usually impacts my life in a huge way when its triggered so I wait with anticipation as to what myt cm nxt…Jupiter Libra sits in the 4th at 26degs rules my 7th and trines my Gemini Asc…Im kind of lookn fwd to ths eclipse…maybe its tr. Jupiter in Cancer in my 1st helping me out here…my optimism is infectious ryt nw

  15. marion says:

    Another cross related question if you don’t mind.

    When the cross is exact at 13 degrees what is the degree range of influence for conjunctions? Say if natal Saturn is at 18 Cancer will it feel the cross via conjunction to transiting Jupiter?

    • Nadia says:

      18 degrees is too far out. I would say the range is from 12-15 degrees. By the time Jupiter reaches 18 degrees it will be close to the end of May.

  16. Gillian says:

    covert action against me / supicion of me at work came to light today. greaaat…. can’t confront it directly either.

  17. Charlotte says:

    Wow my sun is 16 degrees cancer and I definitely feel this. I’ve been getting a deeper understanding of my issues steadily throughout this month but I can clearly see something I learned today/yesterday relating back to March 1.

    Is it this transit that is making my nerves feel rawer? I have felt ready to cry almost every day, not out of anything direct but its like dormant feelings are now pouring out of me. ALthough I am feeling much happier and lighter as this transit goes on, I notice that I just don’t have much patience or tolerance for people who treat me badly. (lol I should be happy about that but I feel weird while shedding old skin.) The last time I felt so emotionally frought was when saturn was on my 7 deg pluto but while the house is the same it shouldn’t still be influencing it.

  18. selina says:

    Hi Nadia! This is kind of random but along the theme of Mars Rx- if facing a possible new beginning during this time, is it ok to sign new contracts or enter new business relationships during Mars Rx? Or wait until Mars moves forward again

    • Nadia says:

      It should be ok, but be aware that there may be delays. However, you do have to take all the other transits hitting your chart into consideration. One transit doesn’t tell the whole story.

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