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More thoughts on this month’s omnipresent Cardinal energy, plus Venus in Pisces.

To me, this all feels fluid. Cardinal energy surges forward, no matter what; you can’t hold it back. ¬†And Venus in Pisces is liquid desire, porous boundaries, letting go…you can’t pin it down.

The only planet in a Fixed sign right now is Saturn in Scorpio. The Sun will enter Taurus on April 19th, and then Mercury will follow on April 23rd. Fixed signs anchor things, which will be one of the effects of the New Moon eclipse (in Taurus) on April 29th. More on that later. But it feels like this anchoring won’t really take hold until the end of the month.

“Go with the flow” is such a cliche, but it’s your best approach for this month. Do you feel out of control? That’s because the only thing you can control (right now, or ever) is you. For everything else…allow, release, open up. Stay light on your feet. Rigid adherence to rules, expectations and habits will ensure that you crack.


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  1. Kisses says:

    I was thinking about this today too. I have a grand water trine, with Jupiter 1 Cancer 9H (my MC is 9 Cancer), Sun 3 Scorpio 2H (or 1H Koch), and Saturn 10 Pisces 5H (6H Koch). This energy feels like something I’m familiar with. When I stepped back from my feelings the other day, I went to my centre and I ‘saw’ my feelings swirl around me in colours and light. It felt like I was in a cocoon. It seemed to me I could choose to reach out and touch it, and I saw my hand consumed, or I could choose to remain stepped back. After that I fell asleep.

    I Googled it and apparently it’s a common experience in meditation and it just means your brain is playing tricks on you and not to be distracted, and it means my concentration is improving. I thought it was fascinating, because what I learnt was I could choose to feel how much and I can choose now how I respond to things. I have felt calmer since then too.

    I have little earth in my chart, just uranus and pluto in virgo 12H, so I have no real anchoring, that’s why I need my friend, who has a grand earth trine with his sun, moon and saturn. Despite uranus on his AC he is very fixed. So between what I have learnt from him and my experience meditating, for me, I think this is the way forward – if it gets too much for you, step back. You can still go with the flow at your own pace, but know the pace is going to pick up now and the madness around us is going to get madder, not least because not everyone is aware why they’re feeling so anxious. So we can choose how we respond. Or we can drown in it. Also, we mustn’t stay stepped back too much because in the madness are great opportunities. We would be wise to grab those. Being centred and paying attention feels right.

    Of course with my scorpio sun, when I start diving, I dive deep, and with Jupiter in the mix, I go deeper. So I can overreact, or Saturn kicks in and I just shut down, or I am over-cautious and I miss those precious opportunities. For me to learn how to manage all this now is a massive breakthrough, I feel. I’ll give it a shot anyhow.

    I have had no contact with my friend for the last few weeks, but I can feel that something has changed for him. I can feel that something is changing for both of us. I don’t know which way. When I reflect on the last few years, I see it was all perfect and it was all leading me to where I need to go next. I haven’t forgotten the big eclipses of 2003/4, change wasn’t immediate but it did come. I hope I’m better prepared for it this time. :)

    I cracked at the new moon. In the end, it worked out in my favour and I am glad it happened. Thanks, Nadia :)

  2. marion says:

    Hi Nadia,

    Just a little suggestion.

    Is it possible to start a little side chat around May/June where people could share their April Grand cross experiences. I mean stories of what actually happened to them along with peaks into their charts if necessary. It would be very interesting to learn from each other. Really, the concept of ‘after-the-fact-chat’ can go alongside most blog posts addressing key transits.

    Wonder what other readers think.


  3. Kisses says:

    I just saw an article that mentioned the grand cross and eclipse of August 1999 and they said it will come back to us in July. What might they mean?
    It was certainly life changing for me, my health deteriorated rapidly and I never recovered, but sometimes lately, I see small signs of improvement and I wonder if I’m getting better? I noticed in 2010 after I met my friend and wondered if it was his influence, but maybe something else is happening?
    Thanks, Nadia

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