Full Moon Eclipse in Aries: Giddy Release

Light Dotted Textures by http://princess-katie90.deviantart.com/

Light Dotted Textures by http://princess-katie90.deviantart.com/


The October 8th Full Moon eclipse (at 15 degrees Aries) conjuncts Uranus Rx (at 14 degrees Aries). This will be an ending and a detonation.

Uranus is the abrupt bringer of clarity. The shocker and the shaker. I’m thinking sudden breaks for freedom. Or an immediate release of what’s been building. The Sun will form an exact opposition to Uranus on October 7th, extending the potency of this eclipse for two days. But really, you may feel it any time between now and October 8th.

Pluto (at 11 degrees Capricorn) will be squaring Venus in Libra, a few hours after the eclipse. Pluto square Venus is the obsessive drive to be loved, or to possess what you must have. What will you do to get what you want? I mean…what will you really do? Pluto strips away Libra’s pretence and pushes Venus to be honest. What happens if you realize that what you want is miles away from what you have?

You’ll find out.

Yes, this eclipse is high stakes. But you’ve also got the Grand Fire Trine humming in the background (Mars will be trining Jupiter exactly at 17 degrees Leo).  There’s your release and your encouragement. No matter what comes tumbling down, you’ll feel giddy with your new-found freedom. This could feel good, after the initial shock. Like the surge you get a few seconds after you hit your funny bone, or after you rip a bandage off. There will probably be some pain (Uranus and Pluto are involved).

Or, if you’re pushing to seal the deal, you may win. It won’t be effortless. It may cost you more than you bargained for. But you could still win.

Uranus guarantees nothing, of course. It’s the wild card. But if your general aim is for freedom, you’re on the right track. That makes the Venus/Pluto square tricky, because possessive desire does not equal freedom. You’ll need to amplify the honesty of the Pluto square, while backing away from the urge to control.

You can’t force it. By the time this eclipse hits, *it* (whatever’s brewing) will be a done deal. If you think back to the most recent Uranus/Pluto square (the Grand Cardinal Cross) there may be some clues as to what’s coming down.

If you have natal/progressed planets, angles or Nodes at:

  • 13 to 18 degrees of the Cardinal signs, you’ll feel the eclipse
  • 14 to 18 degrees of the fire signs, you’ll feel the trine
  • 9 to 13 degrees of the Cardinal signs, you’ll feel the square
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Navigating the Magic and Illusion of a Pisces Lover

Photo by http://alicepopkorn.deviantart.com/

Photo by http://alicepopkorn.deviantart.com/

Excerpt from my latest Sasstrology article (please leave comments on the Sasstrology site):

“A relationship with a Pisces lover can feel like chasing a beautiful reflection in the water. Then the reflection dissolves and reappears overthere. Before you know it, you’re far from shore. The allure of the Pisces man or woman lies in the endless possibilities they represent. But those who have swum (or drowned) in their waters may question if the chase is worth it. Is it possible to establish a solid relationship with the slipperiest of signs?”

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Strategize For The Next Few Days


Illustration by Gustav Dore

Illustration by Gustav Dore



The next few days will offer up some bumps, but nothing you can’t handle.

October 2nd to 3rd features a misleading inconjunct between Venus in Libra and Neptune Rx at 5 degrees Pisces. This is relationship misdirection. Romantic or social projections will be off the the mark, as Neptune confuses Venus’ objectives. The attraction that fizzles, or the misinterpreted flirtation. Be very careful what you *think* others want from you. Or, you could be the recipient of someone’s misguided projections.

From October 3rd to 4th, things get even stickier with a square from the Sun in Libra to Pluto (at 11 degrees Capricorn) and Mars in Sag to Chiron Rx (at 14 degrees Pisces).

Sun/Pluto will amp up the competition and jealousy. Libra with a Pluto (power) edge can manifest as social manipulation. You could be the target, or the manipulator. When Libra is squared by Pluto in Capricorn, the question is “What status symbol is desired?” This could be a person, a relationship that looks a certain way, or an object (or person as object). Appearance will become very important, even though Pluto is excavating underneath. How people respond to appearances will tell you much about them.

Mars square Chiron (Wounded Healer) suggests the further you reach, the greater the  potential for embarrassment or hurt feelings. Actions (Mars) will likely make you or someone else feel awkward, hurt or exposed. But that’s ok, because Mars is part of the Grand Fire Trine which outweighs any minor sensitivities. You take a chance and there will be some insecure moments. So what? Life is full of insecure moments, and when you’re breaking new ground, you’re bound to hit some rocks. Use caution, pay attention to what hurts, but keep moving forward. As the saying goes “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

The Sun/Pluto and Mars/Chiron squares are strong enough that you may start to feel them as of October 1st.

Amidst this tension, Mercury stations Rx in Scorpio (also on October 4th). This is timely, because the delays and deeper investigations will work in your favour. You don’t have to stop, but it will be to your benefit to slow down and think.  

Strategize, strategize, strategize. Why is all the s**t hitting the fan? Why are people suddenly acting in a certain way? How can you come out ahead? There’s a deeper reason, a truth, and you can uncover it in the Scorpio area of your chart. Scorpio and Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) will be emphasized, so this will not be the time to naively trust that things will work out.

If you have natal/progressed planets, angles or Nodes at:

  • 3 to 6 degrees Libra or Pisces you’ll feel the Venus/Neptune inconjunct
  • 8 to 12 degrees of the Cardinal signs you’ll feel the Sun/Pluto square
  • 12 to 15 degrees of the Mutable signs you’ll feel the Mars/Chiron square
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Horoscopes for September 28th to October 5th

Photo by http://ineedchemicalx.deviantart.com/

Photo by http://ineedchemicalx.deviantart.com/


Venus (relationships, money, values) enters Libra on September 29th. Venus rules this sign, and her qualities of compromise, reflection and projection are at full strength. All relationships (not just romance) are emphasized. Transiting Venus attracts by being receptive. With Libra, this means being receptive to the desires of others. The tricky part is maintaining a balance between your values/needs and the other person. From September 30th to October 8th, the Grand Fire Trine creates a potent flow of opportunity. Mars (initiative) in Sagittarius connects with Jupiter (optimism) in Leo and Uranus Rx (liberation) in Aries, urging everyone take a step forward. Mars is the trigger, which means it’s time to take action.

But even as you surge forward, be aware that October 4th features a few moments of consideration. Mercury (communication/information) stations Rx (reversed) in Scorpio, triggering delays and shifts in perspective. Scorpio is the sign of secrets, deeper power and resourcefulness, so use this time to look beneath the surface and source out essential information. Also on October 4th, Mars in Sagittarius will encounter a tense square with Chiron Rx (Wounded healer) in Pisces, suggesting a glitch in the Fire Trine’s forward momentum. Actions have the potential to bruise or cause embarrassment. This doesn’t mean stop, but it does mean use caution. The Sun in Libra will be confronted with a square to Pluto (power) in Capricorn on this same day, indicating competitiveness, jealousy or a push for domination that throws Libra off balance. When in doubt, remember that Venus is at maximum strength; she can help. Be objective, and consider how you can get what you want by giving someone what they want.


Venus enters your relationship sector. You can attract a business or romantic union as your awareness of give and take increases. The Grand Fire Trine trine activates your sectors of opportunity, self-expression and Uranus Rx (in your sign) urging you to explore, reach out or expand your influence. This could be a positive, exciting step into brand new territory, even as Mars (your ruler) triggers some unexpected/secret sore points. Mercury Rx can urge you to reconsider an emotional or financial scenario. Alternatively, private/intimate discussions may uncover new information that gives you pause. Combined with the Sun/Pluto square, this suggests that a partnership may encounter patches of tension between personal and professional, or issues of competition/jealousy.   

  • Be receptive: all partnerships
  • Opportunity: long-distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing, mentoring, exploration
  • Delays/reconsiderations/deeper questions: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy, investigation


Venus (your ruler) enters your sector of health and service, giving you more to work with around co-worker/service relationships. However, issues around appreciation/lack of appreciation for what you do for others may also be triggered. The Grand Fire Trine activates your sectors of shared resources, home/family and secrets. Your breakthrough can occur on a private level, as boundaries with one, special person are overcome. Alternatively, hidden resources (financial/emotional) may be discovered. Don’t be afraid to go deeper or request more. However, be aware that your efforts may cause waves with friends/groups, or tension with your public persona. In the end, you’ll know on a gut level what feels right. Mercury Rx can trigger some demandingly intimate partnership discussions, or signal a change in relationship plans. Too, a romantic interest from the past may reappear. The Sun/Pluto square suggests that one area of tension may be existing routines/health issues versus big picture changes. Power struggles with co-workers over tasks/responsibilities can also erupt.

  • Be receptive: co-workers, tasks, obligations, health issues/diet/exercise
  • Opportunity: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, financial assistance, physical/emotional intimacy
  • Delays/reconsiderations/deeper questions: all partnerships, one on one conversations, counselling


Venus enters your sector of self-expression, sweetening the deal for new romance, flirtations or any personal desire. The Grand Fire Trine activates your partnership, communication and social sectors. New or existing romantic relationships can leap into brand new territory, and all social contacts/opportunities can expand at the speed of light. Fantastic for publicity, promotion or just getting out and meeting new people. Be aware that some partnership developments may trigger sensitivities around professional success/public status. Mercury Rx (your ruler) can delay work tasks as tangled communication or pressing questions dominate. Health information may also demand a second look. The Sun/Pluto square will mix in issues of jealousy, demands for attention or an unacknowledged drive for appreciation. There may also need to be a shift in financial plans/shared duties where children are concerned.

  • Be receptive: new romance, creative projects, performance, children/pregnancy
  • Opportunity: all partnerships, shared effort with another person
  • Delays/reconsiderations/deeper questions: co-worker relationships, duties, obligations, daily routines, health, medical diagnoses


Venus enters your domestic sector, suggesting family cooperation, moving in with your partner or spending money on home upgrades. The Grand Fire Trine activates your sectors of service/health, personal resources and career. Mundane actions, changes to routine or health can pay huge dividends. Don’t underestimate the impact of a more energetic approach to work problems or diet/exercise. You may walk the line between more and too much as you venture into new territory, but forward is where you want to go. However, use extra caution when dealing with legal or travel issues. Mercury Rx can cause you to pull back and examine your options around a personal/creative desire or new romance. The Sun/Pluto square implies that part of the re-think  will be due to your ongoing relationship/domestic changes. Talking things through with a partner, before you take the next step, is your best bet.

  • Be receptive: relocation, renovation, family issues, cohabitation, homes business
  • Opportunity: work tasks, co-worker relationships, health/diet/exercise, obligations, duties, service to others
  • Delays/reconsiderations/deeper questions: new romance, creative projects, children/pregnancy (especially involving  lifestyle or legal issues)


Venus enters your communication sector, attracting positive, flirtatious or lucrative discussions. This could be the time to approach someone that you want to make a good impression on, or you may be on receiving end of some happy news. The Grand Fire Trine activates your sectors of self-expression, opportunities and Jupiter in your sign. This enhances Venus’ attraction potential; you are in the spotlight, and what you do to grab attention is likely to work out. Think big and then act on it. Art, performance and romance are especially favoured, even if your actions stir up deeper sensitivities in the areas of intimacy or finances. Mercury Rx can trigger second thoughts around relocation or domestic issues. Watch for hidden information in mortgage or rental documents. This is compounded by the Sun/Pluto square, which suggests that communication in general will hit a spot of tension as you encounter challenges involving obligations, routines or health issues. Verbal power struggles (especially with siblings) can be brief but intensive.

  • Be receptive: emails, phone calls, discussions, introductions, sibling relationships
  • Opportunity: new romance, creative projects, performance, celebration, children/pregnancy
  • Delays/reconsiderations/deeper questions: home, family, mortgage/rental agreements, home businesses


Venus enters your sector of personal resources, attracting opportunities for emotional or financial satisfaction.  This influence may not bring a huge payout, but you’re likely to become savvier on how to get more for what you’re giving. Then again, this energy may simply increase your desire for self-indulgence. The Grand Fire Trine activates your sectors of home/family, shared resources and secrets. Domestic initiatives, relocation or changes to a home business can work out well, especially where financial assistance or shared money is concerned. The caution here is to tread lightly when dealing with a partner. Aim for compromise rather than forgetting about your partner’s needs in your enthusiastic rush to get things started. Mercury Rx (your ruler) suggests a change in plans, delayed answers or conversations/questions that go to uncomfortable depths. The “asked and answered” question may come up again. You may also hear from a past client/associate/acquaintance.  The Sun/Pluto square indicates that money and emotional security/insecurity might be part of the discomfort. Watch for challenges around what you have versus what you’re really worth. Children/pregnancy can also raise some questions about lifestyle changes that need to be made.

  • Be receptive: earned money, values, emotional security, what you want
  • Opportunity:  home, family, relocation, home renovations
  • Delays/reconsiderations/deeper questions: conversations, emails, phone calls, sibling relationships, repeated questions, contacts from the past


Venus in your sign looks good for romance, positive attention and a self-esteem boost. You’ll find it easier to be yourself, as others are more receptive to your (already) impressive social skills. The Grand Fire Trine activates your sector of communication, partnerships and friends/groups. Romance (especially new relationships) and socializing in general is accented; make the introduction, send the email, say what’s on your mind. If you encounter any static, it will be around what you want to start versus your obligations to another (or what you feel you can’t avoid). Mercury Rx urges you to look more closely at a financial or emotional issue. Don’t settle; the deeper you dig/the more you request, the more lucrative potential you’ll uncover. The Sun (in your sign) squares Pluto, amplifying your drive for more, and giving you an unfamiliar edge that may not sit well with anyone who’s accustomed to you putting your needs second.

  • Be receptive: work your social skills and cooperative strategy to the max
  • Opportunity: emails, phone calls, introductions, sibling relationships, direct questions/answers
  • Delays/reconsiderations/deeper questions: earned money, sources of income, self-esteem, emotional security


Venus enters your hidden sector, adding juice to an intriguing secret or half-developed potential. The Grand Fire Trine activates your sectors of personal resources, service and career, suggesting that work developments are where it’s at. Watch for the perfect storm of change, new routines, innovation and positive attention from those in authority. An excellent time to shoot for a pay raise or to increase your rates, although you may encounter some soggy patches involving fears/sensitivities connected to increased attention. Mercury Rx in your sign pushes you to ask the tough questions. If a plan or answer is delayed, take it as a positive sign; you need to know more before you progress. The Sun/Pluto square connects these delays to secrets or unclear issues that are ready to be revealed. Gossip, hints or “Freudian slips” can tell you more, and open up a whole new area to consider.

  • Be receptive: background issues, overlooked potentials, secrets
  • Opportunities: earned money, self-esteem, emotional security
  • Delays/reconsiderations/deeper questions: what you suspect but don’t know, gut feelings, all conversations/emails/phone calls/messages


Venus in your social sector can attract new romance, new friendships or social opportunities in general. The Grand Fire Trine activates Mars (in your sign) and your sectors of self-expression and opportunity. This is your moment to be assertive and put your agenda front and centre; others will be receptive to what you insist on. Excellent for recharging your fitness routine or initiating changes to your appearance. You may find that your actions stir up sensitivities from family members, or trigger insecurities/doubts based in the past, but don’t allow yourself to sink back into old patterns. Mercury Rx deepens your instincts and urges you pay attention to what’s unwritten, hinted at or suspected. Dreams can be especially powerful now. The Sun/Pluto square suggests  that you take this instinctive knowledge and apply it to external tensions, such as a spot of jealousy/competition in group settings, or amongst friends.

  • Be receptive: friends, groups, public image, your place in society
  • Opportunities: personal ambitions, assertiveness, increased energy, public identity, physical appearance
  • Delays/reconsiderations/deeper questions: dreams, secrets, instincts, hints, background issues


Venus in your career sector puts the spotlight directly on strategic work relationships and cooperation with management. The Grand Fire Trine activates your sectors of secrets, domestic issues and shared resources. The less obvious action is where it’s at for you. Undeveloped potentials may be brewing, or a secret/private effort is demanding your attention. Use caution when communicating your intents, because not everyone will understand or be receptive to your agenda. Too, you may react from a place of hurt as someone unintentionally challenges your private efforts. Mercury Rx urges a deeper look at a friendship or group activity. Public events/public speaking may be delayed as you discover there’s more to deal with. The Sun’s square to Pluto in your sign also points to tensions with management, or your ambitions may stir up some opposition. Make full use of transiting Venus; cooperate, harmonize and do the political dance, even if you don’t feel like it.

  • Be receptive: career, relationships with management, future goals
  • Opportunities: background issues, overlooked potentials, hidden objectives
  • Delays/reconsiderations/deeper questions:friends, groups, public events, public promotions


Venus in your opportunities sector can urge you to reach further, explore or take a leap of faith. The Grand Fire Trine activates your relationship, social and communication sector. New romance looks promising (especially if it’s long distance or someone you meet through friends/group events). All partnerships and social activities are hot spots for you, whether you’re looking for someone special or not. Get out, mingle and jump into something new; you never know what might develop. Expect some minor tensions as security issues are stirred up once you venture out of your comfort zone. Mercury Rx can delay a career issue or indicate a repeat conversation with management. If you’re looking for a job, a contact from the past may reappear, or you may get another shot at a past opportunity. The Sun/Pluto square suggests these career issues may involve your unacknowledged push to relocate, expand or move beyond what you know. Alternatively, legal issues can be troublesome. Your best bet is to be upfront about your strategies, solutions or future goals.

  • Be receptive: long-distance travel, long-distance romance, education, legal matters, publishing
  • Opportunity: all relationships (platonic or romantic), group activities, socializing, public events
  • Delays/reconsiderations/deeper questions: discussions with management, career plans, public status, future goals


Venus in your sector of shared resources adds sweetness and opportunity to increased intimacy, or presents a financial break/source of assistance. The Grand Fire Trine activates your career, routine and security sector, indicating that a new job, new career path or increased ambition about your future is favoured. Now is the time for your push forward as you show others what you can do in your chosen field. Mars’ square to Chiron Rx in your sign suggests doubtful moments, but only if you allow yourself to be stalled by the fear of putting yourself out there. It may not work out perfectly, but even if you stumble, make sure you stumble forward. Mercury Rx can present delays/rethinks around exploration or travel plans. Use extra caution with legal issues (especially when signing documents). The Sun/Pluto square adds in background power struggles, especially involving money or divorce proceedings. Remember that Venus occupies your sector of shared resources as well, so your ace in the hole involves strategic cooperation. You can disarm the other party (and attract what you need) with compromise, while still safeguarding your best interests.

  • Be receptive: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy, sharing
  • Opportunity: career, public status, professional ambition
  • Delays/reconsiderations/deeper questions: long-distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing
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Mercury Into Scorpio: Hearing the Dark Detonation

Photo by http://ineedchemicalx.deviantart.com/

Photo by http://ineedchemicalx.deviantart.com/


Mercury’s Scorpio ingress is approaching (September 27th) and so is its activation of 0 to 2 degrees Scorpio. This will be the zone for the Fixed signs, because it will be triggered three times:

  • September 27th to October 4th by Mercury direct
  • October 4th to October 10th by Mercury Rx
  • November 8th to November 10th  by Mercury direct

Mercury will be running back and forth over these degrees, compelling you to look deeper and ask the uncomfortable questions. But it will also be triggering the degrees for a past and future lunation:

  • the July 26th Jupiter/New Moon conjunction at 2-3 degrees Leo (which squared Mars at 0 degrees Scorpio)
  • the October 23rd New Moon eclipse at 0 degrees Scorpio

What began around the July 26th New Moon may be revisited (and closely examined) during Mercury’s transit. The conclusion/next chapter may come about around the October 23rd New Moon eclipse. November 8th to 10th will be about the forward movement; taking what you’ve learned and implementing it.

If you have anything at 0-4 degrees of the Fixed signs, you’ll feel this. There’s something here that’s far from over, even if you think it’s a done deal. There info to source and truths to mine. Scorpio always reveals more, because this sign is about everything that involves merging, loss of control and penetration. Its internal expansion is a dark detonation, revealing limits, taboos and secrets. The fuse will be lit by words and information.

Best way to deal? Just be honest. It’s that simple (but not that easy). For all its intrigue, the way through Scorpio is naked honesty. Talk about the Shadow/your Shadow. Confront what you don’t want to know. It’s scary and ugly but once you go there, you discover a certain freedom. You put a name to the fear, and it doesn’t own you anymore.

Get ready to look deeper.

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