Dilute: Mars in Scorpio Trines Neptune in Pisces

Photo by http://m0thart.deviantart.com/

Photo by http://m0thart.deviantart.com/

Tension peaks today and tomorrow with Mars in Scorpio square Jupiter/Mercury in Leo, but there’s potential for a soft(ish) landing.

Mars is building to a trine with Neptune Rx (at 6 degrees Pisces), exact on August 7th. You’ll start to feel it on August 2nd, although it may get lost behind the intensity of the square. Neptune’s ability to rise above can diffuse Mars in Scorpio’s obsession. This is a soft aspect, so you’ll need to tune into it (via the area occupied by 6 degrees Pisces in your chart).

This suggests relief for whatever goes down during the square. The threat/compulsion that gradually fades. The soothing balm if you’re crushed by someone’s ambition. The venom that drains away. What seems so urgent today and tomorrow may lose steam as the trine perfects. Neptune depersonalizes and dilutes Mars in Scorpio’s passion.

Turn to Neptune over the next, few days to gain some perspective. Neptune in Pisces shows us that there’s more beyond our ambitions, vendettas or desires.

If you have natal or progressed planets, angles or Nodes from 4 to 7 degrees of the Water signs you’ll feel the trine most strongly.

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Limits and Expansion, Part 2: Saturn in Sagittarius Squares Neptune in Pisces


Picture by http://www.flickr.com/photos/alicepopkorn/

Picture by http://www.flickr.com/photos/alicepopkorn/

This post is ahead of the curve, but I wanted to continue the limits and expansion theme I started here, in Part 1.

After Saturn in Scorpio squares Jupiter in Leo, he’ll move on to a square with Neptune in Pisces (when he transits Sagittarius). There will be three squares between Saturn and Neptune throughout 2015 and 2016. As I mentioned in Part 1, Neptune expands because it dissolves limits. Anything and everything might be possible, but the trick is discerning reality from fantasy. Neptune in Pisces (the sign that it rules) is pure fantasy, creativity and transcendence. Saturn in Sagittarius will be the test. How will the expansion stand up against reality? Will you able to transcend the limits of your fears (or scepticism) to achieve that dream? A square from Saturn to Neptune can work both ways: the reality check that pops the growing bubble, or faith/vision that dissolves paralysis.

It won’t be easy (faith never is). A Saturn/Neptune square often amounts to disappointment as the vision shrinks. That’s Saturn acting as dehydrator. Saturn’s entire transit of Sagittarius (I’ll write more about it as the time approaches) will be about finding proof behind the promise. Focusing the Big Vision and dragging it into the present. Here’s an introductory article.

That focus and search for proof will cause tension with whatever Neptune has been loosening up in Pisces (in your chart). Neptune can be so subtle that you may not even be aware of what’s it’s been doing, until it gets hit by the Saturn square. Suddenly, the dream/hope will come into focus, along with a bitter hit of restriction. Gone before you even knew you wanted it. Impossible for ___ to happen.

Or maybe….?

Whether you end up disappointed or transcending limits depends on your chart, and the other influences hitting it. While I’d love to say that everyone will be able to make the magic happen, the truth is, some will have a rude awakening. Not everything is possible, and not everything belongs to you. For those indulging in escapism, denial or addiction, this square will be especially harsh. Sometimes Neptune takes you down the wrong path, and Saturn is your course correction.

But for others…this square will be a rare opportunity to confront fears/pessimism and go higher. Saturn can focus the dream and give you traction. That traction will not be pleasant. It will manifest as a lack of something essential. But the discomfort will push you to do something. Sometimes the Neptune vision needs limits so you can wrap your mind around it.

Here are the dates/degrees for the three squares:

  • November 26, 2015: 7 degrees
  • June 17, 2016: 12 degrees (Saturn and Neptune Rx)
  • September 10, 2016: 10 degrees (Neptune Rx)

The squares will be felt roughly 1 month in advance of the exact dates. If you have anything in the Mutable signs around these degrees (check the Astrology FAQ section to see what orbs I use) you’ll feel these influences most strongly.

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A Tarot Card for Jupiter in Leo

Time for another Tarot post. This one is for Jupiter in Leo.

The 6 of Wands is associated with Jupiter in Leo, and it’s quite appropriate. Also known as Victory, this is one of the happy cards. When you pull it, it means you’re going to achieve a win, or you already have (depending on the question of course).

It’s nice to see this card, because it means achievement. But the caution is not to get carried away with that achievement. Appropriate to Jupiter in Leo, it indicates a flare of victory, but the win may be only temporary. There’s nothing here that indicates long-term stability. It’s the cherry on the cake. The prize. The thing that you’ve been striving for. But what’s next? The 6 of Wands will only take you so far.

This card reminds us that Jupiter in Leo is the bright promise, but it’s up to you to follow up on it. Take that win and do something with it. When you see this card, you’re on the right path, but you have to keep pushing forward.

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Synastry Contacts to the 10th House Cusp

"The Honeymooners" by Edward Frederick Brewtnall

“The Honeymooners” by Edward Frederick Brewtnall

Excerpt from my latest Sasstrology article (please leave comments on the Sasstrology site):

“Synastry contacts to the 10th House cusp (MC) are significant, but it’s not always clear what they mean in terms of romance. The 10th House of career is not tops on anyone’s list of love connections. However, when one person’s planets aspect the other person’s MC, it does indicate a powerful connection based on status. And there’s the rub; does external success have any place in romance?”

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Underworld Behind The Words: Mercury/Jupiter in Leo Square Mars in Scorpio

Painting by Pierre Amedee

Painting by Pierre Amedee

Mars in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo has been building since the New Moon in Leo (which was the kick off). The square will be exact on August 1st at 3 degrees, and Mercury will add an exclamation point by conjuncting Jupiter (and squaring Mars) from August 1st to 2nd.

Mars (action) square Jupiter (expansion) is enthusiastic. Mars in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo can be enthusiastically vengeful, or driven to grab the Big Thing. Mercury’s conjunction to Jupiter(at 3 degrees) and square to Mars (at 4 degrees) will stretch this aspect out to August 2nd, through words/conversations/ideas/writing. Communication will be over the top, and ideas will be clamouring for release.

This is the demand cloaked in entitlement, with a dark undertone of “or else.” Or, the brilliant opportunity to make a statement, fuelled by passion. Words will have a massive impact, so think carefully before you let loose. Or, before you respond.

Things to consider:

  • What’s the unspoken message?
  • What’s driving your ideas?

Scorpio’s Shadow will be directed through Mercury. It’s crucial that you tune into what’s really being said, as opposed to the shiny, outer promise (Jupiter/Mercury). The deeper actions that drive this energy don’t have to be destructive, if they’re channeled in the right way. That means passion, not vengeance. Focus, not fury. Transformation, not destruction. There’s an entire underworld that can be verbalized, and that means power. Will it be your dark, slippery hostility that leaks out, or a deeper well of intensity that attracts the right people? Because Mars in Scorpio is strategic, even when he’s jollied up by Jupiter. Mars in Scorpio only targets a specific group or person. You can draw them in or scare them off.

If you want attention, it’s yours.  Just consider what you’ll be getting attention with.

If you have natal/progressed planets, angles or Nodes from 0-6 degrees of the Fixed signs, you’ll feel this influence.

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Love, Safety, Compulsion: Transiting Venus in Cancer is the Trigger


"I Want The World To Stop" by http://ineedchemicalx.deviantart.com/

“I Want The World To Stop” by http://ineedchemicalx.deviantart.com/

Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto Rx (at 11 degrees Capricorn) from July 27th to 28th, and gets hit by a square to Uranus Rx (at 16 degrees Aries) from July 28th to August 1st.

Poor Venus. She likes things cozy in Cancer, but Pluto (deep transformation) and Uranus (sudden change) don’t allow cozy. However, as the faster moving planet, Venus is also the trigger for the next layer of changes that Pluto and Uranus have lined up. Yes, this is about the Uranus/Pluto square (even though it’s stretched out at the moment).

Venus themes (love, money, self-esteem) are security-based in Cancer. When she encounters Pluto and Uranus, you may feel fearful, needy, out of control or suffocated. Your response may be to hang on tightly to something, or thrash against the suffocating hug. However you respond, know that it’s a symptom of the bigger Uranus/Pluto agenda; detaching from the past and creating a new foundation. Alternatively, someone close to you may react strangely/obsessively.

These energies do not reward compulsive wanting (although Pluto can trigger intensified desires). The deeper the desire, the more it will benefit you to let go. That doesn’t sound fair, but Uranus/Pluto are not about fair. They’re about evolution and liberation. If you have the urge to take a risk or push for something that you must have (romantically or professionally), that’s ok. Sometimes these influences can bust you out of a rut. Just know that in the current, push-for-more atmosphere (the Mars/Jupiter square launched by yesterday’s New Moon is building) it will be easy to push too far, too fast.

Fortunately, there’s a reassuring Grand Water Trine (from July 28th to August 1st) involving Venus in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron Rx in Pisces (at 16-17 degrees). There’s your support when things get hairy. If you feel pushed, panicked or unsure, you can always fall back on Saturn and Chiron; stick with what’s been developed so far. This could be anything from a goal to a boundary or even a limit (you know you can’t venture into ____ so just back away). Chiron’s influence suggests healing in progress. Did it hurt before? Don’t do it again. Are you recovering now? Keep moving in that direction. Is there someone who has your back, no matter what? Stick with them.

I’ll write about the Mars/Jupiter square (and Mercury in Leo’s influence) tomorrow, but check this week’s horoscopes for a guide on how all these combined influences might impact your sign.

If you have natal/progressed planets, angles or Nodes from:

  • 10-19 degrees of the Cardinal signs you’ll feel Venus’ hits to Uranus/Pluto
  • 14-19 degrees of the Water signs, you’ll feel the trine


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Horoscopes for July 27th to August 3rd



Pic by http://www.flickr.com/photos/alicepopkorn/

Pic by http://www.flickr.com/photos/alicepopkorn/



This week is jam-packed with influences. From July 27th to 28th, Venus (love, money, values) in Cancer opposes Pluto Rx (power and transformation) in Capricorn, triggering intensified desire, attraction, security or control issues. Then, from July 28th to August 1st, Venus will move into a jarring square with Uranus Rx in Aries, adding an unexpected jolt to Pluto’s intensification. Together, these influences suggest that all Venus themes will be brief but important reminders of the bigger transformations that Uranus and Pluto have been stirring up. Security and possessiveness will be challenged. But Venus will be part of a stable Grand Water Trine (also from July 28th to August 1st) that includes Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron Rx in Pisces. If things become overwhelming, you can fall back on what you already know, what you’ve been working on, and what has a proven track record. Chiron indicates that you can help yourself (or others) if you keep your focus on Saturn’s limits, boundaries or rules. The volatile square between Mars in Scorpio and Jupiter in Leo (that began on yesterday’s New Moon) will continue to intensify until August 1st, and Mercury (communication/information) will ping this square (from July 31st to August 2nd) as it moves into Leo on July 31st. Mercury conjunct Jupiter/square Mars indicates big ideas, with an undertone of challenge. This is the “do it my way or else” statement cloaked in the glitter of jovial optimism. Words will pack a punch, so use them with care (whether you’re initiating an idea or reacting to one).


Venus in your domestic sector opposes Pluto Rx in your career sector, triggering push/pull between private issues and big-picture ambitions. Power struggles with someone who outranks you can leave you feeling exposed. Then again, your desire for someone/something can also be stoked. Mars (your ruler) in your sector of shared resources squares Jupiter and Mercury in your sector of self-expression, which will only serve to pump up your drive for recognition or romance.  You’ll want to say it/write it/express yourself in order to get what you want. Choose your words carefully, because compulsion may override logic. As Venus hits Uranus Rx (in your sign) with a tense square, you may feel impatient, edgy and ready for change on the home front, or unnerved by the pace of developments. Venus’ trine to Saturn in your sector of shared resources, and Chiron Rx in your hidden sector will create a platform of support or empathy, urging you to turn to others (family, advisors, someone you trust) for advice or financial help.

  • Where you’ll feel the most change: home, family, home business, domestic issues
  • Where you’ll find support: hidden/background areas, someone you’re intimate with, financial advisors, counsellors, family members
  • Use caution when you feel compelled to demand or react: shared finances, intimacy, new romance, attention, creative efforts


Venus (your ruler) in your communication sector opposes Pluto Rx in your sector of opportunities, suggesting pressure to sign, agree or answer. You may want something  very much, but will feel like the control is out of your hands. Mars (in your partnership sector) squares Jupiter/Mercury in your domestic sector, suggesting partnership disagreements/pressure centred around domestic growth/family matters/relocation.  When Venus squares Uranus Rx in your hidden sector, you may surprise everyone (including yourself) when you say what you really want. Venus’ trine to Saturn (in your relationship sector) and Chiron Rx (in your social sector) suggests that the best path forward will involve taking everyone’s interests into consideration; your partner, your friends, your associates, the public. Other people can offer guidance if you look up from your immediate concerns. How you deliver the message is the issue.

  • Where you’ll feel the most change: discussions, meetings, emails, phone calls, issues with siblings, signing documents, answers
  • Where you’ll find support: partners (business or romantic) friends, groups, the public
  • Use caution when you feel compelled to demand or react:all domestic/family concerns, partnership issues


Venus in your sector of personal resources opposes Pluto Rx in your sector of shared resources, amping up the intensity around money and intimacy. Your desire for financial/emotional security is valid, but the response you get may leave you feeling insecure/wanting more. As Mars in your sector of routine squares Jupiter and Mercury (your ruler) in your communication sector, you’ll find the courage to demand what you feel is appropriate. Whether it’s a medical or work issue, you’ll be ready to ask for more. Just be aware that others may be challenged by your requests. When Venus squares Uranus Rx in your social sector, you may be tempted to act out, take a risk or throw all your eggs in one basket. Alternatively, you may be rattled by an external development (from friends, acquaintances, or the public) that blindsides you.  A calm approach will benefit you, as Venus trines Saturn in your sector of routine and Chiron Rx in your career sector. Things like budgets, taking care of business and proving your worth (on the job or in a relationship) will get you further than panicked reactions. Go slow and and show that you’ve got your act together.

  • Where you’ll feel the most change: earned money, values, self-esteem, emotional security, new sources of income
  • Where you’ll find support: duties, tasks, obligations, disciplined routines, doing what needs to be done
  • Use caution when you feel compelled to demand or react: medical diagnosis, co-worker issues, obligations, “boring” tasks


Venus in your sign opposes Pluto Rx in your partnership sector, suggesting that power struggles, compulsion and intensity will be themes in your relationships. Whether it’s a new or existing union, you can feel at the mercy of someone else’s will or magnetism. Mars in your sector of self-expression squares Jupiter/Mercury in your security sector, adding punch to your demands for more (money or love) while amplifying your words. There’s no doubt others will hear what you’re saying, just make sure that what you’re asking for is based on what you’re actually worth, and not a defensive reaction born out of panic or insecurity. As Venus squares Uranus Rx in your career sector, watch for the unexpected professional/personal development or sudden shift in external status. It may be exciting/unnerving, but Venus’ trine to Saturn in your sector of self-expression and Chiron Rx in your opportunities sector urges you to go fall back on the creative/artistic/personal goal you’ve been hatching for the past months.  The work that you’ve put in so far, or your understanding of what it really takes, will be your support. There’s potential for success here, as long as you keep focusing on what ultimately has value for you. Keep your eye on the long-haul.

  • Where you’ll feel the most change: your personal goals/desires, romance, your identity.
  • Where you’ll find support: your desire for something solid, focusing on what you really want, taking your self-expression seriously
  • Use caution when you feel compelled to demand or react: money, self-worth, values, raising your price


Venus in your hidden sector opposes Pluto Rx in your sector of routine, suggesting a secret desire/potential may be triggered. There’s a reason why you can’t be fully open about what you want just yet, and this energy could increase the pressure and frustration. Then again, reality versus fantasy could be a major factor. Mars in your domestic sector squares Jupiter/Mercury in your sign, triggering demands/disputes with partners, family members or contractors working on your home. You have a fabulous idea of how things should go, but not everyone is on the same page. As Venus squares Uranus Rx in your opportunities sector, the secret fantasy/romance/desire may be jarred with clarity; watch for a surprising reveal from a distant/unexpected source. Venus’ trine to Saturn in your domestic sector and Chiron Rx in your sector of shared resources suggests that, no matter what is revealed, all is not lost. Consider what you already have, who you know is on your side, and how much work you’ve done over the past year or so in honouring your commitments. A time out for healing and private contemplation could be just what the doctor ordered.

  • Where you’ll feel the most change: the secret, the unacknowledged desire, the fantasy, the private hope
  • Where you’ll find support: family, home, one or two trusted friends/loved ones, alone time
  • Use caution when you feel compelled to demand or react: domestic changes, family disputes, personal goals that clash with what others want


Venus in your social sector opposes Pluto Rx in your sector of self-expression, suggesting a compulsive attraction or desire for something someone else has. The strength of the magnetism is no guarantee that this is meant for you, although the intensification of creative/social energy can be used to your benefit if you channel it in the right direction (creating something that expresses your purpose). Mars in your communication sector squares Jupiter/Mercury (your ruler) in your hidden sector, giving power to a secret or background inspiration. You may reveal far more than you intended, or what comes out may launch you to the next level. As Venus squares Uranus Rx in your sector of shared resources, the new attraction may be over before it started, or you may realize that you wanted something different all along. However, Venus’ trine to Saturn in your communication sector and Chiron Rx in your partnership sector suggests potential for something solid to grow, although it may be along the lines of an empathetic friendship. Either way, this Grand Trine suggests support and understanding from friends, especially around issues of boundaries and public respect. On a professional level, this suggests beneficial relations with the public based on loyalty and solid promises. This is also encouraging if you’re signing an official document, giving an answer or making a commitment.

  • Where you’ll feel the most change: friends, groups, the public, public promotions
  • Where you’ll find support: friends, partners, your verbalized boundaries, formal documents, siblings
  • Use caution when you feel compelled to demand or react:the reveal of secrets or something that isn’t fully developed


Venus (your ruler) in your career sector opposes Pluto Rx in your domestic sector, suggesting a push for more professional recognition/money/clients. Changes in your personal life have completely transformed the playing field, and you’re not approaching external success in the same way anymore. Mars in your sector of personal resources squares Jupiter/Mercury in your social sector, pushing you to make a public statement about private needs. Whether you want more money/satisfaction or you just feel ready  to demand what’s coming to you, you won’t hold back. However, keep in mind that not everyone will be receptive to your demands. New clients, public speaking, self-promotion can see benefits, but consider demonstrating what you’ve got rather than telling others what they need to do. As Venus squares Uranus Rx in your partnership sector, a relationship may flare up, die out or re-ignite suddenly. Professional or romantic opportunities can be exciting but fleeting, so look to Venus’ trine to Saturn in your sector of security and Chiron Rx in your sector of routine for the real deal. The key to longevity and success is in the work, discipline, self-reliance, and solid proof that you or someone else offers. This aspect does suggest career success, but it won’t be anything flashy. Sometimes the quieter choice (in work or love) is where it’s at.

  • Where you’ll feel the most change: career, work/romantic relationships, public status
  • Where you’ll find support: focusing on the essentials, cutting back, what’s already been proven, what needs to be done and someone who is willing to do it
  • Use caution when you feel compelled to demand or react: public demands based on private insecurities, attention for something that hasn’t been fully developed yet, pay raise


Venus in your opportunities sector opposes Pluto Rx in your communication sector, suggesting that distant/new opportunities will become enormously tempting. A long distance romance with a hypnotic pull, a new/unique opportunity that fires your obsession…these are all possibilities. Mars in your sign squares Jupiter/Mercury in your career sector, suggesting that good news (involving a job or public status) may fire up your ambitions. Your enthusiastic response will certainly push things forward, but use some restraint when dealing with those in authority. As Venus squares Uranus Rx in your sector of routine, the new/exciting development may disrupt your daily life/work environment, or it may feel like the ticket to freedom that you’ve been waiting for. Whether you’re feeling rattled or ready to break free, know that Venus’ trine to Saturn in your sign and Chiron Rx in your sector of self expression promises some success as long as you play by the rules that have been established (even if those rules involve your increased responsibilities or the new direction your life is moving in). This influence can be helpful for dealing with doubts/insecurities around artistic expression or troublesome issues (medical or otherwise) with children.

  • Where you’ll feel the most change: long distance romance, education, legal matters, long distance travel, publishing
  • Where you’ll find support: your new sense of strength/purpose, focusing on your responsibilities
  • Use caution when you feel compelled to demand or react:developments involving career, success, public status, increased status


Venus in your sector of shared resources opposes Pluto Rx in your security sector, suggesting intensified moments of intimacy or insecurity (around finances or a relationship). Whether you’re getting closer to someone, sharing more or feeling cut out, the end result will be an increased sense that you can’t control what’s going down. And that’s the way it’s meant to be. Mars in your hidden sector squares Jupiter/Mercury in your opportunities sector. A chance to expand, an educational opportunity or an exciting message from someone far away will trigger surprising reactions. Buried anger/control issues/ambition/aggression…what leaks out may be the last thing you expected, but know that your reactions will probably be poorly timed. Slow down and see the new development for what it is; an opportunity. As  Venus squares Uranus Rx in your sector of self-expression, romance and/or money matters may jump quite suddenly to a whole new level. You could go much deeper, much more quickly than you meant to, or end up spending/owing more than you expected. Venus’ trine to Saturn in your hidden sector and Chiron Rx in your domestic sector suggest that you do have the resources and strength to deal; it’s based on what you’ve been through already. If it’s too much, too soon, you can slow down.

  • Where you’ll feel the most change: physical/emotional intimacy, debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances
  • Where you’ll find support: look at how you’ve handled previous difficulties, plus how you’ve transitioned to this new phase
  • Use caution when you feel compelled to demand or react: new developments, legal documents, education, long distance travel, publishing, hidden/unacknowledged issues, actions that are not fully considered


Venus in your partnership sector opposes Pluto Rx in your sign, suggesting a romantic interest or moment of attraction/magnetism that opens things up on a deeper level. Venus is the trigger, so whether you’re single, newly involved or in a long-term relationship, your response to something inconsequential will reveal much about your shifting attitudes to control/loss of control. Mars in your social sector squares Jupiter/Mercury in your sector of shared resources, suggesting an external trigger (involving friends, groups, the public) to an intimate conversation or intense discussion about about finances. This could be the discussion that opens the floodgates, but over-the-top demands (or your overreaction to those demands) are also a possibility. Pause and consider before you ask, respond or sign. There’s good opportunity here (to increase security/abundance, sharing) but it will be easy to say/reveal too much. As Venus squares Uranus Rx in your domestic sector, partnership developments (or your desire for a partnership) may clash with changes at home. Alternatively, your pressing need to break away from the past may accelerate changes in your love life. Romantic developments can hit suddenly (and so can conflict) so fall back on Venus’ trine to Saturn (your ruler) in your social sector, and Chiron Rx in your communication sector, to stabilize and regroup. There is potential for a new attraction to solidify, or for an existing relationship to smooth out, as long as you keep moving forward with gradual discussion/acceptance of doubts and vulnerabilities (yours or theirs). You don’t have to reveal everything, but it’s time to initiate some cautious trust.

  • Where you’ll feel the most change: partnerships (business and romantic)
  • Where you’ll find support: future goals, public respect/authority, empathetic conversations, social boundaries
  • Use caution when you feel compelled to demand or react: physical/emotional intimacy, debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, signing financial documents, social triggers


Venus in your sector of routine opposes Pluto Rx in your hidden sector, pointing to an intensification of health/work issues. An interaction with co-workers, a desire for self-improvement (a makeover/cleansing) or issues around what you must do for someone versus what you want to do are all symptoms of something that’s been brewing for awhile. Mars in your career sector squares Jupiter/Mercury in your partnership sector, suggesting ambitions for success/recognition will be fuelled by a relationship (personal or professional) discussion, even if that fuel has overtones of conflict. Growth in one area may clash with progress in the other, but remember that professional ambition does not need to obliterate beginnings in other areas. It will very easy for discussions to tip over from passion into hostility. Keep it professional with work meetings/discussions/emails. As Venus squares Uranus Rx (your ruler) in your communication sector, keep reminding yourself that work and personal issues should remain separate; you’ll be tempted to say/write something risky. Alternatively, a surprise/clarification around a health issue could emerge. Whatever hits, know that Venus’ trine to Saturn in your career sector and Chiron Rx in your security sector says that sticking with the plan is the way to go. The big picture career goal, the relationship you’ve cultivated with management or your long-term health/exercise overhaul are what will carry you through now.

  • Where you’ll feel the most change: health, exercise, diet, medical diagnoses, co-worker relationships, duties, obligations
  • Where you’ll find support: your established plans, professional rules, relationship with management, professional reputation
  • Use caution when you feel compelled to demand or react: professional situations  that blend work and personal issues


Venus in your sector of self-expression opposes Pluto Rx in your social sector, indicating an intense, new attraction or opportunity to go a bit deeper regarding a creative project/personal goal. This energy can stir up jealousy, compulsion and the need to be noticed. Mars in your opportunities sector squares Jupiter/Mercury in your sector of routine, suggesting new ambitions to explore may clash with or fire up your ideas to make things better in your immediate world. Information/conversations around health, work tasks, co-worker issues or solutions will be full of possibility, but also full of conflict. Whether you’re being pushed to do more/give more, or you’re the one with the bigger/better idea, know that growth that occurs too quickly can burn out just as quickly. Consider all improvements, but know that it doesn’t have to happen right away. As Venus squares Uranus Rx in your security sector, attraction/creativity may take an unexpected turn, or you may find yourself taking a personal risk. Venus’ trine to Saturn in your opportunities sector and Chiron Rx in your sign suggests that considering the long-term implications of your actions (and the realistic possibilities) will make you feel more comfortable.

  • Where you’ll feel the most change: creative/artistic projects, new romance, children/pregnancy, the desire to socialize/grab attention
  • Where you’ll find support: established goals/boundaries in the areas of long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing
  • Use caution when you feel compelled to demand or react: health matters, diagnoses, co-worker relationships, work tasks, expansion/change in routine


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What’s Underneath: Mars’ transit of Scorpio

Illustration by Gustav Dore

Illustration by Gustav Dore

Mars (action, initiative, male energy) heads into Scorpio tonight at 10:24 PM EDT. It’s about time, right? We’ve all had enough of Mars in Libra.

So, welcome Mars in Scorpio. Actions will be focused, raw, instinctive, compulsive. It’s time to get honest about what you’re going after. Push down to where it’s darkest. Where it hurts. Mars in Scorpio can be ruthless; we’re talking survival now. Social niceties be damned. For every action, you can bet there will be a deeper trigger.

The great thing about this transit is it will be all or nothing. The challenging thing about this transit is it will be all or nothing. After months of Mars in Libra waffling, fence-sitting and passive- aggressive manoeuvres, Mars in Scorpio will trigger the slash and burn scenarios. Something must be done now, because you’ve had enough. Great for honesty, not great for compromise. The risk with this very powerful energy is using the hammer when something lighter might suffice. Mars is Scorpio’s traditional ruler, so he’s at full strength; he won’t hold back when delivering Scorpio’s agenda of absolute merging or complete destruction. There’s potential for radical intimacy or intense purging.

BUT…this won’t be quick. Unlike Aries (Mars’ home sign) Scorpio is slow and deliberate. It takes a while to penetrate through all those layers. So actions/reactions may be delayed, but do not make the mistake of thinking something’s not coming. No one forgives and forgets when Mars is in Scorpio. No one lets anything slide off their back. All actions will have a deeper resonance and resulting consequences. 

What’s best for you? It all depends on your chart, of course. Scorpio will be the area where transiting Mars is going to stir up the intensity/honesty/aggression. How you respond is up to you, but here’s my handy little cheat sheet of evolved expressions of Mars in Scorpio versus not so evolved:

  • honesty/vengeance masquerading as honesty
  • absolute intimacy/obsessive focus on someone who doesn’t return your desire
  • focused action/destructive action
  • purging to cleanse/purging to hurt others
  • strategy/manipulation

Mars will be in Scorpio until September 13, 2014. During that time, he’ll make some aspects which I’ll write about as we get closer to the dates:

  • Aug 1: square Jupiter at 3 degrees Leo
  • Aug 2: square Mercury at 4 degrees Leo
  • Aug 7: trine Neptune Rx at 6 degrees Pisces
  • Aug 16: sextile Pluto Rx at 11 degrees Capricorn
  • Aug 23: inconjunct Uranus Rx at 16 degrees Aries AND trine Chiron Rx at 16 degrees Pisces
  • Aug 25:  sextile Mercury at 17 degrees virgo AND conjunct Saturn in Scorpio
  • Aug 27: square Venus at 18 degrees Leo

As Mars moves through Scorpio, it won’t be enough to scratch the surface. There will be a deeper itch, and people will want more (or they’ll want nothing to do with what they have). The upcoming New Moon in Leo (square Mars) will be the intro to Mars in Scorpio.

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New Moon In Leo Square Mars in Scorpio: Sun and Shadow

Painting by Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov

Painting by Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov

Continuing on with the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Leo theme, the New Moon in Leo (on July 26th) will be powered up by its conjunction to Jupiter. The New Moon will be at 3 degrees and Jupiter will be at 2 degrees Leo, so that’s an almost exact fusion of possibility/expansion (Jupiter) with new beginnings. All in the sign of Leo; pride, showmanship, drama, celebration, creativity, heart.

Talk about the roar that lets everyone know this is it. Adding some teeth to that roar, we have Mars (action, initiative) at 0 degrees Scorpio, throwing an intense square to the New Moon. Mars square any New Moon suggests aggressive energy. Not just a new start, but an assertive push. And Mars in Scorpio can be obsessively assertive. Tunnel vision on what must happen now. I’ll write an additional post about Mars’ transit through Scorpio, btw.

But this New Moon. Yeah, it’ll be intense. I’m not too worried about it, because I’m liking Jupiter conjunct the Sun and Moon. That’s the prize, the Big Thing that you’ll want because it’s so shiny. Yes, Jupiter can stir up existing crap, but when it’s fused with a New Moon…it just feels like really good potential. What will create static is that square to Mars, but even then, you can use the tremendous amount of energy to propel yourself forward in a positive direction. 0 degrees Scorpio in your chart (where transiting Mars will be) is where you’ll encounter a trigger; a challenge, competition, an obsessive urge. 0-6 degrees Leo is where the new potential will be.

The question is, what will you do with Mars’ push? Will you let the obsessive urge control you, or will you step up and use the raw energy to power up this New Moon’s potential in the best possible way?

Here’s some positive/negative keywords, to help focus your New Moon intentions:

  • determined to succeed/determined to make others look bad
  • being noticed for what you’ve created/being noticed for throwing a diva- tantrum
  • powering up your special purpose/powering up a jealousy-driven crusade

You get the idea. The best use of this Moon’s energy will be to concentrate on what you have to offer. Not what you don’t have, not what they have, and not what you feel has been taken away. A triple conjunction of Jupiter, the Sun and Moon promises something bright (it’s just a promise, because you’re still in chapter one), but Mars is there in the Scorpio shadow. The brighter the promise, the darker the shadow. You can’t ignore the Shadow, but you can take what it offers (jealousy/anger/fear-driven aggression) and use that energy to add more power to your purpose. Whether it’s your Shadow or someone else’s, take the challenge as a sign that you’re onto something big. And then nurture your creation, your newly emerging sense of pride, the book you’re working on, the new romance, the new outfit…whatever.

What do you want to be noticed for?

If you have natal or progressed planets/angles/Nodes from 0-6 degrees of the Fixed or Fire signs, you’ll feel this Moon most intensely. But it’s so strong, everyone can make use of it.

As a side note, there will be a New Moon eclipse (an even more powerful new beginning) at 0 degrees Scorpio on October 23rd, 2014. This connects the Leo New Moon and the Scorpio eclipse, suggesting this New Moon will have an impact that reaches quite far. Keep your eye on 0 degrees Scorpio (in your chart). There’s something brewing in the shadows, so shine some light on it now and check it out. It’s not going away, and it could be your source of power in the future.

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Transiting Saturn in Sag and Love for the Fire Signs

Photo by http://m0thart.deviantart.com/

Photo by http://m0thart.deviantart.com/

Excerpt from my latest Sasstrology article (please leave comments on the Sasstrology site):

“Last week we looked at Saturn in Sag’s impact on relationships for the Mutable signs. This week, we’ll explore Saturn’s impact on Leo and Aries. All Fire signs know that they’re special. In her book“Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil” astrologer Liz Greene points out that signs in the other elements gain confidence through exchange or by creating something. But a Fire sign needs “…no further justification than its existence for the innate belief that life is essentially meaningful.” Fire signs approach relationships with the same sense of entitlement. But the recent square from Saturn in Scorpio (to Leo) — and Uranus and Pluto’s impact on Aries — may have shaken that conviction. Saturn’s transit of Sagittarius could help rebuild it. You’re most likely to feel this transit in your love life if your Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars or ruler of your 7th House is in Leo or Aries.”

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