Sacrd and Profane: Transiting Black Moon Lilith in Virgo

Painting by Vasily Surikov

Painting by Vasily Surikov

Excerpt from my latest Sasstrology article (please leave comments on the Sasstrology site):

“Transiting Black Moon Lilith begins her tour of Virgo on November 27th. Virgo is the sign of purity and service, while BML represents raw female power and anger that is rooted in her status as an outcast. The last thing Lilith wants to do is hold back. And yet she’s going to be walking in the Virgin’s shoes until August 25th, 2015. Read this article to get a sense of who Ms. Black Moon is.

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The Uranus/Pluto Square: Final Detonation

Painting by Jean-Francois Millet

Painting by Jean-Francois Millet

The Uranus/Pluto square is revving up again, as Uranus Rx backs into an exact aspect with Pluto in Capricorn on December 15th, 2014 (at 12 degrees). But you’ve probably been feeling it since November 20th, more or less.

This is the last square for 2014. It will ping the degrees from the square on April 21st, 2014 (at 13 degrees) which may also stir up the events from the April Cardinal Cross. Get used to the intensity, because this influence will stretch right into the next exact square, on March 17, 2015, at 15 degrees. This is because Uranus and Pluto will be sparring within 1 degree of each other between now and March.

So it will be amped up intensity and accelerated awareness for the next 4ish months. Way to end things with a bang. The March 2015 square will be it, as in the final, exact square for these planets. They’ll come close again in February 2016, but they won’t perfect. Uranus (as the faster moving planet) will gradually pull ahead of Pluto.

I think this last hoorah will be the most potent. Not only because of the stretched out intensity, but last (and first) influences in astrology tend to be more potent. It’s as if Uranus/Pluto are gathering their power for a final blast, to ensure that anything stale has been completely wiped away.

This is rough energy: evolution by fire. The next months will be choppy, and anything from 11 to 15 degrees of the Cardinal signs will be in the hot zone.

Here’s a quick review of what Uranus/Pluto may be doing for you:

  • Transiting Uranus is moving through Aries in your chart, pushing you to assert your freedom/move forward
  • Transiting Pluto is moving through Capricorn in your chart, excavating old fears/limits/rules/secrets
  • When Uranus squares Pluto, problems are pushed to the surface and taboos are broken. Uranus’ radical clarity shines down on the caverns that Pluto has opened, and what’s revealed is not pretty. But you cannot advance until you confront the garbage Pluto has unearthed.  

A sure sign that Uranus/Pluto is working on you is your reaction to external challenges. When something “precious” is rocked, confronted or challenged, how violently do you struggle to hang onto it?

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It Hurts, But Keep Moving

Painting by Witold Pruszkowski

Painting by Witold Pruszkowski

Mars (action, initiative) in Capricorn inconjuncts Jupiter (expansion, optimism) at 22 degrees Leo today (exact this evening). There’s potential to aim too high (Jupiter) or take action that ends up undercutting your confidence. The inconjunct demands adjustment, so the remedy for misdirected actions or overconfidence is to pull back in both areas. Any contact between Jupiter and Mars can go over the top, so you’ll need to keep your eyes on the bigger picture while simultaneously moderating your efforts. The biggest risk here is loss of perspective. You can go forward, but you’ll need to measure your actions against your enthusiasm (or how much attention those actions will receive).

Venus in Sagittarius trines Uranus Rx in Aries from November 24th to 26th (at 12 degrees) but then she confronts Chiron with a hurtful square from November 25th to 27th (at 13 degrees). Uranus enables Venus in Sag’s exploratory vibe. Take a chance, try something new, go after what you want. Put yourself out there and see what you attract. Venus themes (love, money, self-esteem, values) are flowing like liquid fire, urged on by the promise of new horizons.

But then…the square to Chiron. Remembering that Chiron is now direct, we have a confrontation between risk-taking and the resulting bruises. Whenever you move beyond what you know, there’s a chance of getting hurt. You don’t know the territory, so you’ll probably trip. As uncomfortable as Venus/Chiron squares can be (feeling vulnerable, embarrassed or  socially awkward) this is a very brief influence. Don’t let it douse your flame. Chiron direct means feel the pain and keep moving forward. 

In the middle of all this, the Sun in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces (at 4 degrees) from November 24th to 26th. Will you allow Neptune to dissolve your faith, or will your faith keep expanding, against all odds and logic?

Mercury enters Sag on the same day the Chiron square is exact, so you’ll have plenty of new possibilities to wrangle if one goes sour.

If you have natal or progressed planets, angles or Nodes from 21 to 23 degrees Capricorn or Leo, you’ll feel the inconjunct. 10 to 13 degrees of the Fire signs will feel the Venus/Uranus trine, and 11 to 14 degrees of the Mutable signs will feel the Venus/Chiron square. 2 to 5 degrees of the Mutable signs will feel the Sun/Neptune square.

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Your Chiron Direct Plan, Courtesy of Mercury/Saturn in Scorpio

Pic by

Pic by

Chiron direct at 13 degrees Pisces today (November 23rd) is a subtle shift. As the Wounded Healer moves forward, he begins a new chapter in the story of your vulnerabilities.

You may experience this as a chance to accept or forgive, but what hurts won’t be wiped away. Chiron works with the pain, and helps you move forward with it. You may even feel an intensification of sensitive issues for a few days, especially if you have anything natal or progressed at 13 degrees of the Mutable signs. The degree where anything stations Rx or direct is emphasized. This is meant to call attention to what makes you uncomfortable.

You’ll have help with this, as Mercury (communication/information) in Scorpio conjuncts Saturn (at 26 degrees) from November 23rd to 25th. Saturn formalizes and crystallizes whatever it touches, so we have an official answer, commitment or ending. 26 degrees Scorpio is where you will find the truth. Not everyone likes the Scorpio brand of truth, because it’s unvarnished. And Scorpio will compel you to focus on that.

But there’s potent energy here that will enable your dealings with Chiron. Mercury/Saturn will forcefully point out what needs to be addressed, and the most effective way to do this. It’s the extreme version of a healing plan: dive in, target what has potential for further development, and what cannot be developed further. Say what you need to say, knowing this aspect will give your words the impact of a guillotine or concrete seal (depending on the message). Think of it as backbone for your Chiron plan.

For maximum effectiveness, it’s best to say/write your piece, or sign the documents, before November 27th, when Mercury enters Sagittarius. Then, you’ll experience a rush of new ideas and contacts, which is great. But Mercury will be squaring Neptune (at 4 degrees Pisces) until November 30th, which will broaden and dissolve your focus. Everything will seem like a great idea. Wonderful for creative inspiration, but not great for getting things done.

If you have natal or progressed plants, angles or Nodes from 12 to 14 degrees of the Mutable signs, you’ll feel Chiron direct most strongly. 23 to 27 degrees of the Fixed signs will feel the Mercury/Saturn conjunction, and 0 to 4 degrees of the Mutable signs will feel the Mercury/Neptune square.

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Horoscopes for November 23rd to November 30th

"Gimme gimme" by

“Gimme gimme” by


Chiron (Wounded Healer) stations direct in Pisces on November 23rd, increasing the acceptance of doubts/pain, and the healing that follows. This is not a cure-all, but it is a move towards working with (rather than denying) what hurts. From November 23rd to 25th, Mercury in Scorpio conjuncts Saturn, focusing you on the essential truths. This energy is about hard core facts and deep realizations. It can indicate an ending or formal commitment that’s carved in stone. This certainty will act as the foundation for Mercury’s leap into expansive Sagittarius (on November 27th) where new information and possibilities will flood in. Note that Mercury will build to a square with Neptune on November 30th, which offers dual potential for truly inspired ideas and misguided ideals.

November 24th to 26th sees Venus in Sagittarius trining Uranus Rx, and the Sun in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces. Potentials for love, money, self-esteem and indulgence will be wide open, as Uranus urges you to take a chance, and Neptune dissolves inhibitions. But a square to Neptune can also dissolve common sense, so keep in mind that not everything floating in front of you is for keeps. As Venus squares Chiron from November 25th to 27th, some people may trip over the results of their overindulgence, or blind faith. Nonetheless, the flip side of this square is faith in yourself no matter how vulnerable or embarrassed you may feel.


Chiron direct in your hidden sector suggests the quiet release of something that’s been aching for far too long. This would be a private turning point; an inner shift that’s apparent only to you. Mercury and Saturn in your sector of shared resources put you on notice that it’s time to confront financial or emotional obligations. Whether you’re signing, discussing or clarifying, there will be no doubt about what you can and cannot have. Debts, personal boundaries and intimate conversations will be hi-lighted. This could be a case of one door closing and another one opening, as Mercury enters your opportunities sector soon after, offering fresh ideas and new contacts. Venus (in your opportunities sector) trines Uranus Rx in your sign, dangling a new and tempting development in front of you. Long-distance romance, travel for pleasure or creative risks are favoured. The Sun (in your opportunities sector) squaring Neptune can help you visualize all possible outcomes (positive and negative) but as Venus squares Chiron, you may find that you’ve stretched a bit further than you’re comfortable with.

  • Healing in progress: secrets, private goodbyes/releases, coming to terms with inner doubt
  • Define and focus: debts, taxes, loan, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy, financial documents
  • Expand and explore: long distance travel, long-distance romance, education, legal matters, publishing


Chiron direct in your social sector can move you along the path to acceptance of certain friendships or social situations. But rather than settling for things the way they are, this influence encourages you to help/heal/live more fully despite the painful issues. Mercury and Saturn in your partnership sector suggest a commitment, crystallization of future plans or official goodbye. Conversations will be direct and final. But as Mercury enters your sector of shared resources, there’s potential to get more out of the next stage of negotiations, as long as you accept that the old chapter is closed. Venus and the Sun (in your sector of shared resources) aspecting Uranus Rx and Neptune can add excitement to a commitment, or bring surprising financial benefits/assistance/solutions. However, use caution when investing, loaning or pooling your money: don’t allow inflated hopes to dissolve all common sense. As Venus squares Chiron, you’ll be reminded that not everyone wants to help, or some social potentials are better left unexplored.

  • Healing in progress: friends, groups, your relationship to the public
  • Define and focus: all partnerships
  • Expand and explore: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy


Chiron direct in your career sector can help you move on from a career disappointment or insecurity. Some professional goals are not for you, but some are tailor made for you, precisely because of your insecurities. Mercury/Saturn in your sector of routine can bring a diagnosis, clarification of tasks, or conformation of obligations. As Mercury heads into your partnership sector, you’ll find that cooperation and the exchange of information is your next, best step. Venus and the Sun (in your partnership sector) trine Uranus Rx and square Neptune can keep a relationship moving forward, even if you’re temporarily sidetracked by mixed signals or elusive hopes. There’s more to work with, even as Venus/Chiron bruises you with a reminder that you and your partner may not be on exactly the same page, or one person’s ambitions come at the expense of the relationship. In general, these influences are about forward momentum that encompasses the fact that everything is not perfect.

  • Healing in progress: career, public status, success, future goals
  • Define and focus: medical issues, co-worker relationships, work tasks, obligations, service to others, finding a definitive solution to the problem
  • Expand and explore: all partnerships


Chiron direct in your opportunities sector helps you venture into new territory, despite your insecurities or lack of expertise. Whatever seems like too much/too far is closer than you think, as long as you’re ok with the discomfort. Watch for progress in a legal matter. Mercury/Saturn in your sector of self-expression can clarify your options around a desired/creative goal. Whether it’s a “Yes” within limits or a “No,” you’ll know exactly what you need to do to get what you want. As Mercury heads into your sector of routine, apply that certainty to the nuts and bolts of your plan. New approaches or information involving pregnancy/childbirth are favoured. Venus and the Sun (in your sector of routine) trine Uranus and square Neptune can keep you busy and inspired, but be cautious about losing focus if you scatter your energies too widely. As Venus squares Chiron, you may discover practical reasons why your plan/solution needs adjusting. Medical issues may require that you pull back and work on developing what you have, rather than adding more.

  • Healing in progress: long-distance issues, education, legal matters, publishing, expanding your reach
  • Define and focus: new romance, pregnancy/children, artistic projects, performance
  • Expand and explore: diet/exercise/medical issues, work tasks, obligations, co-worker relationships, practical routines


Chiron direct in your sector of shared resources can help you work through pain/vulnerability associated with intimacy, or deeper psychological issues that have been simmering. Mercury/Saturn in your domestic sector can signal a final discussion with family/a partner, or a clarification of exactly where your domestic responsibilities lie. Plans associated with relocating, buying, selling or home businesses can also be finalized. As Mercury enters your sector of self-expression, you’ll have more options/ideas to bring to the table. You can also look forward to a sense of relief (and celebration) as a particular responsibility is completed. Venus and the Sun (in your sector of self-expression) trine Uranus Rx and square Neptune can get you in the mood for the holiday season, urging you to kick back. Keep in mind that it will be easy to overdo it with this energy. As Venus squares Chiron, be prepared to confront financial and/or emotional limits around how much you can expect from others, or how others will respond to you. You’re due for a celebration, but exercise some restraint.

  • Healing in progress: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • Define and focus: domestic/family responsibilities, issues with parents, mortgage/rental documents, home business
  • Expand and explore: new romance, celebrations, indulgence, children/pregnancy, artistic projects


Chiron direct in your partnership sector can move things in the right direction regarding a partnership sore spot, or insecurities/pain about your love life. The issues won’t be wrapped up neatly, but there is an opportunity to move on rather than picking at the problem until it bleeds. It may be time to forgive (although you don’t have to forget). Mercury/Saturn in your communication sector helps you with a definitive answer, statement or verbal boundary. An official document can also be signed. As Mercury heads into your domestic sector, your attention will turn to more personal matters. You can nail a situation shut, and then move forward with the knowledge that everything you needed to express is out there. Venus and the Sun (in your domestic sector) trine Uranus Rx and square Neptune bring the celebration to you, or urge you to do more with what’s in front of you. A home business, relocation or family issue can make progress, but be prepared for mixed signals or waffling from a partner. As Venus squares Chiron, family/partnership sensitivities can be triggered. Domestic issues can be touchy around the holidays, so move forward with an awareness that not everyone is on the same schedule as you.

  • Healing in progress: partnerships
  • Define and focus: emails, phone calls, official documents, final answers, formal announcements
  • Expand and explore: home, family, renovations, relocations, home business


Chiron direct in your sector of routine can signal progress with a medical issue, or a way forward around hurt feelings, being unappreciated or co-worker issues. What’s not working may never be perfect, but there is a workaround. Mercury/Saturn in your sector of personal resources helps you finalize a budget or clarify a pay raise. You may not get everything you asked for, but you’ll have a clear idea of what you have to build on. Also excellent for solidifying emotional boundaries and putting your needs on the table. As Mercury moves into your communication sector, get ready for a rush of inspiration, solutions and fresh ideas. Venus and the Sun (in your communication sector) trine Uranus Rx and square Neptune can keep you busy with new introductions, more creativity and an increased sense of optimism. Suddenly, it all seems possible, but don’t lose sight of the practical details. As Venus squares Chiron, you may say too much/too soon, or hear something that makes you question if you should keep moving forward. The answer is “Yes, you should.” Take it in stride, because it’s only one, small part of the bigger picture.

  • Healing in progress: health, co-worker relationships, obligations, service to others, routines, work tasks
  • Define and focus: earned money, self-esteem, security needs
  • Expand and explore: email, phone calls, introductions, discussions, issues with siblings


Chiron direct in your sector of self-expression can help you move past a romantic or creative disappointment, while allowing you to accept doubts about getting what you want. Issues involving children/pregnancy can unfold, and provide a gradual feeling that there’s light on the horizon. Mercury/Saturn in your sign helps you define, terminate or get your point across with authority. As Mercury enters your sector of personal resources, you’ll be secure knowing that loose ends have been tied up. Concentrate on getting more for yourself. Venus and the Sun (in your personal resources sector) trine Uranus Rx and square Neptune can increase the possibilities for more money, happiness and confidence. Just make sure your expectations are not exaggerated: a romance or source of income has potential, but it’s not the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. As Venus squares Chiron, you may have to deal with disappointments or a “That’s all?” feeling.

  • Healing in progress: creative/artistic goals, new romance, children/pregnancy, performance
  • Define and focus: personal or professional goals, public identity, personal boundaries
  • Expand and explore: earned money, self-esteem, security needs


Chiron direct in your domestic sector helps you gain traction on elusive pain rooted in the past. Touchy family issues can also see progress. Mercury/Saturn in your hidden sector lets you come to an internal realization, goodbye or turning point. A fantasy or unsubstantiated piece of information may also be clarified or disproven. As Mercury moves into your sign, you’ll have the confidence to make an announcement or move ahead with a plan, because you’ll know what’s true on a deep level. Venus and the Sun (in your sign) trine Uranus Rx and square Neptune indicate that it’s all systems go for a new life chapter, project or relationship. You’ll feel lighter and ready to take some new risks, even if you’re not 100% sure which path to take (yet). As Venus squares Chiron, watch for a brief spurt of insecurity. Rather than sinking back into the same old fears, know that this is only an echo of what once was; keep moving forward.

  • Healing in progress: family or childhood issues, old anxieties or illnesses
  • Define and focus: secrets, dreams, gossip, gut feelings, intuition
  • Expand and explore: public identity, personal goals, new interests


Chiron direct in your communication sector suggests a more empathetic or accepting approach to delivering a message or receiving criticism. Issues with siblings can see gradual progress as well. All forward movement will be connected to you seeing things from another’s viewpoint. Mercury/Saturn in your social sector can mark a formal announcement, the public results of a review, or a turning point conversation with a friend. This is the time to clarify your intentions/boundaries, and as Mercury slips into your hidden sector, you may feel like pulling back in order to process these events. Venus and the Sun (in your hidden sector) trine Uranus Rx and square Neptune puts you in touch with the next potential (that’s still in the works) or a private source of inspiration. Potentials can be exciting, but nothing is certain at the moment. Allow ideas/information to wash over you, but wait for more details to emerge. As Venus squares Chiron, you may feel exposed or foolish for believing in something/someone. Know that belief, even if it’s misplaced, opens the gates to something better.

  • Healing in progress: emails, phone calls, discussions, questions/answers, sibling issues, being heard
  • Define and focus: friends, groups, your relationship with the public, public announcements
  • Expand and explore: dreams, secrets, intuition, undeveloped potentials, private goals


Chiron direct in your sector of personal resources helps you feel secure about what you have, what you’re lacking, and how to get more. As you gradually shift gears in the areas of financial and emotional satisfaction, the fears, vulnerabilities and what ifs will become easier to handle. Mercury/Saturn in your career sector can indicate a job announcement or final discussion on your next move. This can be a defining moment, and as Mercury enters your social sector, you’ll gladly jump forward into a new, expansive chapter. Venus and the Sun (in your social sector) trine Uranus Rx and square Neptune boost your potential for new romance, fun, flirtations and increased public exposure. Even if you’ve been hiding away lately, it will be difficult to resist the pull of lighthearted enjoyment and no-pressure socialization. This energy can release social insecurities, but as Venus squares Chiron, watch out for an awkward moment or two involving mixed signals (platonic or romantic?) Let it roll off you.

  • Healing in progress: earned money, emotional security, self-esteem, values
  • Define and focus: career, discussions with management, future goals, success, public status
  • Expand and explore: friends, groups, social activities


Chiron direct in your sign can push you through another layer of doubt or insecurity. You’ll be gaining strength and assurance as you slowly realize that where you are right now (complete with doubts and confusion) is exactly where you need to be. Mercury/Saturn in your opportunities sector can point to a graduation or official conclusion to a legal matter. Watch for increased focus and direction on your next, exploratory step, or a crystallization of a belief/ideal. As Mercury heads into your career sector, you can use this formalization or definite knowledge as a springboard for increased career exposure or new ideas on what direction to take (although the square to Neptune may offer more possibilities than focus, to begin with). Venus and the Sun (in your career sector) trine Uranus Rx and square Neptune (in your sign) keep the momentum going in terms of professional success and dealings with those in authority. A new or existing job has plenty of room to grow, although you may find yourself losing focus as expectations outstrip reality. As Venus squares Chiron in your sign, don’t allow yourself to get thrown off track by a brief disappointment or professional misstep. Take special care to guard your reputation (especially if you’re mixing business with pleasure).

  • Healing in progress: public identity, personal goals, working with who you are
  • Define and focus: long-distance issues, education, legal matters, publishing
  • Expand and explore: career, public status, success, future goals
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