The Demand: Full Moon in Scorpio

Fireflies by Natalie Shau

Fireflies by Natalie Shau

The next Full Moon occurs on May 3rd, at 13 degrees Scorpio. It will be compelling and demanding, part of a T-Square to Jupiter in Leo.

This Moon’s themes suggest culminations involving compulsion, intimacy and deep transformation. Full Moons are peak times, and this peak will be especially intense due to Scorpio’s uncompromising energy. Situations will either accelerate all the way to the next level, or end.

Jupiter in Leo will square the Sun in Taurus/Moon in Scorpio opposition. The desire for recognition, appreciation, expansion and more of something will be the catalyst that drives events. There will be an urgency, and you may feel that something must happen, because your survival (Taurus) is at stake. This will probably not be the literal case, but it will certainly feel like it. Moon in Scorpio powered up by a square to Jupiter is about extremes. 

The Sun will trine Scorpio’s ruler (Pluto Rx at 15 degrees Capricorn) which will power up the Taurus end of things. This will encourage the establishment of something real and long-lasting. Focused efforts to stake your claim can be successful. But Jupiter will be inconjuncting Pluto, which suggests that an overenthusiastic push to get what you want may destroy any stability. The Jupiter/Pluto inconjunct combines power with expansion, but in a way that overloads the circuits. The key is adjustment: expand, but don’t bulldoze. There’s room for success, as long as you temper confidence with restraint. We’ve seen this inconjunct before, and it will peak again on May 21st, 2015.

As a counterpoint to all this extreme energy, we have a restrictive opposition between Mercury in Gemini and Saturn Rx (at 3 degrees Sagittarius) also on May 3rd. While the Full Moon will be urging you to go big, Saturn will pin Mercury to the wall with a focus on one choice. Or, there may be blocks to what you’re trying to communicate. Mercury in Gemini is about whirring through new information and dancing lightly across multiple choices. Saturn will insist on accountability, or will make certain choices unavailable. This opposition will begin on April 30th, when Mercury enters Gemini (more on that later).

So you’ll have the Full Moon’s urgent demands, and the necessity to focus, provide proof, or make it official, with Mercury/Saturn. Since all oppositions represent culminations, Mercury/Saturn will also point to an ending or transition. This Moon will be your finish line, line in the sand, or seal that marks a commitment.

If you have natal or progressed planets, angles or Nodes from:

  • 11 to 15 degrees of the Fixed signs, you’ll feel this Full Moon most strongly
  • 0 to 4 degrees of the Mutable signs, you’ll feel the Mercury/Saturn opposition
  • 13 to 15 degrees Capricorn or Leo, you’ll feel the Jupiter/Pluto inconjunct
  • 12 to 16 degrees of the Earth signs, you’ll feel the Sun/Pluto trine


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How To Tell if a Mars in Taurus Man or Woman is Into You

"The Empress" from the Sepia Stains Tarot deck

“The Empress” from the Sepia Stains Tarot deck

Excerpt from my latest Sasstrology post (please leave comments on the Sasstrology site):

“Mars in Taurus is not obvious about his or her attraction, at first. There’s a waiting period, and you may end up assuming that Taurus is simply not that into you. But before you give up and walk away, know that Mars in Taurus is not playing games. Your patience may be rewarded with a steadfast lover who makes pleasure their top priority.”

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The 5 of Pentacles for Taurus Season


Now that Taurus season is upon us, it’s time for another Tarot/astrological mashup.

The 5 of Pentacles is associated with Mercury in Taurus. This is not a happy card, but it’s not as bad as it appears. When you pull this card, it suggests worry about resources or security; not having enough of something. It indicates that you are (or are going to be) feeling shut out. Whether this involves love, money or emotional security will depend on the context of the spread.

While this card is a caution to take stock of your resources, it also suggests that you’re not as hard up as you think. Most versions (like the one shown here, from the Vampire Tarot of the Eternal Night) show a light in the background. This is a clue that you may be missing out on nearby assistance. Or, you’re so focused on what you lack that you’ve lost sight of the true meaning of your situation. There is something you’re lacking, but it’s not as essential as you think. Or, there’s a way for you to get it.

This is not a disaster card, just a prompt to look at what you have (or what you feel you’re missing). Why do you feel shut out? It connects to Mercury in Taurus, because it involves planning/thinking/worrying about security issues, while hi-lighting the risk of tunnel vision.

When this card is reversed, it often suggests “poverty mentality.” You have everything you need, and yet you still think you’re starving. And what you dwell on often manifests as reality.

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Taurus Season: Claiming What’s Yours

"The Song of the Lark" by Jules Breton

“The Song of the Lark” by Jules Breton

Taurus season begins today, as the Sun enters the sign of survival, acquisition and preservation.

Taurus is the stock-up-and-get-comfy sign. Amass what you need to survive and thrive (Taurus knows how to enjoy the good stuff). Taurus is about making the most of what you have, and if you’re missing something, figuring out how to get it. This is the sign of personal values and self-esteem. Inner and outer resources. Personal luxury.

Of all the signs, Taurus is the one who is most grounded in him/herself. Think about that…what does it mean to be grounded in yourself? Knowing what you want and need and living according to those rules. Insisting on what and who is best for you. 

Taurus in your chart is where you maintain your values and acquire what you want. If that area of your chart is afflicted (for example, natal Saturn squares a planet in Taurus) it can be where you’re afraid to claim what’s yours. The Sun’s transit reminds us to take stock of what we have, and notice if we’re honouring our values (or allowing others to compromise what’s valuable to us).

As always, there’s a Shadow side. In Taurus, the Shadow consists of stubborn denial of anything new (it’s worked for me so far …why should I change it) or extreme possessiveness (you’re mine/that’s mine, and if I share I die).

April 20th to 30th will be peak Taurus time as the Sun, Mars and Mercury occupy this sign. Three planets in one sign is not a huge concentration, but it will be enough to emphasize a specific area of your chart.

Here are the aspects the Sun in Taurus will be making:

  • April 23rd: inconjunct Saturn Rx at 3 degrees Sagittarius
  • April 29th: sextile Neptune at 9 degrees Pisces
  • April 30th: inconjunct the North Node at 9 degrees Libra
  • May 3rd: Full Moon at 13 degrees Scorpio (Moon in Scorpio opposes Sun in Taurus)
  • May 4th: square Jupiter at 13 degrees Leo
  • May 6th: trine Pluto Rx at 15 degrees Capricorn
  • May 11th: sextile Chiron at 20 degrees Pisces
  • May 18th: New Moon at 26 degrees Taurus (Moon conjunct Sun)
  • May 21st: enters Gemini

Check out this week’s horoscopes to see how the Sun’s transit of Taurus will impact your sign.

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Horoscopes for April 19th to April 26th

"Apocalyptica" by

“Apocalyptica” by


April 19th to 21st sees a potent trine from Mars (action) in Taurus to Pluto Rx (focused power) in Capricorn. As Mercury (information) moves to trine Pluto (April 21st to 22nd) and unites with Mars (on April 22nd) you’ll have a rare opportunity to fuse words/ideas with actions, then focus them for maximum impact. Mars/Pluto can have a ruthless edge, but one person’s ruthless is another person’s focus on what needs to be done. Use this influence with awareness and the highest intentions. What are you focusing on, and why? Jupiter in Leo squares Mercury from April 20th to 21st, adding confidence to Mercury’s words, but also exaggeration.

The Sun’s Taurus ingress occurs on April 20th, ushering in the season of growth. The earth has been prepared, and what emerges will be the result of that preparation. Taurus focuses on what you’re doing with what you have. This sign is a pro at maximizing existing resources and recognizing value in other people and situations. This also means recognizing when a situation has no value for you.


Mercury/Mars (in your sector of personal resources) trine Pluto Rx (in your career sector) gift you with solid ideas for advancing your career and your salary. Your words are hooked into big-picture ambition, but they’re also grounded in facts and figures. All you need to do is draw the line from A to B. Are you worth the investment? If others are asking, you’ve got the words and actions to prove it. As Jupiter in your sector of self-expression squares Mercury, you’ll get a boost of confidence/support (just make sure you don’t overestimate what you have to work with). Note that Pluto Rx suggests an intensified focus on one aspect of your career/future goals.

As the Sun enters your sector of personal resources, your focus will turn to money and personal satisfaction/self-esteem. This is the week to ensure you’ve got everything you need. If something’s missing, you can probably figure out a way to get it.

  • Words/ideas have power: business deals, new sources of income, pay raise, getting serious about your budget, delineating what you’re worth
  • Focus on: earned money, self-esteem, values, emotional security


Mercury and Mars in your sign trine Pluto Rx in your opportunities sector. Watch for an intensified push into a new area (or a change in plans involving expansion) that helps you focus your efforts and ideas. These energies can help you zero in on exactly what has value and what should be discarded. You can also power forward with legal issues/documents or make a long-distance impact with your words. Jupiter in your domestic sector, squaring Mercury, can bring an updraft of support from family or personal accomplishments. This energy can also point to big plans for home improvements/relocation/home business.

As the Sun moves into your sign, you should find yourself making progress, even if that means adjusting your focus back to what really matters. This time of year is a reminder for you to take stock of what you have, what you’ve developed, and your next area of growth.

  • Words/ideas have power: education, long-distance issues, legal matters, publishing exploration, travel, reaching a wider audience, putting your ideals in focus
  • Focus on: personal identity, physical appearance, personal goals, the year ahead


Mars/Mercury in your hidden sector trine Pluto Rx in your sector of shared resources, giving you access to what’s underneath, and the means to do something about it. Whether it’s a secret, something that’s being avoided, a difficult conversation or a financial issue, these energies can help you hone in on what needs to be said, read or signed. Jupiter in your communication sector, squaring Mercury, suggests that inner decisions/private discussions will be pushed by external announcements, plans or ideals. There may be an urgency to get the ball rolling, but remember that certain things cannot be rushed.  This is a rare blend of instinct, logic and action.

As the Sun moves into your hidden sector, you’ll become aware of the current that flows beneath the surface. Whether you try to shine a light on what’s hidden or pull back into the shadows yourself, it’s time to look at what’s not obvious.

  • Words/ideas have power: secrets, private conversations, financial/intimacy issues with a partner, psychological issues
  • Focus on: alone time, unacknowledged potentials, hidden purpose, authentic meaning


Mercury/Mars in your social sector trine Pluto Rx in your partnership sector, giving you public traction. Announcements or general socializing can have an ambitious edge, as you become aware of strategic approaches/discussions. You can definitely make a strong impact on the group. Relationship issues can see improvement or release with outside input or a broader perspective. The square from Jupiter (in your sector of personal resources) to Mercury can push some discussions over the top; watch out for exaggerated claims or the insistence that something must be resolved ASAP.

As the Sun moves into your social sector, your focus shifts to your place in the collective, and how you interact with others. This energy also urges you to consider the value of  what you express outwardly; do you receive nourishment from others, and do they receive it from you? Or is it a one- way street?

  • Words/ideas have power: public announcements, social interactions, partnerships,  public speaking, public launches
  • Focus on: friends, groups, the collective, group activities


Mercury/Mars in your career sector trine Pluto Rx in your sector of routine. Discussions with management or career announcements will be driven and supported by shifts in your day to day work. A big change may not be as daunting as you think, once you see how it fits into your life (or once you prove its worth to higher- ups). These energies can also help you plan more effectively for the future, or power up your job search. Also excellent for getting a handle on health issues or lifestyle changes. The square from Jupiter in your sign (to Mercury) can give you more than enough confidence to unfurl your ideas, but make sure you’ve got all the details nailed down.

As the Sun enters your career sector, you’ll be looking at the value of your current career or status. Is there something more to build on, have you become entrenched in a rut, or is it time to encourage new growth?

  • Words/ideas have power: discussions with management, future goals powered by changes on a daily level, how do you see your obligations/duties in the future, pitching ideas to management, job search
  • Focus on: career, future goals, professional status, ambition


Mercury/Mars in your sector of opportunities trine Pluto Rx (in your sector of self-expression) enabling you to make serious headway in legal, education or travel matters. Any issue where the reach of your words/actions needs to be expanded will benefit. Also good for making plans that involve exploration or ventures into new areas. The square from Jupiter (in your hidden sector) can add a shot of unexpected inspiration/help that can push you past a block.

The Sun’s entrance into your sector of opportunities says that it’s time to move forward and see what else is out there. Whether literally or figuratively, you’re now considering how far you want to travel.

  • Words/ideas have power: legal documents/arguments, travel plans, reaching a wider audience with your ideas, expressing your ideals through a crusade, learning more to enhance your success
  • Focus on: long-distance travel, education, legal issues, publishing, philosophy/beliefs


Mars/Mercury in your sector of shared resources trines Pluto Rx in your domestic sector, intensifying discussions around finances, psychological issues or intimacy. Conversations will not be superficial, and may feel intrusive, but the increased energy can get to the essential truth of a touchy/hidden matter. Pluto Rx suggests domestic changes will be deeply focused on a past/childhood issue, and a breakthrough could be forthcoming. Excellent for busting through ingrained resistance or coming to terms with home finances. The square from Jupiter in your social sector suggests that external developments could be a catalyst for internal changes.

As the Sun enters your sector of shared resources, you’ll be considering how to consolidate what you and another own, or what you’d like to share with someone else. This energy can also increase your awareness of uncomfortable topics that you’d normally avoid.

  • Words/ideas have power: psychological issues rooted in childhood, home finances, financial issues related to a home business, discussing sexual needs/dynamics with a partner
  • Focus on: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy


Mercury/Mars in your partnership sector trine Pluto Rx in your communication sector, triggering intensive discussions about power balances and/or significant shifts in a relationship. Conversations may have an edge, but they will be focused and effective; excellent for finally airing an issue that’s been simmering for some time. The square from Jupiter (in your career sector) can add hopeful plans for the future, or make compromise difficult, as one partner gets carried away with those plans. For single Scorpios, this influence can be encouraging for manifesting a desired relationship, as long as you focus your intentions in a healthy direction.

The Sun’s move into your partnership sector turns your focus to the value of all one on one relationships, but also to matters of projection. Consider what you acknowledge, and what you’ve been blaming on others.

  • Words/ideas have power: intensive relationship discussions/arguments, career/future versus personal life, walking the talk in your love life
  • Focus on : partnerships, projection


Mars/Mercury in your sector of routine trine Pluto Rx in your sector of personal resources, indicating information/action that’s applied to work or health matters. Increased focus and intent around tasks, obligations or medical issues can net you significant financial or emotional security. Much of this will involve your changing awareness of what makes you feel in control, or how you handle your money. The square from Jupiter (in your sector of opportunity) brings an inspirational boost in the form of new ideas/education/legal developments, or a chance to explore a brand new area of life.

The Sun into your sector of routine grounds you in the here and now, focusing you on effective development of your daily tasks/obligations. Themes include what has value in your life, what areas have been stagnating, and where there’s growth potential. Before you can move forward, you need to attend to your mundane business.

  • Words/ideas have power: co-worker discussions, medical diagnoses/education, focused solutions for work tasks, clarifying obligations, more effective ways to handle your finances
  • Focus on: work tasks/routines, health, service to others


Mercury/Mars in your sector of self-expression trine Pluto Rx in your sign, helping you zero in on an issues that are ripe for success or change. The next step can be achieved with direct communication of your desires or intentions, with the added bonus of public acknowledgment as fuel. The square from Jupiter (in your sector of shared resources) adds a “look what I did” push, and expectations of acknowledgment may be high. Romance can be especially demanding; make sure there’s still room for the word “no.”

The Sun’s entrance into your sector of self-expression turns your attention to the celebration of life. Enjoying what you have and creating what you want will be your priorities. Pleasure is an important part of this energy, but also the basic acknowledgement that you deserve to be happy.

  • Words/ideas have power: promoting yourself/your work, expressing your desire for someone, announcing your success, artistic work with an emphasis on writing, words are the medium for creation
  • Focus on: new relationships, children/pregnancy, celebrations, creative work, having an audience


Mercury/Mars in your domestic sector trine Pluto Rx in your hidden sector, giving you access to deeper layers of consciousness, or issues from the past/childhood. Long-standing family or psychological issues/blocks can be resolved as you finally say what’s necessary. Too, mundane domestic issues like renovations, relocation or home businesses can take up your attention with intense planning. The square from Jupiter (in your partnership sector) can bring fresh/unexpected input that may be jarring, but may also be just what you need to shine a new light on an insular situation.

The Sun’s move into your domestic sector brings the themes of family, roots and belonging to the forefront. Where you come from, where you belong, and where you’re going will be preoccupations, along with the necessity to create a solid foundation for yourself (wherever you end up).

  • Words/ideas have power: psychological breakthroughs, family discussions, discovery of family secrets, domestic plans, saying goodbye to the past
  • Focus on: home, family, home business


Mercury/Mars in your communication sector trine Pluto Rx in your social sector, allowing you to make a significant impact on others with your words/announcement/ideas. One friendship or social situation may be your focus, or you may be looking at a particular social goal. If you want to create change on a larger scale, it starts here. The square from Jupiter (in your sector of routine) can feel a bit overwhelming as your plate is loaded up with tasks and obligations, but this will only serve to boost your enthusiasm.  Just make sure that what’s being promised is grounded in reality. Alternatively, discussions with siblings can dominate the next few days.

The Sun’s move into your communication sector shines a light on all exchanges of information. What you learn and contribute to your immediate environment, and how you craft your message, will be important.

  • Words/ideas have power: public change through words, assertive declarations of intent, writing/publishing, research
  • Focus on: emails, phone calls/texts, meetings, conversations, sibling issues, daily interactions
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