Mercury Rx Over the North Node

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Mercury Rx conjuncts the North Node (at 19 degrees Libra) today, adding significance to a past conversation that resurfaces, or a rethink/shift in perspective. This is about taking a second look, because there’s future potential here. The North Node is not only what should be developed, but it’s where you can grow. It’s in your best interests to pay attention to 19 degrees Libra in your chart.

The last time Mercury hit the North Node was September 16th (when it was direct) so think back to what you learned/discussed.

Mercury is also being supported by a sextile from Jupiter (optimism, expansion) in Leo, which adds a nice undercurrent of possibility. Talk it through again, give someone a second chance, ask one more time. You never know…

The New Moon eclipse is almost upon us (some of you might be experiencing it already) so the next few days are all about new beginnings. But you may not get the final answer, or make the final choice, until Mercury goes direct on October 25th and crosses over the North Node one more time on October 30th (I’ll write about that tomorrow).

You’ll feel today’s influences most strongly if you have anything from 18-20 degrees of the Cardinal signs, or Leo.


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Horoscopes For October 19th to 26th


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October 23rd’s New Moon eclipse in Scorpio (conjunct Venus) points to a major new beginning involving love, money, values or self-esteem. Scorpio delivers the entire package and then some, but demands full-on courage and commitment to transformation. This eclipse harmonizes with Neptune Rx (dreams, transcendence) in Pisces, which can remove limits and increase your sense of possibility. Mercury (information and communication) stations direct in Libra on October 25th, along with a conjunction between the Sun and Venus in Scorpio.  These influences can trigger a reassuring clarification or answer that helps you move forward with this intense new chapter.

On October 26th, action planet Mars ingresses Capricorn, the sign of rules, authority and responsibility. Initiatives become focused on moving ahead in the most effective way possible, and strategic ambition increases. Mars in Capricorn can help you power ahead of the competition without fanfare; this sign is not about flashy displays or wasted energy.


The eclipse in your sector of shared resources can signal a deeper level of intimacy or a lucrative financial opportunity. You’ll be asked to trust, and the trine to Neptune Rx in your hidden sector should help ease away blockages. However, you should still be strategic, so don’t be afraid to look closely at what’s being offered and (if necessary) investigate. Mercury direct and the Sun/Venus conjunction suggest favourable answers from a partner (business or romantic) or a satisfying conclusion. As Mars (your ruler) enters your career sector, your ambition, push for success and focus on climbing the ladder will move into high gear.

  • New beginnings: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, investments, physical/emotional intimacy
  • Answers: all partnerships
  • Increased energy: career, public status, success, job search


The eclipse (along with Venus, your ruler) hits your relationship sector, suggesting a promising new chapter in an existing relationship, or the start of an intensely passionate new relationship. Now is the time to dive in; partners will expect your full commitment and energy. The trine to Neptune Rx in your social sector suggests this relationship will be about more than your personal wants and needs. Mercury direct and the Sun/Venus conjunction bring more good news in the form of tools/solutions you can use in this new, relationship chapter. Alternatively, watch for favourable answers in a health or work matter (especially co-worker relationships). Mars in your opportunities sector can trigger a push to explore or get behind a cause.

  • New beginnings: partnerships, commitment, new relationship
  • Answers: medical issues, co-worker relationships, work tasks, obligations
  • Increased energy: long-distance travel, education, legal matters, ideals, publishing


The eclipse activates your sector of routine, suggesting a new job, new duties at work or new health regime. Whatever begins will be beneficial, but will also demand your full attention and a significant chunk of your time. Excellent for starting a new diet/exercise routine or making significant lifestyle changes. The trine to Neptune Rx in your career sector hooks these changes into your big picture plans. As Mercury (your ruler) stations direct and the Sun meets Venus, you may uncover a solution to a creative/artistic matter, or issues involving children/pregnancy (especially medical diagnoses).  Mars in your sector of shared resources can see you pushing to pay off what you owe, or pushing for deeper involvement with someone. Then again, the demands may come at you.

  • New beginnings: medical issues, co-worker relationships, work tasks, obligations
  • Answers: creative projects, new romance, children/pregnancy
  • Increased energy: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy


The eclipse hits your sector of self-expression, signalling a birth, pregnancy, new romance or launch of a creative endeavour. This can be an incredibly fertile time for you, literally or metaphorically, although the intensity of actually getting what you want can feel overwhelming. The trine to Neptune Rx in your opportunities sector can open up previously distant possibilities. Mercury direct and the Sun/Venus conjunction can wrap up a family or domestic issue. Perfect for launching a home business, starting a renovation or making room for baby. Mars in your partnership sector can see you more focused on the essentials (moving forward together) or (if you’re single) more determined to meet someone. Too, you can attract someone who pushes their way into your life, or pushes your buttons.

  • New beginnings: artistic projects, new romance, children/pregnancy
  • Answers: family discussions, home improvements, mortgages/rental agreements, home business, relocation
  • Increased energy: partnerships


The eclipse in your domestic sector can herald a new addition to the family, a relocation or launch of an all-consuming new chapter with a partner/family member. This energy can also give you the momentum to start fresh and leave behind a toxic habit/relationship/mindset that’s based in the past. The trine to Neptune Rx in your sector of shared resources helps you shift any deeply buried blocks, or eases the way to a lucrative financial opportunity. Mercury Rx and the Sun/Venus conjunction can clear up any lingering confusion/delays involving business documents, discussions or  personal choices. Issues with siblings are particularly hi-lighted. Mars in your sector of routine boosts this new chapter with increased energy and focus on your obligations or health/exercise.

  • New beginnings: home family, renovation, relocation, home business, leaving old habits behind
  • Answers: emails, phone calls, final document signings, sibling issues
  • Increased energy: work routines, co-worker issues, obligations, health/exercise/diet


The eclipse in your communication sector can help you launch a promotion, new idea, announcement or phase of investigation. Excellent for all writing/advertising/important communications. Obsession/tunnel vision can also be an issue, so make sure you’re focusing in direction that’s healthy for you. The trine to Neptune Rx in your relationship emphasizes one on one communications. A sibling relationship can also enter new territory. Mercury direct (your ruler) and the Sun/Venus conjunction give you more tools, bargaining power or information.  You may also receive an answer regarding a pay negotiation or source of income. Mars in your sector of self-expression can heat up a new romance or give you a competitive edge if you’re pursuing a desired goal/working with a creative project.

  • New beginnings: emails, phone calls, discussions, siblings relationships, announcements, research/investigation, sales/promotion/writing
  • Answers: earned money, self-esteem, security
  • Increased energy: new romance, creative/artistic projects, children/pregnancy, self-promotion


The eclipse (and Venus, your ruler) juice up your security sector, introducing lucrative (and in some cases, all consuming) new potentials. A pay raise, new source of income or new chapter of intensified satisfaction/security are all possibilities. The trine to Neptune Rx in your sector of routine suggests healing or improved work flow/solutions. This energy is about claiming what expresses your full value. Mercury direct (in your sign) and the Sun/Venus conjunction will make your next step clear (if you’re still on the fence). Mars in your domestic sector can see you shaking things up at home, relocating or charging ahead with a project that effectively draws a line under the past.

  • New beginnings: earned money, emotional security
  • Answers: what’s best for you, final choices
  • Increased energy: home, family, home business, renovations, relocation


The eclipse in your sign boosts your powers of attraction. This energy can certainly mark the start of something deeply desired. The trine to Neptune Rx in your sector of self-expression emphasizes new romance, creativity or children. Whether you’re promoting yourself or embracing a personal goal/desire, this will demand all of your energy (not that you do anything halfway). Mercury direct and the Sun/Venus conjunction can be the cherry on top, as a last piece of information slides into place, or you experience an inner “click” that tells you this is it. Mars in your communication sector powers up your determination to get your point across, or find out what you need to know.

  • New beginnings: identity, relationships, personal goals, finances, career
  • Answers: instinctive knowledge, hidden subjects, dreams/intuition
  • Increased energy: emails, phone calls, discussions, sibling relationships, writing


The eclipse in your hidden sector can prompt awareness of a deeper potential/mission. There could be a hard-to-describe sense of purpose, or pressing desire to manifest an ideal. Too, an attraction with a fated/obsessive feeling could grip you, but (for now) it may remain secret, forbidden or unclear. The trine to Neptune R in your domestic sector can amplify your dreams and fantasies, so make sure your new mission does not become an escape. Mercury direct and the Sun/Venus conjunction can give you more information to work with, especially input from friends or external sources. You may also receive confirmation around joining a group or expanding your social circle. Mars in your security sector can push you to demand more money or emotional satisfaction, but you may also end up spending more/giving more. Focus this energy on manifesting more for yourself, rather than giving it away.

  • New beginnings: dreams, secrets, ideals, private mission
  • Answers: friends, groups, your place in the public
  • Increased energy: earned money, emotional security, self-esteem


The eclipse activates your social sector, introducing a profound new connection, intense friendship or (since Venus is involved) new romance. All group connections/interactions with the public can feel overwhelmingly personal. If you want to make an impact on the public, this is the influence where you can promote, advertise, sell or launch. The trine to Neptune Rx in communication sector adds a touch of smooth magic to your writing/speaking. Mercury direct and the Sun/Venus conjunction give you the go ahead on a job issue or discussion with management. As Mars enters your sign, your energy, focus, and aggressiveness will increase. This is your moment to go after what you want.

  • New beginnings: friends, groups, public launch
  • Answers: career, dealings with management, future goals
  • Increased energy: public identity, personal/professional focus, competitiveness


The eclipse in your career sector can introduce a lucrative new job, job lead or chance to put yourself in the best possible light. Your professional image and status can get a huge boost, even though you may feel the pressure of having to commit 110% to this new path/ambition. The trine to Neptune Rx in your sector of personal resources can make it easy to go where the money takes you (just make sure you’re prepared to give all that’s going to be asked on a personal and professional level). Mercury direct and the Sun/Venus conjunction can see the last piece of a delayed opportunity fall into place, or signal an official announcement/graduation. Mars in your hidden sector can make open actions a bit tricky, as motives may be unclear. Despite the positive career vibes, direct ambition may not be your best response at the moment. Play it cool and consider the new territory you’ve entered.

  • New beginnings: career, public status, success
  • Answers: long-distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing
  • Increased energy: secrets, hints, intuition, background potentials


The eclipse in your opportunities sector can open a door into brand new territory. What was previously out of reach can come close, but the uncharted waters may seem particularly intimidating. The trine to Neptune in Rx in your sign is a reassuring signal that you’ve got what you need (your dream, special purpose) to steer the course. Dive in. Mercury direct and the Sun/Venus conjunction can help things click financially, or on an emotional level. Even if you end up saying goodbye, there will be a sense of pulling up anchor as you aim for distant horizons. Mars in your social sector can push you into a new group activity, or boost competitiveness amongst friends.

  • New beginnings: long-distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing
  • Answers: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • Increased energy: friends, groups, your place in the collective
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Transiting Venus in Scorpio: The Dirt

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Venus will enter Scorpio with some fanfare on October 23rd, as she is ushered in by the New Moon eclipse.

This is quite an introduction for a planet that is technically “in its detriment” in this sign. Venus can’t play it light (like she does in Libra) or focus on her immediate survival (as she does in Taurus). In Scorpio, she must venture beneath the surface. She is uncomfortable with Scorpio’s agenda of complete union, because even though she represents partnerships, it’s the give and take that she adores. In Scorpio, there is no gracious exchange. It’s messy, scary merging.

As Venus moves through Scorpio in your chart, you may attract people/situations that confront you with the stuff you’d rather not deal with. Could be an obsessive attraction (or obsession with money/appearance). Could be a deeply healing time with your lover that is triggered by a painful admission. Scorpio always demands that you look at the dark underbelly. The outcome may be amazing, painful, healing, or all three. But there’s always a price of admission when you travel down Scorpio’s dark river, and that price is honesty. When Venus brings her sensitive issues of self-esteem, values, love and attraction to the mix, it’s going to feel uncomfortable.

To put it another way, Scorpio likes dirt. Whatever is unacceptable. People thrill to the idea of Scorpio (the sexy vampire!) but the reality is an intensity that most don’t want to touch. Venus likes beautiful things. Venus’ beauty will get covered with Scorpio’s dirt, but the alchemical result will be…fearless Venus. If you can stand the discomfort, a truly fearless Venus in Scorpio is indestructible because she’s gone there and emerged. There’s nothing more beautiful than an embrace of what scares you the most.

Venus in Scorpio also wants to know why this is happening. This attraction, this obsession. Is there more to it? Is the object of your desire worthwhile? What makes them tick? Scorpio is the investigator, never content with the surface answer. The intensity serves to trigger the learning process. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself questioning what attracts you. If you’re drawn to someone (or they to you) it’s because Scorpio’s energy wants the truth. It’s not intellectual so much as instinctive exploration. The legendary Scorpio suspicion and/or obsession is simply the need to understand something completely.

This can become twisted when the learning process gets stuck. Scorpio fixation has a release valve, and that is asking yourself what the object of your fixation has that you need. What is so essential, that you can’t provide it for yourself?  The answer is “nothing,” because no one can provide you with what you need. But the obsession is a sign that “the other” represents something you think you’re missing.

Here are the aspects Venus in Scorpio will be making:

  • October 25th: conjunct the Sun at 1 degree
  • October 27th: trine Neptune Rx in Pisces (4 degrees)
  • November 1st: sextile Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) in Capricorn  (11 degrees)
  • November 3rd: trine Chiron Rx in Pisces (13 degrees) and inconjunct Uranus Rx in Aries
  • November 9th: square Jupiter in Leo (21 degrees)
  • November 12th: conjunct Saturn (25 degrees)

Venus enters Sagittarius on November 16th.




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Electional Astrology for a First Date

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Painting by George Jules Victor Clarin



















Excerpt from my latest Sasstrology article (please leave comments on the Sasstrology site).

“If the energy of a natal chart describes a person, can you apply the same concept to the birth of a relationship? You can, and it’s called electional astrology. It’s based on the concept that the energy of the moment something begins will have a say in how it progresses. Synastry and Composite charts still carry more weight, but if you want to give a relationship a fighting chance, timing can help.”

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New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio: Love in Deep Waters

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October 23rd brings us a New Moon eclipse at 0 degrees Scorpio. The Sun will enter Scorpio on this day, followed by Venus (love, money, self-esteem). They’ll be joined by the Moon, which will trigger the eclipse.

0 degrees seems to concentrate the qualities of that sign, so 0 degrees Scorpio is more “Scorpio.” And it’s emphasized by this eclipse; new beginnings that mean business.

You may already have had a taste of what’s brewing, as explained in this post. 0 degrees Scorpio has been pinged before. This beginning could be a culmination, in a sense. Something you’ve been trying for, and have come close to. But now everything lines up.

In this post I explained how the Sun and Venus don’t quite meet in Libra. But they do conjunct in Scorpio on Oct 25th (at 1 degree) which is close enough to this eclipse to suggest a continuation of its energies. It’s difficult to find a downside to a Sun/Venus conjunction. What you want is illuminated. It’s a peak moment of achievement. And it’s happening in the all-or-nothing sign of Scorpio.

What this eclipse triggers will be full on. Do you really want it? Are you sure? Because there will be no backsliding or halfway measures. Scorpio demands total commitment and emotional courage. Love with everything you have. Commit as if your life depends on it. Scorpio is the sign of death and life (the resurrection after death). Love (or self-esteem, creation) is not embarked upon lightly. You’re investing for the long haul.

I do see this as a positive eclipse, but it’s kinda heavy. There’s a sense of getting what you desire, but having to walk through the Valley of the Shadow at some point. Venus is not comfortable in Scorpio. She’s out of her depth, because she can’t play nice (like she did in Libra). She’s naked, and will be feeling initially powerless. Scorpio love is about giving up power to gain power. Merging, going deeper (to the uncomfortable places) in order to uncover what really matters. What this eclipse kicks off could feel quite overwhelming. Not to say that you won’t find your legs eventually. But the initial plunge into Scorpio’s waters will feel a bit like drowning, even as what you want is waiting there for you.

The eclipse will be trining Neptune Rx at 4 degrees Pisces, which will just increase the sense of limitless intensity. Neptune dissolves limits, and Scorpio wants to keep pushing past the limits. Down the rabbit hole you go.

Fortunately, Mercury stations direct on October 25th (at 16 degrees Libra) throwing you a rope in the form of clarity, answers or final decisions. You’ll know what to do, or what’s expected.

You’ll feel this eclipse most strongly if you have anything from 0-5 degrees of the Fixed signs or Water signs.

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