Transiting Saturn Over Natal Neptune in Scorpio: Dream Killer or Real Magic?

Painting by JM Whistler

Painting by JM Whistler

A commenter asked about transiting Saturn (reality) passing over natal Neptune (dreams/ideals) in Scorpio. This is worth a post, because many of you have already experienced this. Or you will be, over the next months.

Neptune in Scorpio is intensified dreams. Hopes, fantasies, romantic longings and escape routes with a darker tint. The fantasy that bleeds into obsession. The escape that turns into a headlong dive. But also…profound creativity that touches people where they are raw. The hope that dies and is reborn. Scorpio gives weight to Neptune’s ethereal vibe.

And here comes Saturn, grinding along with his relentless agenda. Right over your dream/obsession/hope. When Saturn meets Neptune, there’s only two ways things can go down:

  1. you’re confronted with reality, and the fantasy comes to an end
  2. you find a way to focus your dream and make it real

Which will it be? Only you can answer that, but when it happens you’ll know for certain if it’s Option Number 1 or 2. Love him or hate him, Saturn is never vague.

It’s not fun having your dreams killed, or hitting rock bottom. Doesn’t matter how unhealthy or inappropriate it all was, it hurts when you hit the wall. This ushers in a time of profound disillusionment/depression/pain. If this happens, try to look at it as a void of improbability that was draining your life force (Neptune in Scorpio can be the addiction that sucks you dry). Saturn has made it clear that there’s nothing for you at the bottom of the void, except…nothing. So you need to fill it with something else (because the void doesn’t go away). You get to choose what that something is.

If you see a chance to solidify your dream, it will probably present in the form of extra work, a call to prove yourself and/or focus your vision. It won’t be easy, and it may feel downright uncomfortable. Saturn always demands more in the present, with no visible rewards. But the payoff is in the future. Saturn is the king of delayed gratification and long-term planning. Not fun, but consider this; without Saturn, nothing would be built, committed to or confirmed.

Real magic takes time and patience. Saturn over Neptune in Scorpio offers you the chance to crystallize some real magic.

If your natal Neptune in Scorpio sits at 17-20 degrees, you’re feeling Saturn’s transit right now. If it’s positioned from 21 to 29 degrees Scorpio, you’ll feel Saturn’s reality check between Aug 31st and Dec 23rd. 28 to 29 degrees Scorpio will be revisited by Saturn between June 14, 2015 and Sept 16th, 2015.

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Primal Fire: Unaspected Natal Mars in Relationships

Pic by

Pic by

Excerpt from my latest Sasstrology article (please leave comments on the Sasstrology site):

“Continuing the theme of unaspected planets (read about the unaspected Sun and Moon) this week’s post explores unaspected Mars. Mars is male energy, in a man or woman’s chart. Its condition (by house and sign) describes how and where you initiate, how you assert yourself, and how you pursue what you want. It is the conquering drive, and the sex drive, with no sentiment. Contacts between Mars and other natal planets give you the means to control it, or at least direct it.”

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Pluto in Capricorn Reminds Us He’s Still The Boss


Pic by

Pic by


We haven’t talked much about Pluto in Capricorn lately. Lest we forget, he will remind us of his presence over the next couple of weeks.

From August 20th to August 21st, Venus in Leo will be inconjuncting Pluto, and Mercury in Virgo will trining Pluto (at 11 degrees). The inconjunct will manifest as tension between the desire to shine (Venus in Leo) versus the reality of how much power you actually have (Pluto Rx in Capricorn). Pluto amplifies Venus’ look-at-me drive, while undercutting it with the fear that status will be lost. So we get scenery-chewing and lust for recognition laced with a strange, keep-your-distance vibe. This isn’t what Venus wants, of course (she wants to be adored). But this energy can be downright unfriendly if you’re not conscious of how forcefully you’re pursuing something. Then again, if you’re on the receiving end of this unnerving mix, you can always walk away and chalk it up to the inconjunct.

Fortunately, Mercury is hooked into Pluto at the same time, and they’re playing much nicer. Pluto empowers Mercury in Virgo’s precision and analysis, helping you zero in on the perfect thing, and express your thoughts with maximum impact (without alienating anyone). So if you’re feeling weirded out by the Venus/Pluto vibe (or you find yourself throwing some attitude around) pull back and think it through. Logic and words are your friends.

These two aspects are super brief, and you’ll only feel them if you have anything from 10 to 12 degrees Capricorn or Leo.

From August 26th to September 5th, Jupiter in Leo will be inconjuncting Pluto. This influence is stronger and more difficult. It’s the gung-ho, give-it-to-me now aspect. Again, Pluto amplifies whatever it touches. In this case, it’s Jupiter in Leo’s expansive assurance. But the tension of the inconjunct throws in the fear of losing (control, power, status). The net result is Jupiter encouraging Pluto’s drive for power, while Pluto intensifies yet undercuts Jupiter.


The danger here is feeling absolutely, 100% certain that you are right, and everyone else is wrong. Pushing your case obsessively, while trampling those around you. You must adjust your confidence level to the current rules/authorities. You may not be wrong, but if you hammer your point home, it won’t go well for you. If you’re on the receiving end of this, know that a direct challenge will only inflame the situation.

Yet again, Virgo is here to save the day. The Sun in Virgo will be trining Pluto from September 1st to 3rd, suggesting that grounded realism, logic and resolute attention to your work (and your own business) will hook you into the source of power (Pluto). This reflects yesterday’s post.

Note that I’m not saying “Virgo good/Leo bad.” Leo’s energy of confident self-expression is necessary, but it’s not blending well with Pluto in Capricorn (especially around 11 degrees). On the other hand, anything around 11 degrees Virgo is the sweet spot. To me, this says you can strut your stuff, but be prepared to work (Virgo) to prove you’ve got that stuff. And don’t shove your “glory” in other people’s faces. You’ve got something special. Is there a subtle way you can deliver that message?

Pluto in Capricorn loathes empty, glitter covered things. Pluto in Cap loves anything with substance, that’s also focused. Right now, Pluto is calling the shots.

You’ll feel the Jupiter/Pluto inconjunct if you have anything from 10-12 degrees Capricorn or Leo. You’ll feel the Sun/Pluto trine if you have anything from 10-12 degrees of the Earth signs.


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The Humbling: Regulus Conjunct the New Moon in Virgo

Picture by

Picture by

As some of you are aware, the upcoming New Moon in Virgo will conjunct Regulus. Before I get into the significance of this, here’s a quick introduction.

Regulus is a fixed star. Fixed stars move so slowly (about 1 degree every 72 years) that they appear to not move at all (hence the name). They have energy and impact, just like the planets, although fixed star associations tend to be quite dramatic, perhaps because they’re based on ancient definitions established prior to Christianity. Not all astrologers use them, and those that do only consider very tight conjunctions to natal planets and points. Marina over at Darkstar Astrology specializes in fixed star interpretations.

Regulus is one of the four Royal Stars; the most powerful stars. In her book “Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars” Bernadette Brady states that each of the Royal Stars “…represents a specific type of human dilemma or weakness.” Each is also associated with an archangel.

Regulus’ original position was 28-29 degrees Leo. He is the Heart of the Lion and associated with the angel Raphael (Healing). Regulus can bring glory and leadership, but his weakness is revenge. Power gained through Regulus is reversed quite dramatically if revenge is taken. Then comes the fall.

On November 28th, 2011, Regulus entered Virgo, where he now sits at 0 degrees. This New Moon will be the first one to conjunct him.  Many people are pointing to the decline of the patriarchy (Leo) in favour of the Goddess (Virgo). I’m not sure this New Moon will kick off something so extreme, but I think it does point to a humbling. It’s interesting that this Moon features Venus in Leo in a rather humbling square to Mars/Saturn in Scorpio. It hi-lights the natural transition from Leo to Virgo; ego sacrificed for an obligation or service.

Keeping Regulus’ dual meanings (elevation/fall) in mind, I think this simply emphasizes the overall theme of this Moon. If you put yourself/your desires first, there will be a smack down. Everything about this Moon points to placing your primary desires to one side and doing what needs to be done.

Most people don’t thrill to the idea of putting themselves second. But sometimes, that’s the appropriate path.  Note that “humble” does not mean “martyr.” You can still retain your self-esteem (and even gain recognition) if you work this right. But you’ll have to do the work (Virgo) without expectation of recognition. AND…without trying to get back at someone because of what you’ve been denied.

To me, Regulus in Virgo is the power that comes from focusing on what’s in front of you, rather than what everyone else is doing. Acclaim gained from doing the right thing. Being recognized because you carried yourself with class and restraint.




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New Moon in Virgo: Surgical Strike

Pic by

Pic by

August 25th brings us a New Moon at 2 degrees Virgo. Befitting detail-oriented Virgo, this Moon will feature a demandingly complex mix of influences.

As noted in yesterday’s post, the Mars/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio will be part of this New Moon. Before the conjunction perfects, Mars will inconjunct Uranus Rx (liberation) in Aries and trine Chiron Rx (Wounded Healer) in Pisces on August 23rd. This will be the last flurry of Mars’ activity before it encounters Saturn’s limits. The inconjunct to Uranus suggests an adjustment will be needed between strategic, thorough effort (Mars in Scorpio) and immediate change (Uranus). Mars does rule Aries, but this won’t make the inconjunct any easier. If anything, it will increase the tension. Somewhere between the two energies will be the perfect moment; wait patiently, then strike. Mars’ trine to Chiron suggests this action (if it’s well timed) could lance the wound and drain the infection. There’s a solution to what’s been festering (doubt, fear, old memories).

Or, you could just hit a roadblock where your timing is off; too fast, too slow, too pushy, too intense. Either way, it will all wrap up once Mars meets Saturn.

The Mars/Uranus inconjunct will also be part of a Yod involving Mercury in Virgo (exact on August 24th). Mars’ strategic actions will blend with Mercury in Virgo’s analysis. But Mercury’s inconjunct to Uranus Rx points to tension between immediate change (Uranus) and mulling things over (Mercury). Uranus is the focal planet of this Yod, so all the strategy, planning and precision will (hopefully) be directed in one, pure burst of perfectly-timed change. Note that Mercury will also be opposing Chiron Rx in Pisces, so part of the analysis will involve which hurts to examine, and which to release.

Still with me? So far, this feels like a surgical strike with no margin for error. But it’s all laying the groundwork for….

…August 25th. Whatever you had to focus on in the preceding days will tie into this Moon’s new beginning. You’ll feel squeezed. The inconjuncts and Mars/Saturn conjunction will push you in one direction, and one direction only. A new beginning flavoured with Virgo says “This is the only way to go.”

Venus will be inconjuncting Chiron Rx and trining Uranus Rx (on August 25th) indicating that what you want to put first (love, indulgence, yourself) will not come first. Sorry, but the inconjunct to Chiron will demand (yet another) adjustment. If you try to make this all about you/what you desire, it’s going to hurt. You may be embarrassed, or discover that it never was about you in the first place. Plus, any event that involves Virgo is never going to be about personal glory. But, Venus will be trining Uranus, so there’a reminder to be proud of who you are/what you’ve earned. The freedom to love yourself and what you have to offer, no matter what goes down. No one’s asking you to be martyr.

Venus will be closing in on a hard square with Saturn and Mars. These squares will not be exact until August 26th and 27th, but they will certainly be part of the New Moon. Continuing with the theme of Venus being undercut, these squares will put limits on what you desire. Mars will power up that desire (Mars square Venus is hot) but Saturn will put a box around it. The more you push for what you want, the more limits you’ll encounter. Eventually, you’ll see that there’s only one option, and it probably won’t be everything you wanted. Or, you may have to prove yourself  because of demanding entry requirements to a new job/new relationship.

To get the most out of this New Moon, go back to Virgo. Put aside all the confusing aspects and remember:

  • Optimum Virgo gains strength and confidence from focusing on what can be improved, cutting your losses, making the most of what you’ve been given
  • Shadow Virgo is weakened by worrying about what cannot be changed, dwelling on what you don’t have/won’t have/may never have

And let’s not forget that Black Moon Lilith will be part of the mix (at 19 degrees Leo). She’ll be wrapped up in all the Venus aspects, adding a bitter flavour of rejection, and possible vengeance for that rejection. Lilith will certainly not be holding on to the Leo crown, and this could be the end of the affair for some people. But Virgo has a way of spinning rejection into gold, because she doesn’t need applause to do her best work. So the message for anyone feeling Lilith on this Moon will be to focus (Saturn) her tremendous power and make the next chapter better. Does Lilith need centre stage? Hell, no. She blooms by the side of the Left Hand Path, where only a select few are brave enough to walk.

Quick rundown of all the aspects/degrees involved in this New Moon:

  • August 23rd: Mars in Scorpio inconjuncts Uranus Rx in Aries and trines Chiron Rx in Pisces (16 degrees)
  • August 24th: Yod (with Uranus as focal planet) between Mars, Uranus and Mercury in Virgo, which also opposes Chiron in Pisces (16 degrees)
  • August 25th: New Moon in Virgo (2 degrees)
  • August 25th: Venus in Leo inconjuncts Chiron and trines Uranus (16 degrees)
  • August 25th: Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio (17 degrees)
  • August 26th: Venus in Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio (17 degrees)
  • August 27th: Venus in Leo squares Mars in Scorpio (18 degrees)

Remember the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 10th? There was a focus on 16 degrees for that Moon as well, except it involved the Sun and Mercury in Leo. The Leo area of your chart connects the events from that Full Moon to this New Moon. What started with a conversation or piece of information has led to love, money, self-esteem themes. Mind you, Mercury is still an important part of this New Moon, but now it’s zeroing in on whatever cracks (or potentials) the Full Moon illuminated. And Lilith has carried the torch from Mercury to Venus; what started in the mind concludes in the heart.

Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio and Leo will feel this Moon most intensely. But if you have anything from:

  • 0-5 degrees of the Mutable signs, you’ll feel the New Moon
  • 15-19 degrees of the Fixed signs, you’ll feel the Venus/Saturn/Mars square
  • 15-17 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio, Aries or Libra you’ll feel the Yod
  • 15-17 degrees of the Water signs, you’ll feel the Mars/Chiron trine
  • 15-17 degrees of the Fire signs, you’ll feel the Venus/Uranus trine

I haven’t forgotten that the New Moon will conjunct Regulus, but I think that’s enough for one post. I’ll write about Regulus tomorrow.

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Weekly Horoscopes for August 17th to 24th


Painting by Vasily Surikov

Painting by Vasily Surikov


The Sun enters Virgo on August 23rd, adding its energy to Mercury (communication and information) in the same sign. As we head into Virgo season, it’s time to narrow your gaze. Virgo’s perfectionist reputation comes from attention to detail; crafting something exquisite, one piece at a time. This energy can help you figure out exactly how to make it happen (Virgo is all about practical solutions) or how to elevate mediocre to exceptional. You may also be confronted with some very compelling reasons why a situation/relationship is not good for you. In that case, Virgo’s discrimination is helpful for a surgical strike. Since this is also the sign of service, there may be a scenario where your tools/expertise are required by someone else. Know that this energy is not about personal glory. Virgo’s power comes from unshakable adherence to duty. Having said  this, Virgo’s Shadow side consists of fixing something that’s not broken, or playing the martyr. If you already have a tendency to worry, nitpick or give all your time/attention to the wrong people, this energy will amplify those traits. Here’s your rule of thumb for Virgo season: if a person/problem is draining your energy, you’re expressing Shadow Virgo. Restrict your focus to what or whom gives you hope and respect.


The Sun joins Mercury in your sector of routine, turning your attention to the minutia of daily life. Obligations and busy work may increase, but so can your drive to get things done. What’s in need of repair or improvement can now be addressed, as you’ll find it easier to focus on the problem. Even if nothing major is amiss, this energy is excellent for fine tuning; things may be running ok, but now you can increase their performance to optimum levels. Know that you may not receive immediate praise for you work, and others may expect you to put them first.

  • Focus on: obligations, work tasks, co-worker relationships, health, diet, exercise, daily routine


The Sun joins Mercury in your sector of self-expression, pushing you to get serious about  a creative or personal goal. If there’s something/someone you want, this energy can help you zero in on how to make that happen, as long as you’re ready to put aside a purely egotistical need or desire. Pleasure, romance and creativity don’t seem to mix with practicality, but sometimes you need to create a detailed plan on what comes next, in order to move from wishful thinking to reality.

  • Focus on: new romance, artistic projects, self-promotion, performance, hobbies, celebrations, vacation, children/pregnancy


The Sun joins Mercury in your domestic sector, urging you to get down to business about home and family issues. It’s time to launch the little home projects you’ve been putting off, or sit down with a family member and lay out the facts. This energy can also be effective for a late summer “spring cleaning” as it encourages discrimination about what needs to be discarded. This can be anything from junk in the basement to childhood issues you’ve been hanging onto.

  • Focus on: small home repairs, practical family discussions, mortgage/rental documents, home businesses, cleaning out the past


The Sun joins Mercury in your communication sector, adding even more effectiveness to your words. If you have something to write/say, now would be the time, because this energy is all about targeted statements. Not only will your communication be sharper, but your powers of observation as well. This influence can also increase the volume of information coming at you, but it’s likely to consist of practical discussions and documents, rather than random gossip.

  • Focus on: introductions, discussions, emails, phone calls, signing documents, research


The Sun (your ruler) joins Mercury in your sector of personal resources. While Venus and Jupiter in your sign are helping you rake in the attention, acclaim and opportunities, the Sun and Mercury will urge you to figure out exactly how you’re going to make it all work for you. If there’s any question about what you’re worth, what you earn or what you want, you can come up with strategies about how you’re going to increase your resources. However, know that this energy is humbling; it demands an honest assessment of what you can actually get (which may be different from what you believe you deserve).

  • Focus on: earned income, discussing specific emotional needs, figuring out where your support system is


The Sun joins Mercury in your sign, giving you an extra boost of energy. How you use that energy could range from increased anxiety/nitpicking, to applying your powers of observation to a certain situation and slicing to the heart of it. Your edge is sharp, but it cuts both ways. Rather than picking yourself apart, focus on what you know you can improve, and then do it. These influences can push you out of your perpetual preparation zone, and into an actual launch.

  • Focus on: public identity, physical appearance, personal goals, practical application of your observations


The Sun joins Mercury in your hidden sector, adding more power to a background issue. Something is gaining momentum, whether you’re fully aware of it or not. By now, you should have hints that there’s more underneath the surface; allow things to unfold at their own pace while quietly observing. You may zero in on something that no one else notices, but others may not be prepared to accept what you’ve discovered. Some Librans may feel the urge to pull back or seek solitude. This is a time of rest and/or preparation.

  • Focus on: dreams, intuition, secrets, healing, unacknowledged issues


The Sun joins Mercury in your social sector, increasing the pace of contacts with friends/groups. Also on the rise are your powers of observation and discrimination; this influence is excellent for delivering pertinent messages, or finding out what you need to know about someone. How can they be of use to you, or how can you help them? If you’re trying to promote or advertise, your message will have the greatest impact if you  make it accessible to everyone.

  • Focus on: friends, groups, the collective, public appearances, public speaking, public venues.


The Sun joins Mercury in your career sector, turning your attention to your future and how you can create it. This energy can stir up dissatisfaction with your current career or public status. So the question is, what are you going to do about that? Think small, practical adjustments rather than big, sweeping changes. If the adjustments are precise and effective, they add up and make a surprising difference. Alternatively, you may find yourself inundated with tedious, grunt work or annoying requests from management. Now is not the time to skim over the “boring” stuff, because others are paying close attention to your performance.

  • Focus on: career, future, goals, public status, discussions with management, work details, what you’d like to change in your professional life


The Sun joins Mercury in your opportunities sector, narrowing big picture issues into bite-sized details. If there’s something new, distant, exotic or overwhelming that you’re trying to wrap your mind around, these energies can help. Use a step-by-step approach and break it down; you’ll be able to zero in on what’s workable. Excellent for signing official/legal documents or making long-distance travel plans. Also good if you’re considering a wide range of choices, because this energy encourages effective research that uncovers pertinent information.

  • Focus on: long-distance travel, exploration, education, legal matters, publishing


The Sun joins Mercury in your sector of shared resources, pushing you to investigate and explore the uncomfortable topics. Shared money and intimacy (as well as any taboo topics) are part of this sector, so you may be pushed to look underneath the surface or have a searching discussion. Excellent for figuring out ways to improve your financial situation or address issues with a lover, but be cautious about getting caught in obsessive worries/suspicions about a situation that you can’t control.

  • Focus on: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy, investigation, intimate questions/answers, psychological issues


The Sun joins Mercury in your partnership sector, urging you to look closely at a particular relationship (new or existing) or your goals for partnership in general. These energies can help you get real/get specific about who is best for you. Don’t be afraid to examine a cherished, romantic ideal or potential lover. The truth does not always have to be unpleasant. If you don’t like what you discover, know that the truth would have emerged anyway. Alternatively, be prepared to answer direct questions from a partner/potential partner.

  • Focus on: one on one relationships (business and romantic)


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Absolute Beginnings Come From Absolute Endings: Mars Conjunct Saturn in Scorpio

"Paradise Lost" by Gustave Dore

“Paradise Lost” by Gustave Dore

Transiting Mars (action) in Scorpio is closing in on a conjunction with Saturn (limits and authority) at 17 degrees. It may be a touch early right now, but you’ll start to feel it around August 17th. It will be exact on August 25th.

This isn’t a buoyant aspect, but it’s absolute. It could represent a block or bottoming-out, but it could also be the best thing for you. Mars pushes the limits in Scorpio with obsessive desire or deepening anger. When Mars meets Saturn, that will be as deep as you can go. It will be the limit for your obsession, your grudge, your efforts.

If you’ve working on something positive (in the Scorpio area of your chart) you’ll have to start Phase Two (which will manifest as a new beginning). A conjunction is a new chapter (like a New Moon) so this will be your signal to start over, or redirect your efforts. Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Then again, this could be the beginning of your new project/relationship. If so, know that Saturn ensures what you’re initiating will last, and you can move forward with the assurance that you’ve got something solid beneath you. Nothing makes a stronger foundation than Mars/Saturn. But nothing demands more work than Mars/Saturn; think slow, steady, gradual progress. When you’re about to give up, you’ll be asked to push deeper (Scorpio) to find your second wind. Are you ready to work?

If something unhealthy has been taking up all your energy, this will be your wall. The limit that makes it impossible to keep wandering down the path of the Shadow. Again, a new beginning. But know that the end of an unhealthy desire can feel like a death. There’s rebirth on the other side, but you must allow Saturn to close the gate, and there will be a period of mourning.

Whatever finish line/new chapter you encounter, there will be no mistaking it. Absolutes can be good, because they allow you to refocus all the energy that’s normally wasted on wondering. Mars conjunct Saturn is absolute focus, and it will be oriented in a brand new direction. There’s tremendous power in this aspect, and it’s the power of the guillotine that severs the past from the future. This is liberating, if you’re ready to embrace it.

This aspect will be exact on the same day as the Virgo New Moon (emphasizing the theme of new beginnings). There’s a host of other aspects hitting the conjunction, but I’ll describe them closer to the date of the New Moon.

For now, know that a new chapter is approaching. You’ll fell this conjunction most strongly if you have anything from 16 to 20 degrees of the Fixed or Water Signs.

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The Purity of Detail: Mercury’s Transit of Virgo


Drawing by Durer

Drawing by Dürer
















Mercury (communication, information and intellect) comes home to Virgo, the sign that it rules, on August 15th.

This is the transit that demands detail. Not just detail…the correct detail. Virgo’s yearning for purity is expressed through Mercury’s insistence that there is an elegant, efficient truth. Mercury in Virgo zeros in on what’s real and what works. Everything else is discarded. Excellent for paperwork, official discussions and research. Tedious (and nerve-wracking) if there’s something you’ve been avoiding.

Mercury in Virgo lets nothing slide. Pointed questions asked again and again and again, sometimes with subtle variations, always with the same intent. That intent is to arrive at the answer. Virgo in your chart will be activated by Mercury, so that’s where you can find solutions, get specific and get efficient. It’s also where you may end up chewing on some useless detail until it dies. Mercury in Virgo’s Shadow is the maze of what ifs with dead ends of analysis. If you’re prone to obsessing, the caution is to not lose sight of the bigger picture. Sometimes you can shave something down, in effort to refine it, and end up with nothing. Which, ironically, is Virgo’s biggest fear: the void. That’s where compulsive analysis leads, because it kills everything if taken too far.

From August 17th to 18th, Mercury will oppose Neptune Rx at 6 degrees Pisces. Normally I would issue a warning about deceit and illusion, but Mercury is going to be on high-alert with Virgo’s worse-case scenario microscope. I think this influence will be about puncturing the bubble of illusion. The discovery of the lie. This aspect will urge you to look at the facts, whether you want to or not. There’s always a chance that Neptune will blur the details, so for these two days, make sure you triple-check. Venus will have just finished with her conjunction to Jupiter in Leo (and her inconjunct to Neptune) so you’ll want to err on the side of reality. Make sure the dream/promise is backed up by fact. Don’t suck all the juice out of it, but don’t be blinded by sparkle dust.

Mercury will be in Virgo until September 2nd. If you have natal/progressed planets/angles/Nodes from 4 to 7 degrees of the Mutable signs, you’ll feel the Mercury/Neptune opposition.

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Your Light

Pic by

Pic by

Where do you shine?

That’s the question you should be asking yourself now, with four planets (Venus, Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury) transiting through Leo. It doesn’t matter if you have nothing in this sign, or if you have other natal planets making challenging aspects (squares or oppositions) to this sign. This group of four planets is lighting up Leo in your chart. Pay attention.

Transits don’t care how difficult it’s been for you to uncover your light. Or how down on yourself you feel at the moment. Transits are not sentimental. They are windows of opportunity that open and close, regardless of what mood you’re in.

So when Leo (or any sign) is juiced up by multiple planets, that’s a signal for you to turn your attention to that part of your chart.

Questions to consider while Leo is emphasized (all in the context of the natal house Leo occupies):

  • do you put yourself in the best possible light, or do you sell yourself short?
  • how do you react when you receive favourable attention?
  • how do you react when you’re ignored?
  • are you proud of what you have to offer?
  • do you take pleasure in what makes you happy?

Everyone has something they can be proud of. Everyone. This is the time to honour it. Leo is not self-effacing or humble. This is what elevates you above the rest. Doesn’t matter if it’s your way with words, your cooking, your legs, your smile or your collection of vintage match boxes. Whatever gives you pleasure and expresses your passion/joy in an unmistakable way is how you express Leo in your chart.

Imagine if you could just enjoy that thing you love without worrying about where it will lead, or how serious it is, or how you look while doing it. Leo is also the sign of the child; pure play and exuberance.

Peak Leo energy is happening from August 12th to August 15th (Mercury will enter Virgo on August 15th).

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Pure Instinct: The Unaspected Moon in Relationships

Photo by

Photo by










Excerpt from my latest Sasstrology article (please leave comments on the Sasstrology site):

Last week’s article explored the significance of an unaspected natal Sun in relationships. This week, I’ll look at the unaspected Moon (the same orbs and criteria noted in the previous article hold true). If your Sun is the conscious expression of will, your Moon is the unconscious expression of instincts and emotions. It represents what you need to feel secure, and how you protect yourself when you feel insecure. In relationships, the condition of your Moon indicates how you respond, on an instinctive level, to your partner. Aspects between your Moon and other natal planets integrate unconscious behavior into your psyche. The Moon’s responses are tricky at the best of times, because most people do not have a full awareness of it. But when it’s unaspected, it can become an unstable blind spot.”

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