Mercury’s Transit of Capricorn: Exquisite Form

Drawing by Albrecht Durer

Drawing by Albrecht Durer

Mercury enters Capricorn tonight (10:52 PM EST). Capricorn’s structure gives Mercury’s information exquisite form. Words are precise, focused and effective. Natal Mercury in Capricorn is present in the chart of some wonderfully effective writers/communicators.

Capricorn has a rep for being unimaginative, but I find that Mercury excels in this sign. Each word is crafted for maximum impact. There is no waste and no histrionics. Intellect is grounded and ideas are manifested (Capricorn is an Earth sign) but there’s a quiet determination to make things happen (Capricorn is a Cardinal sign). In Capricorn, only the real deal is uttered. Words are a direct line to action. This transit is fantastic for all business communication, but any type of communication or information gathering that demands focus and proof of intent will do well.

Aspects that Mercury in Capricorn will be making:

  • December 20th: sextile Neptune in Pisces at 5 degrees
  • December 24th: square Uranus in Aries at 12 degrees
  • December 25th: conjunct Pluto at 12 degrees and sextile Chiron in Pisces at 13 degrees
  • December 26th: square the Nodes in Libra/Aries at 15 degrees
  • December 30th: inconjunct Jupiter Rx in Leo at 21 degrees

Mercury will exit Capricorn for Aquarius on January 4th.


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New Moon in Capricorn and the Winter Solstice: New Rules


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The December 21st New Moon (at 0 degrees Capricorn) happens on the same day as the Winter Solstice. It’s fitting that a New Moon falls on the shortest day/longest night, because New Moons are dark. Absolute beginnings with no illumination for the way forward (yet). The energy is newborn, and Winter Solstice is traditionally the time of the Sun’s rebirth.

Also on December 21st, Uranus stations direct (at 12 degrees Aries). It’s coming off the peak of the Uranus/Pluto square, suggesting that forward is the only way to go now. You may not know exactly what the new plan is, but the old plan has been torn down. Now you move ahead, perhaps hesitantly, but you still move ahead.

Venus in Capricorn will conjunct Pluto and square Uranus Rx from December 18th to 20th, making the disruption and transformation of rules around relationships/values/resources an important theme. The square to Uranus will shake up preconceptions/possessiveness, while the conjunction to Pluto will create confrontations around what/whom you want to possess. Pluto wants to merge, and Uranus wants liberation. You’ll find out who has the power, or how you use (or misuse) your power. Remember that Venus is about all relationships (not just romance) as well as the dynamics of attraction, self-esteem, personal values, money and material goods.

The Venus in Capricorn shake up will lead directly into the New Moon.

Capricorn is the sign of rules and tradition, but everything before this New Moon will be about breaking those rules and bucking tradition. To me, this says the New Moon will be a time to create new rules for yourself. A new foundation that’s designed to support the tougher, wiser you. It’s ok if you’re not sure exactly how everything will unfold; you’re not supposed to.

There are some harmonious aspects (in supporting roles) to give you a hand during this transition period. On December 20th, Mercury in Capricorn sextiles Neptune (at 5 degrees Pisces) blending the best of both worlds as planning/logic is graced with broader, creative vision. Mars (at 12 degrees Aquarius) also sextiles Uranus Rx in Aries on the same day. Heightened by their mutual reception, this aspect will enable actions that create reverberating change. One slight push can propel you further and faster than expected.

On December 21st, Venus in Capricorn sextiles Chiron (at 13 degrees Pisces) which is hopeful energy to go along with your New Moon beginnings. Whatever Uranus and Pluto revealed, Chiron will be there to offer healing. Whether you feel stung, strung out, excited, nervous or insecure, the sextile to Chiron says you’ll have the tools (the metaphorical bandages, crutches or whatever you need) to help yourself.

Venus in Capricorn does not sit on the sidelines because she’s bruised or insecure.

If you have natal/progressed planets, angles or Nodes from:

  • 0 to 4 degrees of the Cardinal signs, you’ll feel the New Moon
  • 10 to 14 degrees of the Cardinal signs, you’ll feel the Venus/Pluto/Uranus square
  • 4 to 6 degrees Pisces or Capricorn, you’ll feel the Mercury/Neptune sextile
  • 12 to 14 degrees Pisces or Capricorn, you’ll feel the Venus/Chiron sextile
  • 11 to 13 degrees Aquarius or Aries, you’ll feel the Mars/Uranus sextile

Check out this week’s horoscopes to see how this New Moon will apply to your sign.


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Horoscopes for December 14th to 21st

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This week features seismic shifts in the status quo, as the Uranus/Pluto square perfects on December 15th. Uranus Rx in Aries (accelerating towards the future) collides with Pluto in Capricorn (dismantling the past ) yet again, bringing the second-to-last square in this series of revolutionary transformations. Although the square peaks on the 15th, you’ve probably felt it building for the past month or so. Mercury’s ingress to Capricorn on December 16th helps you deal, as it enables logic, planning and factual information. Mercury in Capricorn puts the focus on what’s relevant and most useful.

Venus in Capricorn activates the Uranus/Pluto square from December 18th to 20th, bringing love, money, self-esteem and values into the mix. Watch for abrupt changes or revelations about what you want versus what really matters.

The changes won’t let up, as December 21st features a New Moon (new beginning) at 0 degrees Capricorn, which coincides with the Winter Solstice. Also on December 21st, Uranus stations direct. You’ll be propelled into a new chapter, using whatever the Uranus/Pluto square has dismantled/introduced as your base of operations.


Uranus Rx in your sign and Pluto in your career sector stir things up on a personal and professional level. Watch for an intensification in the ongoing overhaul that’s completely revamped your public status. As Venus joins the party, there may be a shake up in a professional relationship, or changes in a personal relationship that play out in public. There could be an abrupt shift in authority at your workplace, or a change in reputation. Mercury’s move into your career sector should give you information and strategies that will help you put the changes in context. The New Moon (in your career sector) along with Uranus direct will thrust you into a new, professional chapter, courtesy of the previous changes. Uranus direct keeps you stoked and ready to tackle the new regime, whether you’re starting a new job, or find yourself looking for work.

  • Out with the old, in the with new: career, public status, public reputation, identity


Pluto in your opportunities sector and Uranus Rx in your hidden sector join forces to prod you out of your comfort zone. Events may come out of nowhere, and this energy is meant to open your eyes to what you’re capable of. Venus’ addition to the mix suggests a long-distance romance/creative opportunity that takes you by surprise. Or, an existing relationship may hit you with unexpected, legal developments. There could be something/someone you didn’t know you wanted, until now. As Mercury enters your sector of opportunities, watch for official documents/discussions, or more facts to guide you through unfamiliar territory. The New Moon (in your opportunities sector) and Uranus direct will propel you full-on into this new world;  sometimes it’s easier if you don’t have time to sit and ponder your options.

  • Out with the old, in the with new: education, legal matters, publishing, long-distance issues, sudden divorce/marriage


Pluto in your sector of shared resources, and Uranus Rx in your social sector, can reveal a financial or emotional truth that’s been buried (until now). Intimacy or shared finances can be jarring, especially once Venus unites with Pluto. Watch for sudden gains or losses,  as you discover exactly what you owe, share or are willing to give. This can be a moment of truth for a relationship, and once Mercury enters your shared resources sector, you can start the process of planning your response or next move. There’s more to discuss here, and continued communication will be essential. The New Moon (in your shared resources sector) and Uranus direct can help you get up and keep moving, even if the rug has been pulled out from underneath. Watch for new financial possibilities, or a fresh approach to public relationships. It may be time to redefine your public versus private image.

  • Out with the old, in the with new: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, emotional/physical intimacy, friends, groups


Pluto in your relationship sector and Uranus Rx in your career sector can redefine your partnership, career and future goals (on a professional and personal level). A relationship can turn a sharp corner, and once Venus joins in, issues of attention, jealousy and freedom may become unavoidable. Then again, a passionate new attraction can take you by surprise as it rocks your world. Mercury’s move into your relationship sector urges you to keep the communication going. Whether you’re hammering out a settlement, arguing, or attempting to reconcile, stick to the facts and work on creating a solid plan for both of you. The New Moon (in your partnership sector) and Uranus direct can take a relationship to the next level, or give you your first taste of freedom. Either way, it’s onwards and upwards, with the emphasis on independence, personal authority and carving out a path that suits you (with or without a partner by your side).

  • Out with the old, in the with new: all partnerships (business or romantic), career goals, public status, sudden shifts in relationship status


Pluto in your sector of routine, and Uranus Rx in your opportunities sector, can spotlight a health or work issue. Watch for abrupt changes in your work environment, or an intensification of a diet/exercise/medical issue. Venus’s influence can see you pushing for improvements (for yourself or another) and it’s possible to break out of a rut or uncover a solution, although you may find that much has to be dismantled in order for this to happen. Mercury’s entrance into your routine sector will give you the facts/diagnosis, or help you put your step by step plan into action. The New Moon (in your sector of routine) and Uranus direct can herald your new lifestyle/job/approach to co-worker issues. Implementing New Year’s resolutions can happen early, and you’ll find that previous resistances lift as you experience a new ability to make desired changes.

  • Out with the old, in the with new: co-worker relationships, work tasks, obligations, health/diet/exercise, medical diagnoses, solutions to problems


Pluto in your sector of self-expression and Uranus Rx in your sector of shared resources can turn the heat up on a new romance, personal/creative goal or desire for recognition. Venus’ influence suggests that issues around attraction and/or money can hit in unexpected ways, completely changing your perspective, or alerting you to the truth about what you have to work with. Whether there’s more or less available, you won’t be settling for sloppy seconds; you’ll want the whole deal, or nothing at all. Intimacy and pregnancy issues can also catch you by surprise. Mercury in your sector of self-expression can help you do what you do best; apply logic and strategy to get what you want. The New Moon (in your sector of self-expression) and Uranus direct can propel a new romance forward (this could be towards a deeper level of intimacy, or out the door) or offer you innovative solutions for manifesting personal desires. This energy is about stepping up and taking your happiness seriously.

  • Out with the old, in the with new: new romance, creative projects, recognition, children/pregnancy


Pluto in your domestic sector and Uranus Rx in your partnership sector can bring changes in your private life to a peak, as a family or romantic relationship turns a corner. Relocation, or someone moving in/out may be in the works, and Venus’ influence suggests that what you want (or thought you wanted) in your home life will undergo another shift. Mercury in your domestic sector can enable family or partnership discussions, while helping you prioritize. A home business or renovation project can also see some changes. In general, these influences are about breaking out of stale situations that have kept you mired in the past. The New  Moon (in your domestic sector) and Uranus direct can put a new light on things, as you’re given a sense of fresh possibility. Wherever the above changes have left you newly single, cohabiting with your partner, or surveying the changed landscape of your home/family, you’ll discover an innovative way to make things work.

  • Out with the old, in the with new: home, family, partnerships, home business, relocation, renovation


Pluto in your communication sector, and Uranus Rx in your sector of routine, can trigger a message/announcement/discussion that completely changes your current situation. Venus’ influence suggests a surprising romantic contact, or a revelation about something/someone you wanted. If you’ve been asking questions, you may get your answer, but the outcome could set you on an unexpected path. Getting your point across can also have surprising consequences, especially if you’re dealing with business communication. On the other hand, this is excellent for launching innovative ideas or busting yourself out of mental rut. Mercury’s move into your communication sector will give you even more information/contacts to work with. Issues with siblings can also feature a surprising reveal, or blast away your preconceptions. The New Moon (in your communication sector) and Uranus direct help you approach all work or health matters with fresh eyes. Excellent for launching a new business proposal, job search or investigation.

  • Out with the old, in the with new: emails, phone calls, discussions, writing, meetings, siblings issues


Pluto in your sector of personal resources and Uranus Rx in your sector of self-expression can trigger some upheaval involving earned money, emotional security or self-worth. As Venus adds her energy to the mix, you’ll see that a sudden gain, loss or shock to your self-assurance is meant to alert you to your true value. If you’re still stuck in the same, old operating patterns (regarding work, romance or personal habits), this influence will remove what you no longer need. If you’ve already started changing how you earn your money, or how you get your needs met, these energies can propel you even faster down the path you’re now walking. Mercury into your sector of personal resources can bring more lucrative contacts or discussions about a pay raise. It can also help you clarify your stance in a relationship discussion.  The New Moon in your personal resources sector, and Uranus direct, can introduce new sources of income and/or a new sense of confidence about getting your needs met. Whether you’re alone or in a relationship, you’ll have all the tools and inspiration you need to make yourself happy.

  • Out with the old, in the with new: earned money, emotional security, self-esteem, raising your rates, realizing your true value


Pluto in your sign and Uranus Rx in your domestic sector can introduce another, major shift in your lifestyle, family life or public identity. Venus’ influence puts the emphasis on love, attraction, personal values or money (spending/saving). Pluto has been uncovering a more authentic, powerful you, while Uranus has been shaking you loose from old, family rules and traditions. As Mercury enters your sign, you’ll feel more in control of these changes as you quantify and rationalize what’s been happening. There’s nothing here that you can’t think/talk your way through. The New Moon (in your sign) and Uranus direct will immediately open a new chapter: this could be a relocation, an addition to or subtraction from the family, a new relationship or new approach to an existing relationship. This is your personal New Year.

  • Out with the old, in the with new: public identity, lifestyle, home, family, relationship, personal goal


Pluto in your hidden sector and Uranus Rx in your communication sector can stir up  changes beneath the surface. A surprising comment/announcement/piece of information can trigger a major reveal or discovery that that no one (you included) saw coming. An offhand remark can be the last piece of the puzzle, or the final straw. Venus’ energy suggests a hidden attraction or unacknowledged desire/personal goal may be involved. Then the question becomes, what are you willing to do to get what you want? Mercury in your hidden sector can bring more clarity, although you may not be ready to reveal your plans just yet. The New Moon (in your hidden sector) and Uranus direct can point you in the right direction, as you decide what you’re ready to jettison, and what you want to welcome.

  • Out with the old, in the with new: secrets, background potentials, overlooked issues, surprising reveals


Pluto in your social sector and Uranus Rx in your sector of personal resources can open up new avenues with friends/groups, or expose you to a whole new aspect of public life. Venus adds the potential of a surprising attraction or opportunity for public attention. Your public image and sense of who you are in relation to the group can go through a significant change, and some associations may get left behind. You’ll see very clearly where you no longer belong, or who is no longer valid in your life. Mercury in your social sector brings in new contacts, friends or ideas about how you want to socialize for the holiday season. The New Moon (in your social sector) and Uranus direct can open up a whole new world of possibility as you feel ready to take a risk, associate with those whom you never considered before (or were even aware of). Alternatively, you may launch a new business, campaign or public announcement. Fears about not being accepted will be beside the point, as you discover the only league that matters is your own.

  • Out with the old, in the with new: friends, group, public activities, public promotion
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Venus in Capricorn Sextile Neptune

Painting by Vasily Surikov

Painting by Vasily Surikov

Nice little aspect tomorrow (December 14th).

Venus in Capricorn sextiles Neptune, at 5 degrees Pisces. Neptune softens Venus in Cap’s edge, making her about more (Neptune expands) than social position or responsibility. Venus gives Neptune backbone and a real-world outlet; here’s where and how you can manifest that dream.

Practical magic and authority graced with compassion.

Sextiles are creative opportunity, so if you have anything from 4 to 6 degrees Pisces or Capricorn, you can ground your dreams in an appealing (Venus) form that works for the corporate or traditional crowd (Capricorn).

On a side note, asteroid Vesta (devotion) is part of this mix at 6 degrees Capricorn. Vesta is the focused flame, the passion that’s directed into a higher purpose. Vesta can make anything sacred. Love that’s about more than proof of commitment, desire that’s about more than strategy. Self-respect that’s about more than going through the motions. Venus and Vesta in Capricorn suggest control (of what you want or what you can’t have) that takes you higher. You know what’s right or proper for you, and Vesta whispers that you can take that awareness up a few notches. Respecting yourself or your relationship becomes a sacred calling, complete with rituals.

The Sun in Sagittarius will trine Jupiter Rx (at 22 degrees Leo) on the same day, adding more potential to the proceedings. The Sun and Jupiter (in mutual reception) will give each other a boost, hi-lighting advantages that come from the Jupiter Rx pull back. If you’re not sure what good a certain development is, this aspect can show you how to make it work. Jupiter and Sag are about wisdom, beliefs and education (in addition to opportunity) so this may simply be an information gathering day. What you learn could help things fall into place.

For those of you feeling flattened or let down by Jupiter’s expansion, this could your chance to understand *why*. Or, how to make the most of what’s hit you so far.

If you have anything from 21 to 23 degrees of the Fire signs, you’ll feel this trine most strongly.

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The 12th House Venus Woman

Photo by

Photo by

Excerpt from my latest Sasstrology post (please leave comments on the Sasstrology site):

“The 12th House is where you’re most hidden and, paradoxically, most vulnerable. This is the house of sacrifice, isolation and painful sensitivity. While any natal planet in this house experiences challenges, Venus (especially in a woman’s chart) triggers some difficult relationship patterns. However, these patterns can give you clues on how to deal with your 12th House Venus. While this natal placement can be troublesome in straight and queer relationships, this particular article will examine its impact on opposite sex relationships.”

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