The Mixed Bag Before the Cross

Picture by Dozvald János

Picture by Dozvald János




The Cardinal Cross will hit its peak next week, and the upcoming horoscopes will be devoted to it (how it will impact each sign).

As the energy builds, there’s some interesting shifts going down. Tomorrow (April 19th) features an oddball mix. Mars Rx in Libra will inconjunct Venus at 14 degrees Pisces. I described that aspect in the Cardinal Cross article (link in the first sentence), but again, it’s a disconnect between actions (Mars) and what you want (Venus). There’s also an exact inconjunct between Mercury in Aries and Saturn Rx at 21 degrees Scorpio. This is a disconnect between impulsive speech/ideas (Mercury) and intensified limits or fears (Saturn).

Two inconjuncts make for a jarring day. Push for what you want, but you misfire, or give up, or what you want evaporates (typical Venus in Pisces). Was that really what you wanted? Speak up (Mercury in Aries) only to run into a wall of silence or secrets (Saturn Rx in Scorpio). Or have your boundaries (Saturn) assaulted by someone’s irritating, button-pushing words. Best advice for April 19th is to not expect things to go smoothly. If you have an important something scheduled, have a contingency plan.

And more…the Sun will enter Taurus. That’s significant because Taurus is a Fixed sign, and right now, Fixed signs are sorely underrepresented in the whirlwind of Cardinal and Mutable signs. This won’t make a huge difference (yet) but if you need an anchor, look to the Taurus house in your chart. The Sun will be lighting it up, and that’s where you can find some stability in the days to come. Taurus is about consistency, routine, working with your existing resources, and survival. Those are your safe words, and the area of your chart occupied by Taurus is where you might find some sustenance. It won’t cancel out the effects of the Cross, but it helps to know where you can turn to for shelter.

You don’t have to get fancy, or come up with a plan to save the day. Just dig in and work with what you’ve got (Taurus).

Those with natal/progressed planets, angles or Nodes in the following degrees will feel these aspects:

  • 20-21 degrees Aries or Scorpio (Mercury/Saturn inconjunct)
  • 13-14 degrees Libra or Pisces (Venus/Mars inconjunct)
  • 0-1 degrees Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio, Aquarius or Leo (Sun into Taurus)
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Since You Asked…

I’ve added a FAQ page for those questions that keep popping up. Let me know if there are any other questions you’d like to see included.

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The Karma Trap: Past Life Relationships to Avoid

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Excerpt from my latest Sasstrology article (please leave comments on the Sasstrology site):

“Ah, the lure of the karmic relationship. It’s not just the magnetic connection that pulls you in, it’s the knowledge that the two of you were involved in a previous life. You are fated lovers. You’ve reconnected in this life because (as all the karma-savvy folks know) you have unfinished business to complete. It’s more than a mutual attraction; it’s your karmic duty. But what if it’s not? What if every past-life relationship you encounter is not meant to be explored?”

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After The Eclipse

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Here we are on the other side of the Full Moon eclipse in Libra.

A peak has been reached, and we stand in the aftermath. There’s a pause that happens after an eclipse…an exhalation. Even in the midst of the building Cardinal Cross energy.

The next couple of days will not be free of aspects, but these energies will be briefer. Quieter. On April 16th, Mercury in Aries opposes Mars Rx at 16 degrees Libra. Sure, this suggests tense words/thoughts (Mercury) driven by passive-aggressive actions (Mars Rx). Frustrations that pop out, and you’re not sure what you’re annoyed about. A few hours later, Mars backs into a tense inconjunct with Chiron (Wounded Healer) in Pisces. That’s the “ouch” resulting from misdirected anger, or frustrations that aren’t fully acknowledged. The sensitivity that you’re not aware of, until you’re standing right on it. But this is brief (one day). Aspects like this are akin to a mosquito; give it a swat, and move on.

From April 16th to 17th, Venus in Pisces trines Jupiter at 13 degrees Cancer, which is niiice. The dreamy feeling that floods your senses. The chance to release (Pisces) whatever tension built up during the eclipse, even as it overlaps with Mercury opposite Mars. Take a day or two to relax, forgive, and treat yourself. Venus (love, money, self-esteem) wants more when she’s touched by Jupiter. This is lazy energy; it’s nap time, cocktails, escape. If this was a long-term aspect, there would be a risk of overdoing it (diving into debt, fantasy, addiction). But this aspect is so brief, the damage that you might do is minimal. I suppose if you’re determined to wring the worst out of this, you could. But what not simply honour the urge to feel ok, for the moment?

Note that Venus will also be sextiling Pluto Rx in Capricorn (which will be opposing Jupiter). Venus sextile Pluto is manageable intensity (the quiet obsession), but I think the trine will overwhelm the sextile (which is a weaker version of a trine). Pluto will push Jupiter, which will create an intensified/expanded push for “more” (of whatever is represented by the natal house transiting Jupiter is in). The temporary release will be Venus in Pisces. “Temporary” because Pluto Rx opposite Jupiter is part of the Cardinal Cross.

If you have planets/angles/Nodes (natal or progressed) from 15-16 degrees of the Cardinal signs or Pisces, you’ll feel the Mercury/Mars opposition (and inconjunct to Chiron). 12-13 degrees Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces or Capricorn will feel the Venus/Jupiter trine (and aspects to Pluto).

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Horoscopes for April 13th to April 20th



"Woman Holding A Balance" by Vermeer

“Woman Holding A Balance” by Vermeer



On April 14th, Mercury (communication and information) in Aries conjuncts Uranus, igniting abrupt words and/or revelations. Uranus shines the light of clarity, even if it’s unsettling. Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn goes retrograde on this day as well, shifting and intensifying the breakdown of old structures. April 15th brings Mercury up against a square from Pluto Rx, adding the energy of deep compulsion to words/information. Definitely not the moment for light-hearted discussions. But if you need to find out the truth, or want to make a statement, now’s the time. All of this acts as the final, few inches of the fuse that leads to the Full Moon eclipse (also on April 15th) in Libra. A culmination, ending or turning point will involve Libra themes: objective relationships, projections, surface appearance, polarities, social persona. Note that Libra’s harmonious balance will swing between extremes (of behaviour or decisions); choices will have to made, with no delays or indecision allowed.


Mercury conjuncts Uranus in your sign, and squares Pluto Rx in your career sector. Attention-grabbing announcements or discoveries will let everyone know where you stand. However, watch for kickback from those in authority as they dig in. Alternatively, what you say/discover may be the result of an intensified power struggle with officials or management. All this is part of a necessary transformation (or release) in your current job or status. Either way, you won’t be prepared to accept any compromises. But the eclipse in your partnership sector suggests that you’ll need to be aware of the impact on others. As a relationship (business or romantic) is driven to a turning point, know that you can’t avoid the steps of this dance. It takes two, whether you’re loving, leaving or competing.

  • Sudden announcements or information will involve: your public image, identity, ambitions
  • A culmination or turning point will involve: a partnership (business or romantic), your approach to competition


Mercury conjuncts Uranus in your hidden sector, and squares Pluto Rx in your opportunities sector. Watch for a private illumination or public revelation of what’s been hidden/unacknowledged. Whether it’s ambitions/desires that you didn’t know you had, or potentials that were tucked away, intensified opportunities (involving long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing) will play a role in bringing things to light. You may decide that it’s time to answer, or an answer may be demanded. The eclipse in your sector of routine suggests that a work task, or development with a co-worker, may turn an expected corner and present you with the answer, or push you to open up when you’re not quite prepared. Know that the time is ripe, whether you feel ready or not. Unexpected health diagnoses or changes in your exercise/personal routine are also possibilities.

  • Sudden announcements or information will involve: secrets, hidden potentials, issues you’ve been ignoring
  • A culmination or turning point will involve:co-worker relationships, duties, obligations, tasks, health, diet, exercise


Mercury (your ruler) conjuncts Uranus in your social sector and squares Pluto Rx in your sector of shared resources. A public announcement or discovery can push some buttons involving control, boundaries and personal power. Issues around debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, intimacy or psychological issues will urge you to look deeper, which could stir up feelings of resentment, obsession or surprising ambition. Before you react publicly, consider what’s going on privately. The eclipse in your sector of self-expression can signal a chance to create, celebrate or push for what you want (more attention, appreciation, romance). These energies can bring success, and a new opportunity is definitely something you should run with. Just be aware of your deeper motivations.

  • Sudden announcements or information will involve: friends, groups, public activities, public image
  • A culmination or turning point will involve: new romance, creative projects, performance, children, personal expression


Mercury conjuncts Uranus in your career sector, and squares Pluto Rx in your partnership sector. Ambitions, discussions with higher ups and public announcements are hi-lighted as you lay it on the line. However, know that there will be repercussions with a romantic or business partner. Whether you’re reacting to a power imbalance, or they push back against your new idea, these energies will pinpoint a deeper issue between you and another. Consider how external ambitions stir up internal power dynamics. The eclipse in your domestic sector can bring it all to tipping point with a new job, job loss, relocation, home purchase or major shift in domestic roles.

  • Sudden announcements or information will involve: your career path, meetings with those in authority, public status, your ideas of success
  • A culmination or turning point will involve: home, family, career, home business, relocation, rental agreements, mortgages, power balances at home


Mercury conjuncts Uranus in your opportunities sector and squares Pluto Rx in your sector of routine. A sudden message from afar, or a surprising discovery can propel you forward, even as the square from Pluto indicates struggles with work, obligations or health. Then again, those struggles can indicate an “enough’s enough” attitude as you decide to deal with work/health issues on your own terms. It’s becoming clear that issues in your immediate environment will need a different approach; something outside the box. A fresh perspective can illuminate a solution that was there all along. The eclipse in your communication sector can bring it all together with a final answer or definitive conversation.

  • Sudden announcements or information will involve: long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing, ideals
  • A culmination or turning point will involve: an answer, official document, final discussion, email, phone call, pivotal piece of information


Mercury joins Uranus in your sector of shared resources, and squares Pluto Rx in your sector of self-expression. Discoveries will come from research, pointed questions and digging for information. You’ll be propelled (perhaps obsessively) by a deepening sense of urgency around a specific personal desire or goal. You can certainly blast through the shadows and illuminate something with this energy, but use some sensitivity if you’re dealing with another person. Most people don’t enjoy having their secrets wrenched from them. If you’re the one who is feeling the pressure to reveal, know that it will be difficult to keep things hidden. The eclipse in your security sector can feature a culmination around emotional security or the state of your finances. You could hit the jackpot with something you’ve been wanting/needing, or realize that a current situation (work/romance) is not delivering the goods.

  • Sudden announcements or information will involve: taxes, debts, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy, secrets, psychological issues, research
  • A culmination or turning point will involve: earned money, sources of income, emotional satisfaction, self-esteem, personal values


Mercury conjuncts Uranus in your partnership (business or romantic) sector, and squares Pluto Rx in your domestic sector. Relationship discussions, discoveries or introductions can be jarring but illuminating. You may decide to reveal your feelings, or someone else may tell you exactly what they’re thinking. It won’t be subtle, and you’ll know exactly where you stand. What you hear/say will have a deeper impact, based on your past experiences, and may even illuminate a family/childhood issue that needs to come out. The eclipse in your sign can signal a major new chapter (a new relationship, job opportunity or a time to make your exit). Whatever comes your way, know that forward is the only option.

  • Sudden announcements or information will involve: partnerships (business or romantic)
  • A culmination or turning point will involve: an exit or entrance in your personal or professional life


Mercury unites with Uranus in your sector of routine, and squares Pluto Rx (your ruler) in your communication sector. A health or work issue can be clarified as you push for answers, or someone demands answers from you. If you’re caught off guard by someone’s demands, deliver what you’ve got; your first response is probably correct and thinking on your feet is the way to go. If you’re the one pushing for answers, know that the response you get may be unexpected, angry or unnerving. The eclipse in your hidden sector can reveal what’s been held back. Depending on who’s been keeping the secrets, you can feel justified, rewarded or exposed.

  • Sudden announcements or information will involve: work duties, obligations, co-worker relationships, health, diet, exercise, medical diagnoses
  • A culmination or turning point will involve: what’s been hidden, suspected, hinted at, overlooked or ignored


Mercury conjuncts Uranus in your sector of self-express and squares Pluto Rx in your security sector. This energy can push you to say or announce something risky, creative or flirtatious. The deeper, driving issue will involve your shifting financial or emotional perspective, so stay aware of what you’re really after when you express yourself. An excellent influence to grab people’s attention, but some reactions may be more than you expected. The eclipse in your social sector can open a door to a new group or friendship. An old association can abruptly conclude, but they weren’t on board with your new lifestyle/agenda anyway. Overall, this week can be pivotal for new public/social contacts or promoting your work/ideas to an audience.

  • Sudden announcements or information will involve: new romance, creativity, children, performance, personal goals
  • A culmination or turning point will involve: friends, groups, public image


Mercury joins Uranus in your domestic sector, and squares Pluto Rx in your sign. Issues with family members, a home business or relocations can hit you suddenly. Watch for arguments, unexpected information or abrupt changes in plans. Pluto’s agenda of deep transformation will concentrate on one area, or shift to something you thought was inconsequential/forgotten. The eclipse in your career sector can raise issues with authority, trigger a change in employment (a job ending/beginning) or shift your career path altogether.

  • Sudden announcements or information will involve: home, family, mortgages, rental agreements, renovations
  • A culmination or turning point will involve: career, issues with management, job search, public status, ambitions


Mercury joins Uranus (your ruler) in your communication sector, and squares Pluto Rx in your hidden sector. Arguments, unexpected discussions and odd statements will be rooted in deeper issues. Whatever you hear/discover (that seems to come from nowhere) has been building for awhile. What comes out will be the truth, although you may not enjoy hearing it. However, if a response is expected from you, don’t hesitate; it’s time to act. If you’re the one making a statement/announcement, know that your words will have a significant impact, perhaps bigger than anticipated. The eclipse in your opportunities sector can propel you into the unknown or trigger a brand-new opportunity. What opens up now can lengthen your reach. Alternatively, you may discover that something you’ve been hoping for is no longer viable.

  • Sudden announcements or information will involve: emails, phone calls, discussions, documents, new meetings, information gathering
  • A culmination or turning point will involve: long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing


Mercury meets Uranus in your security sector, and squares Pluto Rx in your social sector. Watch for news/discoveries involving money or emotional security. What you learn/discuss could be unsettling or liberating. If you want more, this is the time to demand it, but be aware that you may receive push back from others who feel challenged or threatened. Creativity and resourcefulness can be at an all time high; you probably have more options than you think. The eclipse in your sector of shared resources can feel overwhelming as events conclude or progress without your input. Whether it’s money or relationships, the tide is turning and the best you can do is stay open to what’s inevitable. There may be a push to let go, drop your boundaries or pay attention to what you owe/spend.

  • Sudden announcements or information will involve: earned money, new sources of income, emotional security, self-esteem
  • A culmination or turning point will involve: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy
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This Month is Fluid


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Photo by


More thoughts on this month’s omnipresent Cardinal energy, plus Venus in Pisces.

To me, this all feels fluid. Cardinal energy surges forward, no matter what; you can’t hold it back.  And Venus in Pisces is liquid desire, porous boundaries, letting go…you can’t pin it down.

The only planet in a Fixed sign right now is Saturn in Scorpio. The Sun will enter Taurus on April 19th, and then Mercury will follow on April 23rd. Fixed signs anchor things, which will be one of the effects of the New Moon eclipse (in Taurus) on April 29th. More on that later. But it feels like this anchoring won’t really take hold until the end of the month.

“Go with the flow” is such a cliche, but it’s your best approach for this month. Do you feel out of control? That’s because the only thing you can control (right now, or ever) is you. For everything else…allow, release, open up. Stay light on your feet. Rigid adherence to rules, expectations and habits will ensure that you crack.


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The Full Moon Eclipse in Libra


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April 15th’s Full Moon Lunar eclipse (at 25 degrees Libra) is loaded.

On April 14th, we have Mercury in Aries conjunct Uranus; the words/idea/reveal that jolt you into awareness. Also on April 14th, Pluto in Capricorn turns retrograde (at 13 degrees), intensifying its excavation of stale rules/restrictions. This becomes ultra-internalized, obsessive work. Finding a piece of detritus you’ve been clinging to, zeroing in on it, and blasting it away. This is the degree of the Cardinal Cross, pulling its theme of fresh starts into the eclipse mix. You can’t have a start without an ending. Hence, the Full Moon eclipse.

All this sets the stage for April 15th, when Mercury will square Pluto. After the awakening (Uranus), as the intensified search for transformation (Pluto Rx) begins, there will be the compulsion to put it all into words. To make sense of it. To deliver the message (even if no one wants to hear it). And then…the eclipse. The results of a Libra issue (in the context of your natal house being impacted). Mercury is such a strong driver for this eclipse, I feel that it will be shocking/blunt conversations or information that tip the scales.

Because it won’t be balanced. Libra wants harmony, but with all the Cardinal Cross energy it’s not going to happen. What we will see are people swinging from one extreme to the other; reacting. This is what Libra does, when stressed.

Libra/Aries issues will be the overall theme, and there are many possibilities:

  • relationship discoveries/honesty
  • confrontations about projecting/dependence
  • socially correct versus the truth OR socially aware versus selfish behavior
  • the “perfect” image, blown apart

Keep in mind that what this eclipse concludes will be necessary in order to navigate the Cross. “Concludes” can mean anything from transitioning from single to married, married to divorced, employed to jobless, jobless to employed, etc. It’s the closing of one chapter, so another can begin. Since this will be a culmination, it won’t come out of nowhere. Events have been building for awhile.

It’s doubtful you’ll be able to control what happens, but you can be aware. Remember that Mercury is the key, so stay alert to what you’re saying and hearing. Also keep in mind the Libra swing between extremes. You’ll be tempted to overcompensate. Maybe you’ll go into placating mode, or “I don’t need anyone” mode. Try to approach the middle ground (even if no one else is). If something is taken away, act like an adult and be polite. I know! I’m asking too much. But seriously. Show that you’ve got class and restraint, when others don’t. There will be repercussions, and people will remember how you handled yourself. If something unexpected but hopeful hits you, don’t fall to pieces (good news can be just as jarring as bad news). Again…deep breath, play it cool. Stay gracious.

Who can be gracious in the middle of a Cardinal Cross/eclipse/Mercury vomit/merciless Pluto Rx march? You can.

If you have planets/angles/Nodes (natal or progressed) from 23 to 26 degrees of the Cardinal signs, you’ll feel this eclipse most intensely.


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The Difference Between Your Natal Moon and Venus in Relationships

"Selene and Endymion" by Geroge Frederick Watts

“Selene and Endymion” by Geroge Frederick Watts

Excerpt from my latest Sasstrology article (please leave comments on the Sasstrology site):

“The natal Moon and Venus are often confused, regarding what they signify in love. It’s easy to see why; they both represent female energy and the “softer” side of partnerships. But they do represent very different issues around what you’re looking for in a relationship. Note this article will focus on the general meanings of these planets (for men and women).”

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The Sun in Aries Opposes Mars Rx: Halfway Point


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Today, Mars Rx in Libra opposes the Sun in Aries (at 18 degrees). This is significant for a couple of reasons:

  • It’s the halfway point of Mars’ Rx cycle
  • The Sun illuminates what Mars Rx has been indirectly expressing

The Sun’s light brings clarity. That clarity can stir up all the Mars Rx issues that have been simmering in the Libra section of your chart. Also, the halfway point of the cycle suggests a fullness; a peak has been reached, and with it, an understanding (hopefully).

Because Mars and the Sun are both extroverted energies, today might feature external manifestations of Mars Rx’s subjective journey. Disagreements, dramatic actions, turning points in a situation that’s been unfolding…these are all possibilities. However, know that what’s expressed will be a symptom of something deeper. The Sun is clarifying, but Mars is still Rx, so what comes out will be connected to what you haven’t been able to see. 

Don’t take it at face value; look deeper.

This will give you more to work with. If you think back over Mars’ cycle, you should see a connection between what emerges today, and what started around the time Mars went Rx (March 1st). You can proceed through the latter half of Mars Rx with an idea of what you need to do, the real issues you’re dealing with, or a better way to handle the indirect/delayed energy.

If you have planets/angles/Nodes (natal or progressed) from 17-18 degrees of the Cardinal signs, today could be a turning point for you.



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Mercury Enters Aries: Urgent Message (public domain image)











Mercury (information and communication) entered Aries today, emphasizing bluntness and impulsiveness, in speech and ideas. Not a lot of pondering here: words come directly from the gut, driven by anger or impatience. Mercury in Aries says “Now!”

Mercury will be pinging the Cardinal Cross planets.

On April 14th, it will square Jupiter (at 12 degrees Cancer) and then conjunct Uranus at 13 degrees. This will be a significant day for those with planets/angles/Nodes from 11-14 degrees of the Cardinal signs. Jupiter will inflate ideas/words, while Uranus will add the element of surprise. Jupiter plus Uranus equals the lucky break. Unexpected optimism. You may hear (or think of) something that turns it all around at the last minute. Or…this could be the Big Reveal that bounces out of your control. If there’s something you’re trying to keep under wraps, be very cautious about what you communicate around this time (although you may not have control over what’s exposed). Also, know that whatever you communicate around this time will probably p*ss someone off. Mercury in Aries’ message is not mellow or agreeable.

On April 15th, Mercury will square Pluto (power) in Capricorn, which also happens to be the day of the Full Moon eclipse in Libra. And on April 16th, Mercury will oppose Mars Rx (at 16 degrees) in Libra. I’ll write about all this tomorrow, but for now, know that the results of the surprise message/idea will be seen almost immediately. You won’t have to wait long with the Cardinal signs, especially when Uranus and Jupiter are involved.

The best ways to make use of this energy:

  • cut through the red tape
  • have a cards-on-the-table discussion
  • get your point across (be careful with this…words will pack a punch)
  • brainstorm a sticky problem: come up with a crazy-inspired solution

Overall, whatever you hear/learn will be designed to wake you up.

Mercury will be in Aries until April 23rd. Peak days will be April 13th to 16th. 

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