The Scythe: Pluto in Capricorn Trine Virgo

Painting by George Inness

Painting by George Inness

The Sun in Virgo is trining Pluto Rx at 11 degrees Capricorn. It will be exact tomorrow (September 3rd).

I discussed this aspect a few weeks ago in this post, but I think it deserves another look. The recent Virgo posts have felt like downers with service, sacrifice and humble pie. It’s easy to caught up in the image of Virgo as the behind the scenes cleaner. Always the servant.

But Pluto in Capricorn is bringing out the best in Virgo, and that looks like the reaper with the scythe. Not soft and cuddly, but Pluto (as the bringer of transformation) gives Virgo this sharp tool. Virgo already has discrimination down to a science, but with Pluto’s support, she’s kicking a**. Pluto’s entire transit of Capricorn is empowering to Virgo. Transformation that adds edge and depth to her discrimination (no more worrying, just target what’s most effective). And power. Pluto is power, and Pluto in Capricorn trine Virgo is the servant who becomes the master, because he/she is the best person for the job and the existing power structure has crumbled.

A trine from Pluto is quietly supportive. It’s not a Kingmaker, but it does present a steady opportunity to move to the next level. That level will be directly related to what you’ve done so far, so if you’ve done nothing, you may only get a steady nudge to change.  But it’s insistent, and if you have any planets/points/angles in Virgo ( 11 degrees or higher) there’s an opportunity (now or in the future) to crank your strength/determination/discipline/confidence up a notch. Pluto in Capricorn insists on business class, and it’s Virgo’s time to take a seat amongst those who are ruthless about what/whom they cut out of their lives. Sure you can keep serving, just target that service at those who recognize you for the jewel that you are.

Don’t underestimate the Pluto trine. If you have anything from 11 to 15 degrees Virgo you’ll feel this aspect for this Solar Return year.

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Horoscopes for August 31st to September 7th



Painting by George Jules Victor Clarin

Painting by George Jules Victor Clarin


Mercury (information and communication) enters Libra on September 2nd. Libra is the sign of relationships and balance, so all exchanges of information will emphasize negotiation and compromise, as well as old fashioned politeness. The social game becomes important, although everyone may not want to play. On the 5th and 6th, Mercury forms a doubtful inconjunct to Neptune Rx in Pisces, briefly clouding words and ideas with misunderstandings/illusions. If you have important negotiations on these days, use caution. On September 5th, Venus enters Virgo, putting love, money and values under the exacting light of perfectionism. What’s good enough will no longer suffice. Now, it will be about what or who fits exactly, and how to make something that’s ok, exceptional. Virgo is also the sign of service, and Venus can express love/affection here via practical assistance. This is not a glam position for Venus, but it’s where she proves her worth.

Also of note, Mercury and Venus will be in mutual reception. Libra is a Venus-ruled sign, and Virgo is a Mercury-ruled sign. Although they will not be aspecting each other, Mercury and Venus will be “talking” via their mutual understanding. This Virgo/Libra blend will hi-light strategic partnerships, appropriate interactions and mutual assistance. You’ll get the most from this energy if you explore what you can do for others. In return, you may receive something exceptional. Mercury will be in Libra until September 27th, and Venus will be in Virgo until September 29th.


Mercury enters your partnership sector, encouraging you and another to talk it out. This energy is excellent for debate or finding a middle ground. Also good for business contracts/negotiations. Use caution on the 5th and 6th, when an overlooked piece of intel, a secret or misunderstanding can create glitches in the flow of communication. Venus’ move into your sector of routine can help smooth relationships with co-workers or medical professionals, or help you find the perfect solution to a niggling problem. This influence is also excellent for upgrading a beauty routine or getting serious about improvements that can boost your self-esteem. Some of you may find that what you want takes a backseat to your obligations, but you can get the most out of this if you accept what you have to do, rather than what you want to do.

  • Communication is emphasized: all partnerships (business and romantic)
  • Be receptive: co-worker relationships, duties/obligations, health/beauty upgrades, daily routines, medical diagnoses


Mercury in your sector of routine urges you to seek second opinions (on work or health matters) or explore both sides of a routine issue. The flow of information with co-workers/suppliers/medical personnel/service professionals will increase, and you’ll find it easier to get what you need if you blend a bit of sugar with your words. On the 5th and 6th, watch for misleading information from others, or looking too far ahead before you complete the task at hand. Focus on what’s in front of you. Venus (your ruler) moves into your sector of self-expression, boosting your creativity, powers of attraction or desire to kick back and enjoy the last weeks of summer. Light flirtations are a possibility as well. Venus in Virgo blends well with your sign; you’ll know what is exactly right for you, even if that just means a specific way to relax.

  • Communication is emphasized: co-workers, medical diagnoses, daily routine, problems/solutions, obligations, daily work
  • Be receptive: creative projects, new romance, celebrations, children/pregnancy


Mercury (your ruler) enters your sector of self-expression, helping you put words to what you desire. Attention, creativity and new romance can be boosted by utilizing your wit and powers of persuasion. You’ll have a ready audience for what you have to say, but on the 5th and 6th, watch out for confusing messages from those in authority, or a misread of the the bigger picture. A social disconnect can put a small dent in your reputation, so tread carefully. Venus’ move into your domestic sector can increase your desire (or a partner’s desire) to make small, finicky improvements around the home or focus on time with family members/someone special. Family relationships in general should improve if you’re open to correcting certain issues.

  • Communication is emphasized: creative projects, performance, new romance, children/pregnancy, celebrations
  • Be receptive: domestic issues, home improvements, nesting, family relations


Mercury enters your domestic sector, hi-lighting family negotiations or documents involving mortgages/rentals/home businesses. Excellent for talking it out with those closest to you, but on the 5th and 6th, watch for inflated ideals/hopes to blur the issue. Be wary of projected ideas, especially involving relocation. Venus’ move into your communication sector should make it easier to say/write exactly what you want, but in a manner that’s gracious and well received. Think strategic charm and cultivating allies. Too, you could be the recipient of good news, helpful information or solutions.

  • Communication is emphasized: home, family, homes business, mortgage/rental agreements
  • Be receptive: emails, phone calls, conversations, sibling relationships


Mercury enters your communication sector, increasing the flow of information/discussions while asking for your social finesse. The balancing act may be tough to achieve, but you’ll get maximum mileage from some carefully placed words and compliments. Negotiations and legal documents are strongly emphasized. On the 5th and 6th, you can be briefly thrown off balance as financial or emotional issues cloud your judgement. The projection of subconscious issues is a risk, so look underneath what’s being said. Venus’ move into your sector of personal resources puts a finer point on what you need, whether this involves a wage increase or more appreciation from your partner. Venus in Virgo can hi-light what’s missing in love and money, but she also presents solutions; small, practical improvements can have maximum impact.

  • Communication is emphasized: emails, phone calls, discussion, introductions, sibling issues, negotiation/mediation/compromise
  • Be receptive: earned money, self-esteem, values, emotional security


Mercury (your ruler) enters your sector of personal resources, suggesting increased bargaining around money and emotional needs. What you value, what you’re worth and what you need may become important topics of conversation, and there should be opportunities to work out a compromise. Excellent for salary negotiations. On the 5th and 6th, watch for fears, fantasies or paranoia (in relationships) to temporarily derail your sense of logic. As Venus enters your sign, you’ll find it easier and more productive to simply be you. This influence can boost your self-care and self-esteem, which can in turn attract favourable situations and people. Practice self-nurturing, rather than self-punishment that masquerades as self-improvement.

  • Communication is emphasized: earned money, self-esteem, values, security
  • Be receptive: make the most of what you have, public identity, physical appearance


Mercury enters your sign, helping you piece it together, connect to others or find a workable solution. Mercury can also increase the volume of quick meetings and introductions. On the 5th and 6th,  there can be doubt or confusion related to how much you should do for another. Work and health issues can also temporarily throw you off track with unclear diagnoses or tasks. Venus (your ruler)  moves into your hidden sector, asking you to pull back and consider what’s not obvious. There may be potential in an overlooked or ignored situation. Alternatively, you may feel like pulling back for rest or healing, especially if you’re feeling battered by a romantic encounter.

  • Communication is emphasized: public identity, meetings, introductions, daily socialization, all relationships
  • Be receptive: secrets, dreams, hints, healing, meditation, quiet time


Mercury enters your hidden sector, opening up creative ideas and intuition, as well as your awareness of what’s written between the lines. On the 5th and 6th, watch for a dreamy flirtation or inflated hopes around something that may not materialize. Venus’ move into your social sector enhances all social interactions while helping you weed out the people/situations that don’t quite feel right. You can attract people whom you fit with, or connect with a group that meets a specific need. If you need assistance or you’re searching for someone with a specific skill, now is the time to ask.

  • Communication is emphasized: secrets, creativity, hints, gut feelings, rumours, fantasies
  • Be receptive: friends, groups, social events, public resources, assistance from others


Mercury enters your social sector, increasing your contacts with friends, acquaintances and groups. This energy supports light, social interactions, public speaking or delivering your message to an audience. Theacceptable thing to say will be hi-lighted, so this isn’t the time to stir the pot with your bold observations. On the 5th and 6th, the issue may get confused with thoughts/impressions that seem accurate, but are actually leftover from the past. Venus’ move into your career sector brings the theme of appropriate relationships to your work and future goals. Now is the time to align yourself with those that can help (or for you to help someone that can make things easier for you), keeping in mind that Virgo’s energy demands precision and strategy. Any service provided will have a purpose that furthers your future goals.

  • Communication is emphasized: friends, groups, the public, public events
  • Be receptive; career, public status, success, management/authority


Mercury enters your career sector, hi-lighting carefully balanced interactions with management or potential employers. The give and take of information will increase, and your awareness of the social game will be immensely helpful. On the 5th and 6th, communications  can be temporarily bogged down with misunderstandings, overlooked details or wishful thinking. Double-check all messages on these days. Venus’ moves into your sector or opportunities suggests positive potential lies in unexplored areas. Venus makes a positive connection to your sign here, suggesting that targeting something new can be beneficial. Pick one area that seems intriguing and go for it. Trip planning should go especially well.

  • Communication is emphasized: career, future goals, public status, management, job search, interviews
  • Be receptive: long-distance travel, long-distance romance, education, legal matters, publishing


Mercury enters your opportunities sector, opening up new ideas/possibilities/adventures. Now is the time to check out various options that seem intriguing, or initiate a conversation with someone who can mentor you. On the 5th and 6th, you can be briefly distracted by financial doubts or emotional insecurities. Venus’ move into your sector of shared resources promises deepening intimacy or improved financial prospects, as long as you’re willing to look closely at difficult areas and improve them.

  • Communication is emphasized: long-distance travel, long-distance contacts, education, publishing, legal matters
  • Be receptive: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy


Mercury’s move into your sector of shared resources points to financial or emotional negotiations. You may have what someone wants, or vice versa. It’s all about finding that balance, because neither of you have complete control. Financial documents/contracts are emphasized. On the 5th and 6th, Mercury’s inconjunct to Neptune Rx in your sign can temporarily throw you off your game; be careful that your dreams/ideals don’t interfere with the reality of the situation. It will be easy to say “Yes” and forget about your boundaries. Venus’ move into your relationship sector makes partnership easier. Harmony and the ability to put ego aside is hi-lighted. Keep your eyes open for the quiet suitor, or subtle expressions of attraction.

  • Communication is emphasized: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy, financial contracts
  • Be receptive: all partnerships (business and romantic)


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Full Moon in Pisces: Wash Away The Inadequacy

Pic by

Pic by

September 8th’s Full Moon (at 16 degrees Pisces) will be ultra sensitive. It will conjunct Chiron Rx (Wounded Healer) at 15 degrees Pisces, triggering all sorts of touchy scenarios around aggravating a wound by trying to fix it, and feeling discarded when you offer help that’s not wanted. The Virgo/Pisces axis of service, sacrifice and inadequacy, in full swing.

Also in effect, Venus in Virgo will closing in on an opposition with Neptune Rx (at 5 degrees Pisces) exact on September 10th. Since all oppositions are culminations, Venus/Pisces will bring the Full Moon theme of endings/turning points to love, money, self-esteem and values.

Virgo is about knowing your place. That sounds harsh, but if you think about it, it’s good to know exactly where you’re wanted, and where you’re not. Where you can be effective, and where you’re playing the martyr. When you know this, you’re on solid ground and can act from a place of power rather than desperation. This Moon will make that clear, and in the process, some Pisces/Neptune fantasies will get punctured. Then again, that Pisces energy may dissolve feelings of obligation. Sometimes you feel obligated to continue a connection with someone, even though they’ve made it clear (through words or actions) that there is nothing you can do for them.

The Sun will be forming a tense inconjunct to Uranus (at 15 degrees Aries) earlier on the 8th, hinting at a jarring event that sets off the Full Moon’s ending. The inconjunct suggests a last-ditch effort to force something into being. Virgo’s tightly-wound efforts to get it right will be cranked up by Uranus’ impatience, but it will be like a guitar string that’s been tightened to an impossibly high pitch. The *snap* will trigger the meltdown of the Full Moon, which may actually be a relief.

Virgo can only keep trying for so long.

Mercury (ruler of Virgo) in Libra will be closing in on a square to Pluto Rx (power) at 11 degrees Capricorn, and a supportive sextile to Jupiter in Leo. The square will be exact on September 9th, and the sextile exact on September 10th. This suggests that compromise and balanced responses (or ideas) will be thin on the ground. The square from Pluto will tip Mercury towards one end or the other of the Libra scale. There’s a risk of going into full-on martyr mode if your fantasy is punctured: “Of course I’m not valued here. That’s ok. I don’t deserve it.” Then there’s the other extreme, twisting yourself into obsessive, hyper-helpful Virgo mode: “Of course I’m not valued here! That’s ok! Let me help you anyway!” Both of these approaches reek of Pluto manipulation. You’re trying to guilt the other person into appreciating you. Of course, you could be the target of one of these approaches.

Mercury’s sextile to Jupiter suggests a better way. Accept that things will go down as they’re meant to. It’s Pisces. How much control do you think you’ll have over what happens? None. But you can control your response, and Jupiter’s support will whisper that there’s something helpful in the Leo area of your chart (around 11 degrees). That’s where your Ace is, and that’s where you can turn to next.

After this Full Moon, you’ll know exactly what you can fix, what you can’t, and who values you. Whether you like the results or not, the Pisces insistence that you release what you cannot control will feel like cool water.

If you have natal/progressed planets, angles or Nodes from:

  • 14 to 18 degrees of the Mutable signs, you’ll feel this Moon most strongly
  • 4 to 6 degrees of the Mutable signs you’ll feel the Venus/Neptune opposition
  • 9 to 12 degrees of the Cardinal signs you’ll feel the Mercury/Pluto square
  • 9 to 11 degrees of Libra or Leo you’ll feel the Mercury/Jupiter sextile


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Venus’ Transit of Virgo: Loving What’s Just Out of Reach

"Praying Hands" by Albrecht Durer

“Praying Hands” by Albrecht Durer

Venus enters Virgo on September 5th, putting love, money and self-esteem under the microscope.

Venus in Virgo asks “What’s wrong and how can I fix it?” Part of this is the desire to be of service, but it’s also the Virgo itch to make it better. Venus in Virgo loves to improve. She works best when she’s moving forward rather than stressing about how ___ is a lost cause because it will never be good enough.

There’s two stages here. During Stage #1, you zero in on your flaws, your lover’s flaws, how your love life will always suck, etc. It’s entirely possible to get stuck in Stage #1 for this entire transit. There’s a reason Venus is in her fall in this sign. She wants to be comfortable, and Virgo is never entirely comfortable.

But don’t forget about Stage#2. This is where Venus in Virgo can shine. You zero in on an area that can be improved, and then you improve it. You stop complaining, and do what needs to be done. Is something bugging you about your love life? Change it. Not happy with your bank account/how you look/your diet? Change it. I know, I know. It’s easy for me to sit here and spout this stuff, but honestly, if any sign knows how to make targeted, effective changes, it’s Virgo.

She’ll be attracting situations/people in the area of your chart occupied by Virgo. You’ll experience the tension between what you want and how it may not happen. Venus in Virgo brings gifts wrapped in doubt. The trick will be moving beyond that doubt, and figuring out how you can make it work.

The truth about this combination is that it creates a desire for denial. Think about anyone you know with natal Venus in Virgo; they probably get off on denying themselves in some area. This can take many forms, from self- flagellation in relationships to disciplined heath/fitness routines. Some manifestations are better than others, but they all share the love of that eternal stretch towards what’s not quite available.

Virgo is happiest when there’s something to fix, because that means forward movement. There’s a sacred quest towards the myth of perfection, fuelled by the polishing of details. In its own way, this sign is just as concerned with getting ahead as Aries or Capricorn.

Here’s the aspects Venus will be making, which I’ll write about closer to the dates:

  • September 10th: opposes Neptune Rx at 5 degrees Pisces
  • September 14th: trine Pluto Rx at 11 degrees Capricorn
  • September 17th: opposes Chiron Rx at 14 degrees Pisces and inconjuncts Uranus Rx  at 15 degrees Aries
  • September 21: sextiles Saturn at 19 degrees Scorpio

Venus will be in Virgo until September 29th.

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Relationship Readings Without An Accurate Birth Time

Pic by

Pic by

Excerpt from my latest Sasstrology article (please leave comments on the Sasstrology site):

“Any astrologer will tell you that you need an accurate birth time (for both partners) to get an accurate synastry and composite analysis. If one person’s birth time is unknown or vague, it can skew the entire reading. But sometimes, you simply don’t know the exact minute someone was born. This is especially true if that someone is a potentialpartner you’re not intimate with (yet). Is it still possible to get an accurate reading? This article will explore that question. Note that this is not a how-to article about chart rectification. Rectification is a technically demanding method of calculating birth time by working backwards from major life events.”

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The Sun in Virgo Opposes Neptune in Pisces

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Photo by

The Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune Rx (at 6 degrees Pisces) from August 27th to 29th. This is the tension between logic (Virgo) and fantasy (Neptune). Perfection versus transcendence. Both Virgo and Pisces seek to elevate themselves through refinement. Virgo seeks to refine earthly details, and Pisces seeks to refine what cannot be touched. This opposition asks if Virgo’s efforts are futile in the face of Neptune’s larger truth? Or, are Neptune’s dreams futile in the face of Virgo’s facts?

Any opposition to Neptune (transiting or natal) will confront you with the pull between what you know versus what you aspire to. Can you rise above your fears, or will you lose yourself in the addiction/dream? Will you dissolve what you’ve built up, or take a leap of faith?

These are all Neptune opposition questions. If you have this aspect natally (or are in the midst of a long-term opposition from transiting Neptune) you’ll recognize the constant dissolving and solidification and dissolving that accompanies this influence. You are at the crossroads between spirit and earth. The final answer (what’s right for you) depends on your chart.

You’ll feel this influence most strongly if you have anything from 4-7 degrees of the Mutable signs.

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Mercury’s Transit of Libra: Finesse

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Pic by

Mercury (information and communication) enters Libra on September 2nd.

Mercury has a weak rep in this sign. Indecision, surface chatter, and passive-aggressive insults wrapped in compliments are possibilities. But these issues all have a desirable side.

It’s called social interaction.

Mercury in Libra’s indecision can manifest as the skillful merging of both sides of any situation (the diplomat). No one synthesizes contradictions better than Mercury in Libra, while soothing ruffled feathers and putting everyone at ease. And when a comeback is required, Mercury in Libra uses the stiletto rather than the hammer. Finesse can make a significant impact.

Sometimes there is a right thing to say, and it doesn’t involve shattering someone’s defences. Think of anyone you know who has natal Mercury in Libra; you can usually count on them to be polite. This is an underrated virtue and a strength. Mercury in Libra shows restraint when it would be easier to return verbal fire. Personally, I think conversational grace is a fading art.

When it’s functioning properly, Mercury in Libra is the highest version of the social dance. It’s a way to deliver a message that’s acceptable to almost anyone. It’s about listening to the other person. Giving them your full attention, and then floating back a unobtrusive question that encourages them to reveal a bit more. No one feels exposed, accused, or verbally violated.

There are times when you just want to dance with another person on an intellectual level. It’s a kind of courtship.

Libra in your chart is where you can (potentially) achieve synthesis and grace. Depending on what planets you have in that Libra-occupied house, you may find yourself swinging between extremes. Transiting Mercury can help you put the synthesis into words. Or, it may bring someone into your life who makes you aware of both sides of a situation (Mercury is the messenger).

Mercury will be in Libra until September 27th.

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Horoscopes for August 24th to August 31st


Pic by

Pic by



The New Moon in Virgo (on August 25th) coincides with a Mars/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio. New beginnings will involve corrections/improvements, and a focus on essential details. Mars/Saturn also points to a new beginning (a conjunction is a new phase) so you can expect a limit on, or concentration of, actions (Mars) along with set-in-stone formalizations. Venus (love, money, self-esteem) in Leo will be hit by a doubtful inconjunct to Chiron Rx (Wounded Healer) in Pisces and a liberating trine to Uranus Rx in Aries (also on the 25th). Along with Venus’ building square to Mars/Saturn (which will be exact on the 26th and 27th) this points to realistic adjustments around what you desire. This New Moon may not deliver everything you’ve been dreaming about, but it will present a solid opportunity to build  from the ground up.


The New Moon activates your sector of routine, health and service. There is an obligation that must be attended to, or a reality that must be accepted. Mars (your ruler) and Saturn, in your sector of shared resources, hints that it will involve what you’ve been giving or hoping to get. Boundaries may be drawn around intimacy, or it may be time to pay what you owe. Fortunately, the New Moon will give you an opportunity to re-boot your daily life and proceed along a more efficient track.  Aspects to Venus (in your sector of self-expression) suggests a new romance, personal goal or self-indulgent outlook will be challenged by lack of money, hidden insecurities or limits on the depth of a connection. Venus’ trine to Uranus Rx (in your sign) is a reminder that even if you can’t have everything you want right now, there’s still room to wow people in the future with what you’ve got.  Fine-tune your focus, tend to your business, and power forward.

  • Unavoidable realities: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • New chapter: work tasks, co-worker relationships, obligations, health, diet, exercise
  • Adjust your expectations: new romance, creative project, attention/appreciation, children/pregnancy, performance, celebration


The New Moon activates your sector of self-expression, giving you a new reason to hope. The seeds of success (in a personal or creative field) are being planted. Meanwhile, the Mars/Saturn conjunction in your relationship sector may confront you with a partnership commitment or ending. No matter what happens, the New Moon says there’s more to build on. Aspects to Venus (your ruler) in your domestic sector suggest tensions at home between what you want versus relationship rules. There may also be some doubt involving your social image/how you fit in. But the trine to Uranus Rx (in your hidden sector) keeps you humming with a deeper source of inspiration and confidence.

  • Unavoidable realities: all partnerships (professional or romantic)
  • New chapter: new romance, creative/artistic projects, children/pregnancy
  • Adjust your expectations: home, family, home buisness


The New Moon in your domestic sector can help you clean out the physical or psychic mess that’s been bogging you down. Start fresh by putting the past behind you, in a symbolic or literal move. Mars/Saturn in your sector of routine will be the call to get serious about a health or work issue. Your efficiency can grow once you accept that it’s the end of the road for an unproductive habit or association. Aspects to Venus (in your sector of communication) suggest everything you want to say may not be well-received. Or, you may not hear what you were hoping for. Messages involving career/those in authority may be especially touchy. But the trine to Uranus Rx (in your social sector) encourages you to keep all lines of communication open: there’s fresh ideas, input or a receptive audience out there.

  • Unavoidable realities: work tasks, co-worker relationships, obligations, routine tasks, health, diet, exercise
  • New chapter: home, family, relocation, mortgage/rental agreements, home business
  • Adjust your expectations: emails, phone calls, meetings, conversations, information, issues with siblings


The New Moon in your sector of communication can deliver an answer or fresh idea. The Mars/Saturn conjunction in your sector of self-expression connects it to a reality check around what you’ve been wanting/obsessing over. Some of you may be confronted with the significant work needed to make it happen. For others, this may be the end of the road for a certain desire, but there’s also potential to redirect that intensity in a more constructive direction. Aspects to Venus (in your sector of personal resources) may pinch you financially or emotionally, as you see exactly what you have to work with. But the trine to Uranus Rx (in your career sector) suggests that you can find a source of new/improved income and/or self-esteem, simply by honouring the ongoing trend to move forward with your future goals.

  • Unavoidable realities: new romance, creative projects, children/pregnancy, need for attention
  • New chapter: emails, phone calls, discussions, information, signing documents, issues with siblings
  • Adjust your expectations: earned money/sources of income, self-esteem, emotional security


The New Moon in your security sector launches  a lucrative new chapter. Mars/Saturn in your domestic sector will underpin it with a good-bye or transition around home/family responsibilities. This can be ground zero, where you start building up your resources. Aspects to Venus (in your sign) can make you feel pressured, denied or frustrated (and insecure about finances or intimacy). But the trine to Uranus Rx (in your opportunities sector) points to much more on the horizon. Keep following that new development or inspired idea (long distance romance, long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing look favourable).

  • Unavoidable realities: home, family, home business, relocation, mortgage/rental agreements, renovations
  • New chapter: earned money, self-esteem, emotional security
  • Adjust your expectations: public identity, personal goal/desire, romantic attraction


The New Moon in your sign can trigger a combination of release, relief and cautious optimism. The Mars/Saturn conjunction (in your communication sector) will help with a definitive answer, realization, document signing or new way of thinking. This will involve drawing a line through old contacts who don’t appreciate you, old worries or situations with no life left in them. Aspects to Venus (in your hidden sector) suggest that part of what you’re crossing off your list would never have seen the light of day, anyway. Also on the agenda; sifting through imaginary versus actual relationship issues. The trine from Uranus Rx (in your sector of shared resources) indicates that your continuing drive to rise above old financial/emotional habits is the fuel that will power you forward on this New Moon. It’s time to start investing fully in the right areas: you, those who support you, and the future.

  • Unavoidable realities: emails, phone calls, discussions, answers, sibling issues, social media, formal documents/contracts
  • New beginnings: public identity, relationships, goals, your will to move forward
  • Adjust your expectations: hidden attractions, unacknowledged desires, secrets, fantasies


The New Moon in your hidden sector suggests something fresh is brewing on the back burner. Mars/Saturn in your sector of personal resources connects it to a new financial or emotional chapter. Sharper, more ruthless strategies may be needed to move on from what or who is wasting your precious time. Budgeting and relying on your own emotional resources are emphasized. The again, if you’re in the right place and you’ve done the work, you could nail down a confirmation for a new source of income or pay raise. Aspects to Venus (your ruler) in your social sector suggest that your public image or group relations may not shine as brightly as you wanted. Insecurity or lack of recognition may cast a shadow, but the trine to Uranus Rx in your partnership sector suggests one, special person appreciates your sparkle. Or, there’s potential to attract that person. This aspect is positive for new or existing romance.

  • Unavoidable realties: emotional security, self-esteem, earned money
  • New beginnings: what’s hidden, unacknowledged or still in development
  • Adjust your expectations: relationships with friends/groups, public performance or self-promotion, group activities


The New Moon in your social sector open up new doors with the public, and Mars/Saturn (in your sign) indicates that your ability to commit or launch with full intensity will be part of this. Note that you may have to draw a firm line under another possibility that’s not viable (with no looking back) but amputation has never been a problem for you. Aspects to Venus (in your career sector) suggest that a certain professional opportunity may not meet your full expectations, but the trine to Uranus Rx (in your sector of routine) shows that it still has potential. A more flexible or innovative approach on your part may add some shine to a ho-hum/disappointing prospect. If this is a relationship that mixes romance with business, you may encounter some significant restrictions; for now, approach it with a light touch.

  • Unavoidable realities: personal goals, public identity, formal contracts/commitments
  • New beginnings: friends, groups, the public
  • Adjust your expectations: career, public status, success,  work-place romance


The New Moon in your career sector signals a chance to move in fresh direction or explore a different opportunity. Mars/Saturn (in your hidden sector) points to a deadline, approaching goodbye or how far you’ve come. In some cases, it may feel like how far you still need to go. Regardless of where you are, there’s no doubt that your career/future path can use some refining. Aspects to Venus (in your sector of opportunities) can confront you with limits on how far you’re able to explore. Fears, insecurities, doubts can mix with very real limits, creating a potent brew of “It will never happen.” But the trine to Uranus Rx (in your sector of self-expression) says that it can  happen, just not all at once. Uranus has making you restless and urging you to take a risk by pursuing what you really want to do. There’s some hurdles to navigate, but the New Moon is pointing you in the right direction.

  • Unavoidable realities: what needs to finished, what you haven’t let go of
  • New beginnings: career, public status, success, future goals
  • Adjust your expectations: long distance travel, long distance romance, education, legal matters, publishing


The New Moon in your opportunities sector opens the door to unexplored territory, and Mars/Saturn (your ruler) in your social sector suggests it will involve a formal announcement/threshold that is very public. This could be a legal issue, start or completion of a course of study, or an official contract. Alternatively, this could mark the end of a friendship/group association which leads to more freedom in other areas. Aspects to Venus (in your sector of shared resources) indicate that finances and/or partnerships will be defined (and limited, in some cases) at a deeper level. As you move forward, you’ll have a set amount of resources to work with, and it probably won’t be everything you hoped for. But the trine to Uranus Rx (in your domestic sector) says that you’ll have what you need to upgrade your home/family life.

  • Unavoidable realities: friends, groups, group activities, public image
  • New beginnings: long distance travel, education/teaching, publishing, legal matters, exploration
  • Adjust your expectations: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s resources, physical/emotional intimacy


The New Moon in your sector of shared resources can introduce new opportunities to invest in, on an emotional or financial level. Mars/Saturn in your career sector ties this into the completion of a career goal/phase, or the introduction of a new, formalized position. Some of you may experience this as hitting the ceiling in your current job. Aspects to Venus (in your relationship sector) suggest that partnership prospects (romantic or professional) may feel cramped by your future goals/realities. Then again, status/lack of success could be a defining factor. But the trine to Uranus Rx (in your sector of communication) indicates there’s room for growth; inspired, unexpected words   will be your ticket to more. Keep the discussion flowing, even if you feel like there’s nothing left to talk about. This aspect is especially helpful for discovering an alternative angle around bidding for a job or promoting your services.

  • Unavoidable realities: career, future goals, dealing with management, public status
  • New beginnings: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • Adjust your expectations: all partnerships


The New Moon in your partnership sector can trigger a new relationship, or a new phase in a current relationship (business or romantic). Mars/Saturn in your opportunities sector connects these developments to a formal, legal contract or definition of how far you can progress. Watch for a much-needed improvement that puts you on the healthiest path. Aspects to Venus (in your sector of routine) suggest that much of this will involve obligations to another. The inconjunct to Chiron Rx (in your sign) can stir up resentment, or issues around sacrifice/lack of appreciation. But the trine to Uranus Rx (in your sector of personal resources) indicates that your ongoing liberation from limiting approaches to self-esteem/money is the key to getting the most from these aspects. There’s potential for new sources of revenue, or increased feelings of confidence, as long as you’re willing to let go of old definitions of security.

  • Unavoidable realities: long distance travel, legal matters (marriage/divorce), education, publishing
  • New beginnings: all partnerships
  • Adjust your expectations: obligations, co-worker relationships, routines, health


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The 8 of Pentacles for Virgo Season


The 8 of Pentacles from the Deviant Moon Tarot deck

The 8 of Pentacles from the Deviant Moon Tarot deck

I’ve written one post on a Virgo card (The Hermit) but the 8 of Pentacles is also connected to the Sun in Virgo.

This is the card of work in progress. If it comes up in a reading, it refers to a situation that’s developing. You’re not at the pinnacle. It’s also about learning something new; you may need to sharpen your skill set. If more than one person is involved, the person that this card represents will be in the apprentice role.

When you see this card, there is a need to watch the details. If you’re not up for the mundane stuff, this may not be the right endeavour for you. This card reminds us that Virgo season is about improvement and fine-tuning. Ego is set aside and the focus switches to necessities. Those necessities can be elevated to a fine art (craftsmanship) or they can be the routines that make up your day.

This version of the 8 of Pents is from the Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza.

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Transiting Saturn Over Natal Neptune in Scorpio: Dream Killer or Real Magic?

Painting by JM Whistler

Painting by JM Whistler

A commenter asked about transiting Saturn (reality) passing over natal Neptune (dreams/ideals) in Scorpio. This is worth a post, because many of you have already experienced this. Or you will be, over the next months.

Neptune in Scorpio is intensified dreams. Hopes, fantasies, romantic longings and escape routes with a darker tint. The fantasy that bleeds into obsession. The escape that turns into a headlong dive. But also…profound creativity that touches people where they are raw. The hope that dies and is reborn. Scorpio gives weight to Neptune’s ethereal vibe.

And here comes Saturn, grinding along with his relentless agenda. Right over your dream/obsession/hope. When Saturn meets Neptune, there’s only two ways things can go down:

  1. you’re confronted with reality, and the fantasy comes to an end
  2. you find a way to focus your dream and make it real

Which will it be? Only you can answer that, but when it happens you’ll know for certain if it’s Option Number 1 or 2. Love him or hate him, Saturn is never vague.

It’s not fun having your dreams killed, or hitting rock bottom. Doesn’t matter how unhealthy or inappropriate it all was, it hurts when you hit the wall. This ushers in a time of profound disillusionment/depression/pain. If this happens, try to look at it as a void of improbability that was draining your life force (Neptune in Scorpio can be the addiction that sucks you dry). Saturn has made it clear that there’s nothing for you at the bottom of the void, except…nothing. So you need to fill it with something else (because the void doesn’t go away). You get to choose what that something is.

If you see a chance to solidify your dream, it will probably present in the form of extra work, a call to prove yourself and/or focus your vision. It won’t be easy, and it may feel downright uncomfortable. Saturn always demands more in the present, with no visible rewards. But the payoff is in the future. Saturn is the king of delayed gratification and long-term planning. Not fun, but consider this; without Saturn, nothing would be built, committed to or confirmed.

Real magic takes time and patience. Saturn over Neptune in Scorpio offers you the chance to crystallize some real magic.

If your natal Neptune in Scorpio sits at 17-20 degrees, you’re feeling Saturn’s transit right now. If it’s positioned from 21 to 29 degrees Scorpio, you’ll feel Saturn’s reality check between Aug 31st and Dec 23rd. 28 to 29 degrees Scorpio will be revisited by Saturn between June 14, 2015 and Sept 16th, 2015.

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