Mercury’s Transit of Aries: Raw Information

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Mercury’s transit through Aries (starting March 30th) will be a distinct change of pace from Mercury in Pisces’ quiet realizations.

Mercury in Aries is blunt. The pace of information will accelerate; raw and uncut facts, thrown directly at you. This could be too much for some folks, because Mercury in Aries tells it like it is. Mercury in Pisces hinted, but Mercury in Aries hammers the point home.

The downside to these “truths” is they are not always rational. Aries is extremely subjective, so information will be coming from a place of wilful assertion, passion or anger. People may push the facts at you, rather than presenting the facts. If someone needs to speak up or launch a passionate defence, this can work out well. But it will be easy to lose sight of the objective picture.

Fortunately, Mercury starts out with a grounding trine to Saturn Rx (at 4 degrees Sagittarius) from March 30th to April 2nd. Saturn’s retrograde revisions/questions will force Mercury to slow down and think, even as the information comes busting out. So it’s a safe bet that for these few days, what you hear/say will be rational and focused.

The Sun will be crossing the South Node (at 10 degrees Aries) on March 30th, as well.  A Sun/South Node conjunction is brief, but it may nudge some of you to wrap up an Aries issue in your chart (the transiting South Node is about issues that need to be completed). If you’ve been waffling, or waiting for a sign, Mercury’s Aries ingress may be just what you need to decide the matter. Watch for unavoidable information that “shouts” at you. You’ll only feel the South Node conjunction if you have anything from 9 to 11 degrees of the Cardinal signs.

Here are the aspects Mercury in Aries will be making:

  • April 2nd: trine Saturn Rx at 4 degrees Sag
  • April 5th: conjunct South Node at 10 degrees Aries
  • April 6th: trine Jupiter Rx at 12 degrees Leo
  • April 7th: square Pluto at 15 degrees Capricorn
  • April 8th: conjunct Uranus at 16 degrees Aries
  • April 9th: conjunct the Sun at 19 degrees Aries
  • April 14th: enters Taurus
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Horoscopes for March 29th to April 5th

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Mercury moves into Aries on March 30th, giving information and communication an aggressive edge. It’s time for direct statements and blunt honesty; Aries’ energy has no patience for lies. Not everyone will be a fan of this type of communication, but as Mars (Aries’ ruler) moves into Taurus on March 31st, blunt statements will be grounded in solid action. Mars in Taurus is a slow, deliberate release of intent, which is perfect for solidifying Mercury in Aries’ quick words.

April 4th’s Full Moon eclipse in Libra pings the fading Uranus/Pluto square, ensuring that this culmination will be final. The Sun’s proximity to Uranus in Aries indicates an abrupt changeover, while the Sun/Moon square to Pluto in Capricorn will amplify the impact (Pluto encourages change through intensity of feeling). This eclipse will involve issues that have been brewing since last year (at least). Fortunately, Jupiter Rx in Leo will be supporting the Sun and Moon, offering hope for the future, room for growth or an escape route.


Mercury in your sign helps you clarify, focus and deliver the message, while Mars into your security sector pushes you to pursue what you need. For finances or emotional issues, these influences can increase your competitive power, while giving you the information to back up your actions.

The eclipse activates your relationship sector, flipping the switch on a partnership, or your awareness of how you function in one on one relationships. A business or romantic relationship can turn a significant corner, and the Sun’s proximity to Uranus (in your sign) suggests this will involve your push for independence. There may be a surprise in store for your partner, or for you (if you’re unaware of how your actions have been impacting others). Whatever this new chapter brings, Jupiter’s influence suggests  future romance or creative success on the horizon.

  • Put it into words: personal goals/desires, public identity, subjective opinions
  • Action: earned money, self-esteem, emotional security
  • Culmination: partnerships
  • What can help: new romance, creative urges, self-expression, children/pregnancy, public recognition/appreciation


Mercury in your sector of secrets tunes you into what’s written between the lines. Listen to the quiet voice or gut feeling, while Mars’ move into your sign gives you the green light to move forward with a project or ambition. This is a unique combination of influences; behind the scenes information and up front, obvious actions.

The eclipse activates your sector of routine, bringing you to the finish line of an obligation, task or health issue. Watch for turning points in a lingering problem, co-worker issue or lifestyle change (diet, exercise, self-improvement). This eclipse can also bring to light the hidden implications of what you’ve been doing on a daily basis. Jupiter suggests that domestic improvement/progress or family growth will be enabled by these changes.

  • Put it into words: secrets, gossip, gut feelings, hints, dreams, what you suspect
  • Action: public identity, physical appearance, personal goals
  • Culmination: work tasks, service to others, health/diet/exercise, co-worker relationships
  • What can help: relocation, home business, expansion at home, family issues, home improvements/purchases


Mercury into your social sector amps up your connections with others. It’s time to network, circulate and share your views with as many people as possible. However, Mars’ move into your hidden sector can make direct action unclear, or decrease your energy level. With this combination of influences, it may be better to collect information, but hold off on taking action (for now).

The eclipse in your sector of self-expression spotlights your desire for success, recognition or romance. You may receive a clear signal on which way a creative or personal goal is going. Even if it doesn’t work out the way you’d hoped, Jupiter Rx can increase the flow of positive communication, or leave room for a hopeful announcement. Ideas, inspiration and discussions are your friends with this one. A sibling can also offer help or support.

  • Put it into words: friends, groups, group activities, public announcements, public speaking
  • Action: pull back and put actions on pause, conserve your energy, focus your efforts on private/hidden matters
  • Culmination: creative project, public recognition, children/pregnancy, new romance
  • What can help: emails, phone calls, discussions, information, questions/answers, sibling relationships


Mercury into your career sector gives you the ideas and contacts to focus on future goals. As Mars moves into your social sector, you’ll have the opportunity to network/discuss on a professional level, then put those ideas into action on a public scale. Excellent for launching/promoting a business, or powering up your job search.

The eclipse in your domestic sector can close one chapter of your family life (current, or from your childhood). As the door swings shut on the past, Jupiter lends financial assistance/motivation, or helps you move forward with the sense that you’re doing what’s best for you.

  • Put it into words: discussions with management, public status, ambitions, job search, professional contacts
  • Action: friends, groups, group activities, the public
  • Culmination: home, family, relocation, home business, childhood issues
  • What can help: earned money, financial opportunity, increased self-esteem, values, emotional security


Mercury in your sector of opportunities helps you gather more intel on new/developing issues, while enabling a view of the bigger picture. Mars into your career sector helps you nail down a career goal, or translate ambitions into action. Together with Mercury, you can take a distant hope, goal or ideal, and make it pay dividends for you on a professional level. Excellent for solidifying a professional designation (doctor, lawyer, teacher).

The eclipse activates your communication sector, triggering a major announcement, answer or discussion. Issues with siblings can also reach a turning point. The influence of Jupiter Rx (in your sign) suggests that, whatever the outcome, ultimately it should work out in your favour. Jupiter can help you play the most beneficial angle, while finding opportunity in possible disruption. Watch for unexpected twists/turns that put you in the right place (which may look nothing like what you had initially planned for).

  • Put it into words: long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing, ideals
  • Action: career, ambition, dealings with management, job search, future goals, public status
  • Culmination: messages, discussions, announcements, issues with siblings
  • What can help: finding opportunity in unexpected places, public recognition, personal growth/expansion, extending your reach, public identity


Mercury in your sector of shared resources suggests financial deals and documentation may be hi-lighted. Alternatively, there could be direct discussions with a partner, or therapist/counsellor, about intimate matters. As you’re confronting what’s below the surface, Mars into your opportunities sector urges you to pursue something new/distant. Don’t worry about stepping outside your comfort zone; Mercury’s position will help you get to the truth, and Mars’ current energy is slow, cautious and deliberate.

The eclipse in your sector of personal resources draws a line under a past financial condition, or detaches you from an old habit. This energy can signal a change in earning patterns, or hook you into a new source of income. Jupiter brings reassurance in the form of background opportunities or an unexpected convergence of events that confirm you’re on the right path. Tune into your faith; this shift could put you on the path towards realizing a purpose that (until now) didn’t seem real.

  • Put it into words: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • Action: long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing, baby steps into the unknown
  • Culmination: earned money, self-esteem, values, emotional security
  • What can help: dreams, secret hopes, background assistance


Mercury in your relationship sector stimulates blunt discussions with a partner, or helps you zero in on what your relationship criteria is. As Mars heads into your sector of shared resources, intimacy can heat up and/or there may be opportunities to make progress in financial or psychological areas. Together, these influences will help you get to the heart of a relationship issue, or solidify your understanding of what you owe (or what’s owed to you).

The eclipse in your sign can signal a breakthrough moment, major ending, or shift in focus. Uranus’ influence in your partnership sector suggests that the change will likely involve a significant other, and the shift will be unmistakable. There’s no going back after this one. Jupiter’s assistance ensures that you have more to look forward to, especially involving friends, or the public in general.

  • Put it into words: partnerships, you’re approach to partnerships
  • Action: dents, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • Culmination: relationships, public identity, personal goals
  • What can help: friends, groups, group activities, expanding your public influence, socializing, reaching out to others


Mercury into your sector of routine will urge you to speak up about work or obligations, while allowing you to cut through any red tape or confusion. Information about routine tasks or medical issues can also come through, and Mars’ move into your relationship sector carries that assertive energy into your dealings with a partner. Good for getting down to business about how a particular relationship fits into your daily life, or what you need to address about compromise (or lack of compromise). Note that these influences can encourage you to be pushy.

The eclipse in your hidden sector can illuminate a secret or bring a background issue out into the open. Jupiter’s expansive influence can ease the transition, or point you in the right direction (regarding future goals). Jupiter can also brighten the spotlight, especially in matters of career or public reputation. All of these influences (including Mercury and Mars) also point to a revelation about a work relationship.

  • Put it into words: service to others, co-worker relationships, health issues, routine tasks
  • Action: partnerships
  • Culminations: secrets, hidden potentials, background issues, suspicions
  • What can help: career, dealing with management, public reputation, future goals


Mercury into your sector of self-expression will push you to speak out about what you’ve got to offer, of what you want others to recognize. Alternatively, there could be information about a pregnancy, or dealings with children. Mars’ move into your sector of routine gives you energy and ambition for work and routine tasks. Mars can manifest Mercury’s ideas, allowing you to follow up words with action, and do what needs to be done to make your desires real.

The eclipse in your social sector can signal a turning point with the public, or with a friend. There may be a severing of contacts, as you realize that your current group or relationship no longer fits with the new and improved you. Jupiter’s energy suggests that growth and expansion will continue in a new area, as you explore distant horizons.

  • Put it into words: creative self-expression, new romance, children/pregnancy, public recognition
  • Action: work routines, obligations, health/diet/exercise
  • Culminations: friends, groups, the public, your public image
  • What can help: long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing, exploration, finding a new audience


Mercury in your domestic sector allows you to forge ahead with a family discussion, or plans for a relocation/home business. Mars into your sector of self-expression increases your urge to celebrate, or your ambition to create something special/personal. Together, these energies can get you focused on getting the most out of what’s right in front of you.

The eclipse in your career sector suggests a job transition, change in your future ambitions or shift in your public status. Jupiter’s energy indicates  you have the resources (financial or emotional support) to work with, although increased expenses can also be a contributing factor. Career changes may be driven by a change in financial priorities.

  • Put it into words: home, family, relocation, home business
  • Action: celebrations, new romance, children/pregnancy, creative projects
  • Culminations: career, dealings with management, public status, future goals, ambitions
  • What can help: shared finances, changing how you handle debts/loans, intimacy, expansion on a hidden/private level


Mercury into your communication sector gives your words purpose and impact. Conversations will have an assertive edge, and the pace of information will increase. Mars’ move into your domestic sector sees you focusing your energy at home/with family. It may be time for spring cleaning, minor repairs, or confronting family members with certain issues (which will be enabled by Mercury’s energy). Arguments with siblings are also a possibility.

The eclipse in your sector of opportunities can spotlight a distant goal/ideal, while bringing to you a decision point about your next step forward. It may be time to take that leap, and Jupiter’s energy can present encouragement from a romantic or business partner. Alternatively, your desire for a partner may be what pushes you out of your comfort zone.

  • Put it into words: what you really think/want, the important message, direct communication, issues with siblings
  • Action: home, family, minor home repairs, home business
  • Culmination: long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing, exploration
  • What can help: partnerships


Mercury into your sector of personal resources urges you to vocalize your financial or emotional needs. Excellent for direct conversations about rates, a pay raise or new sources of income. Mars into your communication sector supports this, giving your ideas solidity, and giving you an action plan to back them up. All in all, this is the time to speak up about what you need.

The eclipse in your sector of shared resources can bring you to a finish line regarding money you owe/share, or intimacy with a partner. Blocks that have been preventing you from living more authentically could be removed, or it may be time to cut your losses and move on. Jupiter adds practical assistance by opening up pathways in your work/daily routine, or increasing the flow between what you have to work with and immediate applications. Even if there’s an ending, it could spell instant relief for you on a physical or mental level.

  • Put it into words: earned money, self-esteem, values
  • Action: ideas, conversations, words translate to action, follow-through
  • Culmination: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • What can help: routine tasks, service to others, health/energy level
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Full Moon Eclipse in Libra

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The April 4th Full Moon eclipse (at 14 degrees Libra) will trigger the final Uranus/Pluto square (even though it’s technically finished). So while you may be over the whole Uranus/Pluto thing (with your issue wrapped up) this eclipse will still feel significant. And it’s happening over the Easter weekend, for added fun.

14 degrees of the Cardinal signs will be rocked by this eclipse’s culminations. That may seem unfair. Haven’t you completed your work with that damned square? But, there’s a reason a particular degree is hit repeatedly. In this case, it suggests there’s still something to be shaken loose. Or, maybe you didn’t get the message with the Uranus/Pluto square, and now it’s going to be delivered straight to your door.

Either way, the Sun’s conjunction to Uranus in Aries, and the Sun/Moon opposition squaring Pluto in Capricorn, will combine renovations of structures with a clarifying blast of revelation. As in “I may not like it, but I see exactly what I have to do now.” The Uranus/Pluto pressured Moon in Libra suggests dramatic swings between freedom and neediness, or detachment and control. Moon opposite Uranus can suddenly break away, while Moon square Pluto hangs on grimly. One or both may dominate, depending on your chart.

Jupiter Rx (at 12 degrees Leo) is there to help, with a wide trine to the Sun and sextile to the Moon. Jupiter in Leo is optimistic, but also demanding and full of entitlement. “Help” can manifest as Jupiter’s expansive energy adding gasoline to a flammable situation. But you may find the backdraft from Jupiter’s fireball pushes you in the right direction.  12 degrees Leo in your chart will be your exit strategy. This eclipse will not be about building or solidifying, so if you see an exit, take it.

Just in case the theme of endings isn’t crystal clear, April 5th will see transiting Mercury passing over the South Node (at 10 degrees Aries) and building to a trine with Jupiter Rx on April 6th. Here’s your final conversation/goodbye/announcement, maybe with an anticlimactic feel after the eclipse. But still. Mercury over the transiting South Node (a situation that needs to be completed) helps you put the ending into words. Jupiter should make it easier to say those words, or feel confident about your choice.

Since eclipses and surrounding influences are not limited to the exact day they occur, you may be feeling a combination of the eclipse/South Node activation already.

If you have natal or progressed planets/angles/Nodes from 10 to 16 degrees of the Cardinal signs, you’ll feel this eclipse most strongly. The orb is wider because I’m including the Nodes. 11 to 14 degrees of the Fire signs will feel the trine to Jupiter Rx.

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The Moon/Saturn and Moon/Venus Woman


"Escape" by

“Escape” by

Excerpt from my latest Sasstrology post (please leave comments on the Sasstrology site):

“In a previous article, I wrote about hard aspects between natal Moon/Saturn and Venus/Saturn in a man’s chart. This article will explore the effects of these natal aspects in a woman’s chart. While the impact on the love life is similar, there are differences. The condition of natal Moon and Venus has a direct impact on the type of partner a straight man is attracted to. As the primary female archetype, a woman’s Moon reflects (in addition to her needs) her expression as mother and nurturer. This is true, whether or not she has children. Her Venus indicates how she expresses herself as a woman who attracts what she desires. In a queer woman’s chart, Venus also describes who she’s attracted to.”


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