What’s Underneath: Mars’ transit of Scorpio

Illustration by Gustav Dore

Illustration by Gustav Dore

Mars (action, initiative, male energy) heads into Scorpio tonight at 10:24 PM EDT. It’s about time, right? We’ve all had enough of Mars in Libra.

So, welcome Mars in Scorpio. Actions will be focused, raw, instinctive, compulsive. It’s time to get honest about what you’re going after. Push down to where it’s darkest. Where it hurts. Mars in Scorpio can be ruthless; we’re talking survival now. Social niceties be damned. For every action, you can bet there will be a deeper trigger.

The great thing about this transit is it will be all or nothing. The challenging thing about this transit is it will be all or nothing. After months of Mars in Libra waffling, fence-sitting and passive- aggressive manoeuvres, Mars in Scorpio will trigger the slash and burn scenarios. Something must be done now, because you’ve had enough. Great for honesty, not great for compromise. The risk with this very powerful energy is using the hammer when something lighter might suffice. Mars is Scorpio’s traditional ruler, so he’s at full strength; he won’t hold back when delivering Scorpio’s agenda of absolute merging or complete destruction. There’s potential for radical intimacy or intense purging.

BUT…this won’t be quick. Unlike Aries (Mars’ home sign) Scorpio is slow and deliberate. It takes a while to penetrate through all those layers. So actions/reactions may be delayed, but do not make the mistake of thinking something’s not coming. No one forgives and forgets when Mars is in Scorpio. No one lets anything slide off their back. All actions will have a deeper resonance and resulting consequences. 

What’s best for you? It all depends on your chart, of course. Scorpio will be the area where transiting Mars is going to stir up the intensity/honesty/aggression. How you respond is up to you, but here’s my handy little cheat sheet of evolved expressions of Mars in Scorpio versus not so evolved:

  • honesty/vengeance masquerading as honesty
  • absolute intimacy/obsessive focus on someone who doesn’t return your desire
  • focused action/destructive action
  • purging to cleanse/purging to hurt others
  • strategy/manipulation

Mars will be in Scorpio until September 13, 2014. During that time, he’ll make some aspects which I’ll write about as we get closer to the dates:

  • Aug 1: square Jupiter at 3 degrees Leo
  • Aug 2: square Mercury at 4 degrees Leo
  • Aug 7: trine Neptune Rx at 6 degrees Pisces
  • Aug 16: sextile Pluto Rx at 11 degrees Capricorn
  • Aug 23: inconjunct Uranus Rx at 16 degrees Aries AND trine Chiron Rx at 16 degrees Pisces
  • Aug 25:  sextile Mercury at 17 degrees virgo AND conjunct Saturn in Scorpio
  • Aug 27: square Venus at 18 degrees Leo

As Mars moves through Scorpio, it won’t be enough to scratch the surface. There will be a deeper itch, and people will want more (or they’ll want nothing to do with what they have). The upcoming New Moon in Leo (square Mars) will be the intro to Mars in Scorpio.

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New Moon In Leo Square Mars in Scorpio: Sun and Shadow

Painting by Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov

Painting by Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov

Continuing on with the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Leo theme, the New Moon in Leo (on July 26th) will be powered up by its conjunction to Jupiter. The New Moon will be at 3 degrees and Jupiter will be at 2 degrees Leo, so that’s an almost exact fusion of possibility/expansion (Jupiter) with new beginnings. All in the sign of Leo; pride, showmanship, drama, celebration, creativity, heart.

Talk about the roar that lets everyone know this is it. Adding some teeth to that roar, we have Mars (action, initiative) at 0 degrees Scorpio, throwing an intense square to the New Moon. Mars square any New Moon suggests aggressive energy. Not just a new start, but an assertive push. And Mars in Scorpio can be obsessively assertive. Tunnel vision on what must happen now. I’ll write an additional post about Mars’ transit through Scorpio, btw.

But this New Moon. Yeah, it’ll be intense. I’m not too worried about it, because I’m liking Jupiter conjunct the Sun and Moon. That’s the prize, the Big Thing that you’ll want because it’s so shiny. Yes, Jupiter can stir up existing crap, but when it’s fused with a New Moon…it just feels like really good potential. What will create static is that square to Mars, but even then, you can use the tremendous amount of energy to propel yourself forward in a positive direction. 0 degrees Scorpio in your chart (where transiting Mars will be) is where you’ll encounter a trigger; a challenge, competition, an obsessive urge. 0-6 degrees Leo is where the new potential will be.

The question is, what will you do with Mars’ push? Will you let the obsessive urge control you, or will you step up and use the raw energy to power up this New Moon’s potential in the best possible way?

Here’s some positive/negative keywords, to help focus your New Moon intentions:

  • determined to succeed/determined to make others look bad
  • being noticed for what you’ve created/being noticed for throwing a diva- tantrum
  • powering up your special purpose/powering up a jealousy-driven crusade

You get the idea. The best use of this Moon’s energy will be to concentrate on what you have to offer. Not what you don’t have, not what they have, and not what you feel has been taken away. A triple conjunction of Jupiter, the Sun and Moon promises something bright (it’s just a promise, because you’re still in chapter one), but Mars is there in the Scorpio shadow. The brighter the promise, the darker the shadow. You can’t ignore the Shadow, but you can take what it offers (jealousy/anger/fear-driven aggression) and use that energy to add more power to your purpose. Whether it’s your Shadow or someone else’s, take the challenge as a sign that you’re onto something big. And then nurture your creation, your newly emerging sense of pride, the book you’re working on, the new romance, the new outfit…whatever.

What do you want to be noticed for?

If you have natal or progressed planets/angles/Nodes from 0-6 degrees of the Fixed or Fire signs, you’ll feel this Moon most intensely. But it’s so strong, everyone can make use of it.

As a side note, there will be a New Moon eclipse (an even more powerful new beginning) at 0 degrees Scorpio on October 23rd, 2014. This connects the Leo New Moon and the Scorpio eclipse, suggesting this New Moon will have an impact that reaches quite far. Keep your eye on 0 degrees Scorpio (in your chart). There’s something brewing in the shadows, so shine some light on it now and check it out. It’s not going away, and it could be your source of power in the future.

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Transiting Saturn in Sag and Love for the Fire Signs

Photo by http://m0thart.deviantart.com/

Photo by http://m0thart.deviantart.com/

Excerpt from my latest Sasstrology article (please leave comments on the Sasstrology site):

“Last week we looked at Saturn in Sag’s impact on relationships for the Mutable signs. This week, we’ll explore Saturn’s impact on Leo and Aries. All Fire signs know that they’re special. In her book“Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil” astrologer Liz Greene points out that signs in the other elements gain confidence through exchange or by creating something. But a Fire sign needs “…no further justification than its existence for the innate belief that life is essentially meaningful.” Fire signs approach relationships with the same sense of entitlement. But the recent square from Saturn in Scorpio (to Leo) — and Uranus and Pluto’s impact on Aries — may have shaken that conviction. Saturn’s transit of Sagittarius could help rebuild it. You’re most likely to feel this transit in your love life if your Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars or ruler of your 7th House is in Leo or Aries.”

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Dream From the Ground: Sun Conjunct Jupiter in Leo

Picture by http://www.flickr.com/photos/alicepopkorn/

Picture by http://www.flickr.com/photos/alicepopkorn/

Dream big, but do it from the ground. That’s the message for the next, few days.

The Sun enters Leo today, and will conjunct Jupiter (at 1 degree Leo) from July 22nd to July 24th. That’s a massive hit of Jupiter in Leo optimism (the Sun will spotlight Jupiter, as if Jupiter needed a spotlight). The over the top idea, the urge to grab someone’s attention, the desire to cut loose and play…that’s what this energy is about. The light of hope and entitlement will be so bright that it may burn away all your doubts and worries (temporarily).

And, from July 22nd to July 24th, Venus (love, money, self-esteem) in Cancer will form a dreamy trine with Neptune Rx in Pisces (exact at 7 degrees). This suggests escapism, the romantic dream, the big “what if?” This all feels sooo nice so far. It’s all possible!

But (there’s always a but). Mercury in Cancer will be forming a hard square to Uranus Rx in Aries (at 16 degrees) from July 23rd to 24th, and Mercury will also be forming a sobering trine to Saturn (at 16 degrees Scorpio) and Chiron (at 17 degrees Pisces) from July 23rd to 25th. This is your wake up call from the big, beautiful hope. Words/conversations (Mercury) will be jarring yet clarifying (Uranus). The slap that adjusts your focus. But Mercury’s trine to Saturn (limits) and Chiron (Wounded Healer) forms a brief Grand Water Trine, which means you can lick your wounds in the balm of reality. Yes, the truth may not be so bad. Actually, it may be better and more reliable than the initial radioactive glow of possibility.

It all adds up to this: the big “Yes” is a possibility (for real). But you’ll have to deal with the reality of your situation. If you stray too far into dream land, the Uranus/Mercury square will bite hard. But the Grand Water Trine between Mercury, Saturn and Chiron suggests support, empathy and a helpful outlet if you want to discuss, write, plan.

See what you want, then back up and do the math.

Mars is moving into Scorpio on July 25th, and there’s a New Moon in Leo coming up on July 26th (featuring Jupiter and Mars). I’ll write about this tomorrow. For now, use these influences to consider the dream, but stay in touch with reality.

If you have natal or progressed planets/angles/Nodes from:

  • 0-2 degrees of the Fixed signs or Fire signs, you’ll feel the Sun/Jupiter conjunction
  • 4-8 degrees of the Water signs, you’ll feel the trine between Venus and Neptune
  • 14-18 degrees of the Cardinal signs, you’ll feel the square between Mercury and Uranus
  • 14-18 degrees of the Water signs, you’ll feel the Grand Water Trine
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Words and the Shadow: Mercury Opposes Pluto in Capricorn

Picture by Pierre Amedee

Picture by Pierre Amedee

Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto Rx at 11 degrees Capricorn today (July 21st) although this aspect is not exact until tomorrow.

You may feel this if you have natal or progressed planets/angles/Nodes from 10-12 degrees of the Cardinal signs. Mercury (as the faster moving planet) is the trigger. Words/thoughts that come from an emotional (Cancer) place can set off compulsive power struggles (Pluto), or the irrational sense that someone is out to get you. This is assertive energy, but it’s difficult to control. If you offend someone, your words probably pushed a button that’s buried deep within.

Pluto also represents the Shadow (the ugly/underdeveloped/fearful/destructive side that we all have), and an opposition is projection. Chances are, any hostility that’s sensed in external words is being projected. If you think they’re saying something manipulative, check your own issues first. If they overreact to your words, they could be projecting on to you. It works both ways, so thankfully this is a very brief influence.

Overall, don’t take anyone’s words to heart today or tomorrow, unless you feel like taking an unblinking look at your Shadow. There’s a time and a place for that.

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Horoscopes for July 20th to July 27th


Photo by http://ineedchemicalx.deviantart.com/

Photo by http://ineedchemicalx.deviantart.com/



This week is full of shifts and significant developments, starting today (July 20th) with Saturn stationing direct in Scorpio. On July 21st, Uranus stations retrograde in Aries.  Saturn and Uranus are aspecting each other with a tense contact called an inconjunct. The forward momentum of goals/commitments/boundaries (Saturn) will meet up with a pause on radical change and liberation (Uranus). Uranus Rx often triggers an intensification of change in one area (rather than its usual headlong race towards some unknown target). The net result of these influences challenging each other will be a refocus on one or two pertinent issues. The inconjunct calls for adjustment, so each influence will have to accommodate the other. On July 22nd, the Sun moves into proud, performance-oriented Leo, and on July 24th, Mars (action) enters Scorpio. These influences will blend explosively on the July 26th New Moon in Leo (which will conjunct Jupiter and square Mars). You can view this as Jupiter in Leo’s first, major activation. The New Moon’s beginnings will be big, bold and promising, thanks to Jupiter. The square from intense Scorpio Mars will amplify things with an obsessive drive for more; more attention, more romance, more drama, more of whatever you feel entitled to.


Saturn goes direct in your sector of shared resources and Uranus stations Rx in your sign. It’s time to put personal changes on hold as you focus on longstanding issues around what you share with/owe to another. You may feel frustrated as someone else’s agenda comes first, but you’ll need to use the changes (that Uranus has stirred up so far) to bring clarity to your obligations. Alternatively, this shift in priorities could trigger a breakthrough around hidden issues/fears/boundaries. The New Moon in your sector of self-expression conjuncts Jupiter, bringing exciting/romantic new developments that pump your hopes up. The square to Mars (your ruler) in your sector of shared resources can amplify competition, jealousy or your desire to make this happen, at all costs. Ambition is good, but know that some of your motivations will be coming from a place that you don’t have full control over.

  • Move forward: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, psychological issues, physical/emotional intimacy
  • Consolidate changes before you add anything new: public identity, personal ambitions, lifestyle changes
  • New beginnings: new romance, creative projects, desire for attention, children/pregnancy


Saturn goes direct in your relationship sector and Uranus turns Rx in your hidden sector. Relationship issues can now see progress, but you may have to ease up on a background potential. Whether this means partnership commitments put other developments on hold, or current obligations give you pause, know that what’s simmering in the background isn’t meant to be discarded. But, you will have to reshuffle priorities around a very personal dream or development. The New Moon conjuncts Jupiter in your domestic sector, signalling a positive new chapter that can expand your home/family situation. However, the drive for expansion in your domestic life may involve disagreements with a partner, or may clash with a new relationship. A partner may push for more than you’re ready for (cohabitation, children). This can feel like too much of a good thing, especially if the other person is calling the shots. Keep in mind that Saturn direct indicates that it is time to move forward with relationship goals, but in the end, you have to want this for yourself.

  • Move forward:  goals, plans, commitments, boundaries in partnership (business or romantic)
  • Consolidate changes before you add anything new: private potentials, background issues, secret transformations, unacknowledged drive for freedom
  • New beginnings: home business, relocation, renovations, sale of house, new addition to the family, cohabitation, expanding your home base


Saturn stations direct in your sector of routine, while Uranus turns Rx in your social sector. It’s time to get down to business regarding obligations, work tasks or health issues. Focus on what needs to be done, start the exercise program, see your doctor, implement those new tasks. In some cases, it may be time to cut out certain obligations. At the same time, changes in your social life or group connections will need to be paused. Consider how far you’ve come in relation to the public and work with that. You’re not going back to the way things were, but you’ve come far enough for now. The New Moon in your communication sector conjuncts Jupiter and squares Mars in your sector of health/routine. Good news or a brilliant idea may pump you up, but be on guard for arguments driven by co-worker issues or what you feel must happen now. This Moon can energize you to shake things up around work or health, and dive into your new plan of action.

  • Move forward: work tasks, obligations, co-worker issues, health, exercise, medical diagnoses, daily routine
  • Consolidate changes before you add anything new: friends, groups, public relations, seeking a new audience
  • New beginnings: conversations, emails, phone calls, flashes of insight, sibling relationships, hiring/firing people who work for you


Saturn goes direct in your sector of self-expression while Uranus stations Rx in your career sector. Remember those plans you had around a creative project or personal goal? It’s time to move ahead with them and get serious about what brings you pleasure or attention. And while you’re doing that, pull back on the overhaul of your professional life. What if those creative/attention getting goals are part of your career? You need to focus on doing what’s right for you; your light, your desires, your happiness. Big picture status and success is still important, but now you’re going to work those changes into your personal definition of success. In some cases, this may involve getting realistic about what you can and cannot have. The New Moon conjuncts Jupiter in your security sector, suggesting an opportunity to increase money, satisfaction, happiness. The square to Mars in your sector of self-expression says that the urge for more resources will be driven by the desire for more attention (or romance, if a new romance is in the works). Love, money or creative satisfaction can bloom for you on this Moon, but keep in mind that you may overshoot the mark and aim beyond what you can actually get. Aim high, but keep one foot on the ground. This can also be a self-indulgent Moon that pushes you to spend more/risk more than you should; use a bit of caution when celebrating/buying.

  • Move forward: creative plans, new romance, performance, issues with children/pregnancy, expressing your true purpose
  • Consolidate changes before you add anything new: career, future goals, professional status
  • New beginnings: earned money, security, self-esteem, personal values


Saturn goes direct in your domestic sector and Uranus stations Rx in your opportunities sector. What’s new/unusual/exotic/adventurous has been tempting you forward. But now, you need to pull back (temporarily) and work with what you know. You’re not denying your new found freedom, but there comes a time when expansion needs to be checked. That check will come in the form of home or family obligations/plans which are now ready to progress. You may feel weighed down by the past, or by those closest to you, but know that your continued expansion is dependent on a firm foundation. Whether you’re drawing a line under the past or stabilizing your home base, there’s more work to be done. The New Moon conjuncts Jupiter in your sign and squares Mars in your domestic sector. This is an incredibly positive Moon for you, suggesting better/bigger/happier. A new chapter holds a ton of promise, and the square to Mars will only serve to cement your determination to make it happen. Even if you encounter static from family members or challenges around domestic situations, the tension will only serve to power you forward. Just remember – Saturn is in your domestic sector, so there’s responsibilities that you cannot ignore.

  • Move forward: relocation, family plans, home business, renovations, family illness, caring for parents, purging the past
  • Consolidate changes before you add anything new: long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing, exploration
  • New beginnings: public identity, personal projects, new life chapter, personal desire


Saturn stations direct in your communication sector while Uranus turns Rx in your sector of shared resources. A final statement or promise may be in the works, or you may move forward with your efforts to have your words taken seriously. Verbal/mental boundaries can now be cemented. Regarding shared finances or intimacy, you’ll need to adjust the speed of changes to match your words or expectations. What you’re saying has to align with what’s happening on a deeper level, or someone else may have a promise to keep. Slow down the pace of change to allow the externals a chance to catch up. Your words carry significant weight, but you want to make sure they resonate on the deepest levels. The New Moon conjuncts Jupiter in your hidden sector, squaring Mars in your communication sector. Something brewing in the background will receive added stimulus from a disagreement or challenge. As Mars enters your communication sector, you’ll have more to say, and you’ll be more passionate about it. What hits you on a mental level will go much deeper, striking the match for a scenario that may not fully emerge until 2015 (when Jupiter enters your sign). But this will be the first spark.

  • Move forward: discussions, signed documents, emails, phone calls, meetings, sibling issues
  • Consolidate changes before you add anything new: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, emotional/physical intimacy
  • New beginnings:  dreams, ideals, background potentials, unspoken wishes, secrets


Saturn goes direct in your sector of personal resources while Uranus stations Rx in your partnership sector. Changes in your love life have been fast and furious, but now it’s time to slow down and focus on your personal security. Finances and self-esteem are where you can strengthen your foundation, focus and get your books in order. You can also move forward with long-term goals or strategies to enhance your independence. Relationships have come a long way in a short time, but now you need to adjust any new developments to your strengthening personal agenda. The New Moon conjuncts Jupiter in your social sector and squares Mars in your sector of personal resources. A bright new chapter involving friends, groups or your relationship to the public shows lots of promise, and the square from Mars suggests you’ll push ahead because it feels like you absolutely need this. Your survival won’t literally depend on this public connection, but issues of self-esteem and feeling worthy will certainly be in play.

  • Move forward: budgeting, financial overhaul, financial independence, personal boundaries, self-worth
  • Consolidate changes before you add anything new: all partnerships (business or romantic), what you’re looking for in a partner
  • New beginnings: friends, groups, the collective, public events, promotions


Saturn stations direct in your sign while Uranus turns Rx in your sector of routine. Personal goals, endings or a refocusing of your career/relationships can now progress as Saturn continues his march through your sign. Changes involving health, routine tasks or co-workers need to be re-examined in light of this. How does the overhaul in your daily life look in light of your big picture goals? You’re not going back to the way things were, but make sure your new rules can encompass these changes. You may need to pull back on the throttle in order to accommodate a new professional/relationship status. The New Moon conjuncts Jupiter in your career sector, squaring Mars in your sign. It doesn’t get more ambitious than this. A new job, career path or opportunity to gain public recognition will be powered up by your drive to win. There’s huge potential for success, as long as you keep Saturn’s lessons in mind; you’re always responsible for the impact you have on others.

  • Move forward: personal goals, personal power/authority, increased responsibilities, public identity
  • Consolidate changes before you add anything new: health, exercise, diet, tasks, co-worker issues, mundane details
  • New beginnings: career, success, job change, public recognition/fame


Saturn goes direct in your hidden sector while Uranus stations Rx in your sector of self-expression. You’ve been pushing for personal freedom, and you’ve made significant strides in that area. But there’s still background matters that need attention. An ending/transition (involving a major lifestyle change) is still in the works, and you need to put the finishing touches on it. Fun, celebrations and new romance may be distracting, but you won’t see any more progress in those areas until you tie up some loose ends. Yes, there is still something/someone that you need to work on releasing. Take the freedom you’ve gained so far, and use it to sever the last, remaining vestiges of an outdated situation. The New Moon conjuncts Jupiter in your sector of opportunities, suggesting a new/exotic development will grab your attention. You’ll want to jump into this new area, but the square to Mars in your hidden sector suggests unacknowledged impulses or desires will also be at play. There’s no reason why you can’t move forward, but pay attention to what’s not obvious. Unexpected actions can throw you off track if you’re not prepared.

  • Move forward: endings, detaching, the close of an old chapter
  • Consolidate changes before you add anything new: new romance, self-expression, creative/artistic projects, personal goals, children/pregnancy
  • New beginnings: long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing, exploration


Saturn (your ruler) goes direct in your social sector and Uranus stations Rx in your domestic sector. Before you continue with your domestic revolution (renovating, radical purging of issues from the past) know that it’s time focus on your public relationships. You’ll get a handle on delays or restrictions around a public goal or group association. This could manifest as a final goodbye or crystallization of a formal status. External rules/associations need to shift in order to accommodate the domestic/family overhaul, and transformations close to home have to be put in perspective. The New Moon conjunct Jupiter in your sector of shared resources squares Mars in your social sector. A new opportunity around finances or intimacy will be full of promise, and the square to Mars suggests influence from others or your own sense of competition will drive things. Whether you see a chance to make money/invest/buy/sell, or a chance to dive into a deepening romance, you’ll want it because others have it or are challenging you. In the end, it doesn’t matter where the extra juice comes from, as long as you embrace this with courage and faith.

  • Move forward: public image, friends, groups, your relationship to the collective
  • Consolidate changes before you add anything new: renovations, relocation, home/family issues, home business
  • New beginnings: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy


Saturn stations direct in your career sector while Uranus (your ruler) turns Rx in your communication sector. Career plans and long-term professional goals can now gain momentum. Your next step will become clear, as will your sense of purpose. At the same time, you’ll be asked to pull back on your radical new mission statement or pot-stirring approach to communication. Before you issue another challenge, concentrate on the new you that’s emerged (so far). Uranus can blaze ahead so quickly that you overlook certain details or neglect to follow through on promises/statements. Combined with Saturn’s direct movement, it’s time to support your revolutionary ideas with solid action. The New Moon conjuncts Jupiter in your partnership sector, signalling potential for a major new romance or (if you’re in a relationship) a buoyant new chapter. The square to Mars in your career sector will fire up the passion and/or ambition; this could be someone you work with, or someone who challenges you on a professional and personal level. Then again, you may simply want this because it looks really good.

  • Move forward: career plans, long-term goals, professional status
  • Consolidate changes before you add anything new: radical plans, challenging statements, revolutionary ideas, now or never emails/discussions/phone calls
  • New beginnings: all partnerships (romantic or business)



Saturn goes direct in your opportunities sector while Uranus stations Rx in your security sector. Long distance goals and plans to expand can now gain traction, even if that involves sorting out what’s not possible. Meanwhile, Uranus’ shake up of your financial/emotional security may ease off or intensify in one, particular area. Either way, it will be easier to manage because the general shift will be away from scattered upheaval and towards specific change. Get ready to focus on one or two lucrative possibilities. The New Moon conjuncts Jupiter in your sector of routine, introducing an expansive new chapter in your health, well-being or daily work. If you’ve been feeling a lack of zest in your daily life, this Moon can trigger a surge of energy/optimism that will carry you far. The square to Mars in your opportunities sector will fire up your excitement and ambition to improve what’s in front of you.

  • Move forward: long distance travel, relocation, education, legal matters, publishing
  • Consolidate changes before you add anything new: new sources of income, earned money, financial status, personal values, primary needs
  • New beginnings: health, exercise, diet, medical issues, co-worker relationships, obligations, daily details


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Limits and Expansion, Part 1: Saturn in Scorpio Squares Jupiter in Leo

Painting by Odilon Redon

Painting by Odilon Redon

Saturn’s last months in Scorpio, and his upcoming transit through Sagittarius, will stir up some contrast. He’ll be squaring Jupiter in Leo, and then squaring Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo (after Jupiter’s transit of Leo). What do these influences have in common? Expansion meets limits. Jupiter and Neptune are both about expansion; Jupiter stretches the limits and Neptune dissolves them. Jupiter is hope, Neptune is belief.  Neptune is surrender, Jupiter is trust. And Saturn is limits and fears.

I’ll do a separate post on each square, and this one will be about Saturn versus Jupiter in Leo (Part 1).

If you’re looking for an exact aspect, Saturn in Scorpio will not technically square Jupiter in Leo until August 3rd, 2015. But around October to November, 2014, Saturn and Jupiter will come close with a square that’s 3-4 degrees apart in orb. Roughly, 16 to 25 degrees Leo and Scorpio. Because the square is not exact, you’ll definitely need something between those degrees of the Fixed signs to feel it (if you feel anything). But it’s worth noting.  Jupiter in Leo promises Big Shiny Things. More confidence, attention and success. The square to Saturn won’t necessarily douse the fire, but it will be a prompt to check what you’re displaying. Is your grab for more based in reality? Do you have the goods to deliver what you’re promising (or do they have the goods to deliver what you’re being promised)? Alternatively, can your newfound confidence stand up against the limits (your fears or someone else’s criticisms)?

It’s not real until it’s been tested.

A square from Saturn means you have to work to get the prize. Sometimes it can mean the prize is not available, but if that’s the case, it was never yours to begin with. The real test will happen around Jul 19th, 2015 to Aug 3rd, 2015, when Saturn squares Jupiter exactly at 28 degrees (you’ll feel this if you have anything from 25 to 29 degrees of the Fixed signs). This will be Saturn’s last good-bye as he exits Scorpio (he’ll Rx into Scorpio from Sag on June 14th, 2015, although he’ll be direct when he squares Jupiter).

A commenter asked if this aspect was bad. No, it’s not. It’s a check on Jupiter in Leo’s promise. Saturn is the knife that hones the opportunity. He focuses through contrast, and will clarify what Jupiter in Leo delivers: gold- plated, or solid gold.

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Touchy Days Ahead: Influences for July 17th to 19th

"Almighty" by http://ineedchemicalx.deviantart.com/

“Almighty” by http://ineedchemicalx.deviantart.com/

As the planets move into Cancer, emotional tensions/empathy rise and fall (even though Jupiter’s left Cancer for Leo).

Venus enters Cancer on the 18th, and Mercury in Cancer trines Neptune Rx in Pisces (at 7 degrees, exact on the 19th). This suggests a safe outlet for feelings. Venus in Cancer ups the love/nurturing/needy quotient and Mercury in Cancer wants to talk about it. The trine to Neptune dissolves fears about saying too much (Neptune expands as it loosens boundaries) while making words/thoughts extremely empathetic.

But the Sun (at 26 degrees Cancer) will be squaring Mars (action) in Libra (also exact on the 19th). Mars square Sun is edgy-assertive, and the mix of Cancer/Libra suggests emotional displays driven by social actions. But the square is tense, so there’s something a tad “off” about the whole deal. Maybe the vibe is aggressively needy. Or you step over some unwritten social boundary (Libra is always concerned with what’s appropriate). Or you charge in with the best intentions but end up invading someone’s privacy (Cancer).

This is not a huge deal, but if you have something important scheduled from the 17th to the 19th, know that actions are likely to ruffle some feathers, while words will smooth things over. You may have to act, and that’s fine. Just think it through, discuss, listen.

If you have natal/progressed planets or angles from 6-8 degrees of the Water signs, you’ll feel the trine. 25 -28 degrees of the Cardinal signs will feel the square. If you have something in one degree range but not the other, it’s still helpful to pay attention to both influences. All of these energies can be felt from today (the 17th) to the 19th.

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Saturn in Sag and Love for the Mutable Signs

Pic by http://www.flickr.com/photos/alicepopkorn/

Pic by http://www.flickr.com/photos/alicepopkorn/










Excerpt from my latest Sasstrology article (please leave comments on the Sasstrology site):

“The upcoming transit of Saturn in Sagittarius will bring the big relationship picture into focus. Sag’s free running ideals will be put to the test, and the other Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces) will experience the Saturn crunch.”

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Saturn Stations Direct in Scorpio: Last Lesson

Saturn stations direct at 16 degrees Scorpio (on July 20th) marking the last leg of his transit through this sign.

I discussed the significance of Saturn and Uranus both changing direction (within one day of each other) here and here. The seismic shift of two, outer planets will indicate a time to put goals into action (Saturn direct) while pulling back on new developments (Uranus Rx). The net result will be a moment when energy slows to a crawl and something (around 16 degrees of the Fixed or Cardinal signs) demands your attention.

But specific to Scorpio, this direct movement will be the chapter where Saturn’s lessons are consolidated. Remember when Saturn first entered Scorpio back on October 5th, 2012? It’s been a long, dark road since then. Each time Saturn went Rx, you went a bit deeper into Scorpio. The deeper you went, the more you uncovered (strength, resources, boundaries, fears). This last Rx period might have pulled you to the bottom.

Now, as Saturn forges ahead, you’ll take what you discovered down there and complete the lesson Saturn in Scorpio has been teaching you. Saturn sharpens your focus; have you been paying attention? By the time Saturn reaches Scorpio’s last degree (on December 23rd, 2014) you will have learned everything you need about maturity and quality, in the context of Scorpio. That’s the part of Saturn that people forget about, as they curse his limits; his highest expression is quality. Do it right and make it count.

Saturn will dip back into Scorpio briefly from June 14th, 2015 to September 17th, 2015, but that will just be a recap (29 to 28 degrees Scorpio will be impacted). The real wrap up is happening now, and over the next, few months.


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