Full Moon in Sagittarius: Look Before You Leap

Picture by http://m0thart.deviantart.com/

Picture by http://m0thart.deviantart.com/

The June 2nd Full Moon (at 11 degrees Sagittarius) will include a Yod to Pluto in Capricorn. The May 18th New Moon also featured a Yod to Pluto, but the energy will be more fiery this time (transiting Mars is the activator of this Yod, rather than Mercury Rx).

A Full Moon culmination in Sag suggests a push into the unknown, as a response to whatever’s been building. Maybe this will be an escape (Sag is the sign of exploration). Mercury Rx will be close by (at 7 degrees Gemini) and it will be trining the North Node in Libra, continuing that theme of movement towards the future (albeit one that involves Mercury Rx…revision, a closer look, or a contact from the past). Yes, this could be the Moon that accelerates that past association to the next chapter.

However, Neptune (at 9 degrees Pisces) will hit this Full Moon will an illusory square. Neptune square anything in Sag means biiiig dreams and limitless ideals. No boundaries. Great if you’re setting off an adventure, but it demands careful consideration. What story will be fuelling this leap? Pay attention to the narrative. Will the details line up with reality, or will they be spun to suit the mood of the moment?

The Yod features Pluto Rx (at 15 degrees Capricorn) inconjunct Mars in Gemini and Jupiter (ruler of Sag) at 16 degrees Leo. Jupiter will sextile Mars, creating boldly optimistic actions and choices. There will be a powerful urge to go for it, take that leap, embrace the faith and run with your dreams. But Pluto Rx as the focal point will demand focus and accountability. Pluto in Capricorn is the powerful taskmaster; nothing means anything unless it can provide measurable empowerment. The glorious leap must land you on higher ground. This Full Moon will not be a lateral move.

And the prevailing currents of energy will be shoving you in that direction (up). Yods have a way of herding you towards an end point that’s described by the focal planet. If your goal isn’t empowering/strengthening/ambitious, you’ll have difficulty making it happen. Or, you may find yourself embroiled in a power struggle with someone else. Pluto power struggles are evidence that you’re being challenged to evolve. If you find yourself blocked, or the recipient of outright aggression (Pluto inconjunct Mars can be quite hostile, and Pluto inconjunct Jupiter can be fanatical) look closely at your goal. If you achieved it (be honest) would you be in a stronger position than you are now?

The overall energy of this Moon is wild and a bit frantic. There will be a strong urge to bolt for the horizon, and that may be your best bet. Just remember that there is more than one horizon, so choose your direction carefully.

If you have natal or progressed planets/angles/Nodes from:

  • 7 to 13 degrees of the Mutable signs, you’ll feel the Full Moon
  • 11 to 16 degrees Capricorn, Cancer, Leo or Gemini, you’ll feel the Yod
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Horoscopes for May 24th to 31st

Picture by http://jenadellagrottaglia.deviantart.com/

Picture by http://jenadellagrottaglia.deviantart.com/


May 22nd to 25th offers a double shot of creative confusion. Venus (relationships, money, self-esteem) in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries, triggering developments that are exciting but unpredictable. Mars (initiative, action, desire) in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces, suggesting that actions taken to pursue what you want may be unclear or idealistic. Together, these energies can open up new potentials and/or distract you from what really matters.

From May 27th to May 29th, Mercury Rx will conjunct Mars, then square Neptune. Since Mercury Rx calls for a second look at the facts (Gemini) this will be an opportunity to clarify intentions and get to the truth, in the above situations. If the answer was “No” the first time, ask again. If you’re not sure about the validity of a new attraction/development, take your time and think it through. If you want to take a risk without falling flat on your face, review your choices and statements. For all the flak that Mercury Rx gets, it’s meant to trigger essential review or analysis. Delays, changed plans or indecision are all part of the package. These influences will be extended, as the Sun conjuncts Mercury Rx on May 30th, then squares Neptune on May 31st. This makes May 27th to May 31st your window to get the facts about what’s really going down with Venus/Uranus and Mars/Neptune.


Venus squaring Uranus (in your sign) and Mars (in your communication sector) squaring Neptune, can trigger disagreements that flare up out of nowhere, or misunderstandings that see you pursuing the wrong target. Family disagreements (especially with siblings) or sudden changes that upset domestic harmony are a possibility. Use caution if you’re buying, selling or remodelling your home.

Mercury Rx  (in your communication sector) will give you a chance to examine what was overlooked, or double-check your assumptions. There may also be an opportunity to apologize, or reveal the truth. Don’t be afraid to ask the same question again, even if you’re just asking it of yourself.

  • Surprise/uncertainty: home business, domestic issues, abrupt U Turn from the past, mixed messages, ignoring details,
  • Use Mercury Rx to: uncover the truth, check missed details (in emails phone calls, discussions), clarify assumptions/hunches/rumours/secrets


Venus in your communication sector squares Uranus, while Mars in your security sector squares Neptune. Impulsive flirtations or intriguing communications can pop up, but so can the abrupt realization that the object of your affection is not interested. Either way, you may surprise yourself with what and how much you reveal. Events can rattle your self-esteem, making you doubtful what your next move should be. Finances can be tricky as opportunities dissolve and ambitions sag.

Mercury Rx in your security sector urges you to review all financial documents/offers/discussions. Take nothing at face value; demand proof. Emotionally, this energy can see you second guessing your actions/capabilities. It’s ok to think it through before you make your move.

  • Surprise/uncertainty: flirtatious emails/phone calls/comments, telling someone how you really feel, revealing a hidden attraction, unrequited attraction, financial stability, acting in your best interests
  • Use Mercury Rx to: go over your finances, double-check a financial offer, ask for proof, think carefully before you act, question a group/public ideal


Venus in your security sector squares Uranus, while Mars in your sign squares Neptune. Career issues can be slippery, with the risk of asserting yourself inappropriately, missing out on an opportunity or pushing too far in the wrong direction. Professional judgement may be impaired, especially when dealing with financial issues. This may not be the best time to ask for a raise, or to raise your rates. These energies can trigger a wildly creative business opportunity (with some potential for success) but proceed with extra caution, and don’t commit to anything until you have the full story.

Mercury Rx in your sign will  help you zero in on what questions to ask, or give you another shot at a meeting with management. Even then, go slow and make sure everyone is clear about what’s being said. Public announcements made during this time run the risk of being misunderstood, or projecting the wrong message.

  • Surprise/uncertainty: earned money, emotional security, professional image, promoting yourself, job opportunities
  • Use Mercury Rx to: have a discussion with those in authority, clarify your ambitions/job title, investigate a job opportunity, clarify your professional image/goals/actions


Venus in your sign squares Uranus, and Mars (in your hidden sector) squares Neptune. New developments at work, or involving your public image, can be exciting and/or jarring. You could take a leap of faith towards a new/exotic opportunity, but there’s a risk that it won’t be everything you hoped for. What looks fantastic from a distance may be quite different as you draw closer; there could be a significant gap between your ideals and reality. Use caution when travelling or dealing with legal matters. On the plus side, your creativity is at an all time high. This energy is excellent for projecting a unique and magnetic image; you can easily grab someone’s attention.

Mercury Rx  (in your hidden sector) will help you gain insight into the less obvious angles of the Mars/Neptune square. Watch for gut feelings or revelations that tune you into unconscious motivations. Mercury Rx encourages you to hold off before you speak or make a final decision, as there’s a high probability that you’ll uncover more information.

  • Surprise/uncertainty: public image, future goals, dealing with management, new opportunities, travel/education/legal matters, sudden attractions
  • Use Mercury Rx to: think on new opportunities, read between the lines, meditate, consider the real reason behind your actions, question what’s not obvious


Venus in your hidden sector squares Uranus, and Mars in your social sector sector squares Neptune. Hidden/surprising attractions or interests (that seem totally out of character for you) are possibilities, as are moments of profound creativity or insight. Pay attention to what comes out of left field, but know that your public actions/friendships/group relationships may be compromised by lurking insecurities, jealousies or financial worries. There’s much going on beneath the surface, even if you think everything is out in the open. Alternatively, you may think you’ve got everyone fooled, but secrets can come to light when you least expect it. Proceed carefully with any sort of public launch, promotion or activity.

Mercury Rx in your social sector can assist in getting your message across, or sorting through the distractions. A public apology may be in order, or you may have another chance to go back and say it differently. Too, you could reconnect with someone who triggers a confusing mess of emotions (passive-aggressive statements or deception are possibilities).

  • Surprise/uncertainty: hidden attractions, surprising creative inspirations, impulsive explorations, wanting more for no logical reason, secrets revealed publicly, disagreements with friends, unexpected shifts of public opinion
  • Use Mercury Rx to: clarify public statements, tune into what others are actually saying, get to the bottom of actual or imagined hostilities


Venus in your social sector squares Uranus, and Mars (in your career sector) squares Neptune. Relationships may be disrupted by unexpected new attractions or distractions, while professional goals can become temporarily blurry due to partnership confusion. Hopes and ideals may be elevated, but make sure your partner is on the same page (or make sure you’re not risking an existing partnership for an illusion). Alternatively, you may discover the illusions that lie within an existing partnership/new attraction, especially if it’s been distracting you from your future ambitions.

Mercury Rx in your career sector can encourage a second or third meeting with management, or an intensive re-think about what you really want (for now, and in the future). Are you and your partner on the same path? Do you have the same vision as those in authority? Now’s the time to double check that others are receiving your message. Also, ensure that the message you’re putting out (professional and personally) is clear and authentic.

  • Surprise/uncertainty: new attractions, distracting hopes/wishes, a shift in partnership goals, professional image, hopes for the future
  • Use Mercury Rx to: clarify discussions with management/partners, fine-tune your job search/professional image, align your words with actions, focus on who’s real and who’s a fantasy


Venus in your career sector squares Uranus, and Mars in your opportunities sector squares Neptune. Surprising developments involving management, your professional image or work relationships can go either way; an innovative opportunity that catapults you into a whole new professional league, or a disruptive occurrence that rattles your security. You never know with Uranus. Brief, romantic attractions can also flare up and die with incredible speed.  Mars/Neptune urges caution when taking on new projects, or exploring new developments, as you may end up pursuing something that doesn’t even exist. Health and travel issues can also be troublesome.

Mercury Rx in your opportunities sector is a chance to double check all travel plans or new information. Get a second opinion or reconsider another option. Too, you may reconnect with someone from a distance, or hear from someone who you thought was out of your league.

  • Surprise/uncertainty: professional image/status, job search, dealings with management, work relationships, travel, medical issues, legal matters, education
  • Use Mercury Rx to: confirm travel plans, get a second medical opinion, look closely at what you’re exploring before you move forward, read the legal fine print


Venus in your opportunities sector squares Uranus, and Mars in your sector of shared resources squares Neptune. A new and exotic development/attraction can be tempting. Someone who is “not your type,” or an interest that you have never considered previously, may capture your attention, while disrupting your routine. It may be time  to break free of old habits anyway, so this could be just what the doctor ordered. However, Mars/Neptune suggests that new romance/developments can easily result in you giving too much. Watch what you spend, reveal and share; there may be a time in the future when it’s ok to open the floodgates, but you’re still in the preliminary stages.

Mercury Rx (in your sector of shared resources) will be your cue to slow down, read the fine print and ask the probing questions. If you dig deep enough you may uncover gold or mud. Either way, don’t you want to know the truth?

  • Surprise/uncertainty: long distance romance, exploration, legal matters, education, publishing, shared finances, intimacy, new attractions, creative projects
  • Use Mercury Rx to: confirm or investigate anything involving debts/taxes/loans/your partners finances, have an intimate conversation, confirm true motivations


Venus in your sector of shared resources squares Uranus, and Mars in your relationship  sector squares Neptune. You may uncover a surprising truth, benefit or gift involving money or intimacy. What you assumed you had, or had coming, may be very different from what manifests. Attraction can be sudden and overwhelming. Mars/Neptune can make it difficult to know what your next move should be (regarding a partnership or attraction). Mixed messages, waffling and lurking insecurities can you throw you off.

Mercury Rx (in your relationship sector) can clarify what the other person really means/intends, or it can help you decide what your best course of action is. Mercury can also reconnect you with a partner from the past, but know that the reason for the contact may not be what it seems. As always with Mercury Rx, it’s best to wait until it goes direct before you commit or make firm plans for the future.

  • Surprise/uncertainty: physical/emotional intimacy, debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, new attraction, established relationships
  • Use Mercury Rx to: confirm what’s really being said, get to the bottom of someone’s motivations, look closely at a partner’s actions, examine the alignment between words and intent


Venus in your partnership sector squares Uranus, and Mars in your sector of routine squares Neptune. A surprising development in a domestic partnership, or a sudden break from the past, can keep things interesting in your relationship. What’s new and unusual can be tempting and disruptive, and Mars/Neptune can can keep you guessing regarding how it will all fit in with your daily life. Domestic and work issues can be disorganized, with vague instructions or half-baked developments. Medical information can also be rife with errors or missed details.

Mercury Rx (in your sector of routine) can help you get a handle on some of the confusion. Go back over tasks, details, information and diagnoses, asking for clarification if necessary. Too, you may be required to clarify plans/routines. Check carefully to ensure that any sudden changes in your domestic/love life are workable in the real world.

  • Surprise/uncertainty: home business, relocation, domestic issues, partnerships, breaking out of a partnership rut, work tasks, daily routine, medical issues
  • Use Mercury Rx to: confirm/clarify tasks, ensure changes in your personal life are workable, communicate your work instructions clearly


Venus in your sector of routine squares Uranus, and Mars in your sector of self expression squares Neptune. Surprising news/revelations can lead to stressful moments, but there is also potential for innovative bursts of problem solving. Thinking outside the box can help things fall into place, and the Mars/Neptune square enhances that creative energy (especially if artistic projects or new romance is involved). But results are not guaranteed, and you run the risk of pushing too far, or taking an emotional/financial gamble. Make sure you have a back up plan.

Mercury Rx in your sector of self expression can focus you on the most effective strategy in the above situations, or at least ensure that you’ve thought it through before you take a leap. Mercury Rx can also give you another shot at a flirtation or risky romantic temptation.

  • Surprise/uncertainty: co-worker relationships, health issues, work tasks, obligations, creative projects, new romance
  • Use Mercury Rx to: hone your approach before you launch/promote/take a risk, think carefully before putting yourself out there, read between the lines of a flirtation


Venus in your sector of self expression squares Uranus, and Mars in your domestic sector squares Neptune in your sign. Creative/romantic risks can be exhilarating. This could be your moment to shine, or take advantage of unusual/unexpected sources of income. However, Mars/Neptune suggests issues from the past, or involving family, may throw you off track. Relocations and/or domestic repairs can also trigger an unexpected drain on your resources.

Mercury Rx in your domestic sector can clarify your goals/actions, and ensure that you’re moving in the right direction. Use this energy to double check all documents pertaining to home finances, mortgages and rental agreements. This can also be an excellent time to revisit and clarify family discussions.

  • Surprise/uncertainty: new romance, creative projects, children/pregnancy, home finances, relocation, home business, family issues
  • Use Mercury Rx to: revisit family discussions/arguments, clarify your actions, confront issues from the past, revise domestic documents
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Think It Through: Mars/Neptune, Venus/Uranus and Mercury Rx

"A Mad Tea Party" by Arthur Rackham

“A Mad Tea Party” by Arthur Rackham

There are challenging aspects building now, and you’ll have to keep your wits about you to deal with them. Venus in Cancer square Uranus in Aries (at 19 degrees) and Mars in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces (at 9 degrees) are gathering steam, and will perfect on May 25th. 

Venus (relationships, money, self-esteem) square Uranus (liberation and surprise) suggests impulsive attractions. All of a sudden, something looks really good; you need (Cancer) to have it/them. Or, unexpected urges push you out of your comfort zone (Cancer). But Mars (action, sex, anger) square Neptune (dreams) suggests the risk of taking misguided actions to get what you want. You could have a couple of choices (Gemini) and you end up choosing poorly. Or, there may be no correct choice.

Use extreme caution if something seems urgent and essential over the next few days. It will be so easy to chase after the wrong thing, or convince yourself that what you’re doing is ok. Neptune square Mars in Gemini can distract you with escapist actions, but Venus square Uranus will jolt you with a splash of cold water.

Fortunately, Mercury Rx will be there to help you sort it out. Mercury will conjunct Mars (at 10 degrees) on May 27th, then square Neptune (at 9 degrees) on May 29th. Mercury square Neptune can be prone to illusion as well, but Mercury Rx is about looking closely at the details and going back over what was missed. Mercury/Mars will be a chance to initiate (Mars) an apology/re-write/correction. Mercury Rx square Neptune will push you to look past the illusions, and hone in on the truth. This will be your second chance.

Are there positives to these energies? Venus/Uranus (flashes of unexpected brilliance) and Mars/Neptune (artistic mojo) can be fantastically creative. Looking for inspiration? These aspects are your ticket. Stuck on how to deal with an impossible partner/co-worker? These aspects can clue you in to a brand new approach that’s so crazy it might work. Then you’ve got Mercury Rx to make sure you’re doing everything correctly.

Note that Mars (ruler of the South Node in Aries) square Neptune is about releasing anger and dissolving old ways of asserting yourself. Venus (ruler of the North Node in Libra) square Uranus is about stepping back and viewing compromise/relationships from a brand new angle.

Mars, the Sun and Mercury Rx (in Gemini) will all trine the Libra North Node at 8 degrees, on May 23rd, May 29th and May 31st, respectively. These trines will be continuous shots that enable the North Node path forward.  This means it will be relatively easy to move in the right direction, as long as you work the Gemini section of your chart. Even if you have nothing in Gemini, that area of your chart is about exchanging information, learning, talking, writing and comparing choices.

Think critically, and you’ll find your way through the confusion.

The Sun will conjunct Mercury Rx (at 8 degrees) on May 30th, and square Neptune on May 31st, underlining the tension between Gemini logic and Pisces fantasy. Sun/Mercury Rx is the ray of sunlight that illuminates previously obscured facts, and hopefully that illumination will burn through the Neptune fog. In other words, the truth behind the illusion.

If you have natal or progressed planets/angles/Nodes from:

  • 17 to 20 degrees of the Cardinal signs, you’ll feel the Venus/Uranus square
  • 8 to 11 degrees of the Mutable signs, you’ll feel the Mars/Neptune/Mercury Rx square
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Jupiter in Virgo’s Impact on the Earth Signs

Painting by George Lance

Painting by George Lance

Excerpt from my latest Sasstrology post (please leave comments on the Sasstrology site):

“Last week’s article on Jupiter’s Virgo transit explored its impact on the Mutable signs. This week, we’ll look at how Jupiter in Virgo might impact love for the Earth signs. Jupiter will be trining Taurus and Capricorn, which means that Jupiter’s expansive energy will be delivered smoothly. This influence won’t trigger a major relationship event by itself, but it can make some things easier. And that’s the key word with a Jupiter trine: easy. This energy will be so harmonious that it may just slide by. But if the Earth signs pay attention, they can reap a tangible harvest. Earth is the element most likely to manifest something real, so Jupiter’s promises will be workable and obvious, even if they’re not glamorous.”

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The Sun Enters Gemini: Multiple Choice

"El Orangier" by http://ineedchemicalx.deviantart.com/

“El Orangier” by http://ineedchemicalx.deviantart.com/

The Sun’s Gemini ingress (May 21st) will add significant emphasis to this sign, joining Mars and Mercury (which is now Rx). This emphasis will be strongest until June 21st, when the Sun enters Cancer.

When there’s a buildup of energy in the sign of choices, new information and communication, you may feel overwhelmed by what’s on the menu. Gemini in your chart is where things are most active now (even as Mercury Rx is compelling you to revisit a past situation or review your options). This is not deep, transformative change. Rather, it’s a shifting of surface information; a reclassification. Is this relationship on or off? Are we friends or lovers? Do I say yes or no? The final answer won’t arrive until Mercury stations direct.

In the meantime, know that the Sun’s opposition to Saturn Rx at 1 degree Sagittarius (May 21st to 22nd) will be a reminder that there’s one issue/rule/piece of information that you should pay attention to. This will be a continuation of the issue that came up when Mars, Mercury and Venus opposed Saturn (on May 15th, May 3rd and April 15th, respectively).

When Gemini is activated, it’s time to question what you think you know. Others may do the questioning for you. Gemini constantly curates new ideas so existing facts can be compared and, if necessary, tossed aside. Some find this refreshing, others find it irritating. Consider how annoyed/angry you become during this influence. The level of resistance to others that challenge your ideas will be directly proportional to how stagnant your ideas are. You may not be wrong, but you probably need an update.

Gemini’s duality insists that there are two sides to every story, and no truth is sacred (for now). The upside is that assumptions will be challenged. The downside means that tuning out the verbal confetti will be difficult. But Saturn and Mercury Rx can help with that.

Aspects the Sun in Gemini will make:

  • May 22nd: opposite Saturn Rx at 1 deg Sag
  • May 29th-30th: trine the North Node at 8 deg Libra and conjunct Mercury Rx at 8 deg Gemini
  • May 31st: square Neptune at 9 deg Pisces
  • June 2nd: Full Moon at 11 deg Sag
  • June 5th: inconjunct Pluto Rx  at 14 deg Capricorn
  • June 8th: sextile Jupiter at 17 degrees Leo
  • June 10th: sextile Uranus at 19 deg Aries
  • June 12th: square Chiron at 21 deg Pisces
  • June 14th: conjunct Mars at 23 deg Gemini (Saturn Rx into Scorpio)
  • June 21st: inconjunct Saturn at 29 deg Scorpio, then enters Cancer
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