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Question for Ruby Slipper Readers

I’ve had several requests to publish astrology/Tarot lessons. I’m thinking of doing this, most likely in a PDF version that would be purchased and downloaded off this site. It would be reasonably priced and written in a straightforward and practical way. My goal is for you to be able to apply what you learn.

What would you like me to write about? Astrology? Tarot? It’s a toss up right now between the two, and I’ll decide based on how many requests for each.

What topics would you like me to cover…beginner or advanced? Some people have expressed an interest in absolute beginner lessons. Others want something more advanced, but written in an accessible manner. This probably won’t happen until 2015, but I’m gathering ideas now.



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Transiting Mars in Capricorn: Fire Given Form

"Izy O Renishi" by

“Izy O Renishi” by














Mars (action, initiative, anger, sex) enters disciplined Capricorn on October 26th. Mars is strong (exalted) in this sign, because its fire is focused and strengthened by Capricorn’s rules and ambition.

This is a powerhouse transit.

You can do so much with this, in the context of your natal Capricorn. Mars will trigger opportunities to advance and compete. But the energy will be controlled (and a bit ruthless). This is the get-it-done transit with a side order of “me first.”  It’s all business, but sometimes that’s what you need to hit the nail with the hammer. When initiative is given form, it’s amazing what you can accomplish.

Mars in Capricorn will make the following aspects:

  • November 1st: sextile Neptune Rx at 4 degrees Pisces
  • November 10th: conjunct Pluto at 11 degrees
  • November 12th: sextile Chiron Rx at 13 degrees Pisces and square Uranus Rx in Aries
  • November 20th: square the Nodes at 18 degrees Libra/Aries
  • November 21st: sextile Mercury at 19 degrees Scorpio
  • November 24th: inconjunct Jupiter at 22 degrees Leo
  • December 1st: sextile Saturn at 27 degrees Scorpio

Mars will not perfect a sextile with  Venus in Scorpio (although they’ll come close from October 26th-27th, with the Sun in Scorpio close to Venus). But I think you’ll still feel them interacting, possibly throughout Venus’ entire Scorpio transit. Venus is what you want and Mars is what you do to get it. This Scorpio/Cap mix is serious business. Be prepared to go to the wall for what you desire, and put in the work (Capricorn) to make it happen. Plus, Pluto (Scorpio’s ruler) is in Capricorn, and Saturn (Capricorn’s ruler) is in Scorpio. There’s an exchange between these signs that’s heightened by Mars and Venus.

This combo can be heavy. Scorpio is about death, and Capricorn is about the steady advance of time. There’s a whiff of mortality. No flowers and pretty words, but this mix does indicate absolute commitment. Only those who are serious (and mature) need apply. This is love and sex for the long haul; after the facade has come down. The wafflers and casual flirts will not be comfortable with this energy.

If you’re serious, look at Scorpio and Capricorn in your chart. Scorpio is where you attract what you desire (or amputate the people/scenarios that are draining your energy) and Capricorn is where you put your plan into action. Scorpio only considers people/situations that are positive resources, and Capricorn only deals with what’s absolutely necessary.

Mars will exit Capricorn on December 4th.




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Using Astrology to Elect a Wedding Date

Painting by Edmund Blair Leighton

Painting by Edmund Blair Leighton

My latest article from Sasstrology (please leave comments on the Sasstrology site):

“Last week I wrote about electing a time for a first date or meeting. This week, I take things a step further and examine the rules for electing a time to get married. Just as the birth time of a relationship can impact its development, the timing of a wedding can impact the progression of a marriage. The relationship has already begun, but the transition to “official commitment” is considered to be a new stage of the partnership. Note that this does not apply to common law marriages.”


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Mercury Direct in Libra: Answers

Photo by

Photo by









Mercury stations direct at 16 degrees Libra, on October 25th. This should be the time when the reviews, delays and comparisons (triggered by Mercury Rx Libra) end. The information will make sense, or the decision will be clear.

16 degrees of the Cardinal signs (especially Libra) will be critical if you have anything sitting there (natal/progressed planet, angle or Node). Mercury turning from retrograde to direct will underline the issues connected to that planet or point. There may even be a total change of heart (or mind) from you or someone else.

16 to 29 degrees of Libra (and the Cardinal signs) will also be important, because Mercury will be re-tracing its Rx steps, one last time, over these degrees. 19 degrees is notable, as Mercury will trigger the North Node again (on October 30th) giving you a final opportunity to move ahead or make the social connection that opens a significant door. If you have something at 19 degrees Libra, there’s an issue that’s begging for further development.

If Mercury Rx was the reevaluation, or the conversation from the past, Mercury direct will be the result. If you’ve been attempting to rebalance your interactions, you’ll see if you were successful. If you’ve been waiting to sign, plan or launch, this is your green light.

The Sun conjuncts Venus (at 1 degree Scorpio) on the same day. Venus rules Libra, connecting Mercury direct’s results/answers with this union. Most certainly this will be tied in to the New Moon eclipse in Scorpio; a confirmation or realization of what you desire (Venus). It suggests favourable answers, or at least a clarification of what you really want. In some cases, this may cast an unfavourable light on what you actually have.

Libra compares, and Scorpio delivers the naked truth.

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