Tarot Readings

A tarot reading tackles urgent issues or offers general guidance. Depending on your question, spreads range from three cards to larger layouts with several layers of meaning. Using the Rider-Waite or Thoth decks (your choice) I zero in on what you need to know and deliver the message with clarity and empathy. For added depth, I include elemental dignities and astrological associations.

Email Consultations


Includes a detailed, written PDF with pictures of the cards used to address your concerns. Send me an email with your questions and select one of the readings below. 


Skype Consultations

You ask questions and I pull cards. Sessions are free-flowing: we follow the cards and see where they take us. Includes a recording of the consult which is emailed to you. Sessions are scheduled according to my time zone: EST/EDT. Sorry, no in-person or phone readings. 

Please ready my Terms of Service to ensure what I offer is in line with your expectations.


$25 Reading: 1 question

The $25 reading gives you an answer that's short and to the point. Appropriate for one question. Excellent for yes/no queries. Email only. Wait times for a reading are 1-3 days.


$60 Reading: 1-3 questions

The $60 reading (emailed report or 30 minutes by Skype) presents a detailed overview of an issue. This works for one detailed question or three briefer questions.  Wait times for a reading are 1-3 days.


$100 Reading: 1-4 questions  

The $100 reading (emailed report or 60 minutes by Skype) works for a maximum of four questions, or a very detailed look at one question. Wait times for a reading are 1-3 days.