Logic and Dreams Collide on May 21st

May 21st will be notable.  Not because it's Judgement Day (personally, I think life will continue as normal on May 22nd) but because the Sun moves into Gemini.  This Mercury ruled sign is associated with duality and the fusion of opposites.  Gemini seeks to make sense of  everything and has been accused of being fickle.  This is one of the signs associated with infidelity.

Not a totally fair association (I know lots of Geminis who are faithful).  But the reputation comes from the fact that Gemini is responsive to everything and everyone.  Known for breadth but not depth of knowledge, Gemini is the lively conversationalist.  Everyone is included because Gemini is curious about everything.

The Sun in Gemini will be squaring dreamy, irrational Neptune (at 0 degrees Pisces).   As logical as Gemini is, it can also be superficial.  In the rush to synthesize so many ideas Gemini tends to gloss over what lies beneath.  It's only interested in what's literal.  Neptune, of course, is anything but literal.

This will be a good time to see if you're avoiding looking at what's real (Gemini) in favor of fantasy (Neptune).  Or if you're rushing to make something fit your reality (Gemini) because you're uncomfortable with shades of grey (Neptune).