Attraction Profile

I've added a new astrology report. It's called the Attraction Profile (2nd report down on the Astrology Reports page)  and it looks at:

  • Why you attract the same types and get involved in the same relationship dynamics
  • Why you can never seem to attract the romantic partners you actually want
  • How you can work with the potential in your chart to attract the best partner for you

It's a targeted, solution oriented approach that breaks your relationship potential down into the following areas:

  • 2nd House (how you pursue those you are attracted to)
  • 7th House (your ideal partner/relationship)
  • 8th House (who you attract without even trying)
  • 12th House (your soul mate)

To see these concepts in action, here's an article I wrote for that describes how the 2nd, 8th and 12th houses fit together.