Coal Mining: Mercury's Transit Through Scorpio

When the planet of communication enters the sign of secrets, power and metamorphosis, you know things will get intense.

Mercury moves into Scorpio tomorrow, intensifying and transforming all information and its delivery. People will look for more and they'll find it. The results will be necessary but not always pleasant.  Mercury in Scorpio is the signature of spies, stalkers and psychologists.

People get stuck on Scorpio as the corrupt manipulator and forget about this sign's ultimate purpose which is transformation. So while some folks will get mired in power struggles and mind games, the ultimate goal of this transit is to transform existing systems of information/thought. It will be interesting to see what happens with Blackberry's widespread outage come tomorrow.

Closer to home, keep an eye on communication between you and others. You may be tempted to keep secrets but I'm telling you this is a very bad idea during this transit.  Things have a way of rising to the surface with Scorpio. Also, this is such a magnetic sign that you will attract what you put out so think about that.

Mercury in Scorpio will trine Chiron (wounded healer) at 1 degree Pisces right off the bat so healing conversations are favored. Something deep, dark and festering that you need to get off your chest? This flowing connection to Chiron almost guarantees a receptive environment. Venus entered Scorpio and hit this trine to Chiron a few days ago so your conversation could be a relationship fallout/realization.

Mercury will be in Scorpio until November 2nd.