The First Full Moon Of The New Year Is In Cancer

2012's first Full Moon (January 9th) will be a potent one. At 18 degrees Cancer, the Moon will be in the sign that it rules. Expect feelings to overflow, nurturing and neediness to be full-on. It will be supported by a sextile to Mars in Virgo so needs can be backed up with solid action.

Full Moons are about culminations and completions. If it's time for your needs to be met, this Moon is for you. Demonstrate that you're serious (by making a visible effort), pay attention to the details and you should be able to get emotional satisfaction.

One note of caution: it will be very easy to nag, pick and worry on this Full Moon. Cancer and Virgo are both worrywart signs and they will be fired up by Mars. Focus on the actions (Mars) you can take to meet your needs rather than demanding something from someone.  Nurturing is available but only if others see you making an effort for yourself.

This Full Moon will be especially strong if you have planets or angles (cusps of the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th Houses) between 17-18 degrees Cancer and Capricorn.