The Grabber: New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer on July 18th. The Moon rules Cancer so it's pumped up. New beginnings (or opportunities for new beginnings) are based on feelings.

Cancer is a cardinal sign. It initiates. It may not march forward like Aries, but it does need (rather intensely). And it pursues after a bit of internal wrangling.  What does this mean for you? The house in your chart with Cancer in it will be lit up. You can use this potent energy to kick start something that you really need.

Here's the caveat: Cancer can get clingy if it relies on externals (people, food, situations) to sooth it.  If you have a gaping void inside and you need someone/something else to fill it, you'll just activate the Shadow side of Cancer (desperately dependent). To use this energy successfully, you must be able to nurture yourself first.

Ask yourself how you'd feel if you didn't get what you were looking for (in the area of your life/natal house that Cancer occupies):

  • If your answer is "Disappointed. But I'd survive because I can provide X, Y or Z for myself" then you're on the right track. You can safely pursue whatever you're after without getting sucked into a whirlpool.
  • If your answer is "Devastated. My life is empty without X, Y or Z" then you need to shore up your internal resources. Figure out how you can provide for yourself, then focus on initiating ways to do this.

The New Moon will occur at 26 degrees Cancer. Those with planets between 25 to 26 degrees Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer will be in the spotlight.