Transiting Mars Triggers The Uranus/Pluto Square

So, Mars' transit of Libra is not all sweetness and light.

You know the monumental Uranus/Pluto square? The one that's currently pushing us past our boundaries? Mars will be pinging it from July 12th to July 19th.

Some astrologers are predicting accidents. Whenever you get Mars (action), Pluto (power) and Uranus (the unexpected) together, there's risk. So I'm going to say "Be careful", especially if you have planets close to 7-8 degrees Libra, Capricorn or Aries.

There's no need to panic, either. I'm giving you a head's up because that's my job as an astrologer. But this energy can play out in many, many different ways. The bigger picture is an activation (Mars) of its potential. So whatever you've got going on with the Uranus/Pluto transits in your chart will be triggered.  Check out the house in your chart that has Libra in it; that's where Mars is transiting. That's the area where the spark (that sets off the Uranus/Pluto square) will come from.

No matter how this influence affects you, balance is the key. Mars in Libra must take external factors into consideration. That goes double when it opposes Uranus and squares Pluto. You simply cannot charge forward. You'll be fine if you go slow, balance your actions and work with any changes that are triggered. This is important, so I'll say it again: work with the changes. Act like those Libra scales; change comes barreling at you but you're calm and flexible, re-balancing your life accordingly.

Here's some examples of what might occur:

  • Relationships (romantic or social) could trigger a "That's enough" moment of clarity. Whether you break up or break through, forward is the only place to go.
  • Arguments could push you up against a wall. It'll be your freedom (at work, at home, creatively or financially) versus their power/authority.
  • Your physical capabilities/stamina/health could be tested, especially if you push too hard. The elastic band will snap under this influence if you take on too much.

Mars will square Pluto in Capricorn exactly (at 7 degrees) on July 17th. It will oppose Uranus in Aries exactly (at 8 degrees) on July 18th.