Grow Up, Lover; Transiting Venus In Cancer Opposes Pluto

August 15th will be a day of days. Mars and Saturn will form an exact conjunction in Libra (read my post here). Venus and Pluto will form an exact opposition in Cancer/Capricorn. Lines in the sand, everywhere you turn.

Pluto intensifies anything it touches. This aspect is going to trigger deep longings, cravings and the need to immerse (Cancer) yourself in a loved one/relationship. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for that nasty opposition. The tension between your needs and another's power (or vice versa) will be strong. It will feel unfair, because Pluto amps up the intensity of your needs but Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) is there with the boundaries if you need it too much.

What to do?

Understand how Pluto operates, and you've got this one. One of Pluto's favourite tricks is pulling the rug out from underneath if you cling (Cancer) to something that's outdated (Capricorn). Pluto's mission is to help you evolve; the past is dead, now move on. But sometimes, the only way to hammer the point home is to intensify your emotions so you're devastated when you lose something/someone. It's the pain that transforms.

But....(and here's where you can get the jump on Pluto)...this will only happen if you don't loosen that death grip. If you refuse to move on.  You probably know what I'm referring to, because it's been building for awhile. This isn't surprises, shocks or sudden awakenings. Pluto gives you lots of chances to let go before he finally cuts the cord (or apron strings).

If there's no one in particular that you've been clinging to, check your behaviour (via the house in your chart that Cancer occupies). How have you been relating (Venus) to others? If you've been attempting to sooth your loneliness with the emotional equivalent of junk food (using others for a temporary fix) then Pluto will deliver a smack-down. Ouch.

The good news? This opposition is a chance to do the "Phoenix from the flames" thing. People forget about this side of Pluto; death equals re-birth. Take the intensity of what you're feeling, and focus (Capricorn) it on evolving yourself right into the next chapter.

Questions to ask yourself as the opposition approaches peak strength (on August 15th at 7 degrees):

  • Have you been acting like a child or adult?
  • Has your nurturing been strings-free, or have you been attempting to control others with your care?
  • Have you been relating to others from a place of neediness?

Those with planets between 2 and 7 degrees Capricorn/Cancer or Aries/Libra will really feel this one.