Transiting Saturn Over Neptune In Scorpio

Many of you with Neptune in Scorpio (born between 1955-1970), have been wondering about Saturn's transit of Scorpio.

Neptune dissolves limits while Scorpio pushes through them. Neptune dreams of a better world while Scorpio excavates the shadows. Neptune aims for transcendence but can easily become mired in Scorpio's obsessions. Depending on what house it's in, you may experience your Neptune in Scorpio as a trigger for powerful addictions, profound escapism or intense creativity.

What will happen when Saturn transits over Neptune?

Structure (Saturn) will meet formlessness (Neptune). Before I go any further, think about what you do with your Neptune right now. How do you use its energy? This will have everything to do with how you experience Saturn's transit.  Saturn (reality) will force you to confront addictions and obsessions disguised as "romance". The shadow side of Neptune in Scorpio can manifest as some heavy-duty, dark dreams.  There will be consequences followed by strongly persuasive limits.

But...Saturn will also help you focus and clarify your dreams. It can be the anchor that prevents you from floating into  another "someday" scenario. Combined with Scorpio's all or nothing energy, Saturn can give you the kick in the pants to just do it. Think of it this way; Scorpio is the magician, Neptune the slippery spell and Saturn the narrow room that the magician locks him/herself into in order to focus.

Saturn transits (especially conjunctions) often herald an ending or point of no return. What will you be saying goodbye to?