Lucid Dreaming; Saturn in Scorpio Trine Neptune in Pisces

We all know that Saturn is moving into Scorpio on October 5th. The initial energy (with Mercury along for the ride, and Venus in Virgo) will be exacting. But there's a softer undercurrent to this dark Saturn/Scorpio storm. From October 5th to October 22nd, Saturn will form a gentle trine to Neptune in Pisces.

This energy may go unnoticed. It's a trine, which is a "soft" aspect. There's no tension, so there's nothing to grab your attention. Neptune in Pisces is dreams, Saturn is reality. Scorpio is naked honesty. If there's a dream that you've been nurturing, it will either dissolve, or manifest under this influence.

Worst case scenario; you're confronted with the fact that you've been chasing after ghosts. It really shouldn't feel that traumatic. Think of it as letting go with a regretful sigh, rather than having something torn away from you. And if your dream comes true? Or your creative idea solidifies? Good for you! Saturn's influence suggests this one has long-term potential.

If you're into it (and experienced), this is a fantastic influence for meditation, lucid dreaming, energy work...anything that involves focusing (Saturn) to achieve a heightened awareness (Neptune). Scorpio's power can add some single-minded intensity.

This aspect has the quiet taste of denial and withdrawal. Both of these actions can be powerful (in the right context). There's a new kind of energy that grows when you say "Not yet".

Those with planets between 0-1 degrees Scorpio and Pisces will find this influence the most potent.