Horoscopes for February 10th to February 17th

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Venus in Aquarius gets pinched by a square (from Saturn in Scorpio) between February 10th to 11th. Certain freedoms/new developments in love, money or self-esteem will take a hit. This is a brief influence, so the fears/limits that slow you down should be viewed as check points rather than endings. Mars (the planet of action) meets Chiron (the Wounded Healer) in Pisces from February 11th to 12th, triggering wounds, insecurities and doubts. Your first reaction may be to lash out, but Mercury in Pisces will be getting support from Saturn on the same days. This is a clear indication that the way forward involves calm discussions or planning. Talk about what hurts, and find a workable solution. When Mars trines Saturn from February 14th to 16th, take those plans/discussions and turn them into realistic actions. This aspect favours slow, steady progress and success, but only if you keep calm and do what's required.


Venus in your sector of friends and groups will feel the pinch from Saturn in your sector of shared resources. Your social life may be temporarily limited by financial restrictions, issues with a partner or deeper, underlying fears and anxieties. These limits will be brief, but will make you aware of how far you can push things. As Mars (your ruler) unites with Chiron in your sector of hidden things, it can trigger some unforeseen sore spots/sensitivities related to isolation or secrecy. Mercury's trine to Saturn shows you the way forward; talk about what's going on (with a licensed professional or someone you trust). Communication will be the release that allows you to move forward, even if you want to keep things to yourself. Mars' trine to Saturn will present solutions to the pain/wounds that involves practical actions. Rather than feeling bad about what you can't do/don't have, take small steps to making your dream a reality.


Venus (your ruler) in your career sector gets hit with Saturn's restrictions in your partnership sector. A relationship (or lack of one) may limit your future options, or your partner may give you reasons why your Big Idea won't work.  Mars' meeting with Chiron in your sector of friends and groups can trigger painful arguments/actions from others. Mercury's trine to Saturn suggests that your partner may have practical advice. At the very least, they'll be your supportive shoulder. If your single, you can use your growing awareness of what needs to be changed/ended in your love life to put the whole social scenario in perspective. Think about where your energy really needs to go. When Mars trines Saturn, all issues should be smoothed out. Things may not be rosy and upbeat with the group, but you'll arrive at a realistic understanding of personal versus public actions; the next step should be clear. Issues may include how your partnership situation impacts your friendships.


Venus in your opportunities sector wants to explore, but Saturn in your sector of work and routine will throw up some limits. New opportunities/romance/long distance travel, education or legal matters may all hit speed bumps due to health issues or duties. You may have to pul back and accept that not all opportunities all for you (but some surely will be). Don't neglect what needs to be done in favour of what you want. Mars in your career sector can trigger some insecurities about your job/ambition/success when it hits Chiron. As Mercury (your ruler) trines Saturn, it indicates that the way to deal is presenting straightforward ideas that reflect your work ethic; if you know you can do it, outline exactly how it will happen. Higher-ups will be looking for practical applications. Mars' trine to Saturn will be the time to put those ideas into action. You said you could do it, now prove it. This one is about hard work and pitching in with everyone else.


Venus in your sector of shared resources runs into restrictions from Saturn in your sector of creativity and celebrations. Shared finances or intimacy may take a temporary hit, as you doubt yourself, your capabilities or how much you deserve. Before you say "I can't", take a look at how seriously you treat your potential for success/happiness. Mars and Chiron in your sector of opportunities can make something new/exciting (in the areas of long distance travel, education or legal matters) feel overly risky. Are you taking on too much? You might be, but Mercury's trine to Saturn indicates that you should take stock of where you are on a desired goal/creative project.  You may be more prepared than you think. Mars's trine to Saturn will show you ways around your doubts, by presenting realistic options about where you can (and can't) expand. This will be based on the effort you've put into your personal goals, up until now. The more weight you give to the possibility of your success, the more others will take you seriously.


Venus in your relationship sector runs up against limits from Saturn in your sector of home and family; domestic rules, old habits/fears or family issues could cause brief tension between you and your partner. Single Leos may find themselves questioning partnership opportunities, or how much they have to offer to someone new. For all Leos, this brief slump in confidence will be rooted in past/childhood issues. Mars' meeting with Chiron in your sector of shared resources can stir up deep wounds/insecurities about intimacy, sharing, your partner's finances or money that you owe. You may be tempted to react out of fear, but Mercury's trine with Saturn indicates that measured discussions are a better tactic. Developments at home/with family members can offer penetrating insight; look to the past for solutions in the present. Once you've come up with a workable plan, Mars' trine to Saturn urges you to put it into action. Rather than reacting from hurt/insecurity or resentment, take what's changing/emerging at home and apply it to your current issues. This aspect is especially helpful for home businesses or buying/selling homes; there is a financial solution, but it may involve tightening your belt even further.


Venus in your sector of work and routine runs into a square from Saturn in your communication sector; watch for brief delays/difficulties with health issues, exercise or co-worker relationships. Saturn has been giving your words and thoughts more weight, but not everyone may appreciate what you have to say. Over-thinking, or a pessimistic view of your daily situation can make things worse, as can attempting to clamp down on a scenario. Allow others (and yourself) room to breath. Mars meets Chiron in your relationship sector, triggering partnership disagreements based on insecurities. But as yoru ruler (Mercury) gets support from Saturn, know that the solution involves doing what you do best; discussing the issue and finding a practical solution. You already know what will work, and you can use that knowledge when Mars trines Saturn. Your partner will respect what you have to say (no matter how much you may doubt this). Single Virgos will find that this energy helps them zero in on the romantic prospects with true value, and discard the rest.  No more settling, or putting up with those who don't respect you.


As Venus (your ruler) dances through your sector of creativity and success, she'll be hit by an unpleasant square from Saturn in your security sector. A new romance, creative project or recent burst of confidence may be pinched by doubts about your self-worth. This influence is brief, but you may question if you deserve the positive energy that's coming your way. You do, so don't allow temporarily delays or sags in confidence to throw you off track. Alternatively, your financial situation may restrict certain celebrations, but there will be alternatives. Mars meets Chiron in your sector of work and routine, triggering health issues, tiredness, frustrations or hurtful issues with co-workers. Mercury's trine to Saturn says that the solution lies with your current source of restriction; Saturn has been clamping down on your financial/emotional resources, but it's also been making you more independent, self-sufficient, resourceful and disciplined. Use these energies to talk through/find solutions, and then implement them once Mars trines Saturn. This final aspect is all about hard work and what needs to be done; you may have to establish certain rules (with yourself, or others). This influence can be helpful to get you back on track if you've fallen off the diet/exercise wagon.


Saturn in your sign throws a square to Venus in your sector of home and family, suggesting temporary domestic troubles. Saturn has been slowly but completely transforming you, and some of these changes may not go down well with family, or those you live with. Your rules, authority or desire to leave things behind could be the source of tension. Fortunately, this is a brief influence; stick to what you know must be ended/pared down or established. As Mars meets Chiron in your sector of creativity and success, a romantic possibility, creative project or personal goal may waver. Old fears/doubts could be triggered, but Mercury's trine to Saturn in your sign says that going back to your deep truth is the solution. What has Saturn shown you so far? Where has your focus intensified, and what do you feel compelled to let go of? As Mars moves on to trine Saturn, you can confidently apply Saturn's lessons to what you want. You may need to pare down certain expectations, and results may be slower than anticipated, but if you align yourself in the direction that Saturn is pointing you, you should get what you want.


Thoughts and discussions may hit a bump as Venus in your communication sector is squared by Saturn in your sector of hidden things. Underlying fears/limits/secrets could  cloud your thinking or lead to a "No" when you (or someone else) was expecting a "Yes". This influence is very brief, so don't give up hope; try rephrasing the question or reconsidering your answer. As Mars meets Chiron in your sector of home and family, old wounds/addictions or difficult family history may dominate. It can feel like you're sinking, but Mercury's trine to Saturn suggests that the answers you seek are already in the back of your mind, or sitting with an unexpected source. Dig a bit deeper, and allow Mars' trine with Saturn to guide you towards a calm, determined course of action. This may involve backing off or taking it slow. Home businesses, relocations and family medical issues may all be impacted by these influences.


Venus in your security sector squares Saturn in your sector of friends and groups, putting a brief dent in your resources/comfort level. You may discover that you've spent too much, don't have quite enough, or find that others are not as appreciative of you. You can't force what's not happening, but you can keep moving forward. Mars and Chiron meet in your communication sector, triggering a hurtful message/discussion or piece of information that pushes your buttons. Before you react or withdraw, use Mercury's trine to Saturn to open a calm discussion on the matter. Friends/associates may not tell you exactly what you want to hear, but they can give you the truth. Take this information and use it (when Mars trines Saturn) to plan your next step, or state your case. This influence favours setting verbal boundaries, signing documents, defending yourself or getting your words out to a larger audience. Note that this energy supports thoughtful, deliberate words/actions.


Venus in your sign gets hit by Saturn in your sector of career and future goals. A new relationship or your sense of confidence/enjoyment may be temporarily impacted by larger concerns about where you're going. Saturn has been carving a no-nonsense path for your career and ambitions, but certain people and habits may not align with this. An adjustment is in order, but it does not have to involve a complete overhaul/ending. Mars and Chiron in your security sector can see you feeling panicky/at a loss. Before you react out of fear (to protect yourself), use Mercury trine Saturn's influence to calmly state your needs. Others will be more receptive than you think. Mars' trine to Saturn indicates that you will be able to get some of your security/financial/relationship needs met, as long as you're realistic. Rather than pushing for 100% of what you're accustomed to, consider how your needs/wants are changing. Is there something you can compromise on?


Venus in your sector of hidden things is hit by a square from Saturn in your sector of opportunities, suggesting that external limits will impact a private/undeveloped potential. You can only take this one so far, so use this reality check to clarify or re-focus your dream. Mars and Chiron in your sign can hit you with a sudden hurt, sensitivity or sag in confidence. But this is also a great opportunity to confront what's been lying beneath the surface, and Mercury's trine to Saturn can help you move forward via discussions and exploration of external limits. Yes, what you can't do is actually helping you focus on what you should do. Mars' trine to Saturn indicates that certain opportunities (involving long distance travel ,education, legal matters or publishing) are in reach, but you'll have to prove that you've got what it takes. It's time for a concrete demonstration of your capabilities.