Where You Can't Go: Saturn in Scorpio Opposes Planets in Taurus

Image by Arthur Rackham Have you been dealing with excessive limits, lately?

It's not your imagination; as the planets move through Taurus, they're all running up against the opposition to Saturn (restrictions) at 8 degrees Scorpio. Venus (love, money, self-esteem) in Taurus experienced the Saturn hit on April 22nd. Between now and May 1st, the Sun (life force) and Mars (action) will feel the crunch.

Saturn is retrograde (reversed), so these are old or repeating limits/fears/rules that are blocking you. You want to build something up (Taurus) but you...just...can't. Things take double the amount of work. Or you run into a wall. Here's a tip; when faced with an opposition to Saturn, never attempt to plow straight through. The restrictions are there for a reason. Find another way around. Pay attention to where your energy is being refocused, and go that way.

The upside to this influence is that it teaches you resourcefulness and maturity. You figure out another way to make something work, or you dig a bit deeper. That's evolved Taurus energy, coming through in the crunch. Taurus never gives up, but it can shift into a higher gear.

If you have planets between 4-8 degrees Taurus or Scorpio, you'll be caught in this crunch.