The Tension Continues: Mars in Cancer Squares Uranus in Aries

"Corrida" by Elena Drobychevskaja You may think the tension will be over once the Mars/Pluto opposition peaks on July 27th.

But Mars in moody Cancer will be squaring rebellious Uranus in Aries from July 27th to July 31st. Abrupt change (Uranus) will stir up some heated emotions (Mars in Cancer). Unlike the Pluto opposition, this aspect is not about big, external power versus you. The theme will be irritation/anger/restlessness. Getting riled up when you perceive that your safety or security is being challenged. Alternatively, this aspect could trigger some necessary (but jarring) changes.

It all depends on what's happening in the part of your chart occupied by Cancer. You may not actually be challenged, but you'll feel challenged. There's a difference. How you react when your comfort zone (Cancer) is breached says a lot about how you'll handle this square. Food and nurturing issues (Cancer) feel important right now. Are you an "angry eater?" What do you do with your frustration; do you feed it or release it? When Uranus is involved, freedom and independence are always paramount. It could be your freedom, their freedom, the freedom to seek comfort in whatever way makes you happy...somehow, this theme will be hi-lighted.

Mars is also (kind of) triggering the Uranus/Pluto square. The square is stretched out at the moment (Uranus is at 12 degrees Aries, Pluto is at 9 degrees Capricorn) but if it's currently active in your life (and you'll know if it is), Mars in Cancer will amplify it. Mars will be the trigger that accelerates the changes this Uranus/Pluto square has brought. You may experience it as external/big picture events (Uranus/Pluto) suddenly making themselves felt in a highly personal way (Cancer).

Don't forget, the Grand Sextile will occur in the middle of all this tension. So use that day as a time out (if you need to). Maybe there's a reason it's happening while all this Mars/Pluto/Uranus aggravation is hitting us.

If you have planets/angles from 9 to 12 degrees Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, you'll feel the Mars/Uranus square most intensely.