Roll The Emotional Dice: Jupiter In Cancer Squares Uranus in Aries

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So...the intensifying square between Jupiter in Cancer and Uranus (retrograde) in Aries. You know what? I see this as mostly positive.

Any combination of Uranus (surprise) and Jupiter (optimism/luck) can be associated with lucky breaks. Jupiter expands, Uranus breaks the rules. Limits are blown away and, for a brief moment, anything is possible. This could play out in different ways, but generally, the push for emotional expression (Jupiter in Cancer) will get a shot of "anything goes" (Uranus in Aries). People may take crazy risks to get what they want, and they may very well succeed. Mind you, they may fall flat on their faces as well. This is not a predictable influence.

But it has potential, see? It's risky, but there's hope. I'm not advising you to go bananas (I said this is a risky influence) but if there's something you want to roll the dice on and if you're ready to accept the consequences...go for it. The outcome may be a wonderful surprise. But first, take a hard look at your chart and see exactly how this influence is hitting it.

If you're not up for risk taking, but you would like to navigate this energy, keep the word "freedom" in mind. Your freedom, their freedom. No one is going to hold your hand during this transit. If you cling, wallow or collapse in a heap of helplessness, you'll activate the side of this aspect that tears away exactly what you think you need the most. Because Jupiter is involved, this shot of independence will definitely  be good for you. And you may see how good it is, really quickly. But why set yourself up for that initial, rude shove? Exercise your emotional independence to get the best from this influence.

Jupiter will also be trining Chiron (Wounded Healer) in Pisces. The tension of the square will speak louder than the trine, but the harmonious link between faith (Jupiter) and healing (Chiron) will still be there. Think of it as a gentle, background accompaniment. No matter what the Jupiter/Uranus square brings,  Jupiter trine Chiron says the salve for your hurt lies in moving forward. Jupiter is about expanding and exploring, so just keep going. Don't sit in the muck of resentment, hurt feelings or rejection. There's better things waiting for you, just over the horizon.

Both of these aspects are active from August 6th to August 21st (at 12 degrees). If you have planets from 9-12 degrees Cancer, Aries or Pisces, you'll feel these influences most strongly.