The Sun and Mercury in Aquarius

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The Sun moves into detached Aquarius on January 19th, putting more emphasis onto this sign. Mercury (communication and intellect ) is currently in Aquarius, so there's potential for some real "Ah ha!" moments that are not blurred by emotions.

As the Sun moves through the signs, each area of your chart is lit up; it's time to focus on what's happening there. The Aquarius area of your chart is where you can step back and see what needs to be revolutionized. Even though Aquarius is Fixed and stubborn, it's stubborn about not being boxed in. Sometimes that results in sudden breaks for freedom, but it can just as easily manifest as cool insistence on independence. Aquarius in your chart is where you can stand apart, do what works for you, and realize how you connect (or don't connect) to the group.

Transiting Mercury is there to translate that energy into words and ideas. Today (January 17th) Mercury sextiles Uranus (Aquarius's ruler) at 8 degrees Aries. There's creative opportunity here, a chance for your ideas to break new ground. Pioneer thinking. Sextiles are quiet, so this may just be a whisper in the back of your mind, or a random word dropped by someone. What do you do? Don't ignore could lead to much more. From January 22nd to 24th, Mercury in Aquarius will trine Mars at 20 degrees Libra, blending independent ideas with cooperative (Libra) actions (Mars). This energy will be fabulous for launching fresh ideas to the group/public, or saying something new/unusual to someone you're close to. Mars pushes Mercury, but the push is coming from a socially acceptable place; people will be receptive to what's new.

But this is not about nose-thumbing rebellion. From January 23rd to January 25th, Mercury in Aquarius will also be squaring Saturn (limits) at 22 degrees Scorpio. There are going to be restrictions. Someone may try to shut you down, or there may be reasons why your exciting, new plan can't quite get off the ground. Aquarius is innovative, and that's how you'll deal. If Plan A doesn't work, try Plan X (the unexpected plan that no one else considered). Others will cooperate (Libra) as long as you show them how they'll benefit. The Aquarian lone-wolf thing won't work in your favour for these, few days. 

Keep your feelings out of it, as best you can. This isn't the time to get angry, resentful or brood about how unfair it is that things aren't working out. Aquarius is the clear, sweet spot where you realize that not everyone is going to agree with you, (or even like you) and that's just fine. You'll have the trine from Mars in Libra to help you find at least one ally.

If you have planets/angles from 7-8 degrees Aries/Aquarius, or 17 to 23 degrees Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, Taurus or Libra, you'll feel Mercury's influence most strongly. The Sun will be in Aquarius until February 18th.