After The Eclipse

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Here we are on the other side of the Full Moon eclipse in Libra.

A peak has been reached, and we stand in the aftermath. There's a pause that happens after an exhalation. Even in the midst of the building Cardinal Cross energy.

The next couple of days will not be free of aspects, but these energies will be briefer. Quieter. On April 16th, Mercury in Aries opposes Mars Rx at 16 degrees Libra. Sure, this suggests tense words/thoughts (Mercury) driven by passive-aggressive actions (Mars Rx). Frustrations that pop out, and you're not sure what you're annoyed about. A few hours later, Mars backs into a tense inconjunct with Chiron (Wounded Healer) in Pisces. That's the "ouch" resulting from misdirected anger, or frustrations that aren't fully acknowledged. The sensitivity that you're not aware of, until you're standing right on it. But this is brief (one day). Aspects like this are akin to a mosquito; give it a swat, and move on.

From April 16th to 17th, Venus in Pisces trines Jupiter at 13 degrees Cancer, which is niiice. The dreamy feeling that floods your senses. The chance to release (Pisces) whatever tension built up during the eclipse, even as it overlaps with Mercury opposite Mars. Take a day or two to relax, forgive, and treat yourself. Venus (love, money, self-esteem) wants more when she's touched by Jupiter. This is lazy energy; it's nap time, cocktails, escape. If this was a long-term aspect, there would be a risk of overdoing it (diving into debt, fantasy, addiction). But this aspect is so brief, the damage that you might do is minimal. I suppose if you're determined to wring the worst out of this, you could. But what not simply honour the urge to feel ok, for the moment?

Note that Venus will also be sextiling Pluto Rx in Capricorn (which will be opposing Jupiter). Venus sextile Pluto is manageable intensity (the quiet obsession), but I think the trine will overwhelm the sextile (which is a weaker version of a trine). Pluto will push Jupiter, which will create an intensified/expanded push for "more" (of whatever is represented by the natal house transiting Jupiter is in). The temporary release will be Venus in Pisces. "Temporary" because Pluto Rx opposite Jupiter is part of the Cardinal Cross.

If you have planets/angles/Nodes (natal or progressed) from 15-16 degrees of the Cardinal signs or Pisces, you'll feel the Mercury/Mars opposition (and inconjunct to Chiron). 12-13 degrees Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces or Capricorn will feel the Venus/Jupiter trine (and aspects to Pluto).