The Full Moon Eclipse in Libra

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April 15th's Full Moon Lunar eclipse (at 25 degrees Libra) is loaded.

On April 14th, we have Mercury in Aries conjunct Uranus; the words/idea/reveal that jolt you into awareness. Also on April 14th, Pluto in Capricorn turns retrograde (at 13 degrees), intensifying its excavation of stale rules/restrictions. This becomes ultra-internalized, obsessive work. Finding a piece of detritus you've been clinging to, zeroing in on it, and blasting it away. This is the degree of the Cardinal Cross, pulling its theme of fresh starts into the eclipse mix. You can't have a start without an ending. Hence, the Full Moon eclipse.

All this sets the stage for April 15th, when Mercury will square Pluto. After the awakening (Uranus), as the intensified search for transformation (Pluto Rx) begins, there will be the compulsion to put it all into words. To make sense of it. To deliver the message (even if no one wants to hear it). And then...the eclipse. The results of a Libra issue (in the context of your natal house being impacted). Mercury is such a strong driver for this eclipse, I feel that it will be shocking/blunt conversations or information that tip the scales.

Because it won't be balanced. Libra wants harmony, but with all the Cardinal Cross energy it's not going to happen. What we will see are people swinging from one extreme to the other; reacting. This is what Libra does, when stressed.

Libra/Aries issues will be the overall theme, and there are many possibilities:

  • relationship discoveries/honesty
  • confrontations about projecting/dependence
  • socially correct versus the truth OR socially aware versus selfish behavior
  • the "perfect" image, blown apart

Keep in mind that what this eclipse concludes will be necessary in order to navigate the Cross. "Concludes" can mean anything from transitioning from single to married, married to divorced, employed to jobless, jobless to employed, etc. It's the closing of one chapter, so another can begin. Since this will be a culmination, it won't come out of nowhere. Events have been building for awhile.

It's doubtful you'll be able to control what happens, but you can be aware. Remember that Mercury is the key, so stay alert to what you're saying and hearing. Also keep in mind the Libra swing between extremes. You'll be tempted to overcompensate. Maybe you'll go into placating mode, or "I don't need anyone" mode. Try to approach the middle ground (even if no one else is). If something is taken away, act like an adult and be polite. I know! I'm asking too much. But seriously. Show that you've got class and restraint, when others don't. There will be repercussions, and people will remember how you handled yourself. If something unexpected but hopeful hits you, don't fall to pieces (good news can be just as jarring as bad news). Again...deep breath, play it cool. Stay gracious.

Who can be gracious in the middle of a Cardinal Cross/eclipse/Mercury vomit/merciless Pluto Rx march? You can.

If you have planets/angles/Nodes (natal or progressed) from 23 to 26 degrees of the Cardinal signs, you'll feel this eclipse most intensely.