This Month is Fluid

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More thoughts on this month's omnipresent Cardinal energy, plus Venus in Pisces.

To me, this all feels fluid. Cardinal energy surges forward, no matter what; you can't hold it back.  And Venus in Pisces is liquid desire, porous boundaries, letting can't pin it down.

The only planet in a Fixed sign right now is Saturn in Scorpio. The Sun will enter Taurus on April 19th, and then Mercury will follow on April 23rd. Fixed signs anchor things, which will be one of the effects of the New Moon eclipse (in Taurus) on April 29th. More on that later. But it feels like this anchoring won't really take hold until the end of the month.

"Go with the flow" is such a cliche, but it's your best approach for this month. Do you feel out of control? That's because the only thing you can control (right now, or ever) is you. For everything else...allow, release, open up. Stay light on your feet. Rigid adherence to rules, expectations and habits will ensure that you crack.