Astrology Readings

Interested in receiving carefully crafted guidance with a practical edge? Read on to see how I can help.

What my readings can do:

  • Clarify appropriate timing
  • Illuminate juicy potentials
  • Expose blind spots
  • Help you make smart choices
  • Describe how your current situation can change

What I need to know about you:

  • your month, day and year of birth
  • where you were born
  • the time you were born (if possible)

Please read my Terms of Service (including cancellation & refund policy) before booking, to ensure that what I offer is in line with your expectations. 


Select a report from the list below, and email me your information, including your preference for an email or Skype consult (sorry, no phone or in-person readings). Once I receive your payment, I'll email you a delivery date for the report or set up a time and date for the Skype consult. Please note that I use Koch or Porphyry houses-let me know if you'd prefer a different system.  

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Email Consultations

For those who prefer to absorb my analyses at their own pace. Includes applicable charts and a customized written report. Written by me, for you. Feel free to email clarification questions after you read it. 


Skype Consultations

Looking for "face to face" interaction with me? This is your option. I follow a loose outline that addresses all your concerns. You can ask questions during the session, or listen and save your questions for later. Includes a recording of the session plus applicable charts that I email to you. Sessions are arranged according to my time zone (EST/EDT) and begin on the dot at the scheduled time. Written reports are not offered with live readings.


    Wait time for a reading is approximately 10 weeks. Click on the links for details, and to order.

    Mini Consult: $45

    A targeted report.

    Mini Relationship Report: $65

    A brief look at the main compatibility factors in your relationship (two or three person options available). 

    Attraction Profile: $70

    Who you attract and whom you're attracted to - not always the same thing. Find out why and what you can do.

    Solar Return: $70

    The birthday report: a twelve month overview. 

    Natal Report: $160

    A detailed examination of you.

    Future Trends: $160

    Full-on analysis of what's coming up in the next two to three years (one or two person options available). 

    Relationship Report: $250

    An in-depth look at your relationship (two or three person options available).