Image by Albrecht Dürer

Image by Albrecht Dürer

 Astrology Readings

What my readings can do:

  • Clue you into upcoming hot spots and illuminate blind spots
  • Help you make informed decisions regarding appropriate timing
  • Assist you with an intelligent plan of action to tackle sticky situations
  • Clarify current and upcoming cycles of sowing, reaping and withdrawal 

What my readings can't do:

  • Spell out your guaranteed future
  • Diagnose medical conditions or provide medical advice

Please ready my Terms of Service to ensure that what I offer is in line with your expectations. 

Select a report from the list below, or ask me if you're not sure which report is best for you. Send me an email ( with your questions and specify if you would like a written report emailed to you, or if you'd prefer a Skype consult. Skype consults can be recorded and emailed to you with relevant charts, but this option does not include a written portion.

The minimum information that I need from you is:

  • your gender
  • your month, day and year of birth
  • where you were born
  • the time you were born (if possible)
  • the issues you want me to look at (please provide some brief background details)

Once I receive your payment, I will analyze your chart and email your customized reading, or set up a time and date to have a Skype consult. I require payment before I start working on your chart, and before I reserve a date for your consult. 

I use  Koch and Porphyry house systems, but if you're comfortable with a different system (like Placidus) let me know and I'll use it. 


Targeted Reports

Mini Consultation: $45

Currently I am booked up to January 8th. Readings will be completed 3-5 days after January 8th.

This 1-2 page report (or 30 minute Skype session) is short and sweet. One issue will be explored. Only the transits related to this issue will be analyzed. This is your consult if you want to zero in on one concern and get a concise answer.

Examples of what this report can be used for:

  • Understand how one transit/New Moon/Full Moon/eclipse might affect you
  • Analyze one area of your natal chart

Mini Relationship Report: $65

Currently I am booked up to January 8th. Readings will be completed 3-5 days after January 8th.

This 2-3 page report (or 45 minute Skype session) offers a brief overview of the relationship between you and another. The light version of the full Relationship Report, below. 

I will compare more than two charts, at a cost of $10 per additional chart.

This is your option if you want to know the potential of a new relationship, or an attraction that's not a relationship (yet) but you don't want to invest in the full report.

Report Options



Attraction Profile: $70

Currently I am booked up to January 8thReadings will be completed 3-5 days after January 8th

The 4-5 page Attraction Profile (or 45 minute Skype session) looks at who you attract, why you attract them, and what you can do if you want to change this. Accurate time of birth is necessary for this report.

I analyze the following 4 areas of your chart:

  • 2nd House (what you feel is essential and how you get it through relationships)
  • 7th House (the kind of partner/relationship you view as ideal)
  • 8th House (who you attract without even trying)
  • 12th House (your "soul mate" or missing piece)

Credit is given to Jeffrey Wolf Green for the original concept (in his book "Pluto: The Soul's Evolution Through Relationships, Vol II") of how these houses work together to form a relationship profile.

I look at the signs on the cusp of each house, their ruling planets and any planets or asteroids inside these houses to create a comprehensive profile that gives you the tools to manage your love life. 

Solar Return: $70

Currently I am booked up to January 8thReadings will be completed 3-5 days after January 8th

This 5-6 page report (or 45 minute Skype session) looks at the upcoming influences for your year ahead. Accurate time of birth and your birthday location (where you are spending your birthday) is necessary for this report. 

It is a general overview of the 12 months between one birthday and the next, but does not deal with specific timing or individual transits. Good for identifying areas (love, career, family, finances, health) that will be emphasized.

In-Depth Reports

These reports have a ton of information and are best if you're comfortable with extremely detailed analysis.

Natal Report: $130

Currently I am booked up to January 8thReadings will be completed 3-5 days after January 8th.  

The 9-10 page Natal Report (or 1 hour Skype session) covers everything you want to know about you. You'll get insight into what makes you tick, how people perceive you, where you shine and where you can improve. In addition to the planets and Nodes, I analyze the asteroids (Ceres, Pallas, Vesta and Juno) and Black Moon Lilith.

This report does not cover transits or progressions. If you want to look at transits/progressions, please order the Future Trends report (for a detailed examination) or a Mini Consult (for a quick look at one influence). 

Explore issues such as:

  • vocation
  • relationship issues
  • family/parent issues
  • past life
  • talents
  • life path

Future Trends Report: $160

Currently I am booked up to January 8th. Readings will be completed 3-5 days after January 8th 

This report covers one person only, but there are options (in the dropdown list) for reports that look at two and three people.

The 10-11 page Future Trends Report (or 1.5 hour Skype session) is an extensive look at upcoming possibilities and cycles of beginnings/endings. You'll get an idea of what to watch out for and how to make the most of lucrative hot spots for romance, money, career, personal development or family. I analyze the impact of transits, progressions and lunations on your chart, and how your existing potentials will be activated.  

Completed consults will not be extended with an analysis of additional influences. If you become aware of an influence that's not in the report, I'll be happy to analyze it with an additional Mini Consult. If there's a specific transits, progression or lunation you want me to look at before I begin the report, let me know and I'll include it.

Report Options

Relationship Report: $250

Currently I am booked up to January 8thReadings will be completed 3-5 days after January 8th

The 11-12 page Relationship Report (or 2 hour Skype session) is a deep dive into a partnership. I compare the two charts (synastry) to see the impact you have on each other, then combine them to analyze the potential of your relationship (composite chart) and the relationship's impact on each person (composite chart compared to each natal chart). 

This report does not include transits or progressions. If you want to know about upcoming influences on the relationship, please purchase the Future Trends report (2 or 3 person option). However, I suggest purchasing the Relationship Report first, and then if you feel it's necessary, add the Future Trends.  

Gain insight into issues such as:

  • how the relationship affects each of you
  • how you feel about and impact each other 
  • how each person feels about the relationship
  • strengths and weaknesses in the relationship
  • possible past life connections between you
Report Options