Tarot Readings

Thanks for stopping by. Interested in working with me? Here's how I can help you. 

What my readings can do:

  • Alert you to upcoming possibilities (delightful or challenging)
  • Give you the inside scoop on a pressing situation
  • Help you make decisions about best timing
  • Assist you with a plan of action to tackle sticky situations

What my readings can't do:

  • Guarantee future outcomes
  • Diagnose medical conditions or provide medical advice

I use the Rider-Waite or Thoth decks (your preference). For added depth, I include elemental dignities and astrological associations.

Tarot readings are an in-the-moment mix of card interpretation and intuition. Once the reading is completed, it's over. Therefore, I don't offer alternate interpretations or follow-ups on completed readings. If you need more information on the topic of the reading, please check with me to see if an additional consult would be appropriate. 

Please read my Terms of Service (including my refund and cancellation policy) to ensure what I offer is in line with your expectations. 

Email Consultations

Send me an email with your question(s) and select one of the readings below. 


Live Consultations

I do readings over Skype (no phone or in-person readings) and can email you the recorded consult. These readings need to be booked at least 1 day in advance and there may be a wait of up to 5 days before we can talk. I do not include written reports with live readings.

Please scroll down to select your reading. 

$25 Reading: 1 question

The $25 reading gives you an answer that's brief and to the point. Appropriate for one question. Email only.  


$60 Reading: 1-2 questions

The $60 reading (emailed report or 30 minutes by Skype) presents a detailed overview of an issue. This works for one detailed question or two briefer questions. 


$100 Reading: 1-3 questions  

The $100 reading (emailed report or 60 minutes by Skype) works for a maximum of three questions, or a detailed look at one question (consisting of one, large multi-card spread).