Reading this, and integrating the Future Trends for me and the Mini Relationship consults helps place an active and integrated timeline in my mind. I know I've told you this before, but I love, love, love your reports.  You have the ability to provide me guidance and things I need to hear.-O.H Thank you for the excellent report. I found it really insightful, and although I see that both romantically and professionally some turbulent times are ahead of me, I am mentally prepared for what is coming my way :-). I have read it over and over again in the past few days, and beside thanking you, wanted to give you a short feedback as well.- A.M

Your work makes me want to study astrology, if only to understand all the information embedded in my chart. There's a masterliness in your writing that is so inspiring! -A.D.

I still can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying all the information from my Chiron report, it has been ENLIGHTENING on so many levels. -  T.M

Thank you so much Nadia. You've been especially helpful. Your comment on the Chiron/Uranus quincunx has brought something into awareness that I feel might be life changing. It, along with the entire chart analysis, has put many things in perspective.- T.H

And thank you so much for your thoughtful, empathic, insightful and completely accurate [astrology] consultation yesterday. You gave [us] a lot of very good insights to think about and your analysis was very validating of a lot experiences we have had both in terms of internal feelings/dynamics and external events. We really appreciate all of the time you took in preparing the consultation and in talking with us yesterday. - A.S

This report is a catalyst to a new and valuable phase in my life, a rebirthing, and your role has been crucial. Thank you very much, I highly recommend your service for being concise and accurate, getting to the hear of the matter, as well as providing positive, practical steps to the issue at hand. -Jem

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your knowledge,  You were spot onAGAIN/ALWAYS and I love sending folks to you and listen to them tell me how you rocked their world. - Jill Jaynes

Both Natal and Future trends are really well-written and just confirmed that I made a great choice of astrologer :-).
There probably wasn't anything particular I would not know on some level. But it's how all the things, influences and energies in my chart are working together that you were able to translate clearly, with respect and compassion but also practical and actionable wisdom, which I really appreciate. - S.J


I have to say your second reading regarding my X has been so precise it is incredible.  Thanks for your amazing insight. - L.F

I always enjoy your readings!  I come away feeling better even though the world around me seems to be falling apart -:)- M.W

As always, thank you for your prompt and accurate readings. - J. R