Relationship Report

I am currently booked to November 19th. Readings will be delivered 3-5 days after November 19th.

Skype and written reports are now priced differently. They have the same amount of detail but I charge more for the written versions because they are labour intensive.  Check the drop-down list under "Report Options."

The 11-12 page Relationship Report (or 2 hour Skype session) is a deep dive into your partnership. I compare the two charts (synastry) to see the impact you have on each other, then combine them to analyze the potential of your relationship (composite chart). I also look at the relationship's impact on each person (composite chart compared to each natal chart). Strengths and weaknesses of the relationship are analyzed, as well as past life connections. 

This report does not include transits or progressions. If you'd like to know about upcoming influences on the relationship, please purchase the Future Trends report (2 person option).

Once you place your order, please email your details to

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