A Life or Death Struggle

This past weekend my partner participated in a 200 km bike ride (he belongs to a somewhat obsessed group of cyclists called Randonneurs).  200 km may sound like a lot to ordinary folk but it's small beans to someone who has cycled 400 and even 600 km in one shot.  What gives someone the desire and ability to participate in endurance athletics?  His chart has a Mars/Pluto conjunction in Libra.  Mars is obviously the planet associated with athletes.  Pluto intensifies and adds a grim determination (obsession!) to whatever it touches.

As a higher octave of Mars and co-ruler of Scorpio, Pluto is associated with transformation, resurrection and survival.  It is a zodiac heavyweight; people with a strong Pluto in their charts have an enormous amount of power at their disposal.

Let's look at some other endurance athletes.  Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong has a Sun/Pluto conjunction.  Bjorn Dæhlie is a cross country skier and 8 x Olympic champion; he has Pluto square his Sun and trine his Moon.  Chrissie Wellington, 3x Iron Man champion, has Pluto in exact opposition to her Venus and in a wide trine to her Mercury and Moon.  This is by no means an exhaustive survey but it does show what the energy of Pluto can be used for.  Athletes pushing their bodies to the brink and transcending their limits.

All planetary energies have two sides to them and I think Pluto illustrates this most starkly.  Jim Jones was leader of the People's Temple and architect of the mass suicide of 900 people in Jonestown, Guyana (Nov 18, 1978).   He had Pluto conjunct Jupiter (teaching, expansion) in his chart.  As a cult leader he literally held the power of life and death.  Once again, this is only an illustration of what Plutonian energy can be used for.  Not all criminals have an emphasized Pluto in their charts.

Plutonium, the main ingredient in the trigger of nuclear weapons, was named after Pluto.  I think this nicely illustrates it's power and potential.