Neptune and Sacrifice

This is my first post in what will hopefully be an engaging, informative astrology blog.  This is also my first crack at writing a blog.  Let's see where it goes....

Here's a link to a short animated film called Sebastian's Voodoo by Joaquin Baldwin

It's about a voodoo doll who sacrifices himself for his friends.  I cried while watching's that good.  But it also got me thinking about sacrifice and the planet that represents it; Neptune.  The watery planet has a lot of influence in this film.  Besides the fact that Neptune rules films (imagination), it also rules all things occult (hidden things and the dissolving of boundaries).  But self-sacrifice is the main theme here.  Neptune is all about the soul detached from ego and matter.  So what does that mean in real life?

A positive manifestation of Neptune might be someone who volunteers at a homeless shelter.  Dissolving of boundaries leads to empathy.  On the flip side, someone who takes this empathy too far might become involved with a steady stream of lovers who use them.  Known as a higher octave of Venus, Neptune takes the concept of love and expands it.  If love equals giving the ultimate gift is your own life (as our little voodoo doll demonstrates).

I'll admit I have difficulties with Neptune.  As a fact-oriented Virgo I want to pin things down so I can examine them.  This is exactly what you cannot do with Neptune.  I have a Piscean friend who talks about ebb and flow in relationships and letting things happen.  That's one of the most difficult things I'm learning to do, even as I marvel at how beautiful it can be.