Brave New World: Uranus Moves into Aries

Today Uranus, the planet that rules rebellion, moves into Aries, the sign that symbolizes freedom. It will remain in Aries (except for a slide back into Pisces from August 2010 to March 2011) until 2018.   I've talked about Uranus in a previous post (Alone).  Let's take a look at Aries.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac.  It is a fire sign, ruled by Mars, and symbolizes the warrior and the pioneer.  As with all fire signs there is a childlike enthusiasm to it, a "me first" attitude.  Picture a toddler, high on sugar, charging around the house.  He doesn't care what he breaks, he's just into the joyous moment of self-discovery.  Then he comes across a box sitting on the floor.  It's open and a white light is spilling out of it.  Screeching with delight, our toddler rushes over, plunges his hands inside and.......what?

Well, we won't find out what's inside the box until later.  Such is the nature of Uranus:  anything, new, unexpected and innovative falls under its rulership.  You can try to guess what it might bring but it always surprises you.  The last time Uranus transited Aries was from 1928-1934.  A revolutionary time indeed:  Hitler rose to power, the Great Depression began and Martin Luther King was born.

On a more personal note, look at your own chart and see what house Aries is in.  Uranus will be stirring the pot here for a few years to come.  What part of your life needs to be refreshed?  This is what Uranus does:  it blows away all that's stale so something new and exciting can take its place.