Mother and Daughter (part 2)

In part 1 of this post I looked at how transits are affecting my friend and her mother individually.  Saturn is bringing increased responsibility as it crosses my friend's Ascendant and Pluto is transforming her home as it passes through her fourth house.  Transiting Neptune seems to be a theme for both of them:  it is opposing my friend's Moon as it passes over her mother's Sun.

My friend and her mother have a Sun/Moon opposition in their synastry.  Synastry takes two people's charts, puts them together and sees how the planets connect with each other.  This tells us how each person affects the other.  My friend's Leo Moon opposes her mother's Aquarian Sun.  Without even looking at the rest of their charts this tells us a lot about how they impact each other.  My friend's flamboyant, childlike Leo responses increase whenever she is around her mother.  Her mother's response is usually an aloof, Aquarian stance.  Attention seeking child, detached mother.

So how is transiting Neptune going to impact this?  Neptune transforms by dissolving whatever it touches. As Neptune passes over her mother's Sun and opposes my friend's Moon it will weaken (draining the Sun of vitality) blur boundaries and confuse emotions (opposing the Moon).  This breakdown is necessary so a new relationship can be formed.  The roles are reversed:  mother becomes the child, daughter becomes the parent.