Cardinal Crisis: What Happened During the Grand Cardinal Cross

As explained in a previous post, the Grand Cardinal Cross which occurred from August 6-7  involved the following: "Pluto in Capricorn means power and status ( government).  The Moon in Cancer is the public, emotion and nurturing.  Moon opposite Pluto...power vs. emotion, structure vs. nurturing, public vs. government.  Uranus/Jupiter in Aries is explosive expansion and change....the individual.  Venus/Saturn/Mars in Libra is structured relationships, balance of male and female.  Uranus/Jupiter opposed to the Libra triple conjunction could be seen as  change to the status quo of relationships, partnerships vs. the single person."

So what happened?

Saudi Arabia banned the use of online Blackberry functions on August 6th.  The ban was lifted a few hours later but it's an interesting look at the power of Pluto vs. the public Moon in Cancer.  Also on August 6th, the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, filed a motion for same sex marriages to resume in the US.  This is a fantastic example of the disruptive change of Uranus/Jupiter opposing the structured relationship ideals of Venus/Saturn/Mars in Libra.

On August 7th, Pakistan issued a red alert as the worst floods in its history continued and hundreds of thousands of people were evacuated.  The public was rocked by the disruptive Uranus/Jupiter meeting in Aries but it's also interesting to see what happened to the Moon in watery Cancer:  its opposition to Pluto (which rules places prone to flooding) showed the public overwhelmed by the flood.

These are just a few highlights but I think they illustrate the huge sweep of events precipitated by this once in a lifetime astrological configuration.